Life Is Short Pt. 01

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Author’s note: This story could fit into many categories. Erotic Couplings seemed a good compromise. Part 2 will be posted soon.

Life Is Short



Old people always remember where they were when they heard the news that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. They remember, vividly, September 11, 2001 when the planes took down the World Trade Center; or the moment their first child was born. I suppose we all have a handful of moments etched in our minds that we will carry with us for the remainder of our days. So it is for me with the moment that Beth’s cell phone rang and we got the news that Aunt Phyllis had passed away.

It was a Sunday night. Beth, my wife, and I had watched the 10 o’clock news. I had gone to bed first. Beth prepared the programmable coffee maker so we would have fresh java the next morning. She came to bed, gave me a peck on the lips, and turned out the light. Having achieved middle age, our sex life had devolved into a once or twice a month session, usually on Sunday nights. This was one of those nights.

Beth was on her side facing away from me. I was feeling amorous so I cuddled up behind her. I draped an arm over her and nuzzled her neck. Couples that have been married for a long time develop rituals and signals. She knew that my cuddling and nuzzling were the signal that indicated I wanted sex. She could either accept my advances by encouraging me, or she could postpone sex for another week by refusing. She pressed her butt against me and covered my hand with hers. This was her signal, like a green light, that she was accepting my offer. I could proceed.

I continued to nibble her neck and shoulder in the darkness. My hand caressed her tummy through the over sized t-shirt she slept in. My cock began to swell as my hand roamed up her body and over her soft breasts. They were each the size of a halved orange and didn’t fill my hand but the prominent nipples never failed to excite me. She responded with an audible, “Mmmmmmm.” I slowly strummed my fingers over the hardening nubs. I squeezed the flesh of her breasts and tweaked the nipples. She rolled over, faced me, and we kissed. My hand found the back of her thigh and took the tail of her t-shirt up with it over the warm smoothness of the arc of her ass. I pulled her to me and ground my hard cock against her. Her lips were willing and I could feel her breath on my cheek as we continued to kiss.

Beth returned my caresses by putting her hand beneath my t-shirt and rubbing it over my back. After several minutes of this initial foreplay, we wordlessly knew it was time to take it to the next level. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and settled onto her back. Meanwhile, I removed my shirt and boxers. I joined her in the middle of the bed with a kiss. My hands were more eager now and explored her nude body. Again, I started with her tummy before revisiting her breasts and their irresistible nipples. We continued to kiss as my attention moved downward to her furry triangle. She widened her legs invitingly. I ran a fingertip up and down her slit hoping to find it moist and ready. There was a bit of wetness at her opening so I tenderly probed its source. Beth replied by taking my rigid cock in her soft hand. She leisurely stroked as I smeared her lubricating juices through her folds.

Beth gave my cock a tug and I moved on top of her. She guided the tip to her hole and I began the ecstatic descent. The head slipped in easily. I adjusted my hips to optimize my angle.

Beth’s cell phone rang rudely!

It startled us and my cock sprang free. “Shit!” I exclaimed. “Let’s ignore it.”

“At this time of night?” Beth asked. “It might be one of the kids. Something might be wrong. We’ve got to answer it.”

Knowing she was right, I rolled off her. A moment later Beth whispered in the darkness, “This is the nursing home. Aunt Phyllis just died!”

There is never a good time for such things. Here we are being swept along in the rushing current of life with obligations, deadlines, commitments, and suddenly, the boat is capsized and everything has to change. All of those pressing day to day things have to be put aside to deal with something far more important. My wife’s Aunt Phyllis was a wonderful lady and we all cared for her very much. There were emotional challenges. Arrangements had to be made to miss work and travel 900 miles and 14 hours. A funeral had to be planned. An estate had to be dealt with. The passing of Phyllis was an event that would be remembered and talked about for the rest of our lives!

Oh! An obituary would have to be written. Let me tell you about Aunt Phyllis. Technically, she wasn’t my aunt. She was my wife’s aunt – the sister of my wife’s father. Anyway, Phyllis grew up in the Chicago area and married a Chicago guy. They never had any kids. Nobody knew why not. Rumor was that Phyllis couldn’t have kids but that was just the rumor. Since they couldn’t have kids of their own, they practically adopted their nieces and nephew. My wife canlı bahis and my wife’s brother were two of those kids. Phyllis also had a sister that had a daughter (Kelli). Phyllis and her husband would take the kids camping, always bought them presents for birthdays and Christmas, and even took them on a trip to Europe one summer.

Phyllis’ first husband died in a car crash at about the time the nieces and nephew were finishing high school. She received great support Beth, Kelli, and Dave (the nephew). Several more years passed. Phyllis met and married a man from the eastern plains of Colorado. Phyllis and her new husband sold the house in Chicago and moved to his home in Stratton, Colorado. They were a cute couple. I think each truly enriched the remaining life of the other.

The second marriage never diminished Phyllis’ love for the Illinois family. The birthday presents and the Christmas gifts never stopped. The (old) newlyweds would make at least two trips a year out to Chicago to spend time with us.

The second husband died of cancer a couple of years before my story commences. It wasn’t quick, but it wasn’t a slow death either. I think he lasted about six months following the diagnosis.

After his death, Beth and Kelli tried to get Phyllis to move back to Chicago. She was actually in the process of listing her house with a realtor when she had a stroke and had to be placed in a nursing home. Beth and Kelli wanted to transport Phyllis to a facility in Chicago, but Phyllis’ health was such that she was never afforded that opportunity. The girls drove out to visit their aunt a number of times in the last few years. On one of those trips Randy, Kelli’s husband, and I went along. We made a vacation out of it. We went on to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and saw the sites.

A quick word about Dave, Beth’s brother: Dave is what I call a professional geek. He’s into software engineering or programming or something like that. He works someplace in California. Dave is a pretty good guy, but he just doesn’t relate well to people. The family loves Dave and, I suppose, he loves them too in his way. He doesn’t have the capacity to express it. Bottom line is that Dave lives in his own world.

Back to our story. Beth, Dave, and Kelli are the only remaining heirs of Phyllis. After Phyllis’ second husband died, Phyllis and her two nieces prudently set her affairs in order by updating her will and putting the girls on the checking account. Beth, Dave, and Kelli will get equal shares of the estate. Beth and Kelli are co-executrixes of that estate. By the way, the estate is nothing to sneeze at — right around a million dollars!

The essence is that Kelli, Randy, Beth, and I had an obligation to get out to Colorado. We would honor Phyllis by taking care of her final wishes. We decided that we had better plan on being gone for a week.


We left for Colorado on Tuesday after work. We tried, unsuccessfully, to get everything done so that we could leave Monday night, but Kelli and I weren’t able to leave that quickly. Kelli is a supervisor at Walmart and had to attend a meeting as well as rearrange the schedules for her entire department before she could leave.

My situation was similar. I worked Monday, part of Monday night, and most of Tuesday. I am the Facilitator (official title) for a large plumbing business in the greater Chicago area. Basically, I match upcoming jobs to the plumbers on duty. I guess you could say that I am sort of like a dispatcher. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

My wife, Beth, works as a secretary to the County Assessor. She didn’t have to work Monday or Tuesday. “Perks of a government job,” as I tell her frequently.

Kelli’s husband, Randy, is a building inspector. He worked Monday but had all day Tuesday to get ready for the trip.

Beth has a current model year Ford Explorer. It was the logical choice of vehicle for our trip. It had enough room for us. We thought the all-wheel-drive would be beneficial should we ran into wintry roads. The Explorer would also allow us to rent a U-Haul trailer in Colorado to tow back any belongings that couldn’t be disposed of there. Besides, we live on the east side of Chicago while Kelli and Randy live northwest of the city toward Rockford. We planned to leave our house about 5. That would put us at Kelli and Randy’s house about the time Kelli would be home from work.

I took the first shift driving. Even though I had worked a double shift, I felt alert. We grabbed some fast food, made our way south to the interstate, and drove west into the darkness. Conversation was lively. We reminisced about Aunt Phyllis for a while before the discussion turned to all the things we needed to do once we arrived in Colorado. Beth was in the front seat beside me. She took out a tablet and a pencil and began making a list. It only took an hour or two before the lack of sleep caught up with me. We pulled over in a rest stop and Randy took over driving. I bahis siteleri got into the back seat behind the driver. We had packed a pillow and a light blanket. I covered myself with the blanket, got warm, and soon drifted into sleep while the others talked about the things they might do with the inheritance we would receive.

The miles passed beneath us as I slept. I was lost in pleasant dreams. My consciousness gradually floated from the dreams to reality. My head and left shoulder were resting on the pillow against the window. I was covered with the blanket. The radio was playing softly. I shifted my eyes and saw Randy’s silhouette ahead of me as he drove. Headlights from an oncoming car illuminated my wife in the passenger seat. She was watching the highway. Pressure on my right side indicated that my sister in law was leaning against me. Her head was on my shoulder and I could smell a pleasant flowery scent coming from her hair near my face. She, too, was covered by the blanket and had evidently fallen asleep. Her hand was resting over the crotch of my jeans and atop my firm erection. I jerked slightly at the realization of the intimate contact.

I tried to determine what I should do. Should I continue to feign sleep? Should I gently move her hand? I rather enjoyed her touch and I hadn’t done anything wrong. I decided to do nothing. Randy and my wife began speaking in subdued voices about where we should stop for the night. It seemed that the only viable option was a place called Iowa City that was still some distance ahead.

I relaxed and hoped that I could resume my dream. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if I could make the clothing disappear and feel my sister in law’s touch directly on my cock. My thoughts and the dream were jumbled together as I teetered on the brink of sleep when I felt her hand move slightly. I thought that maybe it was just a bump in the road. Then, her hand moved again. She was making slow, small strokes. I tried my best to remain motionless and to keep my breathing unaltered. The strokes of her hand remained very slow and very soft but they became longer. It was like she was caressing half the length of my penis. I couldn’t believe this was happening! She had to be asleep and she had to be doing this subconsciously. Kelli and I had always gotten along well, but we had never so much as flirted with one another. Besides, our spouses were just inches away. My cock went from firm to diamond-hard. Kelli’s light touches continued for several more minutes. I could feel a little bit of precum making a wet spot in my shorts from my excitement.

The next thing I knew the car began to slow and I felt us descending an off ramp. Kelli sat up and stretched her elbows into the air as she yawned. “Is this where we’re stopping for the night?” she asked.

“Yep. Iowa City,” my wife answered.

I, too, sat up and gaped as if I’d just awakened. “You were out to the world,” Beth said to me.

“I was really tired,” I replied. “In fact, I’m still tired.”

We picked one of the first motels we encountered. We parked, checked into two rooms, and decided we’d meet for continental breakfast about 8:00 AM and get back on the road. We still had a long day of travel before us.

Beth and I took turns in the bathroom and were quickly ready for sleep. We slipped into the cool sheets and I gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Goodnight,” she said.

“Something weird happened a little bit ago,” I said as I reached to turn out the lights.

“Oh? What was that?”

“Well, I was sleeping up against the window and I woke up a short time before we got here. Kelli had fallen asleep against me.”

Beth smiled, “I noticed that. I told Randy how cute you two looked sleeping like that.”

I paused a few seconds debating about just dropping the subject right there. I decided to continue. “What you didn’t see was that when I woke up Kelli was touching me rather… uhhhhmm… rather intimately.”

“Huh? What do you mean she was touching you ‘intimately'”?

I chuckled softly like it was no big deal. “She had her hand on my cock while we were sleeping. I know she was asleep.”

“Oh, yeah?” Beth responded in a non committal voice.

“She must have been having a good dream,” I chuckled again. “She was even rubbing me a little bit.” I stopped to see what Beth’s reaction would be to that extra bit of information. When she was silent I continued. “Ya, but I know she was asleep.”

Beth didn’t say anything for a few moments. “Sweetheart?”


“I don’t think Kelli was asleep.”


Kelli and Beth are closer than most cousins. They are within months of the same age. They grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same schools. Their families were always close. Neither cousin could imagine life without the other. Kelli was a bridesmaid for Beth and vice versa. Kelli and Randy used to baby sit for us and our house was like a second home for their son.

The cousins are similar in many ways. bahis şirketleri Both have strong commitments to family and careers. They are hard workers and well liked by most that know them. They also have decided differences. My Beth is more reserved and somewhat shy. Kelli, in contrast, is the leader of the two. Kelli, while far from brazen, is more comfortable in a group and has a more confident personality. The two are very different physically. Beth is small and dark. She is about 5’2″ and has a slight build. Her dark brown eyes go well with her mahogany hair that almost reaches her shoulders. Kelli’s most striking feature is her naturally red hair. I’d call it orange, actually, and she wears it long. It reaches to the middle of her back. She has very fair, freckled skin, and blue eyes. She has a quick, infectious smile and a vivacious personality. Kelli is what I would call stocky. Her soft curves are spread over a frame that is two or three inches taller than her cousin. I think most men find both women attractive but in contrasting ways.

Beth and I were virgins when we married. Kelli had a boyfriend before she met Randy but it was a brief high school romance. Randy and Kelli were not virgins when they married but neither had ever had another partner. We were a stodgy group by modern standards.

Randy and I were brought together because of our wives. We have become good friends over the years but our bond is not as deep as that of Beth and Kelli. I’ve always been a little jealous of Randy, to be honest. He’s a good sized handsome guy with a full head of brown hair that he combs to the side. He’s getting some gray at the temples now, but Beth says the gray makes him look even better. He has a full beard that he keeps trimmed. He always seems to wear clothes that look good for whatever situation he’s in. Some guys have that knack. I don’t. Randy’s job as building inspector pays well. Now, I must admit that Randy has never had that “I’m better than you” sort of attitude. He’s a good guy. I shouldn’t be jealous. I guess it’s a guy thing. I know I work more hours than he does and I doubt that I make as much. I get pretty good benefits at my job, but I’m sure his government benefits are better. And, I’m not handsome like him. I weigh about 210 and I’m only about 5’9″. Yeah, I’m thicker around the middle than I should be. I’ve also lost most of my hair up top and I can’t help being self conscious about it. Beth says I’m cute like a big teddy-bear, but I’d rather look like Randy. What can ya do?

Now that you know all of us, let me get back to giving you the background for our story. As far as I can tell, our story really started last fall before Halloween. Kelli and Beth get together at least a few times each month as schedules allow. At one of these ‘gab sessions’ Kelli stated, “I had an interesting invitation this week.”

“Oh, ya?” Beth encouraged.

“Ya. There’s a lady at work, Michelle, that’s about our age. She’s worked there for 6 or 8 years. She asked me to a Halloween party.”

“That sounds fun.”

“I thought so, “Kelli continued. “I like dressing up in costumes and I like Michelle from what I know of her, so I asked her about the party. Michelle dropped her voice and told me it was a special party and that she didn’t want news of it to get around at work. I told her I wouldn’t say anything to any of our coworkers. She went on to tell me that it was a party of about four or five couples and that everyone would be in Halloween costumes.”

Beth’s curiosity was aroused. “Why would she want that to be secret?”

“She told me that it is a swappers party. You know, swingers!”

“You mean trading partners?” Beth asked.


Beth laughed before going on, “so what costume are you wearing?”

Kelli giggled. “I thanked her for asking me and told her I would keep her secret, but that Randy and I had never done anything like that.”

“I’d be worried about catching some sort of disease,” Beth said wrinkling her nose. “You know, an STD or something.”

“I thought of that, too,” Kelli said. “Plus, I’d need to lose 30 pounds and 20 years before anybody would want me.”

“I don’t know why you’d feel that way,” Beth disagreed mildly. “I know why I’d feel that way, but not you. Another thing from my perspective is that I don’t think Dean would ever go along with it.”

“You might be surprised. You know how horny men are!” she replied with a laugh.

“Did you tell Randy about the invitation?”

“Yes. I was interested to see what he’d say,” Kelli replied.

“Was he ready to go buy a costume?”

“No. Actually, he said pretty much the same things that we’ve just mentioned: the disease thing, the insecurity about his body, and he didn’t know what effect if might have on our relationship.”

“Good point on the relationship,” Beth agreed. “I’m surprised that he said that he is insecure about his appearance. Randy is a very handsome guy. He’s aged very well, too. You’re lucky!”

Kelli blushed a bit. “Yeah, the Randy-man is a pretty good guy.” There was silence for a few moments before Kelli continued. She blushed deeper as she said, “there is a benefit to this party invitation. It has kicked things up a notch in the bedroom.”

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