Layla’s Luscious Lips

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As my cock continued to throb and spurt into her mouth, I threw my head back against the hotel’s pillow, and regained my breath. Looking down into those sexy green eyes smiling up at me, I could only marvel at how my fantasies had come true in so short a time…

Meeting a Sex Goddess

I was gainfully employed as an assistant manager at a local retail outlet that summer. A year out of college, free from debt, single as a dollar bill, and with a libido that knew few boundaries. After a couple of unsuccessful flings with girls I had known from school, who were still struggling to graduate, I was starting to wonder if my sex life was about to halt into an all-time low, as the urges started to hit their all-time peak.

So, it was with an open mind that I received the news that I was being transferred to the downtown branch to sub in for a manager going on maternity leave. I had heard nothing but good things about the downtown scene, as the revitalized district had attracted thousands of young singles into the area. My good luck seemed secure. I knew that the staff at this new store was mostly middle-aged or older, so I figured I would have to be content with the clientele to find a new playmate. I just knew I was destined to meet some tall, leggy blond young professional who would be shopping for those sexy business suits that women tastefully use to accentuate their shape and curves.

I was not disappointed. First day on the job – Friday. Casual day for the majority of the downtown office population. Women wearing low-cut blouses, and form-fitting slacks. I was in heaven! Here, a brunette with an obvious boob job who wanted to make a return, and her equally well-endowed friend asking if I was new. A stunning redhead exhibiting her high, firm ass in a pair of skintight faux leather pants as she bent over to pick up a hat she had dropped. My eyes must have been huge! I had to call my buddies at the old store to gloat over my success in what was sure to be a never-ending supply of eye candy.

I was so busy getting adjusted to the new “surroundings” and my new staff, that I hardly noticed the dark-haired beauty who had arrived for her afternoon shift following the lunch hour rush. Once the foot traffic had cleared out enough, I started to straighten the mess left by the onslaught of customers. Bending over the table to re-fold the blouses left piled high, my eyes caught sight of a shapely pair of legs underneath a knee-length skirt stopping next to me. I raised my gaze to meet the most beautiful, piercing pair of green eyes I have ever seen, and heard her say, “Hi! I’m Layla, from the Clinique counter.”

The fun was just beginning. I used the brief moments it took me to straighten up to make a quick survey of the physical assets my new friend possessed. Layla was olive-skinned, either from Hispanic or Italian descent, with a pair of legs that reached her neck. She appeared to be about 5’8”, and with that perfect body shape that guys describe as “not too skinny”. Her face was beautiful. Her eyes stood out under a full, shoulder-length hairstyle that looked good from every canlı bahis angle. Her lips were very full and pouty – and pulled back into a gorgeous smile that was hard to ignore from across a room. Unfortunately, checking out her tits without being obvious was going to require a little inventive behavior.

“Hey Layla, I’m Neil. I’m the replacement for —— while she’s on maternity leave.” The opportunity to stare at her cleavage was going to be now or never. I fixed my eyes directly below her neck to check her nametag and see where it indicated the number of years she had worked with the company.

Wow. My obvious stare at her “nametag” was letting me get an eyeful of the perfect pair of breasts straining her blouse to the fullest. My first impression was DD-cup. I had to force myself to find her nametag and I had to work even harder to find the info I was looking for.

Our conversation lasted just a minute, no more than what was obviously polite and what served an introductory purpose. But I was in love… that is, lust.

Bedding a Sex Goddess for Dummies

Layla worked a three-day part-time schedule, while I was obviously full-time. The first week that I was at the store, she and I didn’t get a chance to talk again. I used the excuse of getting a copy of my staff’s schedules to check out Layla’s. Sure enough, we only shared a lunch break one day a week. I was determined to make that next one count. I knew there was no chance of Layla having someone in the store to share the break with – she was the junior staff member in her department by at least 20 years. Sure enough, she accepted my invitation, and the next week, we brought back some Chinese takeout to my office and we enjoyed a great 45 minutes together in a relaxed conversation.

Men, we think that women aren’t on to us with our strategies. Women, I’m not even going to try and fool you. I was being friendly, in the absolute hope of getting “friendly” after work. The small talk, the jokes, the blasé assurances of “Oh no, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. I’m just concentrating on adjusting to a new area of town.” Its transparent, I know. But its expected in a blossoming relationship, and it continues to prove its worth time after time.

Lunches soon turned into after-dinner drinks. Drinks turned into meeting at a movie over the weekend. The movie led to an actual “dinner and a show” a few days later. In the space of little over a month, I found myself in the front seat of my car, passionately kissing a woman I had only known a few short weeks. That first night that we made out was incredible, her lips were succulent and warm against my own, and with hardly any urging, my hand was soon massaging her breast through her tank top. Everything going perfectly, hot and heavy, windows starting to fog, and then that god-awful phrase every man in my situation has heard at least once.

Women – why do they have to be so damn “monthly” at the wrong times! It was assured to me that any further sexual adventures between us were going to have to wait a while. And that was it. Oral pleasure, eye-popping views bahis siteleri of her bosoms, anything further – all on hold. I figured I wouldn’t have to wait too long though, and due to the fact that I was about to hit a three-day weekend, I made the call Saturday afternoon.

“Layla, I can’t stop thinking about the other night. I want you badly, and I cant think of anything besides finishing what we began on Wednesday night. Will you join me Monday night in a room at the ——– Hotel?”

Taking a Sex Goddess to Heaven

Layla showed up half an hour late, as women are wont to do. I am convinced that they know exactly what that does to us, but justify it as payback for the lace unmentionables that we invariably rip or ruin in the heat of the moment.

She was ripe for the moment. She arrived wearing tight jeans, and a button down blouse. I had already taken the liberty of undressing down to my shorts, and had covered up with a hotel robe. The nightstand was adorned with all the essentials: a 3-pack of condoms, lightly scented lotion, and baby oil.

Layla and I wasted little time in resuming where we had left off. She immediately took the liberty of taking off my robe, leaving me standing before her with my cock tenting my black boxers up against her belly. We stood in the middle of the room kissing and licking each other’s lips, our groins, pressed hard into each other. I licked around her earlobe, and circled around behind her. I pressed my crotch against her ass, and nibbled her earlobe as my hands slid underneath her shirt. I caressed her waist and middle while she pressed her ass back against me. My hands slid up her front and cupped her breasts through the lacy bra.

Most guys would brag about their woman’s nipples being the size of a pencil eraser. I was going to have to be more original than that in recalling the size of her nips. Too bad I could never be more descriptive, so I’ve always said that Layla’s nipples would have encompassed at least three pencil erasers. They were tenting up beneath the lace of her bra in her lust and fervor, and I was squeezing them between my fingers eagerly. I unbuttoned the blouse, and pulled it off, exposing her heaving bosoms encased in that delicate black bra. I had abandoned my plan of nice and slow during the 30 minute wait, and now I was giving in to my lust. I unfastened her pants and slid them down her hips. My hand reached around to stroke her bush through the black panties, and Layla kicked the jeans against the wall. I brought my hands up to unfasten her bra, noticing the tag that said ‘Victoria’s Secret – 36D’, and freed the hooks.

My personal opinion is that women love to have their breasts revealed slowly, and Layla was no exception to the rule. I held the cups to her flesh as I slid the straps off her shoulders, and held the full weight of her breasts through the lace for a moment before I let the bra fall to the floor. Layla threw her head back against my shoulder as I held her tits in my hand, feeling their weight. She moaned as I ran my fingertips along the underside of her breasts, and as I brought them bahis şirketleri up her hard nipples. I was instinctively grinding my boxers-covered cock into her ass, and tugging her nips out and up with my fingers.

We took just a second to move to the bed, where I climbed on top of her, straddling her thighs with my legs. My cock was poised just above her panties, as I let my mouth descend on her full breasts. I swirled and teased her left nipple with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth, biting it playfully, feeling its unbelievable size. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open in feverish excitement as I devoured her nub. I gazed at the sight of her other breast being rubbed by my hand. The size of her areolas was just as big as her nipples, and her other tit was looking for attention in its turn.

Layla had other ideas though. She pulled my head up to hers, and kissed me passionately. Then she made me lie down, and gave me a long, sultry look that nearly made me cum right there. She licked her lips, and uttered those unforgettable words – “I want to suck your cock.”

I was cool with the idea… Layla licked my nipples, and kissed down my stomach to my boxers. She wasted no time, and quickly picked up the waistband. I obligingly lifted my hips, and she slid them down, revealing my cock already glistening with the pre-cum that she had aroused from me. She cupped my balls with her hand, licking her lips once more, and made that fatal eye contact (you better believe that my head was raised up, staring straight down at this beautiful woman paying ministrations to my dick!).

The swollen head of my cock easily disappeared into her lovely mouth, but after only a second, Layla took the entire length of my shaft into her mouth. My eyes rolled back in ecstasy, and she immediately began pumping her lips up and down my shaft. I regained visual focus, and watched in pleasure as her mouth slid rapidly the length of my cock to reveal the head before she plunged it back into the throes of warm oral delight. The sensation was incredible. I proudly possess a thick penis, but Layla was taking it without hesitation. Her lips and tongue were keeping solid contact with my schlong in a swirling motion, and she was trying to send me over the edge by holding my balls in her fingers all the while. I pride myself that I am able to last long for my lover, and I made Layla work hard for her payoff. But that ultimate release was building quickly, and after a few minutes, Layla was moaning into my crotch. My body began the familiar tightening, and I was happily surprised with the final plunge of my cock into the back of Layla’s throat. My orgasm washed over me, my sperm flew spurt after spurt into her mouth, and that beautiful woman sucked down every drop. She gave my shaft one last loving swirl as she removed it from her mouth. I gasped for air after coming down from the overwhelming high, and looked through drunken eyes at the sight of that perfect tongue lapping up the last creamy drops of my cum from the head of my dick. There was a definite smile on those luscious lips…

To be continued…

Come on, you don’t think the night ended there do you? Tune in soon for oily breasts, tight pussy, dirty pillow talk, and more fun than one man should endure in one night! Thank God we didn’t have to go to work the next day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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