Loving Daniel Ch. 08

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Loving Daniel Ch.08 – Girl’s Night In

It was a Friday night and I had told Daniel I couldn’t see him that night because I was entertaining a girlfriend from work. She and I had begun to share our secrets with each other in emails while we toiled at our jobs and had been delighted to discover our bond of friendship had grown stronger in the process. We decided to hang out at my place for a night, watch videos, drink wine, snack on blue Brie and wafers, and basically overdose ourselves on girlie gossip. Daniel agreed to leave us to ourselves; he knew what I was like when I got talking with my girls.

Shereen and I chose typically girlie flicks to watch. I slipped When Night Is Falling in amongst the selection because it included a raunchy yet really tasteful lesbian love scene. The film itself was such a beautiful love story; Shereen and I got to talking when it was over about the differences between men and women.

Shereen was ten years younger than I was. She was a voluptuous girl, like me, with an even bigger bustline. Her family background was Egyptian; she had almond shaped eyes the colour of ink, long dark hair that extended half way down her back, and hips that were born to belly dance. I secretly lusted after Shereen at work long before I ever made friends with her. That night I discreetly turned the conversation towards the idea of sex with women, and she did not balk at the subject.

“So have you ever kissed a woman?” I asked Shereen inquisitively.

“No,” she replied. “Have you?”

“No,” I said, suddenly going all coy. “But I’d like to kiss you…” I looked up at her face and saw she was smiling.

“So why don’t you?” she said, and I was shocked by her willingness, but delighted all the same. I crawled across the carpet to her on all fours then leaned in close and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. A zap of electricity passed through my body, so I sat back on my heels to catch my breath.

“Nice,” Shereen said. “But that’s not really the kind of kiss I had in mind.” She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my mouth. I automatically parted my lips and was ecstatic when her tongue connected with mine. It was a kiss like none I’d ever experienced before; soft and sweet yet searching and insistent. I gave in to temptation and reached forward with my hand to cup her right breast. Shereen dragged herself closer to me to facilitate the caress, never taking her mouth off mine, never relenting in her inspection of my tongue.

Her breast was firm under my touch and more than amply filled my hand. Suddenly I was obsessed with the idea of getting my palm on her bare skin, so I slid my hand up the back of her shirt, deftly unclasped her bra, then grasped her breast with my hand again. She groaned against me as I found her nipple, pinched it between my thumb and finger, teasing it until it stood erect. Shereen stopped kissing me, leaned back and took her shirt and bra off completely. Under the dim light of my lounge lamp I feasted my eyes on her beautiful tits. Her skin was a dark olive; the areolas were deep crimson, and I could ataşehir escort see each breast was lightly decorated with fine lines that I recognised as stretch marks. I ran my fingers lightly over them, tracing their paths across the tops of her breasts, trailing my fingers upwards to the soft skin of her neck.

“I have those too,” I said, and peeled my own shirt and bra off to show her. Shereen leaned forward, placed her left hand on my right shoulder and pushed me backward to the floor. She straddled my hips then bent to enclose my right nipple in her mouth. The skin of her face was soft against my breast, and I delighted at the way she tickled and teased my nipple before she sank her teeth into it, making me squeal with pleasure. I took her face between my hands and raised it to meet mine, then wrapped my arms around her shoulders and drew her into a passionate embrace. It was strange feeling her breasts pressed against mine, her nipples as equally erect as they connected with my skin. Shereen drove her tongue deep into my mouth, then removed it and began to nibble on my neck. My loins began to burn hotly and as she sucked on my earlobe I whispered, “Come to bed.” Shereen said nothing. She simply rose from the floor, extended her hand towards me, helped me up, then let me lead her to my room.

I didn’t bother to turn the lamp on, but I did light the collection of candles on my bedside table and bookshelf to cast a golden glow across Shereen’s skin. She unbuttoned her Levi’s and dropped them to the floor. She stood in the middle of my room wearing nothing but a white satin g-string. I unzipped my own jeans and pushed them to the floor, leaving myself standing in my red lace panties, the ones Daniel liked so much. Shereen seated herself on my bed and slid back to lean against my satin pillows. I crawled on all fours from the bed end over to her and kissed her again on the lips. She bent her knees outwards and let her legs fall to the sides onto the duvet. I seated myself between her thighs and immediately dipped my lips to her breasts again. I cupped the left one with my left hand and began to squeez it as I suckled the right. Shereen sighed under my touch encouraging me to bite her nipple lightly, roll it between my teeth, flick at it with my tongue, encircle it with saliva. Suddenly I had an idea. I left the bed and went over to my tall boy. I opened the top drawer, fished around amongst my lingerie and pulled out my nipple clamps. I closed the drawer and turned to Shereen.

“Would you like to try these?” I asked, showing her the silver clamps and chain dangling from my hand. Her eyes widened, but she nodded and I was exceedingly delighted that she would permit the addition of light equipment. I returned to the bed and pinched her right nipple between my thumb and forefingers, pulling it dramatically to extend the purple flesh. I squeezed open one of the nipple clamps, positioned it around her nipple, then closed the clamp. I wore those clamps myself so I knew their effect; I checked Shereen’s face and noticed she was grimacing a little as kadıköy escort bayan the colour of her nipple darkened and the blood began to collect around the clamp. “Okay?” I asked, a little concerned.

“It’s good,” she gasped, so I ran my hand along the length of the silver chain and picked up the other clamp. I pinched her left nipple and extended it out, positioned the clamp and let it close. Shereen grimaced again but let out a sigh of pleasure. I sat back and admired my handy work for a moment. She looked ravishing with the little chain connecting her voluminous breasts together like that. I lay down beside Shereen, slipped my left arm under her shoulders, draped my right leg over her left, and as I began to kiss her fervently on the mouth, I tugged at the chain with my right hand. She groaned at the increased pressure and squirmed a little in my embrace, so I let the chain go and rested my hand on her belly.

I felt Shereen relax as I drew circles on her skin with my fingertips, so I let my hand drift south and slip under the front of her g-string. I was surprised to feel she was so trim ­ virtually hairless. I grabbed her g-string and dragged it downwards, bending my leg up to hook it with my toes and flick it off over her ankles. I snaked my right leg around her left again, and rested my fingers against her slit, continuing to kiss her as I began to caress her.

I could have lost myself in that kiss. Instead I remembered where my fingers were and slipped them between Shereen’s pussy lips to discover she was soaking wet.

“Oh my,” I marveled as I slid my fingers up and down her wetness, touching, feeling, detecting her shape, mentally determining how much she was just like me. I found the opening to her snatch and slid my index finger in, wiggling it a little, getting a sense of her inside and out. I withdrew my finger then paired it with my middle finger, driving both of them forward again, right down to the last knuckle. I curled my fingers within her and pressed on the fore wall of her box. She raised her hips a little in response to my digital penetration so I took my mouth away from hers and concentrated on what I was doing with my hand.

I released Shereen from my embrace and kneeled between her legs. They were spread wide apart and her sex was completely open to me. Her labia were a darker pink than my own, but they were neat in their repose. Shereen reached down to her mons and drew the flesh back, showing me her engorged clit.

“Put your tongue on me,” she said breathlessly, and I shook my head.

“Not yet, baby,” I said and drew my fingers out of her cunt again. They were coated in her juices so I rubbed my ring finger up against the middle one to moisten it before I slid all three fingers back into her cunt again. She groaned at the sensation, as I began to slide them in and out as gently as I could, sensitive to her pleasure, wanting her to enjoy my attentions as much as I was enjoying giving them. In a moment of inspiration I added my little finger to the configuration and twisted my hand so my escort maltepe palm faced upwards positioning my thumb to apply pressure to her clit with each insertion. My administrations were slow so I knew there was no chance of her coming that way — I wanted to save that delightful task for my tongue. My hand was completely coated with her juices by then so I withdrew my finger, bent my thumb into my palm, then slid my whole fist into Shereen’s cunt. It jammed at the width of my knuckles, and she instinctively pushed down with her pelvis as, astounded, I watched my entire hand disappear within. I was awestruck by Shereen’s complete submission to me. She permitted me to possess her entirely with this dominant act of penetration, and I was acutely aware of the fact that it was a privilege to be given complete control over her body like that. My heart overflowed with affection for Shereen in that moment.

“Oh Shereen!” I said and slowly began to slide my fist in and out, marveling at the fact that I was the one doing the fist fucking for a change. The ideal of the role reversal was so erotic, I felt myself begin to burn uncontrollably between my own legs. I reached my left hand down and tweaked my clit, encouraging it to wait. Shereen was groaning with each slow thrust and I watched as her body molded and re-molded itself around my hand.

Finally I decided she had been fist fucked enough. I drew my hand out, extended my legs out straight behind me, and positioned myself on my belly between Shereen’s legs. Her vagina was totally agape as I peered at the dark red cavern within. She squirmed on the bed, wiggling her hips, silently demanding I return my attention to the task at hand. I slid my tongue into the wide-open hole and collected some of the nectar there, then transferred it to the red nub waiting above. Shereen drew her knees up to her chest when my tongue connected with her clit. I flattened it and began to make widespread licks around the area, then formed it into a hard point and tickled her engorged bud, encouraging it to excitement, stirring it to a frenzy of passion. I closed my lips around its circumference and sucked a little to see how Shereen would react. She took her knees with her hands and held them back further, completely opening her sex to me, beckoning me to continue on. So I moved my face right into her cunt and allowed my lips and tongue to go to work.

I had been sucking, licking, massaging, pulling for what seemed like only a few minutes, when I suddenly became aware that Shereen had begun to pant above me. I slid a finger into her used snatch and felt the muscles within contracting and releasing so I sucked her clit harder, tantalizing it with the tip of my tongue, and almost drawing back in shock when Shereen slammed her hips up against my face and began to shudder uncontrollably. I collected my senses and managed to maintain contact between my tongue and her clit, urging her on to a complete and devastating orgasm, rejoicing inside at having been able to satisfy her like that. At last when Shereen’s tremors subsided, I took my tongue and lips away from her swollen, reddened sex and rested myself on my elbows to look up at her face.

“You’ve done that before,” she said to me in an accusatory tone.

“Indeed I have not,” I replied, laughing. “But when you’re ready, I’ll be happy to do it again.”

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