Late One Night

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Everyone’s drunk and staying late – it was a great party, but now it’s time for most of them to crash. You’re one of the last ones up, and I see there may be some possibilities … even though we’re all ‘just friends’.

“I’m so glad you’re staying”, I say, “- don’t worry, you’ll be much more comfortable here than trying to get home tonight, it’s so late … I’ll set up your bed & get you some pillows …. there, how’s that? You even have your own room. Just lie here & try to sleep and I’ll get everyone else settled. Should I check up on you in here a little later?

Might be a good idea … OK, great. Just to make sure you’re OK that is …”

And, a while later, in the darkest quiet of the night, breathing hard, I whisper:

“Hello sweetheart, are you still awake? How are you doing? I’m so glad to see you’re still here, hope everything is good. Are you comfortable? Let me see what you’re sleeping on … Hmm, I guess it looks OK, but is the sheet & blanket warm enough? Do you need something more comfortable to wear?

Oh. I see you just have panties on with your t-shirt, aren’t they a bit tight for sleeping? Mmm, they look good of course, but a little restrictive, no? Well, they do seem tight… see, they’re sticking so close to your skin! Maybe you just don’t notice it ’cause you’re used to wearing them … Let me see, what if I at least check the elastic on the hems. Are they making a mark? “

I slip a finger lightly under your waist band and move it slowly around, just under the top of the band …

“Hmm – does feel a tad tight. What about the hems around the legs? I should check them too …. “

Breathing hard now, gently I touch my finger just under the edge of the lower hem, so it touches you right in the crook where your inner thigh meets the edge of your beautiful looking mound, and run it slowly canlı bahis around your delicious pantie line, first up towards your hip, then down, nearer and nearer your underside …

“Yes, seems too tight. Let me check something else … is there any slack around the front & back? Just kneel up a bit straighter, so I can check.”

You rise up on your knees without a sound. I place one trembling hand on the front of your panties, the other on the back – and slowly move them both down, down, cupping your swollen mound over the flimsy material, and in the back your hard, round butt, moving further and further down until finally my fingers touch underneath, so I’m holding your crotch with both hands. You breathe in heavily and part your thighs ever so slightly, just enough to let me know you’ve got the same in mind as me … our wide eyes meet, jaws slacken, mouths parted …. then involuntarily our mouths connect, oh, you taste so fantastic, my head throbs as our tongues explore each other, my hardening cock now straining up against my own undies.

“Let me see how much room you’ve actually got in there – cant’ be a lot of free space in there, is there?”

And with that, I boldly slip both hands, one down the front, and one down the back, softly and slowly inside your tight sheer little things. My shaking hands touch your lips ever so softly as I feel your hot, beautiful hood, starting to harden …

“Oh my! I can see the problem – you’re a little bit wet, aren’t you? Woah – how did that happen? You need to take off these wet things right away!”

And, sliding both hands down further, slowly I probe both your gorgeous little holes, now dripping wet, touching my hands underneath you as I ease your panties down over your hips and tight little ass cheeks, your thighs tensing as you thrust your hips up into my touch … bahis siteleri Oh you sweet sweet thing, I’m kissing you now, open mouthed, our tongues locked together, hearts pounding as I hold your hot crotch. Clutching with both hands, I gently penetrate your soft, succulent cunt, your tight little butt. Oh, you gorgeous bitch I love you so much!!!

“Darling, PLEASE – let me check more closely, I’ll find out what that wetness is about” I sputter and stammer, breath coming fast. You just nod madly as I raise you up to sit on the edge of the armchair, kissing you while practically ripping off your soaked panties. You let me part your legs as wide as they can go, revealing your beautiful, perfectly formed lips, glistening and open wide in all their glory.

I want so badly to taste your gorgeous cunt lips, to french kiss them and lovingly lick all around and under your beautiful mound, in and out of your cracks and crevices, creases & folds … oh, your lips are swelling up, red and delicious, and as I gently lick between your beautiful labia, they get harder and part open, moist, to greet my tongue.

I move down slowly, further down; thrusting your hips forward, you open your legs even wider and allow me to lick right down around to your soft butt-hole, and I feel you shudder and contract as I taste your intimate opening.

Licking back up the entire length of your succulent crack, my tongue penetrates your slit – up, up until I reach my prize. Breathing hotly, I gently take your hood into my mouth, lightly licking underneath it, up until I can feel your clit harden. You moan loudly as I cup your hood with my lips, first licking it, then sucking it gently, I can feel it growing and beginning to throb in my mouth. Oh, my God. Then, I want to suck it – first, bringing it completely into my mouth and sucking hard, then licking all bahis şirketleri around it gently, massaging it with my lips and tongue like a little cock, like the little cock it is. Just like you might so sweetly take my cock in your mouth and lovingly caress all around the head with your soft tongue, I suck your delicious little clit too – licking you, and then tenderly sucking your hard little love button some more, now I move my tongue down your slit slowly, then up, up – and as your sweet, sweet lips open up for me, I can feel your inner lips part and take my tongue between them, entering into you deeper, as deeply as I can get it. Oh, you taste so fantastic!!! Oh baby, I’m fucking you with my tongue, I need it so badly! I’m thrusting it in so far, I want to taste as deep inside you as I can, thrusting my tongue in and out, in and out, my face fucking you so hard, my tongue aching. Oh darling, you’re soaking wet. I can feel your delicious cunt lips tighten around my tongue, you’re thrusting your gorgeous hips into my face as you moan and buck, your juice is gushing into my face and mouth, OH oh oh I love it so much, I love YOU so much you’re gonna make me gush.

OH MY GOD, my darling – you’re pulling off my shorts, you’re taking my hard tool in your hands, you’re holding my balls now, tightly! Kissing me deeply, then you take my red, throbbing thing all the way into your delicious mouth, pulling me in by my rock-hard scrotum. Oh, you’re fucking me with your mouth!! So sweetly licking and sucking me, now you’re taking me deep in your throat, lips and hand tight around my shaft as you suck me in and out, first slowly, then faster, faster – your grip tightens around my balls as you thrust me into you harder! Oh, I can’t stop now, you’re making me explode ……. The lights flash as I thrust uncontrollably, wave after wave of wet heat gushing into your gorgeous mouth. Ohhhhhhhhh, darling, let me kiss you deeply now as we lie exhausted in each others arms. We fall asleep, naked, hugging tightly. And, later waking up, I find my head once again between your legs …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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