Like a Dance

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The two lovers fell into bed together, both spent from their respective days. He smiles as he feels her fit snugly against his back. It was like a jigsaw coming together.

All the stress of the day evaporated from him once he felt her against him. Then he felt two soft kisses against the top of the neck, his right hand slid over his hip and rested on her thigh.

A third kiss on his neck and both smiled. It was like a dance played out to a choreographers delight. Every night they took the same steps and each time it felt more perfect that the last.

Soon they would have to move apart, the warmth they generated pressed together would stop them from sleeping. Try as they might they could not sleep snuggled up, he would throw the covers off and roll out from the sauna like cocoon of blankets and spooning.

She would pull his discarded third of the blankets around herself and roll away, quietly reveling in her conquest of stealing all the blankets with no complaint. A dance that was played out to perfection…

Tonight was different, still locked in the embrace that would soon aid in melting the polar ice caps he felt he grind herself against him, then the small moans he knew so well. His love was horny, smiling he let her drive herself into a lustful frenzy. Before long she was biting at his exposed neck trying to get him to react.

Then, without warning he threw the covers off them both and she moaned loudly, she knew what was coming and she needed it. He followed her over as she rolled onto her back, wantonly looking at her exposed, naked body bathed in the moonlight coming through the window.

Every time he saw her, naked, exposed and with that gleam in her eye he was at her mercy. Kissing her feverishly he slid down her body, paying the required attention to her breasts, rolling her erect nipples around in his mouth, feeling her body twitch when he softly bit down on one.

Soon canlı bahis her hands found the top of his head and they pushed down. Smiling against her he moved with her nipple held between his teeth, her chest came off the bed, following him down and she moaned, equal parts pain and pleasure until he released her.

Kissing the inside of her thighs the pain receded and the pleasure started to reach the point of no return. Her hands waited on her breasts, fingers poised over her erect nipples.

Taking a deep breath she prepared herself, smiling as she knew what she was in store for. She felt his breath over her vagina, sending tremors up her body to all of her erogenous zones. Then is happened, his tongue extended and flicked over the top of her clit, once… twice, she was moaning loudly, a third time, her hips were off the bed and they were begging him for more.

The tongue pulled back and her hips sank to the bed again. She was aching for him to finish her, again, and again and… his tongue dragged between her inner lips, spreading her most delicate of places and opening her up, he dragged it up and swirled around her clit.

He could feel her jerk, looking up he met her eyes for a moment before her head snapped back as it got to be too much. Smiling he took her clit in his mouth, like he had with her nipples.

Sucking then nibbling, pushing her closer to the edge. Her hands dropped away from her breasts made fists in the sheets, clutching the material as an organ smashed over her, screaming out as the first of many hit her like a coming storm.

Smiling he felt and tasted her juice as it squirted from her. It had started and it wouldn’t finish for some time. As her body trembled he thrust his tongue deep inside her, juice running down his tongue, his hands came up to hold her glorious ass as his tongue slid in and out of her twitching vagina.

Her moaning hadn’t stopped, bahis siteleri and the pool that had formed under her was growing. Without warning he lifted her out of her delicious juices and moved her to the right, knowing that once her juices cooled it wouldn’t be pleasant for her.

Again he attacked, this time using his fingers to spread her lips so he could lick her entrance before returning to her swollen clit to lick as her hood retracted, then to suck and nibble. She was gone now, lost in a world of lust, pleasure and orgasms that linked together for as long as her mind could remember.

Her eyes were partially closed, and she was loving every second of it. Then they snapped open, he was kissing her neck, and sliding inside her. All the way inside her.

Smiling she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper. If the spooning felt perfect, feeling him slide deeper and deeper inside her felt… she didn’t know a word that meant ‘more than perfect’.

She felt complete, like every minute spent without him inside her was spent as half a person. Smiling more she met his face and they kissed as another orgasms washed over her. Then he pulled out, looked down at her as she recovered from the first orgasm of the night while he was inside her, then thrust back as deep as he could go.

Her eyes snapped open again and her moan was long and their eyes met. Everything was right with the world. He pulled out again, her hips lifted of the bed to follow him and he let her. Pulling him with him so he was kneeling on the bed and she was face to face with him, legs wrapped around his waist and completely full.

With one arm around her shoulders and the other around her ass with that hand cupping one of her perfect cheeks, he pulled his hips back and thrust into her, over and over again.

He could feel his own orgasms building, pushing it back he quickened his pace.

Pumping in and bahis şirketleri out of her, over and over again. His shaft and her thighs were covered in her sweet juice and he knew he needed to get his mouth back down there before he finished. After her next orgasm broke through her he released his hold and she fell back to the bed.

Rolling her over he pulled her to all fours, thinking he was going to enter her from behind she lifted her glorious ass to meet him. With another smile he leant forward and lapped at her sweet vagina, getting as much of the juices as he could. Probing with his tongue and fingers, urging her to cum again and again.

He knew she couldn’t take much more, so when her next orgasm carried her away he re-positioned himself. The final charge, holding himself against her opening he let her thrust herself back onto him. Impaling herself with speedy rapidity, fucking herself on him and loving it.

The faster she went the louder she moaned and screamed and she was stretched from behind.

Soon he was at the point of no return, he gripped her hips and thrust into her, stopping her reverse charge. Gripping her tightly he began pumping in and out of her until he was right on the edge.

Rolling her over they collapsed with him on top of her, still inside. Their lips met, and the kissed with the passion of newly weds and he slowly returned to his thrusting. Then, with lips locked they came together, as he slowly slid in and out, filling her with his cum as she squirted more onto him and the bed.

Again they collapsed, this time beside each other. A mess of legs, arms and hair. Slowly she extracted herself and without losing eye contact slid down his body.

Taking all of his firmness in her mouth she cleaned her juices from him. Then with a short but deep kiss she was gone. With a smile he rolled over, pulling his third of the covers with him.

Returning she climbed in, fitting snugly against his back. Two soft kisses to the top of his neck, his hand slid over his hip to rest on her thigh, then a third soft kiss.

Perfection, cocooned under a duvet… until it gets too hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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