Love Among the Headstones Ch. 2

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Claryssa was moaning now, and Derrick’s hair was near to being torn out. But he was damned if that would deter him. He slipped his tongue to the bottom of her clit and licked it with more conviction. He inserted his finger all the way into her and then added a second. Claryssa’s rhythmic undulations encouraged him…propelled him forward. She was ready…

As his fingers pumped in and out of her, he added a third finger. She gasped…and sighed. Fingers probing and pleasing her, his mouth now took her clit captive. He held it between his lips and let his tongue push and flick at it. He sucked gently but firmly, letting her reactions tell him to go forward or back off. All systems were go, so he sucked harder on her clit. His fingers slid deep inside her and moved freely about in her canal. He almost lifted her off the ground with the pumping of his hand inside her…and his tongue now suckled her clit like a pup suckling it’s mother’s teat. And it was all systems go for liftoff.

With several forceful bucks and a moan of pure ecstasy, Claryssa finally achieved orgasm. Derrick continued to lick, suck and pump throughout, and she heaved tuzla escort and bucked for several minutes. She had a death grip on his hair, and pulled his face into her crotch even as she pushed her crotch savagely into his face. His face was her prisoner, and she bucked against it with animalistic passion and lust. Derrick’s hands had lost their grip on her lips and inside her, and were now holding onto her clenching cheeks for dear life. Claryssa’s thigh muscles tightened on Derrick’s head and held him firmly in place. He had no choice but to ride it out, and pray she didn’t snap his neck. From all indications, it was one helluvan orgasm!

When her bucking stopped, and her screams subsided, Claryssa was able to some- what relax. Her hips and thighs, which had been well off the ground with Derrick’s head between them, slowly relaxed and lowered themselves back to the soft folds of the spread out dress. Derrick’s head went with them, unable to release itself until her thighs had relaxed a bit more. When he was able to exit his head from between Claryssa’s thighs, Derrick, beside himself with glee, looked up at her to see her lying there holding her tuzla escort bayan head, with her hands covering her eyes. A soft touch on her thighs proved them to still be vibrating, though slowly returning to normal. He watched her happily, patiently waiting for her pulse and breathing to also return to normal. She could only lie there, exhausted, with her hands over her face. Then, she spoke…

“Oh…my…where did you learn how to do that? I’m not going to be able to move for a week!” “Glad you liked it. Hey, I just wanted to return the favor for what you did for me.” “Well, that you did,” she sighed, “that you did.”

After a few minutes, Claryssa was able to sit up. Her smile beamed like a beacon at Derrick. He went over to her and sat behind her, straddling her with his legs so that she sat between them. He encircled her with his arms and kissed her neck and shoulders. He squeezed her tightly. She sighed and leaned back, craning her neck to kiss him on the mouth. They kissed tenderly for several minutes, then Claryssa turned around, sitting on his lap facing him. Their eyes met…and once again em- braced.

“What time is it?” escort tuzla Claryssa asked. “Hmm…got a hot date? It’s about twenty after two. Do you need to get home?” She laughed at that and said, “All in good time. Let’s just enjoy each other, ok?” “Fine by me,” Derrick pushed through smiling lips. “Tell me, Derrick, is that fine tool of yours down for the count, or does it have life left in it?” “Couldn’t you tell when I was kissing your luscious body before? It’s pumped and ready for more. Have something in mind?” “Of course…what do you think? It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hot lover like you, and I intend to take full advantage of it. Besides, this graveyard sex really gets me hot. And just think of the fun we’re giving the natives here.” “Well…uh…yeah, right. Sure…whatever you say.”

Before he could say another word, Claryssa leaned forward, kissed him passionately, and began to rub her crotch against his. When her tongue slipped yet again into his eager mouth, his penis began to throb a steady beat, and it rose to greet her still slick love nest. Claryssa pushed him down onto his back, lifted herself up and then impaled her bush on his engorged head and shaft. They both gasped, she from pleasure, he from surprise.

And with lust in her eyes, Claryssa began to slide herself up and down along Derrick’s proud and stalwart soldier…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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