Laundry Day

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It was an early Wednesday…laundry day. Dana usually used those hours spent in the laundromat as time to herself, away from the distractions of roommates and the incessantly ringing telephone.

Today was going to be different, though, she realized as she entered the steamy building. There was only one other person there, sprawled casually in one of the plastic chairs against the back wall. A very attractive man, with a body that Dockers and a white tee shirt couldn’t hide, and a face that made her catch her breath. He hadn’t noticed her yet-he was immersed in a paperback novel. She could see his clothes tumbling in a nearby dryer.

Dana pretended not to notice him and carried her basket to a row of washing machines that was within eyeshot for him, yet not so close that she’d be overt. She set the basket on a washer and began to pull things from it and sort them into two machines in front of her. Her lingerie was at the bottom of the basket and as she reached it, she slowed, stealing a glance in his direction. He had noticed her-he was still reading, but glancing up occasionally in her direction.

She began to pull her lingerie from the basket one piece at a time, holding each up and shaking it out before dropping it into the machine. A lacy demi bra. A pair of wine colored thong panties. A very sheer negligee. Each scrap of silk, satin, and lace was displayed for his benefit before being added to the washer. She cut her eyes toward the row of chairs. Oh, she had his full attention now. The paperback was lying forgotten beside him, and he sat straighter in his chair and watched the show. Dana barely managed to hide the smile that crept across her face. There’s more to come, honey, she thought to herself…

Dana was wearing a short black skirt, a white tank top, and a blue button down shirt. Off came the blue shirt-into the wash it went. The man’s eyes widened and he leaned forward a bit in his chair. Nonchalantly, Dana reached inside the tank top and unhooked her bra, pulling it off through the armholes of her tank, tossing it into the washing machine. Bingo! She could see his erection straining against the khakis. She turned to face him, bending forward, giving him a perfect view of her breasts falling forward unrestrained as she reached under her skirt.

She could hear him suck in his breath. With a devilish grin, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down, over her long legs, and off. She picked them up off the floor delicately and tossed them into the washer.

The sound of the bells attached to the front door startled them both. She straightened up quickly, slamming the lids of her washers. He bent forward, trying in vain to hide his enormous erection with the tiny paperback he’d been reading as an old lady entered the laundromat. The lady carried a small empty basket to a dryer in the row next to where Dana was. Dana grabbed a magazine from her basket and went back to the change machine, tossing the magazine into the man’s lap on her way by.

He opened the magazine and used it to hide his hard-on, then realized it was Cosmopolitan. Dana tried not to laugh as she got her quarters, watching his obvious discomfort canlı bahis at his arousal, the old lady, and at being forced to look at a woman’s magazine in public. She was enjoying herself immensely, but there was more to come…

The unhampered wetness between her legs was making her a little uncomfortable, as was the swelling of her nether regions in anticipation. Her nipples made prominent points against the thin cotton of the tank top. Yep, she was completely horny. She spent more time at the change machine than was necessary, pondering her next move. Suddenly, the man stood up and strode purposefully toward her, carrying the magazine.

“Dana, there’s something I want you to see,” he said in a smooth, casual baritone, as if he’d known her all her life. Shit! she thought, wide eyed as she dropped most of her quarters on the floor in surprise. She bent down to retrieve them, mind racing. She sensed the tables were turning. He squatted and began to help her pick up the quarters, paying absolutely no attention to the look on her face.

“How…?” she began to ask, stopping when he pointed wordlessly to the subscription label on her magazine. Dammit, she thought, pretending not to notice the smirk on his face and the erection that still bulged in his pants. “So then what’s your name?” she finally asked.

“Hey,” he said with a low laugh, “I’m not the one who started this, doll.” With that, he stood and returned to his chair, flipping through Cosmo like it was the most fascinating piece of literature he’d ever seen.

Dana was furious…but she was also so horny she could barely walk. Nevertheless, she stood up and sauntered back to her washers, not even giving him a glance on her way by. She fed quarters into the first machine, added soap, and started it, then moved to the second machine. She was putting the first quarter in when she paused. She didn’t have enough quarters to run the machine. HE had the rest of them…he had never given them back.

Taking a deep breath, she marched to the row of chairs where he sat, still reading her magazine. She stopped dead in front of him-her bare legs were touching his khakis. He didn’t look up.

“Can I have my quarters?” she finally asked, realizing that she sounded completely petulant. He laughed that wicked low laugh again. “I don’t have enough to run the machine,” she added lamely.

He put the magazine aside and leaned back, jingling the quarters in his hand thoughtfully. “Dana, sweetheart,” he finally said, “are you going to follow through on this?”

“What’s your name?” she demanded.

“Eric. Well?”

“Well, Eric,” she said breezily, “maybe that’s all you’re going to get now. Give me my quarters.” She held her hand out like a spoiled little girl. He leaned forward, and a victorious little smile crossed her face. Suddenly, he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, under the skirt. Her knees buckled under her, and a tiny moan escaped her throat before she could stop it. She wanted to cry when he stopped within two inches of her pussy and withdrew his hand.

She could see his fingers glistening with the moisture from just her inner thighs. She could smell her sex bahis siteleri as well as he could. Slowly, he brought the fingers to his lips and licked her juice from them, never taking his blue eyes from hers, and Dana knew he had her.

“I think there’s going to be more,” he said.

“Oh really?” she managed, wanting him to touch her, yet wanting to stay in control of the situation. But she had lost control awhile ago.

“Really,” he replied. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down to him so quickly that she almost crashed into him, closing her eyes just in time for the kiss. And what a kiss it was. His lips parted-his tongue explored her mouth. His hands slid up from her hips, one caressing her breasts, the thumb of the other rubbing the nape of her neck. She was on her knees between his legs, small hands moving over his broad shoulders as she drowned in his kiss.

He finally broke it. She paused, breathless, lips cherry red from the kiss, eyes wide and dazed. She was close. She could just barely feel the hardness of his erection against her belly.

“Excuse me for a minute,” he said huskily, standing up and moving around her. She slid into one of the chairs, brushing the dust from the linoleum floor off her knees, wondering what he was doing. “We’re closing,” he said to the old lady folding clothes and staring open-mouthed. She clutched her little basket and scurried from the laundromat. The surprises would never end, Dana thought as she watched him lock the doors and pull down the blinds in the windows.

“But…what..,” she stammered as he returned to where she sat and pulled her from the chair. He stilled her with a finger on her lips. Eric pulled her closer and embraced her, hands roaming over her ass and back as he kissed her on the neck. She moaned softly, holding onto him.

“I own the laundromat,” he whispered as he got near her ear. Dana laughed weakly.

“Oh, my God,” she murmured. “I cannot believe this…I am so embarrassed,” she said faintly as two bright spots of color appeared on her cheeks. He grinned, still stroking her back and ass.

“Let’s make the most of it, shall we?” he said, pulling her tank top over her head. His eyes flashed appreciation at the well-formed breasts and small, hard nipples an instant before his mouth moved to cover one. Dana braced herself against a washer and arched her back, sighing in pleasure as his tongue flickered over her ultra-sensitive nipples, moving back and forth between them. He changed his pace, sometimes nipping, sometimes sucking like a child. She could feel his cock rubbing against her leg. She reached down to the waistband of his khakis and unbuttoned them, intending to free his cock and have some fun with it.

“I don’t think so,” he said, grabbing her hands and holding them behind her. “Let’s see who’s in charge here.” He went back to her breasts, torturing her until she thought she couldn’t stand it. Now she couldn’t move-he had her arms behind her and her body pinned between his and the washing machine.

“You just wait,” she said through clenched teeth. He nipped her breast hard, causing her to yelp in surprise and a little pain.

“What was that?” bahis şirketleri he said, laughing as he went back to his enjoyment. When he’d had enough of her breasts, he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing the neatly trimmed V between her legs. “Very nice,” he said, then stepped back and took off his clothes, revealing the gorgeous dick she’d been feeling and lusting after. “I hope you’re hungry, Dana,” he said with an evil grin.

She matched it with one of her own as she sank to her knees in front of him. The game was hers now…

Dana opened her mouth and took in only the tip, tongue swirling around the spongy head as Eric sucked in his breath. She kept this up for a brief period of time, only now and then taking more of him into her mouth. He wanted more, pushing against her mouth as he groaned. She slowed as he pressed in, silently begging her to take more of him. She slid her lips and tongue over his length, over and over and over until he was thrusting against her mouth, at which point she withdrew from his cock, kissed the tip, and stood up.

He groaned in disappointment. She knew his cock was aching-this gave her immense pleasure as she turned without a word and began to walk away. She was about three steps away from him when he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back to him. She yelped in surprise.

“Thought you were in control, didn’t you, love?” he murmured into her neck as he pressed her up against the washing machine, spreading her legs.

“Damn you,” Dana hissed, shaking against the cold metal of the washing machine. He reached around and kneaded her breasts, cock pressing against her. She wanted him inside her-she was almost ready to give up the game. Yet pride kept her from saying a word. She stayed silent and trembling against the machine as Eric kissed a path down between her shoulder blades…to her waist…over the globes of her ass…but her resolve left her as he parted the lips of her pussy and ran his tongue inside.

“Ohhhhh God,” she gasped as he lifted her up so she was half on the machine, circling her clit with his tongue. She clutched at the edge of the washing machine, legs flailing in midair as he drove her to the edge, licking and sucking and finally fucking her with his tongue. She arched her back and cried out as she climaxed, then, gasping, she gave him what he wanted. She began to beg for his cock.

“Please, Eric, oh please…fuck me…I need you so much…I want your cock…pleease, baby,” she gasped over and over as he continued to tease her with his tongue. “Oh God please…I can’t take this anymore…please, Eric, please,” she moaned.

Finally, finally he stood up, rubbing the head of his cock along her slit and then pressing it into her soaking pussy. She cried out at the rewarding sweet burn as he pushed himself in to the hilt. Slowly, they began a rhythm, and soon Dana was straining back to meet every one of his thrusts. Faster and faster he went until she was screaming, toes curled as she clutched the washer and came again and again and again. Then he came, filling her pussy as she trembled in the throes of her latest orgasm. Slick with sweat and fluid, she slid down to the floor in exhaustion, Eric panting beside her. After awhile, when they had both recovered, he looked at her with that wicked grin again.

“How often do you do your laundry here, anyway?” he asked.

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