Lovers Picnic

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(Any similarity of the characters in this story with real persons is purely intentional)

I can see two people in a park, under a large oak tree. A man and a woman, the man is lying on his back dressed in a casual pullover shirt and comfortable slacks. She sits close beside him, wearing a red silk dress. They are nestled comfortably in the shade under the large oak, on a large blanket.

A picnic basket sits on the ground at her feet. An ice bucket with a bottle of champagne protrudes from the bucket. Champagne glasses, half consumed are evident in their hands. The woman leans over and feeds a finger food of some indeterminate variety to the man. They are talking softly, punctuated by frequent low laughter. The temperature is comfortable in the high 70’s, but a cool breeze stirs just often enough to make a perfect setting. Butterflies wing merrily around the picnic site. Not another soul is within eyesight of the euphoric couple as they while away the afternoon, obviously very much immersed in each other.

She leans over and kisses him, a soft and tender kiss, lingering, and then breaks away to pop yet another morsel into his mouth, and eating one herself. Panning in closer, her creamy smooth skin, dark brown hair and greenish-hazel eyes create a stunning beauty as she smiles down at him. The man is handsome in a rugged sort of way, brown hair, slightly peppered with gray, blue eyes shining, returning her look of obvious mutual attraction.

They are kissing again, more demanding now, lips dueling and tongues intertwined. Passions rise as they continue the beginning stages of a long slow seduction and afternoon of lovemaking. He is holding her hands in his now, ataşehir escort looking into those bright eyes, his hands caressing her shoulders, one hand slides along her neck, under her hair and flings it up over their heads, savoring the sweet fragrance that is always present around her. She returns his gaze, seeing the mischievous glint in his eyes and also smelling the light sweet scent of after-shave.

Inhaling deeply the special scent of the other they allow themselves the pleasure of imprinting forever in their respective memories, the fragrance that identifies each to the other. It is a tiny spark of love, growing hotter with each passing moment, destined for where, neither presently knows, but each open to the possibilities of the present pleasure only or perhaps daring even to dream of more.

They are kissing again, even more demanding now, lips dueling, feeding hungrily, a tongue darts to touch and gently part lips. The parting lips yield and the tongue is quickly sucked deep into the waiting mouth, tasting each the other, still the spark glows even hotter.

The couple reclines together on the blanket, embracing, head to toe, thigh, to thigh, pelvis to pelvis, her heaving breasts pressing against his chest, still kissing, hands caressing. The woman’s hands hold his head and trace the outline of his face as they continue to devour each other with hot passionate kisses. She snuggles even closer as his hand slipped down her back to caress and cup her butt, sharply pulling her ever closer to him. His hand slides around and up her back, locating the zipper to her dress, and gently zips it down revealing her bare back, caressing her back, her flesh kadıköy escort bayan hot to his touch.

Pulling the dress gently off her shoulders, he brings his hands around her sides, desiring to caress her breasts, sliding up to grasp a breast in each hand. She nestles in, pressing her breasts into his hands, and runs her hands through his thick hair, and then pulls him close to kiss him yet again. She is fully aware of his hands on her breasts, palms filled, each with a breast, feeling her nipples harden under his touch. He now pressing onward to higher passions, begins to roll both nipples between his fingers, feeling her tremble in anticipation.

It is a perfect moment, a moment in which time seems to stand still, allowing the lovers to live seemingly forever in that perfect moment. He quickly eases the dress off her shoulders and arms, baring her upper torso the sudden sight of her wonderfully full breasts causing a throbbing in his already hard cock. He bends to quickly suck a nipple into his mouth, still tweaking the other with his fingers. She, busy in her own way, kissing and nibbling gently on his neck, letting her hot your moist breath flow onto his neck, as he continues to suck and lightly bite her nipples.

As their passions rise, each feeling the other’s need, they begin to tug and pull at clothes, eyes locked together as their bodies are revealed, knowing their souls and hearts are going to touch in a way that will forever change them. He presses her back onto the blanket, catching a foot and still looking into her eyes, begin licking slowly up her leg, feeling the temperature of her flesh continue to rise. She reclines passively, escort maltepe looking deep into his eyes. Looking deeper, yes even to the depth of his soul, as he reaches her upper thigh, and presses his face into her mound, taking in her sweet fragrance, the fragrance of her womanhood.

He parts her pubic hair and licks with long, firm strokes the length of her hot, wet slit, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth, playing taps with his tongue as he has captured her pussy in his mouth. She trembles, moaning softly her body now played as a finely tuned instrument, lost in the feeling of the incessant licking up and down and across, all around, anticipating the very lightly touching of his tongue to her clitoris. He feels her trembling, but gives no respite, now lightly taking her clitoris between her lips and probing with his tongue, gently sucking.

She reaches for him, pulling him up to straddle her, unwilling to wait longer, placing his cock at the portal of her pussy. Sliding in a full smooth motion, and holding himself deep in her pussy, he begins to fuck her gently with long smooth strokes, his lips again finding hers to kiss her again, fucking her, slowly, She sucking his tongue deep into her mouth while his hands caress her soft breast. Each can feel the heat rising in the other, each getting so hot, each making the other even hotter.

He can now feel his load building, his climax coming on fast now, “Cum for me, cum with me,” He whispers in her ear.

He is fucking, fucking harder, faster now, he can feel her, getting ready, Neither can hold out any longer, his cock throbbing, squirting now and her orgasm, bursting forth as a geyser might erupt.

Spent now they hold each other close, each looking into the eyes, of the other each can now see passions sated, and yet they look deeper and see something more, just a spark, that will be rekindled and grow into a fiery furnace of hot sexual passion next time they meet.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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