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The old white Mazda sputtered and stalled.

“Shit!” The black maned driver said as she coasted to the shoulder of the road.

Once stopped, she tried the ignition again. The starter whined, but nothing fired.

“Shit, shit, shit!” She said again, beating on the steering wheel with each word to emphasize her aggravation.

Her green eyes tried to well up.

“Fuck you, I ain’t cryin’,” She thought to herself instead, “Not tonight I ain’t.”

Tonight was Lucky’s 21st birthday. It was a sort of inside joke. Everyone called her Lucky, because she wasn’t.

And tonight was no exception.

She’d begun the evening out with her girlfriends for a good time, she’d been away from home for months and wanted to cut loose a little before meeting up with her boyfriend for a little private celebration later tonight.

But her girlfriends insisted they visit a hot new bar, none of them had tried out yet, and there he was, locked up with some red headed tart she’d never seen before.

Without a word she had turned and walked out of the bar, gotten into her car and taken off, leaving everyone standing asking what was going on.

A few miles down the road he’d tried to call, she took one look at her cell phone, reading his name in the little blue screen and staring at it for a second before tossing the phone out the window, gearing down and flooring the old Mazda for all she was worth.

That was an hour and about 40 miles ago.

Now she was stuck on the side of a dark two-lane road she barely knew, with no phone and a dead car.

Her headlights shone on a homemade plywood sign that read “Bryce’s Bike Shop” with a phone number, and an arrow pointing left and saying “About half a mile, that way!”

According to the sign, the shop was open late, but it didn’t say how late or if “late” included Saturday’s.

“Might as well give it a shot there Lucky, what else have you got to do tonight?” She thought as she exited the car.

She crossed the road she absently mindedly hit the remote fob on her keys to lock her car.

As she did, the locks went down, and the windows and sunroof opened.

“Fuck it, let’em steal it,” She said as she began walking.

As she walked, she noticed the breeze picking up. It was blowing hard enough that she had to take several steps backward to keep enough fire in her lighter to raise a cherry on her cigarette.

As she took a long drag she felt a drop of water, cold and hard strike her cheek.

“Go ahead and rain on me to God damnit,” She whispered.

Almost as in response to her dare she looked up into a sheet of pouring rain coming down the road toward her.

“Beautiful, just fuckin’ beautiful.”

Lucky thought about quickening her pace, but the rain was coming from the direction she was headed, so what was the point.

She could see the lights of the bike shop about 200 yards out, and one of the bay doors on the windward side of the rain was open.

“Finally, a good sign,” She thought and did decide to step a little faster as the cold rain began to pelt her slim frame and soak her white silk shirt.

By the time she reached the bay door she was soaked and shivering.

Her green eyes shone like emeralds through her thick limp bangs, and her shirt and jeans clung to her body. She knew her small erect nipples would be highly visible poking through the thin white shirt, she also knew the lightweight mesh bra she was wearing would do little to subdue that, but she didn’t give a damn.

She walked in through the open bay door and looked around. There appeared to just be one guy, a kid by the look of him, standing over by a tub of some kind, he hadn’t been facing the bay as she walked up, and didn’t seem to know she was there.

She tried to announce herself.

“Hey,” she said but from this distance he couldn’t hear her over the pounding of the rain on the shop’s tin roof so she stepped closer finally yelling again once she was within a little less than five feet of the guy.

“Can you help me?” She said louder than before, making him jump and drop whatever it was he was working with in the tub with a splash.

He turned around, white faced and Lucky could see his pulse throbbing in his neck.

“Jeesh, you scared the shit outta me!” he said.

Lucky looked him over, she was right, a kid, 18. But he was cute, and built.

“I’m sorry, my car broke down I’m just looking for some help.”

“I’m the only one here right now,” the boy said, “Billy, Bryce, this is his shop, he lets me stay late on weekends and work on my bike. I’m trying to get it running in time for..” and he trailed off as he realized she was watching him with a stern angry look on her face.

“Okay, junior, If we’re going to have a conversation, I really need you to look me in the face, not the chest, think you can do that for me sweetie?” She said sounding much more angry than she was.

The fact was she was just as intently wondering if there was a piece of garden hose stuck down his blue canvas shop pants, but she was better at concealing canlı bahis it.

“O, um, ok,” he said finally, looking her in the eye. “Look, I’m sorry, its just that, your wet, I mean your all soaked and well…”

“Yeah, whatever, lets pretend you’ve seen a set before and we’ll get through this.”

From the way his face flushed, Lucky instantly realized that he hadn’t actually seen a set before, not in person at least. And she actually felt sorry for having called him out at all.

“Look, do you have some towels? Maybe a shop shirt I can borrow? It’s kinda cold in here ya know,”

The kid stammered and stumbled for a second then he came up with the best solution he could think of and went to a box of shop towels and pulled two handfuls of the absorbent blue paper towels and handed them to her.

“Bathroom’s over there,” he said pointing to a single door in the back of the shop. “I think there’s a uniform shirt hanging up front, I’ll go see.

Lucky took the towels with a smile, ‘Thanks sweetie, just knock if you find one,” she said and headed for the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom she stripped and began to dry herself as best she could with the towels, she couldn’t say why, but her mood began to improve.

She was buck naked and grinning to herself in the dingy mirror when the knock came at the door.

Lucky couldn’t say what made her do it, but she decided to give the kid a thrill and she threw the door open just as he was about to knock again.

The kid just stood there, looking like a doe in the headlights as she looked and said “Oh great you found one!”

Lucky grabbed the shirt from the kid’s stunned hands and kissed him lightly on the cheek before pulling the shirt to her chest and closing the door again.

She shirt smelled lightly of motor oil and gasoline, but it was clean and dry, and about three sizes too damned big.

“What the hell,” Lucky thought to herself as she pulled the shirt on and buttoned it down.

It came more than half way down her thighs. “This thing is huge!” She thought as she looked at the name sewn on the left side

“Tiny,” it read.

“Oh, that’s fits now doesn’t it,” Lucky thought only briefly realizing it equaled the irony of her own name.

“We don’t have a dryer, but there’s a shop heater I can turn on and you can dry your clothes out,” the kid said through the door.

“Good,” Lucky thought, “he’s still breathing. I just don’t think I could live with myself if the poor kid vapor locked or something.”

“Thanks, Hon,” She said back through the door as she drug her fingers through her wet, matted hair.

The mention of a heater made Lucky look twice at her underwear.

She didn’t want to put them back on. They were cold and wet. But she was a little afraid of catching the kid in the shop sticking them in his pocket, or, God forbid, sniffing them or something if she laid them out to dry.

Finally she just wrung them out good and shoved them in her small purse before stepping out.

“Well, is it me?” She said as she modeled the shirt for her young champion.

The kid looked her up and down, grinning he said, “You look a damned sight better in it than Tiny ever did. I got the heater going, it’s over there,” he said pointing, “Don’t put your stuff too close or it will catch fire.”

The kid had moved two unencumbered bike frames in front of the forced air kerosene heater to serve as makeshift drying racks for her.

Lucky couldn’t help but be a little touched by his efforts, which also meant she couldn’t help but feel a little bad for how she’d treated him earlier.

“Do you have a phone?” Lucky asked remembering the number on the sign.

“Nope. The number on the sign is Bryce’s cell.”

“Shit,” Lucky said as she walked over to see what the kid was working on.

The bike was a long way from complete, but she could see it had very nice lines, or would have, once it was done.

“This your bike?” She asked.

“Yeah, well I bought all the pieces, hopefully it’ll be a bike soon, right now its just an aggravating damned puzzle.”

“It should look good when you’re done, judging by what I see so far.”


Lucky caught herself looking back at what she thought had to be a piece of hose down the front of the kids pants.

“Can that be real?” She thought to herself then something about the way the kid moved or looked from this angle sparked a memory.

“I know you don’t I?” She asked finally.

“Maybe, I don’t know,” The kid said, obviously still nervous or confused between the tongue lashing he’d taken when she arrived and the peep show she’d given him.

“I’m Ronnie, Ronnie Miller. You’re Lucky aren’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s me, belle of the ball, grand marshall of the parade and homecoming queen all wrapped into one golden haired beauty. How’d you know?”

“I remember you, from my Freshman year.”

Lucky looked at him again, he had the slightest bit of razor stubble on his cheeks and chin, deep set blue eyes and a Roman nose that had been broken bahis siteleri at least once. he also had a set of guns that Lucky decided she’d love to feel wrapped around her, but she couldn’t draw anything more than a feeling that she’d seen him before from her memory.

Finally she said, “I’m sorry, its not coming too me.”

“No reason it should, It’s not like we ever hung out, or even spoke, I was about six inches shorter and maybe 80 pounds heavier then. I just remember seeing you around school. You’re kinda hard to forget.”

Lucky suddenly felt a little uncomfortable as she thought back on those days.

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t mean to you or anything was I?” She asked suddenly apprehensive about the idea of him taking some kind of revenge on her for something she didn’t remember doing. the thought scared her, but made her quiver just a little bit too.

“Christ, what does that say about me?” She wondered.

“No, I doubt you took enough notice of me to even do that. The only time I ever drew any attention to myself was one day when you dropped your notebook in the parking lot and some homework pages started blowing across the pavement. I managed to catch a couple of them and hand them to you.”

Lucky suddenly did remember that day, just another of so many wonderful days, the papers had been the first draft of her term paper, and she had been so intent on trying to catch the rest before they wound up in the highway that she’d barely noticed the chubby kid who handed her a crumpled handful of pages as she went by.

“I do remember that, I guess I didn’t seem very appreciative. Did I even say thank you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well, now that you’ve come to my rescue twice, I guess its about time I did so, properly,” Lucky said and stepped closer to the kid, kissing him softly on the cheek.

The kid instantly went flush again.

Taking his face in her hands, Lucky felt the warmth of his skin.

“Thank you, Ronnie,” She whispered staring deep into him with her dark green eyes before kissing him again gently on the lips.

Lucky didn’t mean to, but she found her tongue probing his lips, looking for a way in as she kissed him. When Ronnie didn’t respond Lucky pulled back, suddenly ashamed and turning red herself.

“I’m, I’m sorry. Do you have a girlfriend, or something?”

Ronnie stood quietly for a moment, the veins in his scarlet neck pulsing quickly.

“No, no its nothing like that. It’s just…”

“I’m not your type?”

Ronnie quickly shook his head

“That’s not it at all! It’s just all kinda surreal. Like I stepped into an alternate dimension or something.”

“I don’t know,” he said reaching up and running his fingers through his short chestnut hair and massaging his scalp briefly, “Did I hit my head or something? Have I been knocked out by fumes? This can’t be real?”

Lucky looked at him, a little concerned until she started to realize where he may be going.

“What do you mean, Hon?” She asked.

“It’s just, you know, not believable. A guy’s all alone in the shop on a stormy night, when outta nowhere walks the most beautiful girl he’s ever met. The woman he had his first huge crush on, and suddenly she’s kissing him?

“If somebody wrote that shit, no one would read it,” He said.

Lucky had stopped listening at “first huge crush” that was when her heart melted. She also realized that wasn’t all that was heating up as she had a mental flash of Ronnie lying in bed stroking that huge cock of his and thinking about her. Suddenly she was wet enough to douse a campfire, But she managed to grin and wink at him.

“Maybe you just have really good karma,” she said as she reached out to hug him.

This time he hugged her back and bent to softly kiss her neck.

Lucky let out a satisfied purr as she drug her nails down his back and felt his cock stiffen against her hip.

Ronnie began to gently kiss and nibble at her earlobe and Lucky squeezed his tight ass in both hands and pulled him tighter against her.

She was right, his arms felt great wrapped around her.

Ronnie came up for air and Lucky ran one hand through his hair, holding his head up as she looked onto his eyes and gave him a little open mouthed smile. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around his waist before giving him a slow, deep kiss.

This time she not only found an opening, Ronnie responded in kind as he slid his hands under her ass, squeezing her bare cheeks. Lucky squeezed him tighter between her legs.

Finally breaking the kiss, Lucky slowly lowered herself down his body, her legs wrapped around his as she slid down. grinding her pussy against his crotch slowly before setting her feet on the floor.

Lucky opened his shirt a little and began to place small soft kisses over his chest as she reached down and began to firmly caress his cock through his pants. It was definitely real.

Ronnie let out a soft moan as his hips involuntarily pressed against her touch.

Lucky unzipped his pants and bahis şirketleri reached in, struggling to finally free the big cock in her hand she squeezed and stroked it a few times before finally looking down at it.

“Happy birthday to me!” she thought to herself as she marveled at the present she had unwrapped. It was huge, at least the biggest she had ever seen. It was at least eight inches in length, and thick enough to stop her fingers from touching when she wrapped her hand around it.

“Oh God,” She whispered.

Looking up into his eyes, licking a little bit of drool from her lips as she did and said “Pudgy little Ronnie certainly grew up into a big, big man didn’t he?” as she gave him a tight squeeze that made him moan and shudder.

“Just relax Hon,” She said as she pulled his head down for another kiss before going to her knees and smiling up at him.

She looked his huge cock over as she stroked it with a slow firm hand, wondering if it would really fit in her mouth.

“God,” Ronnie moaned as she began to lick up and down both sides of his shaft. Once its whole length was glistening with her spit and slick in her hand she stopped to stroke and admire it again, squeezing out a huge drop of precum Lucky quickly closed her lips over the head of his cock and licked at the droplet, sucking the head wanting more, gently nibbling at the head as she did.

“Be easy with me baby, I don’t think I can take it all in,” She said before she began to slowly slide his cock in her mouth, stroking from the base to her lips as she worked further down the shaft.

Ronnie cried out her name and Lucky wondered if he’d ever done that as he stroked himself before bed. The idea sent her free hand instantly to her dripping wet slit and she began to rub furiously as she tried to suck him deeper.

After several strokes, Lucky found she was able to get more than she’d imagined into her mouth, she stroked the rest firmly with her hand.

“God, Lucky, I’m going to cum.” Ronnie cried and She backed slowly off of him, still stroking both his cock and her own clitt she smiled up at him and said, “That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do baby,” and winked.

“You tell me, do you want to do it in my mouth, or on my face?”

She licked his head quickly again.

When she did, the dam burst and Ronnie almost screamed as a huge shot of hot, surprisingly sweet cum shot against the back of Lucky’s throat.

She reflexively closed her mouth and swallowed as a second shot hit her closed lips. Lucky pressed the head of his cock against her face, smearing his juice on her lips and chin before taking him back in her mouth and sucking a third and fourth shot from him.

Her mouth was so full of cock that the juice ran out either side of her mouth as she sucked him deeper.

Backing off of him she smiled up at him as she licked a dripping string of cum from the end of his cock and began to rub her face against his cock, licking him clean as she did so.

Pulling herself up by his waistband Lucky pulled his face down to hers and began to softly kiss along his jaw and chin before pressing her lips to his and kissing him wildly, smearing cum between them.

Climbing him again, this time resting her wet slit on top of his hard shaft she said “When given an option, choosing both is never a bad idea,” as she wiped cum from his face with her finger and sucked it clean.

Ronnie just stared, holding her close and tight, looking into her eyes, at her face and chest.

Lucky slowly reached down and began undoing the buttons on her shirt, pulling it open.

“How about a better look, Hon. You can even have a taste if you like,” She said as she lifted herself a little farther up his frame and pulled his head down to her chest.

Ronnie gently took her small erect nipple in his mouth, running his tongue over it, around it before sucking it softly.

Lucky moaned as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“That’s it baby, God I love that. You can do it a little harder if you want.”

Ronnie complied, gently biting her nipple until she let out a soft cry.

“Oh yeah baby. If you keep doing that I’m gonna cum on you,” she said as she squeezed him tighter between her legs and ground herself against his hard belly.

Ronnie’s hand moved slowly in from her ass, his finger slowly stroking her wet slit as he continued to suck her nipple.

Lucky cried out and began grinding harder against him as she gripped his head in her hands.

Ronnie slowly pushed his finger inside her and marveled at the way her pussy lips clamped around it, sucking it deeper as her body began to quiver, her breath coming in short gasps.

“Use two,” she whispered softly into the top of he head as she arched her back.

Ronnie gently slid another finger into her juicy hole and began to slowly press them deeper.

“God!” Lucky screamed as both fingers slid into her past the knuckle, gently stretching her lips and she began to buck against him.

As his fingers bottomed out inside her, Lucky’s body seized in a wave of orgasm that left her unable to breathe.

Her juices slowly pulsed over and around his hand dripping down onto his cock and then to the floor where they puddled to reflect the fluorescent lights on the ceiling.

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