Love of My Life

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The day had finally come to a close and Kim was exhausted. She was looking forward to getting home and relaxing. On her drive home she noticed how all the new growth painted her neighborhood with brilliant colors. Each flower blossom and peaceful view always made her think of her true love David. They had only recently found each other. Starting out as friends, they quickly grew to enjoy each other’s company. Now their relationship had become the greatest love affair of their lives, and she was actually about to come home to the man of her dreams. Kim would often arrive home aroused, just thinking of David. His calming smile and his hands drove her crazy. She would almost explode thinking about his hands on her face as he kissed her.

Her drive home had finally come to an end and she rushed into the house. When she entered the living room David was on the phone and paying bills on the computer. Not realizing she had walked in, David continued with his work. Kim came up behind him, ran her hands down his shirt and began kissing his neck. Each delicate kiss made him talk and work slower. He felt her warm lips caressing him, she always knew how to make him feel awesome and sexy. Working her way to his ear, she began to nibble on it and whispered “Make love to me.”

David loved it when she would come home wanting him. He had spent most of his life in relationships where he didn’t feel desired and now, having Kim by his side always made him feel sexy. She often told him that the sexiest thing about him was his personality and how he made her feel. To describe his feelings for her as love didn’t seem to do it justice. They were passionate about each other in every way.

When bursa escort David heard Kim’s words leave her soft lips he stopped what he was doing and turned in his chair. Kim sat on his lap and began to lustfully kiss him. She placed her hands on the back of his head and pressed her lips into his. As their eyes closed they melted into each other. Feeling his tongue enter her mouth, Kim moaned. Opening her eyes, she gazed at this amazing man who was kissing her and fell in love with him all over again. She could see the passion he felt for her in his expressions.

As they kissed David began to harden. He wanted to take her, to devour her. Kim felt his bulge press against her and she began to rub against it with sweeping circles. He loved how she was able to move her hips. David’s hands slid down her shoulders and paused on her full breasts. She was wearing a low cut top and he could easily see her black lace bra. Her breasts could make any bra look fabulous. David’s hands slid into her shirt and under her bra. He felt her nipples harden as he caressed them. Moving her shirt and bra aside he ran his tongue around her nipple and began to suck her. She could feel his tongue and teeth on her, which drove her wild. He knew exactly how to rev her up.

Kim pulled her shirt over her head and David unlatched her bra. When he saw her breasts he wanted to feel them press up against his bare chest. He pulled his shirt off, wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her close. Their kisses began to move. Kim loved David’s chest, she loved running her fingers through his chest hair and feeling his strength. Delicately Kim began to kiss David’s chest. Her hands gradually slid down his abdomen bursa escort bayan as her kisses moved down. When she got to his waste, she looked up and mouthed ‘I love you’. Her sweet lips and eyes could melt David and he loved it!

As she began to explore his bulge David groaned with delight. Her tongue and lips danced around him, teasing him. Finally she released him. Pulling his pants down she began to work her magic. At first she ran her hands down his shaft. He was so perfect, she had to control herself. Each time her hands slid down him, she began to lick him. She hungered for him and loved pleasuring him.

David closed his eyes and felt her tongue message his hard cock. Her tongue circled the tip and glided down to his balls. Cupping his balls with both hands, she took him all in. He felt the heat and wetness of her mouth and let out a deep sound that sent chills down her spine. His sounds made her tingle every time. With him completely in her mouth she began to pulse. Pushing and pulling and sucking until he was going crazy.

David grabbed her, pulled her up to him and kissed her with more urgency than she had ever felt. He quickly unbuttoned her pants, slide them down, and began to move her pussy up against him. He loved feeling her thongs along her hips and ass. The more she slide across his organ the more she swelled for him. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter until finally he slid in her. Pulling her thong to the side, his penis went deeper and deeper into her, filling her with his tantalizing manhood. She could feel every inch of him pressing up against her.

Experiencing his cock enter her, always made David tremble with hunger for her. The escort bursa more she rode him the more lubricated she got. He ran his large hands down her back, pulling her tits into his chest, feeling her hard nipples flatten against him. Kissing her on her neck, his lips explored her letting her know how amazing she was.

David stood up, keeping her on him, and laid her down on the floor. Their eyes met and without saying a word they knew this was it, the most amazing part of their relationship. They loved exploring each other sexually and every time it happened they fell deeper in love. With Kim on her back David now had full control. He grabbed Kim’s arms, lifted them above her head and held them tightly. With her unable to grab him she relaxed and gave in.

His hands slid down her arms and when they reached her breasts he cupped them and squeezed them. Leaning down, he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. When she felt his lips on her she couldn’t take it any longer. Her hot pussy exploded around him. Not using her hands, Kim bit her bottom lip and moaned with scorching passion. She felt him shudder each time her pussy tightened around him. His thrusts began to move quicker as he watched her climax, and as she surrounded him with her juices he exploded into her.

Kim grabbed David’s ass and pulled him deeper into her so she could feel how hard he had just climaxed. Laying on the floor their sweating bodies began to relax. David’s chest was still pushed against Kim’s tits and he loved it, he almost wanted to take her again.

Placing both hands on her head, David laid his perfect lips on hers and gently kissed her like he always did after they made love. Each kiss from him made her feel so damn sexy. As their groins relaxed they held each other close. Kim could hear David’s heart beating, she closed her eyes and thanked him for being the most amazing man she had have known.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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