Lots about Me Ch. 14: Wanking On Me

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Um, this is the older guy from chapter 4 again, which is here! https://www..com/s/older-dude-spanking


So we saw each other a couple more times without having sex, like just meeting for a drink, and to talk, and I actually really liked him. Partly because he was older, and I think I was into the seeing an older man thing, just to try it, and I think he was into the younger women thing too, like for more than just the obvious. As in, I think we were both playing a game a bit, kind of trying things out, so he gets to be all knowing and sophisticated all the time, and I’m kind of intentionally shocking and teasy and sexy.

I don’t know. Maybe it was just us, actually, but it felt a bit different to with other people. I’m not sure. But I got to be all sexy and interesting. Like moody and complicated and whatever, I’m actually not sure. It made sense then, anyway.

Anyways, we had drinks a couple of times and he’s being all polite and not doing more than kiss beside cars and stuff, so I ask what’s up and say maybe we should go back to his place again. And we do.

Which is all a bit odd, but we’re both playing games, I guess.

So we go there, and sit down, and talk for a bit. And I’m trying to be filthy and glamorous, both kartal escort at the same time.

Oh yeah, I’d been saying dirty stuff just to be interesting, like telling him I was wet while we had drinks in bars, and that I liked his taste and wanted him in my mouth. Stuff like that.

So I sit down and tell him that I got myself off thinking about him the night after we last had a drink. Just to say stuff. I don’t know.

And he says he did too. Which is kind of interesting.

So I don’t say, “Fuck really?” but I want to. I say, “Oh. Did you?”

He looks embarrassed, but nods.

“What were you thinking about?” I say.

“You,” he says. Which is sweet, if kind of obvious.

“Like what we did the time we were here?” I say. Um, the spanking and stuff.

He says no. About last time we had a drink, actually. About me in the bar, he says. In my dress. Which is actually exceptionally sweet, really, that he noticed it. Because I tried!

I ask if he liked the dress, and he says yes.

So I ask if he likes this dress, the one I have on now, and he says yes again.

I sit there for a moment, then say, “You can if you want. Like, now.”

Can what, he says, and seems a bit confused. Which is good. maltepe escort bayan Sometimes I like being so completely kinky people actually just get confused rather than shocked. Um, seriously.

So he looks at me, confused.

“Get yourself off,” I say.

He looks shocked. He looks interested. He kind of thinks about that, then asks if I will too.

I feel pedantic so I say no. Mainly because he saw me do that last time. So I say no, but that I want him too.

He isn’t sure. I kind of go, “Please?” and he says he will.

He does.

He tries to be discreet, and puts his hand in the top of his trousers, and kind of rubs, but I lean over and undo them. Um, he has a suit, I suppose because meeting for a drink, and older, and impressing me, and it was after work too. So suit, and I undo the trousers, and then I sit there and watch.

He looks at me and does that, and I just sit there, sipping my wine, looking at him too. Doing nothing else.

Really turned on because he’s actually doing this just because I asked him to.

It’s sexy. This whole thing is just sexy. So I tell him he can come on me when he’s ready.

He suddenly looks a lot more ready.

I slide off the couch, and kneel escort pendik on the floor, and look at him and tell him to come on my face. Because he seemed to like it last time, sort of as much as he did. He seems surprised, and just sits there, so I sort of go, come on, and pull at him, pulling him up so he’s standing. Then I tell him to again, and this time he does.

Like he jerks himself off onto me while I kneel there.

He comes a lot, and it goes everywhere. Like untidy-splatter coming. It’s on my face, like on my cheek, but there’s some on our clothes, and the floor, too.

I lean forward and put him in my mouth. Just because. Just to taste.

There’s still some coming out, so I suck that. Then I ask if he can go again, if I suck him hard.

He looks a bit embarrassed but says probably not.

I lick him a bit, then say that’s fine and sit back up. And he does himself up and then goes and gets me a towel to wipe. Because, splattered everywhere. Like I keep finding it on my dress and arm and the floor, too.

He asks if I want him to get me off, because I haven’t yet. I say no. I’m just in an odd mood, I think.

So we sit and talk. And it’s all warm and friendly and nice.

After about half an hour he seems to start thinking about stuff, and go quiet, so I say what’s wrong, and he says, um, maybe he could now if I still wanted to.

So I gave him a blowjob and masturbated while I did. And then he licked me out. And then we seemed to be done and just talked some more.

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