Library Passion

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You are sitting in the back corner of the library at a small table, in the stacks, appearing to be intent in your studies. I walk in behind you in a short black dress, black thigh highs and heels, my lace garter belt barely visible as my skirt rises with my step. My large, soft 40DD breasts are practically falling out of my tight tank top, and my pencil-eraser nipples are erect with the thoughts of what I want to do to you.

I walk up behind you and blow gently in your ear and nibble lightly on your neck, so fast that you can’t even turn around to recognize me. I hear you moan as I move to your ear, sliding my tongue gently around your lobe. My fingers slide around your strong shoulders and down your chest, grazing your nipples. My breasts are pressed tightly against your back as I nibble and suck on your neck.

You moan again and slide your chair back from the table slightly. I kiss you fully on the lips as I spread my legs and sit on your lap, facing you. I can feel your semi-erect cock against my pussy as my skirt ataşehir escort bayan rises to my hips. I pull down the collar of your shirt and kiss your neck and chest, grazing my teeth against you, my breasts pressed tightly against your body, my lips gliding against your crotch. You reach down and slide my panties over, your fingers grazing my bare slit. You can feel the wetness seeping out of my body, and you slide a finger in it. You pull it out and I lick my own cum off of your finger.

I can feel your cock growing harder underneath me and I’m dying to taste it. I slide off of your lap and onto my knees. I unbutton and unzip your jeans slowly. I slide your boxers down slightly, my face close to your body, so that your cock slaps my face as it springs free. I smile with delight in smelling your sex and graze my fingers against your balls, licking around your spread inner thigh. I slide my hot, wet tongue around your balls, licking each one carefully, tasting your skin. I moan as I slide each of them escort kadıköy into my mouth and suck gently, one at a time, as my fingers travel up your now rock hard cock. You put your hand behind my head and ease my head up your dick. I suck on your cock, small gentle kisses, my tongue easing around your member in slow, wet circles. I lick the tip slowly, your glistening precum trickling onto the tip of my tongue and down my throat. I suck your cock in my mouth, slowly, then faster, easing you into my throat like the good little whore that I want to be for you. Up and down, my head bobbing in your lap under the library table as you pull me on and off of your beautiful cock. The only sound is the slightly popping that my mouth makes easing on and off of your dick.

I can feel pressure building in your cock as your balls tighten, but I don’t want you to cum just yet. I slide my mouth away from your cock and take my shirt off, revealing my huge tits. I rub them against your cock and slide you in between, my own saliva bostancı escort and your precum lubing my cleavage. I put my own nipple in my mouth as you continue pressing my breasts together, and I lick the tip of your cock a few times more. As you moan again I stand and slide my panties off, bending over and spreading my legs so that my tight ass and bare pussy are in full view.

Your cock stands high and hard as I spread my own cunt and slide onto it, impaling myself on your huge hardon. I moan as you fill my pussy, cum lubricating as you slide in deeper and deeper. I glide up and down slowly, your hands on my tits, then my ass, and begin to bounce a little harder. You motion for me to stand and I do, turn around, and bend over the table. I raise my ass into the air by arching my back and you grab my ass cheeks and slide into my sopping cunt from behind. You pump fast, then faster, slapping my ass occasionally as I moan in delight, thrusting back to you, your hand sliding around and rubbing my clit. I hear your breaths become fast in then in one final forceful thrust you cum deep inside my pussy as my clit finally explodes in orgasm. I slowly ease myself onto the table and allow your sperm and my cum to ease out and drip onto the table, leaving a scent and sight for you to study by…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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