Long Awaited Hotel Visit

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You’re going to be at the hotel in an hour. I am so excited I can barely think straight. I have been waiting forever to meet you face to face. My mind thinks back to all the things we have talked about over the last few years. What you like, what you need, and what drives you wild. I keep looking around making sure that everything is straight and ready. The last glances in the mirror assure me that my hair is down and straight, remembering you’ve said you love to play with it while kissing. My body is already starting to react to the thoughts of being with you. I can feel my nipples harden against my silky bra.

I jump from the knock at the door. In a second I am there and opening it. I don’t even think my heart is beating at the moment. I open it knowing that the night, however long in hours it may be, will seem like only minutes when it’s over. You step inside the door and shut it quickly behind you. We mouth a quick hi, how are you before our lips meet in a hot passionate kiss.

I lean back against the wall for support. As our lips touch, I open my mouth inviting your tongue in to explore. My hands find your sides pulling you closer to me. I can feel your strong body and beating chest against me. I moan as your hands feel up my body stopping at my breasts, escort bostancı rubbing them softly and then more firmly. They continue up and caress the sides of my neck as you start kissing more forcefully. Your hand caresses the left side of my neck as you start kissing the right side. I can feel your cock growing hard against me and it gets me wet in anticipation of what is to come. I reach down and start to rub you through your pants.

My shirt comes off and you unsnap my bra. Your mouth kisses down my neck and across my breast. Your tongue finds my hardened nipple and I let out a gasp. As you lick and suck one and then the other my hand works your pants undone and I reach inside to touch your hard throbbing cock. You moan against my nipple and it sends ripples through my body. I break our contact to lead you over to a chair for you to sit down. You try to pull me to sit on your lap but my knees are already on the floor. I move your shorts out of the way just enough to let your cock free. My lips find the head and instantly are around it. I start with little movements first but before long one of my hands is on the base of your cock and my lips are bobbing up and down the length of it. With your head tilted back and your hands on the back of my head ümraniye escort I can tell you are enjoying this very much. I take it out of my mouth just long enough to lick up the underside and run my tongue around the head. Your strong hands on my head and your moans of approval are so hot. I take a few more deep sucks and stand up.

I can feel myself getting aroused. I want to feel you inside of me. You switch positions with me on the chair and move your pants just a little further down your leg, knowing that it would take too long to remove them. I’m pulling you down on top of me wanting to feel your strong body against me again. As our lips entwine again and my hands find your cock just as hard as I left it. I pull it towards my opening wanting to feel you there now. Your hand stops me and for a second I am confused. You take your hard cock in your hand and rub the head against my clit. The shock of it makes my back arch and a sigh escape my lips. I can feel your eyes on me as you do this a few more times.

“Please fuck me!” I beg you.

I hear you moan, “oh yeah.”

I can feel the head of your cock at my opening. I lay motionless not wanting to miss the full feel of you inside of me. I gasp because it feels so good, you take it as a sign kartal escort bayan to stop. My hands find your hips and pull you the rest of the way into me.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” I hold you to me for what feels like hours. Then I can feel you start to thrust in and out in a steady rhythm. After a moment of just enjoying you deep inside me, I start to move with you, meeting your thrusts and wanting more. I can feel you moving with more urgency. My pussy feels so good. I can feel it start to throb and I know what is coming if you keep up this pace.

I whisper in your ear, “I’m so close to cumming… cum with me.”

Hearing this makes you move faster and go in harder and deeper. I’m panting against your neck and nibbling on it. I can feel myself getting closer and my arms lace around yours to brace myself for what’s to come. I feel my pussy start to contract and pulse, it feels sooooo good.

I feel you enter me all the way and start thrusting into me with short shallow moves. They drive me over the edge and I start cumming right away. I can feel your arms around me as you hold me close as I enjoy my orgasm. Feeling the pulsations around your cock makes you start to arch and squirm. I can hear your moans and feel you thrust into me one last time as you cum so hard. You lay spent on top of me for a few minutes. Slowly our bodies calm down from this explosive meeting. You undress completely and lead me to the bed to rest just enough to catch our breath before we are rubbing and kissing each other all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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