Loving Life

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The music was sweet and mellow and the lights shone with a singular glow. The room that served as the dance floor was crowed with slowly moving bodies seemingly stuck firmly together. Stevie Wonder was guiding softly through a beautiful rendition of “You Got It Bad Girl” and believe me, there was more than one young fine thing there that looked as if she had “it” bad. Nothing like togetherness. I dug the scene and decoded that the best place for me was at the bar so I turned slowly and inched my way back along the hall to the kitchen and the booze.

The young lady behind the bar smiled sweetly and asked what I would like and I almost told her but the young brother sitting at the rear of the room, playing the sounds didn’t look like the type to take that kind of joke lightly. Besides even sitting he gave the impression of Kareem Abduln and Joe Frazier in one body. There was no need asking for trouble. “Bourbon and soda,” was my reply and I’ll be damned if she didn’t look disappointed. She probably thought I was some kinda square but that son-of-a-bitch back there with her should be laying down as many compliments as she needed. There I was, standing trying whether or not to try that young lady behind the bar and risk the chance of adverse reactions from the black Tarzan or just split.

The drink went down smoothly and I turned to ask for a refill, when I got two eyes full of the sweetest hunk of black pussy I have ever dug in my life. Unbelievable, this chick was enough to make a greedy man give up. Well, I am greedy but I’ll be damned if I was going to give up without a try. She was standing off to one side in a corner, talking to another young thing who would have made even Venus cry but who in comparison, was a wet weed standing next to my ebony goddess. Ever try to get the perfect line, something to intrigue a sweet young thing?

While standing there holding that empty glass, trying to get my head out of the fog, that had so inconveniently taken occupancy in that space, so usually filled with quick opening lines, they, both of them turned and started in my direction. Well, I thought, “it is now or never.”

As they started by, I reached out and touched the arm of my goddess, softly and smiled, “I know you must be here with someone,” weak, no? Hm, well, it was the best I could do, you just can’t be cool all the time.

She replied, “No I’m not here with anyone, why?” Hell, nothing like answering a question, with a question. She thought had me, she did. I wasn’t really prepared for it. I stood there like ten tons of charcoal ice, frozen stiff and completely out of it, I mean, a guy can only be so lucky.

“Well,” I said, “I thought you might like to dance,” I gave her my killer smile, and she accepted. Now some illegal bahis dude that was really conceited probably would have flipped and figured that he had it made, I’m cool, so I figured I did (have it made). Funny, turns out I did. I kept her on the floor for what must have been three quarters of an hour and would have been out there longer but she asks to get a drink. Up to the bar we moved, smiling all the way, at least I was. I gave the amazon behind the bar all thirty-two and couldn’t have cared less about her friend because I was definitely in my world. Her name was Sharon and she was married, too. Oh yeah, I been there twice if I hadn’t mentioned it already. She had one little girl and a husband who wouldn’t stay home.

I grinned a little wider. She had been taking her old man’s shit for a whole year and was more than a little tired of it so she was on the prowl and ready for some action. I mean she didn’t just up run this all down on me all in one breath, it took some time, ahhh about fifteen minutes. I mean this chick could have said I was Superman and I would have tried to fly to prove it. Man, you would have to see this lady to know what I mean. I’d describe her if I could but…… have you ever tried to describe the small dots you see when you close your eyes? They are there but you really can’t tell anyone what they look like. She was that fine, too fine for anyone’s words hell she was so fine a master artist could not do her justice.

We rapped and dance for another hour or so before I dropped the bomb that was calculated to either make or break the evening for me. “I know a place where they serve really great Scotch”; man was I full of great lines this night. I smiled my killer smile again and held my breath. “I really don’t feel like drinking anymore,” she said and she wasn’t smiling. I blew, right? Sorry, WRONG, she continued, after a pause that must have been calculated to cool my ardor, “but if you would like to go somewhere else, I’d love to go with you.” But I’ll be damned, she still wasn’t smiling. But guess who was.

It was only a short trip to my apartment to the party, the cab made good time and I still hadn’t stopped smiling. I was going to lay into this like no one had done since Adam first grabbed Eve. I paid the driver and tipped him a buck, me, last of the big time spenders. I grabbed Sharon by the hand and flew up the three flights of stairs to my apartment door. It took but a few seconds to open the door and I guided her past the kitchen to the living room. Now being the true hip dude that I consider myself to be the music was already playing.

The lights, red bulbs at opposite ends of the room threw shadows of deep ruby, mixing, seemingly with a life of their own. I took her coat and dropped it on illegal bahis siteleri the end of the couch. “Sure you don’t want a drink?” I asked. I wasn’t too much interested in liquor myself but thought it was a good idea to keep up appearances.

“No, no thanks” she answered and still, still no smile! I’ll be damn if she was going to get out of this because I was ready and she goddamned better had been. I poured a drink of White Label for myself and sat down beside Sharon on the couch where she had taken refuge. I put the drink on the end table and reached for her her. I mean there is a time to be cool and there is a time to take care of business but I had no intention of playing this cool and besides I was as hard as a piece of Hickory wood.

I expected some resistance but…Sharon was all over me, her tongue, a wildly, alive, withering, love seeking, stimulating, staff of desire was darting maddeningly in and out of my mouth. She ran that scintillating whip down the side of my neck, along the area between my ear and shoulder and she had me squirming all over that goddamn couch. And when she ran that hand up my thigh and grabbed my dick, I almost came in my pants.

“Sharon!” I just managed to get it out before her tongue started its delicious repeat journey, “lets go into the bedroom.” She answered my anguished cry by pulling down my zipper, reaching into my pants and gently massaging my balls. All the time her tongue was buried, lost somewhere in the cavern of my mouth but I really could tell where, I was too busy concentrating on her left hand and my right ball. Shit, both balls. She manipulated my dick to the outside of my pants and was busy releasing my two swollen globes and my hard swollen blood filled staff. This lady was determined, and I thought I was going to do the seducing.

Warm moist hands, nothing is better than warm moist hands, gliding up and down a warm moist dick, that is except if it is a warm moist mouth and a magic tongue. Have you ever seen “Deep Throat”? That chick didn’t have nothing on Sharon. Almost before I knew what was going on, Sharon had that beautiful mouth wrapped around all eight and a half inches and her wild tongue was doing a tattoo dance from base to tip. I have had blow jobs before but this was outrageous. Some chicks suck you and some lick you and I don’t complain about either but Sharon was a dick eater of the first class.

She consumed all of me. She started at the tip of my dick and chewed her way to my balls and beyond. Tongue, teeth, lips, tongue, lips, teeth, tongue, teeth, tongue, lips, teeth, tongue. It went on and on and I came and came and came. I mean I was doing okay until she shot that tongue up my asshole. Now, I have heard of people climbing walls but that canlı bahis siteleri was the first time I ever did it myself. As I started to cum, she started to moan and lord, the more she moaned the harder she sucked and the harder she sucked the more I came. I did cum and was still trying to cum when she lifted her head and looked me straight in the eye and I’ll be damned, she finally smiled.

I don’t think I liked that smile, if you had seen that smile, you wouldn’t have liked that smile. That’s just starters, she said that, I damn sure didn’t. She had already put a hurting on me and I need about six hours, at least, to recuperate. Well, she didn’t give me exactly six hours; it was more like six seconds.

Down went her head, again and straight up shot my poor tired dick. I thought it was tired, it was supposed to be tired, but that son-of-a-bitch seemed to have a mind of its own. It damn sure wasn’t heeding the thoughts running through my mind. As soon as Sharon felt it stiffen, she was up, straddling my legs, leaning forward over me and looking greedily into my eyes, still smiling. She sat down, slowly, sucking me, milking me gently with her vagina, practicing controlled pressure.

That pussy of hers was doing acrobatics and we all know that snapping pussy is hard to find and impossible not to enjoy. I was trying to help but every time I moved, she squeezed me with those trained and after a couple of those squeezes, I got the message and just lay back. She was making sure that she had control and I was not going to cum again before she was ready. Well, who was I to argue? Ain’t no way baby, this was heaven. All she had to do was tighten those muscles, that held me so securely and I would have been singing soprano. It was her show and baby, she went to work.

Up and down, one side and to the other, a little squeeze, a big squeeze, some more pumping, work out baby. I was smiling; shit I was grinning and enjoying. She was riding me like fucking was soon to be discontinued. It must have started getting to her because she fell forward on top of me, “Damn, baby, hold me, hold me baby, push, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Guess who that was? Fooled you again, that was both of us. I came, she came, we came! Sounds like an exercise in English, well baby, that is the kind of school where the teachers never have to worry about anyone cutting class.

Rest time! That’s what I was saying to myself as I recovered from those throes of ecstasy but this chick was still moving her ass like she had never even cum. This was ridiculous; man they just don’t make chicks that keep going like this, perpetual motion. If I could bottle and patent this wild action I would be a millionaire before I turned thirty. The way Sharon was still moving though, I was worried about making it to thirty. She was ready and I was hurting. Well, for the next three hours, she didn’t stop moving or cumming and I stopped counting when she had cum for the fifteenth time. Now I knew why her husband didn’t stay home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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