Leslie Ch. 02

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I was pleasantly surprised that early Thursday afternoon, just prior to Labor Day, when I’m in Safeway looking at meat – seriously, the kind you grill – and I’m grabbed from behind at the waist by my neighbor Leslie. We engaged in a little conversation, how’ve you been, etc., and she asks me about my plans for the weekend.

Said I had a four-day weekend, with Friday off, and planned to burn some ribs and/or steak, depending on what I found, and then spend the rest of the time cleaning both my DVR and wine chiller, simultaneously. I have all of last season’s Sons of Anarchy, Justified, and The Americans – and down to two percent space left on the DVR.

I asked her what her plans were and she said nothing all that interesting, maybe a bit of shopping with “the girls,” see if there was anything good on holiday sale.

Then she said her husband had left for Ocean City or St Mary’s, somewhere on the Eastern Shore, for a fishing trip he and the guys do annually.

She asked if I’d found anyone the last couple of months, and I said, with a grin, not anyone on the east coast.

She looked at me and said she didn’t understand, what did I mean?

I said I’m not seeing anyone but have talked to someone special.

She asked what we spoke about, and I’m sure I blushed a little, and said, well her name came up, but the store probably wasn’t the best place to talk about it. I think that heightened her interest.

I quickly changed the subject and asked her if she’d like to share a meal or two with me if she had nothing better planned.

Leslie said she thought that was “a fine idea”, that she’d like to run home and then meet at my place.

Think I shocked her a little when I started taking things out of her cart and putting them in mine, there wasn’t anything of a personal nature, other than her small purse. Before I had it emptied I asked if she needed to take home any of the items.

She said no, so I said I’ve got all this, did she have any dinner preference?

She asked if fish was okay, and said I had a decent marinated salmon and shrimp recipe from a couple of years ago, it was quick, easy and quite good, at least I thought so.

We picked out a couple of fillets, and I told her to go ahead and take care of what she needed to and come over when she was ready.

She left as I paid, then I headed home. Putting the groceries away quickly, I then prepared the marinade and put the seafood in and covered it. I have three full baths, so I went upstairs and took a quick, but thorough shower.

Soon, I was back in the kitchen chopping up greens when I saw her car pull in the driveway. I opened the garage door and was going to ask if she wanted to pull in, but soon had my answer. I closed the door and began to escort her inside. She’d obviously changed outfits, as had I, and she was now in a light summer dress with soft pleats to about two to three inches above the knee, and handed me a gym-type bag. I think I noticed a little bit of a jiggle in the more-than-ample breast area as she moved.

Since she’d been here before and was familiar with the layout, I told her to make herself at home while I’ll put the bag in the bedroom, she said that was fine and went to the left towards the kitchen while I went to the right and down the hall.

Soon, we were together in the kitchen where she’d picked up where I left off with the salad. I kissed her on the top of the head as I walked by and showed her where the fish was marinating, saying I was going to start the grill. After getting things warmed up, I came in and got the salmon/shrimp, smiled and told her to come out whenever she was ready.

I’d just put the lid down when Leslie came out on the deck with two glasses of wine, Chardonnay it turns out. Guess she was more familiar with the place than I thought; she knew where the wine and openers were. That was cool. I have several crepe myrtles surrounding the deck, so while there’s some privacy, its not entirely secluded.

I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by pawing her out in the open, but did want her to know I wanted to be close. Didn’t have to worry, it turns out, as she took the lead and would stand beside me as I tended to the food with her hand on my shoulder, or on the small of my back.

Once back inside, I turned the stereo on to the smooth jazz station just so there’d be some atmosphere in the background. Dinner was uneventful, she complimented me on and thanked me for the meal, and I said it was the company that made it special.

It wasn’t until we started to straighten up the kitchen that we each got a little friskier with each other. We’d pretend to be seriously cleaning, and then one or the other would throw a hip at the other, or walk up behind and press their body against the other person. It was during one of these playful moments when I came up behind her and lightly pinned her against the counter, and reached down to rub her ass. That’s when I discovered there was nothing between my hand and her skin except her dress – no underwear.

No doubt she noticed my hand linger there, and she turned canlı bahis her head and smiled. I then moved my hand up her back, and then around to the front and cupped a nearly-naked breast. I said, “That confirms what I thought I saw earlier,” and as I went back down over her ass said, “But this is a pleasant surprise.”

She said underwear can be too confining sometimes, and “a girl has to be ready for whatever comes up.” I laughed at that one, knowing she could feel me rising to the occasion so to speak.

I said if that was the case, we should finish up here so we could get to more important things.

I was putting away the last couple of items and looked over to see if she needed any help. Apparently not, everything was straight around her as far as I could tell, and she was standing in the corner where the lazy susan cabinet is, watching me with a light smile, and her elbows on the countertop, her nipples pointing at me as if to say “come over here and taste”.

Standing four or five feet away I said looks like everything’s done here, what do you think we should do next?

She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Anything you want. What did you have in mind?”

I said, “I’m kind of the strong, silent type so I usually don’t announce my plans in advance. Is that okay with you?”

I could tell she liked the friendly verbal sparring, and replied, “Whatever works for you, I’ve got all night.”

Actually, I had a plan. I always have a plan, even if I have to make it up as I go. At this point I’d had enough with talking so I stepped over to her, took each of her wrists in hand and held them over her head, kissed her for about thirty seconds in this position, then pulled back and said, “This has to come off”, and I raised her dress over her head, and off her arms.

As she looked at me I semi-folded it, and laid it on the counter next to her. I keep the house temp at 74, so her nipples were hard as pebbles at this point. I told her to put her hands on my shoulders, and when she did I firmly grabbed her waist and lifted her onto the counter. She had to bend down just a little and I stretched up, just a little as we kissed again. I made it a point to kiss her entire face, the bridge of her nose, forehead, temple area, chin, neck, back up to the cheeks and over to her ears and neck.

As I was doing the feather kisses, occasionally going back for a full-mouth kiss, my hands were busy with her breasts. Squeezing and gently rubbing the sides, underneath, and back to the nipples. As I moved my mouth down, taking turns at each of her breasts, my hands moved down her sides before coming to rest on the top of each thigh. I rubbed and kneaded them gently while sucking lightly on her nipples, then alternately harder, listening to her pleasant sighs.

Next, I lifted my head and told her to lean back against the cabinet. Her eyes widened a little as she smiled, did as I asked, and then I lifted her legs at the knee and placed her heels on the opposing-angled countertops. Her shoulders were touching the opposing cabinets, and there was a little space in the corner where her head fit nicely.

To be honest, she didn’t look the most comfortable, but was obviously game for what was about to happen. I winked at her, gave her a knowing smile, and looked down. Her ass cheeks were on the edge of the counter and her pussy was fully exposed. Pink, swollen and glistening lightly. Shaved lips, with a small, closely-cropped triangle of light brown hair at the top, just as I remembered.

At this point I realized I never offered her dessert after dinner, but I was about to have mine. I kissed the top of her pussy where the slit starts, and let my tongue drop down and lightly sweep across her lips. I thought I detected a light, fruity smell and I alternately felt her clench her ass and then release, and a few soft moans with each exhale. I ran my tongue lightly over her button, which caused her to jump just a little, and while I noted its location and condition, moved agonizingly slowly lower. Her scent was getting stronger, and her fluid just a little thicker as I made my way down. Everything my lips and tongue touched was as soft and juicy as a ripe peach. I truly love doing this.

I flattened out my tongue and used it to further part her lips as I went lower before I found the fountain producing her fluids. Nectar of the Gods, I thought. I was seriously becoming so intoxicated with her taste that for a moment I forgot to listen to her moans and feel her movements so that I knew what was working, and what wasn’t.

Guess everything was just fine, because her juices never stopped pouring from her. At this point I concentrated on licking and sucking gently on her clit, and then moving back down for a little tongue fucking, trying not to be predictable, but also be responsive to her needs at the moment.

By now she seemed to feel secure enough to move her hands from supporting her on the counter, to the back of my head. I love when a woman tells me what she wants, and doesn’t say a word; it’s a source of pride for me. She seemed to be content to hold me at bahis siteleri her opening, and then on and around her clit, While she wasn’t fucking my face by moving her hips back and forth, she had no problem – and neither did I – using her hands to move my head up and down her pussy at an ever-quickening pace.

Her moans and gasps had become words like “Oh fuck! Oh God!”, repeatedly, and with more urgency.

Soon it became “Oh fuck, oh yeah baby! Oh fuck, oh yeah!”, until finally she grabbed a handful of hair in a way my barber would not appreciate, and just let out a long and urgent, (deep inhale) oohhhhhhh… and a contented (exhale) baaaabbbbyyyyy…oooohhhhhh…

There was too much of her juice for me to keep up and I could feel it running down my chin and onto my chest. She was delicious, and I could have fed on her all day. For a time she had a vise-like grip on my head with her thighs, but there’s nothing like the softness of the inside of a woman’s thighs on your ears.

Don’t panic, I told myself, and she’ll release in a few seconds and you can breathe again. Which she did, with an audible, “Oh my.”

Located conveniently to my left was the drawer with the clean dishrags. I pulled the door open and wiped my face before standing up to face her. Her head was against cabinet, eyes closed, deeply breathing and her legs now hanging down from her seated position. I glanced over at the clock on the microwave, it had been about fifty minutes since I first went down on her, if I recalled the time correctly. Not that I was timing it, it actually seemed like it was no time at all.

She opened her eyes, and with a large smile sat up straight and pulled me to her where she passionately kissed me while holding me tightly against her. In a moment she pulled away just a little and started kissing my face in the same way I had earlier with hers.

Looking at me she said, “Wow, I needed that. We’ll have to try that again.”

I smiled and said, “Well, you’ve got all night.”

That brought the loudest laugh I’d ever heard from her in our now third time together. “You have some memory, don’t you?”, she said.

“I know we have to get you down from there”, I told her, “so come here.”

She put her arms around my neck and I lifted her down to the floor. “Where to next?” she asked.

“You know where”, I replied, and nodded toward the hallway.

Then she asked why she was the only one undressed?

I replied she was the best looking of the two of us as we started down the hall. I complemented her figure, saying the exercise she was getting had her looking fit and fuckable.

She teasingly slapped at my ass and said she needed to get a better look at me.

In the bedroom she quickly jumped under the covers, I’m guessing because she was a little cold, and not because she was shy. I knew she’d be comfortable very soon since I had the temperature-regulating Sheex bedding on.

Sitting up, she told me to take off my clothes in a sexy way.

I replied I didn’t have the moves like Magic Mike or Jagger and was too old anyway, but would try to humor her.

Then she did something really sensuous, and I don’t think it was on purpose. She had the sheets pulled up between her cleavage with one hand, but her breasts were showing on each side of the sheet, and had her other hand up by her face, with her index finger pulling at her bottom lip. If/when a woman puts a finger to her lips or in her mouth, I melt. And I’ll have that mental picture for a while.

I started undressing faster because I knew with my growing hard on it would soon become more difficult to remove any clothing. The front of my briefs were soaked with my precum. I’d initially felt it while licking her earlier.

I’m now out of my clothes and sporting a semi – hey, we did have to walk down the hall to the bedroom – and she points to her large bag and asks me to hand it to her before I get in bed.

As she’s fishing through it, I’m now under the covers and start running my hands up and down her body. Its not like a gym-tight body, she has curves and some softer areas, but certainly a body a woman in her early fifties would be proud of. And she knows how to get the most from it, I’d say.

Apparently finding what she’s looking for, Leslie holds up a ruby red slim vibrator with a curved tip – obviously something for the g-spot – and a small bottle of lube.

She throws the covers toward the end of the bed and says, “Your turn.”

I look at what’s in her hand and ask if she’s going to use that on herself, or would she like me to do it for her?

She smiled and said no, it was for me.

Not one to have things put in my lower extremities often, I asked where it had been before?

She giggled and said only in her, and she took very good care of all her things.

Not wanting her to feel insulted, I said that I had been impressed with her hygiene each time we’d been together, so no concerns on my part.

Secretly, I hope this wasn’t something she’d used on her husband, and while I didn’t say anything I think the look on bahis şirketleri my face implied some concern, which caused a slight look of disappointment on her face. I immediately smiled and told her I too was game for almost anything as long as pain wasn’t involved for either party, I never had a need for a safe word.

The smile returned to her face and said, “Let’s have a little fun. Now, lay back and relax.”

Always the pleaser I did what I was told. Leslie moved to sit between my knees, causing me to spread my legs somewhat. She leaned in, and raising my ball sack with her right hand, starting slowly licking from my scrotum, up my shaft, and to the tip. She gave a little squeeze to my cock and was rewarded with a significant amount of precum, enough that it started running down my cock from the tip.

That seemed to speed up her efforts, and I started squeezing my pelvic muscles – do men have Kegels? – in an effort to move more out the tip. She kept running her tongue slowly up and down my cock, and a couple of times made a pleasurable pass down past my balls and licked over my ass before heading back up.

This went on for a little while, but seemed like an eternity since she had taken the head of my cock in her mouth, in fact she hadn’t yet. Still, she was doing all the other things I love. She wasn’t holding my cock in her hand as much as she was holding it in place, if that makes sense, with four fingers of her left hand as she moved her head and tongue up, down, and in small circles, rubbing my entire cock over her lips and face.

Looking down, I could see a trail of my precum running from her hairline at the top of her forehead, down, at a slight angle, to her right eyebrow. Seeing this, and feeling what she was doing to my cock got me even more aroused. Leslie must have noticed since I heard her moan softly as she continued making her way up and down my shaft and balls.

At this point she stopped and leaned back, causing me to give a disappointing moan. She said, “Don’t worry, we’re not done. This is about to get better.”

Hard to imagine, but okay. She then ran the bottle of lube up and down her left index finger, and moved it quickly to my ass, where she made little circles around my hole. I could feel the slippery wetness on both my skin and her finger. She put the lube down and was massaging my balls with her right hand. Damn, she was good.

This is the first time either of us had played with the other’s ass, and I filed this episode away for later. I was brought back to reality when I felt her finger pressing against my hole and resisted the urge to clench tighter. I tried to take relaxing, deep breaths and her finger slid in easily – she’d done this before. I had too, a few times with other women, but certainly not enough to get that used to it.

As always seems to be the way, just as things were feeling really good, she stopped. That got a real audible moan from me and a wicked laugh from her.

“What, are you in a hurry or something? Have another place you’d rather be?”, she asked mockingly.

“Absolutely not,” I firmly replied, “I’m all yours to do with what you want, but you’re killing me softly.”

That brought a smile to her face, and she said, “Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

She then rose to her knees and applied lube to her toy, rubbing her hand up and down like she was slowly jacking it off. Satisfied, she put the lube to the side and laid between my legs, propped up on her elbows. She began softly blowing on my balls and cock, which was throbbing with each heartbeat, as well as dripping.

I could feel her lining up the toy, putting just a little pressure on it and gently twisting it left, then to the right. Then she did something that almost set me off, but didn’t. She simultaneously pressed the vibrator into my ass and took my entire cock in her mouth. She knew from my reaction that she did a bad, bad thing in a good, good way. She was very adept at moving with me, otherwise I would’ve broken her nose on her initial action.

She settled into a nice rhythm, sucking up and down my cock slowly, then more rapidly, and also moving the toy in and out gently. Next, she took her mouth off my cock and turned the vibrator on low, then placed her mouth on my balls and started lightly humming and rolling them with her tongue. The feeling was incredible, and she started to slowly jack me off with her right hand. In almost no time I told her I was going to come any second, and she turned the vibe on high, made sure the curved end was just inside my ass, going for the prostate, and put her mouth over my cock, rapidly swishing her tongue over the lower part of the head.

I raised my ass off the bed as I started spurting in her mouth, causing her to make a “mmmm, mmmm,” sound, barely audible over my groans, but also felt on my cock head. I could feel her swallowing just as the last shots began to subside. It was then that I noticed her right hand was now under her and she was playing with her pussy. Nimbly, with her left hand she dialed the vibrator down to off and slowly pulled it from my ass. Then she started moving up my body, stopping with her head over my chest, and brought her fingers to my lips. They were dripping with her juices so I slowly licked each one and then sucked on them to make sure I got everything.

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