Lightly Scented

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I went over to his house today. She was gone. To parts unknown. I didn’t know when or if She’d be back, but what mattered was that he was alone.

Tense didn’t begin to cover it. It had been a while. But the attraction still simmered below the surface.

It reached a boiling point when I sat on the couch next to him to talk and he reached over and put an arm around me. Small talk mostly.

“How’ve you been…that’s good. I’m gettin’ by…”

Then the kiss. As electric as that day we met.

He pulled me close and I laid my head on his chest to listen to the beat of his heart, tears in my eyes. God, it was perfect, and the time apart was erased. What happened that we let this go?

“It’s dangerous to be around you,” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Memories. Old feelings. I’m so relaxed with you,” he said.

Then another kiss and his tongue went deeper, the taste at once familiar and new.

“How do I know She’s not going to walk in on this?” I asked.

“Because I sent Her home with a flea in Her ear,” he said.

“What’s going on with you two?” I ataşehir escort bayan asked, not really wanting to know.

“She drives me fucking nuts,” he said flatly.

Then another kiss and another and another and all at once his hand untucked my shirt and reached up, playing with a nipple through the lace of my bra. It hardened instantly, rejoicing in this old feeling, and I drank it all like someone lost in the desert who has just happened on an oasis.

He shifted on the couch, parting my legs and kneeling between them, letting me feel his huge erection through our pants. Rolling my shirt up, he took my nipple between his teeth and rolled it, grazing it with his tongue. My hips involuntarily lifted in search of him, and I pulled him on top of me, wanting to feel his weight again.

He slowly, agonizingly unzipped my jeans and brazenly inserted a hand between the thin panties and trembling flesh. His finger slipped inside me and it felt so right, just like before. All the times before. And never since. Something inside me screamed that it was wrong this time. But I was escort kadıköy powerless to stop him. Just like before.

He lifted me with his other hand to pull my jeans down further so he could finger fuck me deeper and I was wetter than the first time with him. He played with my clit, an engorged, pulsing being separate from me.

I begged him to stop but the sounds came out “Oh god yes…”

I reached for his zipper and extracted a throbbing purple cock, the taste of which I remembered well and still craved. I stroked the drop of precum with my thumb and used it to lubricate the shaft. When I touched that magic spot at the base of the head, his dick jumped and he groaned as another drop emerged.

His finger was going mad inside my gushing pussy, thumb circling my clit. I could smell my sex, a heady, intoxicating musk circling us, wrapping us in a cocoon. I was so close to coming but I knew I would want more. I knew it would be a mistake.

I didn’t want to, but I pushed him off, and went in the bathroom. My face in the mirror was flushed, eyes glazed, lips swollen from bostancı escort our passionate kisses. I collected myself, tucked in my shirt, straightened my hair. I could still smell my scent, and I throbbed against the seam of my tight jeans.

Back in the living room, his pants were still unzipped, his shirt halfway up to his chest, where the gorgeous mat of curls begged my fingers to get lost in it.

“I should go,” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“No,” I said. “But I can’t stay.”

“I want to make love to you,” he said in a husky whisper-growl.

“I want that too,” I managed to choke out, though my throat had gotten tight and tears threatened to spill onto my cheeks.

“What’s next?” I asked.

“A cold shower?” he answered sarcastically. “No really…lunch sometime…and after that…we’ll see?”

We parted with a kiss at the door and I remembered the day we met, hazel eyes that bored into my soul, and his profile against a setting sun, and I was hooked again.

In the car, my shaking hands could barely light a cigarette, and as I drove away, my cell phone rang.

“I just wanted to apologize,” he said, “for getting out of line.”

“Don’t ever apologize to me for that,” I said. “We both wanted it the minute I walked in the door.”

“You’re just stronger than me,” he said. “I love that about you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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