Letter Between Friends Ch. 03

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Bea’s email reply to my last letter.

I don’t have even a moment but I have to tell you – I read that one with my jaw completely dropped. You are a sex fucking goddess. I am in awe and I feel my clit throbbing. Can’t wait until Rick reads this and we can fuck like rabbits later… 🙂

I love your mind, I love your kisses…you know I love you, don’t you?


Damn, Bea knows how to get in my head. I am a slave to her attention and affection. She wants more. I give her more.

This next chapter is about two people that were in my life on a daily basis. My partner Jeanette and our contractor Don.

We were in the middle of an extensive home renovation project. Don our contractor, worked on his own so renovation was a slow process. I guess it didn’t help that I fucked him occasionally which took time away from completing the job.

Jeanette and I met Don about 10 years earlier when we first bought our house. He was referred to use by our lawyer Jenny. As she put it “Don is a handsome guy but a real chatter box.” She was right.

Don, dark haired and mustached, had this toned, rugged, weathered look that only years of working outside with your hands can produce. I would jokingly call him my surrogate husband because he would help us with any home issue. Little projects would often turn into hanging out for hours chatting over a cup of tea. Don preferred tea over coffee which always amused me. Don’t we all have this preconceived idea that hard working men drink black coffee?

As for my relationship with Jeanette, let’s say it was on the rocks for a long time coming. She rarely had any sexual desire which upset me and wore on my self-esteem. Bea was always there to help raise my spirits, provide advice and cheer me on.

I told Bea how Don would get a bit flirty. She jumped on that and said “You should act on that! That would be so hot – you fucking the contractor!”

With Bea’s encouragement, I took that step into a steamy affair.

Without further ado, the story begins.


A Guy Named Don and a Girl Named Jeanette

Hey gorgeous! I think you are going to get a kick out of this one. I still can’t believe the risks I took but I couldn’t help myself.

Jeanette didn’t have to get up early since she prepped a lot yesterday for the restaurant. Something I didn’t think about when I sent Don the text the night before to come by in the morning.

It was about 7AM, we are never in bed that late.

She rolled over lazily to face me. I looked into her pale blue eyes, leaned in and kissed her soft pink lips. She responded well, kissing me back sliding her tongue over my mouth, finding my tongue, pulling me in for a deeper kiss.

Jeanette illegal bahis is an amazing kisser. Without fail, I get so wet with her soft luscious mouth on mine.

As our tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouth, I took her hand and guided it down my stomach under my pajama bottoms to my now throbbing clit. She let out a soft moan as she slid her finger over my slick pussy. Well, wasn’t I surprised that she was getting so turned on! After many years together, I thought the flame of desire burned out long ago.

We broke from our embrace long enough to take off our pajama top and bottoms while still in bed, tossing them out of the covers and onto the floor.

Jeanette loves rubbing her tits against mine, nipple to nipple. She totally gets off on it. But then I realized I still have this half-moon hickey on my left breast from Don. It was fading but still clear it was a love bite. I moved the comforter up to our shoulders so when she leaned in to suck my nipple she wouldn’t see it with her head under the covers. I know, I’m a bad girl.

Oh shit! While enjoying this rare morning of passion, I forgot I asked Don to come over.

Jeanette was teasing my tits with the tip of her tongue, lightly licking then a soft tug with her teeth, sending a jolt down between my legs. She let out a little giggle knowing how aroused and wet I was getting.

I pulled her up for our mouths to meet in a hungry kiss. I looked in her eyes and saw her want, her need. After years together we have an unspoken language in bed. Her eyes were telling me she wants me to eat her out. My pleasure.

I moved down the bed and started to lick up the inside of her thigh. I love when she spreads her legs without my assistance. It’s my turn to tease her, my tongue glided up the inside on one thigh, then the other thigh. I stopping at the top of her blonde mound letting her feel my hot breath above her pussy but not touching. She spread her legs further, showing me more of her pink, swollen, wet pussy. Her scent was calling my tongue. I started to move my fingers over her pussy, spreading her lips.

I tickled her rosy bud with the tip of my tongue as my finger moved slowly inside her, feeling her creamy wet pussy contract as I slide in and out. Then I hear it…the car door!!


I forgot about Don and then I thought why he is still getting out of his car? I’m sure he must see Jeanette’s car. The thought of him so close turned me on even more.

When we are both home, Don doesn’t just walk into the house, he usually starts to do stuff on the outside until we realize he is there, then we ask him in, make tea and he makes himself at home, hence, nothing gets done. Don brought shingles to the house the other day. He left them on the porch.

I illegal bahis siteleri think I was the only one who heard the car door, it wasn’t loud and it was possible it was a neighbors I told myself. I continue attending to Jeanette’s pussy.

Don was at the back door! The door is all glass with a perfect 90 degree angle view into the bedroom, only the bottom half of the bed is visible, since the dresser by the bedroom entrance blocks the top of the bed. He didn’t see us yet as he glanced in then walked away.

Jeanette had no idea Don had just been standing 10 feet away. I was so fucking turned on seeing him.

I move into a 69 position with me on top. I started to grind my throbbing clit against Jeanette’s mouth, her sweet tongue fucking me as she slides a finger into my ass. She knows I love that.

I want Don to come back, I want him to watch.

My wish was granted.

I saw him when I lifted my head up off her soaked pussy. My wet face looked under my arm straight at the glass door, we locked eyes and I don’t know how to describe it, just mind blowing. He watched me while a huge orgasm built. His hand went instinctively to his cock, rubbing over his jeans. I let go, cum flowed into Jeanette’s mouth. She moaned with ecstasy, practically purring as she lapped up my juices, dipping her tongue in deeper which she knows makes me cum and shudder more.

Don stood there on the other side of the glass door in disbelief. I could see the huge bulge in his pants.

He could only see me from my naked chest up and Jeanette’s legs spread wide. I dipped my fingers into Jeanette, fucking her to climax as she let out a scream. I glanced up making sure Don was still there. Jeanette came hard with three of my fingers in her and tongue flicking her clit. I slid my mouth through her cum as she bucked against my face. I took my fingers out so Don could see the translucent web of Jeanette’s cum on my fingers. He watched with hunger as I licked each finger slowly.

Wait! It doesn’t end there!

After a few minutes, catching our breath, Jeanette gets out of bed and said “I need to get in the shower, I’m running late.” She leans over the bed and kisses me with a smile.

Shit! I’m thinking where is Don?

She still doesn’t realize Don is somewhere around. The bathroom is three feet from the back door. I hear the shower turn on and I get up to look for him.

He is back on the front porch. Through the window I put my the finger I just licked to my mouth to say “Shh” and point for him to go around to the back of the house again.

I meet him at the back door and let him inside and into the bedroom. I have about 5 minutes until Jeanette’s shower ends. Sitting on the edge of the bed, without a word, I pull his pants canlı bahis siteleri and boxers down. I take his ready cock in my mouth.

Knowing Jeanette is a few feet away in the shower is making me so fucking horny. I slide back on the bed and pulled him on top of me. Don drives into me hard, no time for foreplay. He thrust his full 8 inches as deep and hard as he could. We were silent, trying not to make a sound, only his balls slapping against me over and over. I slow him down to stop the ball slap.

How much time do I have before the shower turns off??

I know he is going to cum soon, I can hear his shallow quick breaths. I am so fucking turned on I actually want him to cum in my mouth. I take his cock out of me and quickly guide him into my mouth, tasting my juices on his hard shaft. I try to take as much of him in my mouth without gagging, stroking the rest of his cock with my hand. Don grabs the back of my hair with one hand and my shoulder with the other. He couldn’t help it, he pushed his red hot, rock hard cock deeper into my mouth. I tried to open my throat to avoid a gag reflex. My mouth felt the veins of his shaft move and pulse with desire. I sucked him in further feeling his cock in the back of my throat, playing with his balls in my hand.

Trying not to make a sound, he let out a small whimper as he exploded in my mouth. I could feel his hot creamy cum stream down the back of my throat. My lips loosened their grip, my mouth slightly opened as he pulled his gorgeous cock out of my throat in time to shoot another load on my tongue. I loved the taste of our combined juices, feeling his member twitch as I gently sucked on him. I drank him in, at least what I could. His tremors after he pulled out of my mouth sent residual cum dripping onto my tit.

He took his finger and scooped his white cum off my tit and put his finger in my mouth. I guess he didn’t want me to miss a drop. I sucked his finger clean just like I did with Jeanette a few minutes earlier.

No time to lay back and relax! I had to zip him up and push him out the door, with about 30 seconds to spare! I’m a crazy idiot but that was so FUCKING HOT!!

After Jeanette came out of the shower I said “Don is here, sitting in the kitchen.” I had put on my bathrobe trying to act casual and headed for the bathroom, hoping she wouldn’t smell Don’s musky sex on my breath.

Jeanette got ready for work and left the house walking by Don while he was installing door knobs.

When I was certain she wasn’t coming back I brought him back to the bedroom and kissed him deeply. He said “I think I can taste Jeanette.”

As we stood by the bed he slid his fingers into my swollen, throbbing pussy. I eagerly unzipped his pants and pulled out his already rock hard cock, still sticky with our cum. I wanted more, a lot more.

Dear lord Bea, I am wet and throbbing again writing this to you. What I wouldn’t give to lick you dry right now! I know you would love Don to watch us, you little exhibitionist you. XO

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