Looking After Business

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We both knew I was Angelo’s trophy wife. When I married an Italian who was seventeen years older than me it was understood it was a marriage of convenience rather than based on undying love.

Sure, we liked each other and had fun doing things together. We enjoyed doing many of the same things and shared mutual friends but it was obvious that a twenty-nine year old statuesque blonde and a pudgy forty-six year old hairy Italian was not a match made ion heaven.

Ang was the owner of a large General Motors dealership and kept me in a lifestyle I liked to become accustom to. We had a rambling stone ranch-style house on the fashionable North Shore Boulevard overlooking the waters of Lake Michigan. I had a Cadillac at my disposal, usually a convertible in the summer months and a CTS the remainder of the year. We employed a live-in cook/housekeeper and belonged to the elite Glendale Golf and Country Club. Life was good.

On the down side I had to tolerate a two hundred and sixty pound gorilla climbing on top of me most nights and releasing his days built up emotions into my willing body. It wasn’t too bad, I knew how to move and feign I was enjoying it so Ang would blow his load in a few minutes and roll over to go to sleep. Having performed my duty I was free to enjoy another day.

Occasionally Ang would call on me to “entertain” someone who he was making a deal with. I was sort of the icing on the cake to seal the deal. It was usually an older guy, a bank manager or local politician he was seeking special consideration from. I didn’t mind doing this for him as I was one of the best paid whores in town!

“I got a date for you Friday night.” Ang said.

“Who is it?” I asked curious.

“Jim Stephenson, he’s the head Honcho at G.M.A.C.”

G.M.A.C. was General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the finance division of General Motors who held the “paper’ on the dealership’s inventory. With almost a thousand units in stock it was over a million bucks!

“The usual?” I asked.

“Yea, your booked into the Four Seasons.” Ang answered.

The Four Seasons was a luxury downtown hotel. The “usual” consisted of dinner and a night in one of the hotel’s suites. It was my job to make my date “happy” by giving him whatever he wanted.

As usual I did my homework on Stephenson to get an idea who I would be fucking. Jim Stephenson was a fifty-one year old father of three grown children who lived with his wife in a swanky suburb of Detroit. Ang had offered me to Stephenson saying I would be willing to satisfy any of the kinky stuff his wife denied him. He said he could tell by the look on the old guy’s face he had some secret desires.

I had carte blanche with the credit card to make sure Ang’s guest got a night to remember. I always spent the day at Roberto’s preparing for my night of lust.

A hour in the steam room followed by a full body massage by Enrico’s bursa escort magic fingers removed all the tension from my body. Then a visit with Selma who gave me the Brazilian wax treatment. Roberto himself usually looked after my hair while Jennifer did my manicure and pedicure. The bill was seldom less than $300 with tips.

Wandering around Milli’s I found a floor length black strapless sheath with slits up both sides to the waist. Total bill including black string thong, $275.

Tyrone was waiting for me when I pulled into the Esquire Motel parking lot. Tyrone was an twenty year old apprentice who worked in Ang’s service department. Tyrone was black and my fuck buddy. Tyrone managed to get away from work so we could fuck two or three times a week. I always tried to spend the afternoon fucking him before I went on a date for my husband.

Tyrone opened the door naked, his 10″ ebony cock already at attention. Quickly I entered the room and fell to my knees before him hungry to get his beautiful cock in my mouth.

I sucked him like a starving whore until he filled my mouth with his rich creamy cum. “Oh God I needed that!” I exclaimed as I started tearing of my clothes.

I lay naked across the bed as Tyrone’s tongue licked up my smooth pussy lips. His raspy tongue over my clit drove me crazy.

“Fuck me you bastard!” I demanded.

My young black buck mounted me and slid his erection into my hungry cunt.

I particularly enjoyed fucking Tyrone before going on one of my dates. I knew Stephenson’s cock would be sliding into me lubricated by my black lover’s cum!

“Cum in me Baby! Fill me with you jism.” I moaned as my hips rose to meet his plunging cock.

I never tired of Tyrone’s youthful vigor trying to please me; the young buck pounded me into the mattress as the bed squeaked its protest.

“C’mon, you can do better than that!” I teased him.

In reality my cunt was responding as it always did to Tyrone’s abuse. Already I felt to beginning of my orgasm blossoming deep within my pelvis.

My freshly manicured fingernails dug into Tyrone’s back as my back arched into orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!” I screamed as I came.

Tyrone answered me pumping his precious cum into my cunt.

“Are you ready for tonight?” Ang asked over the phone.

“Yes, everything is ready for him.” I informed my husband.

“Good, I told him you would be at the hotel about eight.” Ang confirmed.

“He will be balls-deep in me by ten!” I promised.

I dressed for my date being careful to keep Tyrone’s cum in my pussy. A sprits of Jon Patou’s Joy between my breasts concealed my black lover’s scent. I was ready to fuck Stephenson’s brains out!

The dining room was only about half full when I entered. The hostess showed me to Stephenson’s table.

As Stephenson rose to greet me I was quite impressed, he was a distinguished bursa escort bayan looking man graying at the temples.

I could tell by the way he was looking at me he was already fucking me in his mind. I was use to being mentally fucked by and was kind of flattered that my body turned them on so much.

“Are you ready for a night to remember?” I seductively asked my charge.

“You bet!” He answered; his eyes told me he was more than ready.

“Then let’s get dinner out of the way.” I teased.

The surf and turf was delicious, the service impeccable.

“Would you like to have desert in the room?” I asked Stephenson.

After I signed the check I showed Stephenson up the tower to our room on the fourteen floor overlooking the city.

It was a luxury suite, white French Provincial furniture with a canopy bed.

I asked Stephenson to pour us a drink from the mini-bar while I got comfortable.

I emerged from the bathroom wearing only the string thong and a smile. Stephenson’s face showed his approval as he gazed at my bare breasts.

“Now for dessert.” I said lying across the bed on my back with my legs spread open.

I gentle took Stephenson’s head in my hands and guided his face into my wetness.

Stephenson’s tongue wormed inside of my pussy. I smiled knowing he tasted Tyrone’s sperm along with my juices. Skillfully he quickly found my clitoris and manipulated it with the tip of his tongue. My thighs clamped the sides of his head holding him firmly in place.

I gave Stephenson ample opportunity to lick Tyrone’s residue from my gash before releasing him. As he came up for breath I went down on him. His cock was erect as I guided it into me waiting mouth.

Stephenson had a decent size cock for his stature and it was just the right size for my tongue to move from its base up and around the smooth helmet caressing his sensitive skin. My crimson lips were sealed around his girth forming a perfect seal as I inhaled to form a vacuum around his meat. The old bastard was moaning deliriously as I sucked his cock like it had never been sucked before.

It was only minutes before his cream was flowing into my mouth. Greedily I swallowed the stringy crud feeling it sliding down my throat like a slimy snail.

“Mmmmm, that was so good!” I said as I wiped my cum-coated lips on the back of my hand.

Now it was time to fuck. This was what Stephenson had been looking forward to all day. I lie back across the bed spread-eagle, my bald pussy lips parted just enough so he could see the entrance to my paradise.

“Fuck me Jimmy, put your cock in me.” I feign begging.

The portly executive covers me, his right hand guiding his revived cock into my soft, wet, pink flesh. He slides into me effortlessly.

If there is one thing I am good at it is fucking. When I have a cock in me I can do wondrous things to it, gripping escort bursa it and pulling it from side to side. I do not simply lie there letting a cock slid in and out of my fuck hole; I take control of the prick and make it do what I want it to do. For years I regularly carried Ben Wad balls in my cunt, faithfully done Kegler exercises daily, contracting my pelvic muscles 200X. I masturbated sitting on a tennis ball wrapped in a handkerchief, pressed against my clit while I rocked back and forth on it on a hard chair.

My hips begin to buck like a Braymer bull, raising up to grab his meat and pull him down into me. Stephenson is about to find out what it is like to fuck a wildcat!

My long legs wrap around Stephenson’s hips trapping him inside of me, my cervix constricts in his meat in the death grip of a Python, I am about to consume yet another cock.

Stephenson is helpless in my love dance; I take him with me to where I want to go. His body is tense as I control him.

“Relax, fuck me,” I whisper.

I play Stephenson’s cock like a violin, dragging my engorged clit up and down his veined shaft. I feel his balls snuggle up to my labia each time he reaches his limit of penetration; my juices are beginning to flow like a river.

I brought him to his climax like a skilled conductor builds his orchestra to a crescendo, bringing him right to the edge, pausing a moment and then pushing him over.

“Aaaargh!” he groaned as his toes dug into the bed to get enough purchase to ensure his seed spilled deep inside of me.

My hips rose up in one final thrust as I captured his load.

“Shit, that was good!” Stephenson moaned as his spent cock soaked in my drenched cunt.

We finished our drinks and had a cigarette while Stephenson regained his erection for his finale.

I knew he wanted to fuck my ass and I was prepared to take his cock where his wife had always denied it.

“Use lots of the K.Y. Jelly.” I told him, just slather it on around my asshole.”

The lubricant was cold and soothing as he applied a liberal amount around my tight brown starfish. I positioned myself on my hands and knees in the center of the king size bed. Stephenson took his position to mount me.

Stephenson’s cock slid smoothly into my well-lubricated asshole, easily stretching me to allow his cock to fully penetrate me to his maximum depth.

“Oh God, you’re so big!” I flattered him.

I have six inches of hard cock in my ass as I started to rock back and forth on his pole. Stephenson grips my ass cheeks as he pulls me onto his cock like an old boot.

“Oh ya Baby, fuck my ass!” I taunt him.

Stephenson is caught up in fucking a woman’s ass and having her enjoy it, my asshole continues to slide back and forth on his pole as he goes for another climax.

“Cum in my ass you dirty bastard!” I tease him.

I hear Stephenson’s low guttural moan as I feel the warm sensation of his sperm being deposited deep within my bowels.

My husband’s business colleague was completely spent when I left him sleeping in the hotel room. I had successfully completed another mission.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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