Lunch Break

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16mm class was over, which meant three hours to kill before Film Theory. I dreaded the thought of sitting out on lawn with the other students or in the café pretending to read something. When I stepped out of the lecture hall, it had started raining. The sky was gray and dark and there would be no sitting on the lawn today.

“Not the sunniest of days,” said a voice behind me.

I turned around. It was M, who was in both my classes. I was embarrassed to see him looking up at the sky next to me. I had admired his films for the last semester, but had never actually talked to him. I was much too shy.

“No,” I laughed. “I can’t imagine this will be a very pleasant three hours.”

“I hate lunch breaks here,” he said. “It’s like three vacuous hours to fill with something useless. I never do anything important anyway.”

“I know the feeling,” I agreed. “It’s pretty awful.”

We both thought about it.

“If you aren’t busy, you could come over to my place. I only live a couple block down,” he said, smiling hopefully.

I thought about it. Maybe this would be an interesting filmmaking experience. Plus, M was gorgeous, which was also a bonus. He had a long nose with a slight bump in it and deep-set eyes, with chin-length hair that covered his forehead.

“That would be great,” I told him.

We stepped out from under the overhang, our jackets over our heads.

“Sorry,” he said. “No umbrella.”

We ran through the campus and down the street to his apartment. By the time we got there, we were both totally soaked through our jackets and shivering in the foyer.

“It’s really raining out there,” I said.

“I’ll turn on the heat,” M told me, reaching and long-fingered hand over to the thermostat on the wall.

He led me down the hall to his room, which was small and painted olive green with paintings and movie posters covering the walls.

“I like your room,” I said uneasily. “It’s very…pleasant.”

“I like it,” he agreed. “Look, you can watch the rain on the street.”

He walked over to the large window next to the bed and looked down at the puddle-covered sidewalk below us.

“I love the rain when I’m warm and dry inside my room,” he told me.

“Well, neither of us are exactly dry here,” I laughed, pulling a strand of wet hair from my forehead.

He smiled, turning away from the window to look at me.

“Very true,” he said. “Do you mind if I change into some dry clothes? I can lend you something if you’re cold.”

“Of course,” I said. “I can go outside for a sec while you change.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” he laughed. “Well, that is if it doesn’t bother you.”

I didn’t say anything, suddenly realizing how much I did actually want to see him naked.

“I’m sorry,” he said, nervously. “I guess we hardly know each other. Great, now I sound like a sleaze. I promise I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I don’t mind at all,” I told him. “As long as I can change too. I’m soaked!”

He looked relieved.

“Of course, of course,” he said, relaxing slightly.

He opened a drawer and handed me a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, grabbing some for himself as well.

“I can put our wet clothes in the dryer while we wait,” he said. “That way we can get them wet again on the way back to school.” He laughed.

“Exactly,” I agreed, smiling at him.

I waited until he began to pull his wet shirt over his head before taking mine off. I couldn’t help noticing how attractive he was. Damn it, I thought. Don’t think about it.

He noticed me watching him and began to blush a little.

“Sorry,” I said, embarrassed. “I just zoned off a little.”

“That’s quite alright,” he said. canlı bahis “Just don’t make fun.”

I giggled to myself at how unlikely that was, while he turned his back to me a bit and pulled off his underwear.

“Stop watching!” he joked. “I’m gonna get all shy here!”

“Sorry,” I said. “Here, I’m taking my pants off, too. We’re even.” I slid then down over my legs.

He smiled sweetly, clearly feeling a little bit more comfortable.

“You’re underwear is cute,” he said, blushing a little.

I looked down. I was wearing a black lace bra with completely clashing white cotton panties.

“They’re just plain one dollar undies,” I laughed. “Nothing special.”

“They just look cute,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said.

He was now in his new boxers standing next to the dresser. I was on the other side of the room, still in my mismatched bra and panties.

“In fact, maybe you should just stay in those,” he joked.

“I know,” I said. “It would be a crime to cover up this body.” I giggled, striking a model pose.

He laughed and sat down on the end of the bed.

“Careful,” he said. “Or you’ll make me think bad things here.” He looked down at his boxers sheepishly. “Sorry, I’m just a guy. We’re all the same in some ways.”

“I think it’s sweet,” I said, getting more interested despite myself.

“Really,” he said. “I think you’re sweet.” He smiled to make sure I knew he wasn’t being sleazy.

“Thank you,” I said, looking him in the eye. He licked his lip quickly.

I sauntered over to the foot of the bed, where M was sitting upright, smiling a half-smile. I was standing just in front of him, about two feet away. I bit my lip nervously as he reached a hand out to graze the skin above my underwear. In one quick motion, his fingers slipped just under the waistband and pulled me toward him so that in a second I was kneeling on the bed, my knees on either side of his waist. I put my palms to his chest, feeling the warm, damp skin.

I drew in my breath as his hands slipped around my sides and up my spine, squeezing the flesh of my back gently. His hands felt their way back down smoothly, unhooking my bra effortlessly, until his fingers were grasped firmly over my ass. He hooked his thumbs through my underwear and pulled me closer so I was sitting down on his lap and his rough chin was resting on my shoulder, my hair falling over his face.

His breath burned on my neck. His lips brushed over my collarbone, making me shiver and slide my arms from his chest over his shoulder blades to his smooth back. I could feel his muscles shift under the skin as he kissed up my neck and just behind my ear. As I exhaled the breath that I had been holding in, my legs weakened their excited grasp on his sides and I sank down onto him.

With one hand, he brushed away the hair from my neck and turned so that our noses touched. His eyes were powerful and focused and I could feel him growing harder between my legs, which gave me a fluttering feeling in my stomach.

We kissed, softly at first, his teeth playfully biting at my lower lip. Our tongues touched and teased each other, hiding behind teeth and lips. I couldn’t help but push my body down harder into his, enjoying the idea of the hard cock pushing against his boxers. He moaned softly as I rubbed my crotch against his hard-on, making me pull toward him with even more force.

One bra strap, then the other, slipped down my shoulder until it was hanging uselessly on my arms. I pulled one arm out of the strap and flicked it out of the way with the other, letting my breasts press against his body. He continued to kiss me as I wrapped my legs around his back and brought my hands to the back bahis siteleri of his head.

He pulled away from my lips momentarily, glancing down at his boxers and smiling a slightly sheepish grin. I smiled, kissed him and grasped the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling it just hard enough to make him squint his eyes a bit.

I half-guided his face, my hands still tangled in his hair, to my chest and leaned back as he kissed the tops of my breasts gently. Moving his hands to the sides of my body, then putting his fingers around my tits, he took one nipple between his lips and licked it till it pointed toward him even more. He blew lightly on it, making me shiver, and turned to the other, taking it in his mouth and sucking it till it matched the first.

I moved my hands back to his chest, pushing him down against the mattress.

“Not so tough now,” I joked.

He laughed as I kissed him on the cheek and began to make my way over his chest and down his stomach, running my fingertips over his body. I traced his ribs with my fingers, making little patterns and giggling as I made my way to the elastic on his boxers, rolling down the waistband to expose another inch of his body.

I moved my face down close so I could kiss his stomach, making his squirm a bit under me, which I liked. I could feel his cock slide between my breasts as he fidgeted excitedly. I pushed them against him, feeling the heat on my skin.

I slid one hip out of the shorts, kissing his bare body, then I pulled the rest down to the floor, finally able to see what had elicited the butterflies that had been plaguing me.

His hard-on was inches from my lips. I opened my mouth and let my breath touch the inside of his thigh, feeling the skin with my lips, before reaching out my tongue to stroke the base of his cock.

I let my tongue trace up it softly, holding his balls in one hand, the other touching his stomach. When the shaft was wet, I moved my hand up to hold it and licked my way up to the tip. Licking my lips and closing them, I pushed my mouth down over the head, forcing it between my tightly shut lips and letting my tongue curve around the side. I turned my head, running my tongue back and forth as I kept my lips locked above the shaft.

I stared up at M, who was looking right back at me, eyebrows creased and mouth open, staring down at me. I could feel the wet prints my underwear was leaving on my thighs as I moved my hips.

His back arched up off the bed as I slid my lips down until they almost reached his stomach. My hand followed as I twisted my mouth on the way back to the tip. I continued this, listening to M groan quietly, one of his hands squeezing my shoulder in time with my movement, the other moving the hair from my face so he could see what has happening. I could tell he was close to coming. I could taste the saltiness.

Suddenly, he sat up, slid his hands under my arms and pulled me up to him, flipping me on my back on the mattress next to him. He pinned me down at the shoulders and smiled, kissing me on the mouth.

“Now who’s in control,” he laughed, his cock torturously close to my dripping cunt.

I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips before he began to kiss my neck and move down my breasts, over the excited nipples. He traced the lines of my stomach with his tongue, watching me for my reaction. He passed over my panties, breathing his hot breath an inch from my slit, and started moving his lips up my inner thigh. He reached my pussy and paused, smiling up at me, then went to the other thigh.

I was thrusting my hips up at him by this point, practically begging him to touch my pussy with that tongue. Finally, he reached it again, and this time, bahis şirketleri I could feel his mouth through the thin, wet cotton, his tongue running up it.

His hands slid from my thighs up to my waist and pulled the soaking underwear off my legs, which wrapped around his neck, drawing his head back down.

He let his tongue flick over my pussy for a while, making me shake whenever it came close. I coiled my thighs around his back, raising my hips off the bed while he traced up my slit with soft, broad strokes of his tongue. I moved my hips along with him, breathing as deeply as I could, considering the situation.

Every few strokes, he would take my clit between his lips like he had done with my nipples and suck it into his mouth while running his tongue over it, making me squeeze my legs over his head so tightly that it must have hurt pretty badly.

Suddenly, the words fell out of my mouth.

“God, please fuck me!” I almost screamed. “I want you so bad.” It felt so strange coming from me, but I liked the way it sounded.

M did too.

“That was hot,” he smiled, letting his dick graze my clit.

I moved my hips in a circular motion, making the head grind harder against me. He pushed back at me, letting himself slip inside, less than an inch, then pulling back out to rub against my clit.

He stopped moving for a couple seconds, his arms on either side of my face. I held my breath as he slowly let his cock slide all the way into my soaked pussy. I couldn’t let myself breathe until the entire length of it was inside me and when it was, the two of us let out our breath in unison. We squirmed against each other, pushing it in further.

He then began to pull back out, almost all the way, then back in again. I pulled my legs up around his waist so I could hold on. His chest was pressed to mine and the heat clung to the air between us. We were breathing right into each other’s mouths, our faces were so close.

He continued to push it in and out while I held on to his hips with my legs, barely touching the bed. I was making moaning noises like I was in pain, and he was breathing heavily and moaning along with me. I moved my legs up to rest on his shoulders.

He then got on his knees, holding my ankles where they were and pushing it back in. One of his hands moved down my leg to my exposed clit and began to make circles with three of his fingers. I gripped his cock with my pussy and shook when he got deep enough for his balls to slap against my ass.

We were both panting for breath now. I was clawing at his lower back, which was all I could reach, leaving white scratch on him. His hair was a mess, and I could tell mine was, too. I couldn’t last much longer without coming.

“I’m gonna come,” I choked out between breaths. “God, I’m gonna come.”

“Me too,” he gasped, leaning back down so that his breath was filling my ear.

I focused on the sensation and let my body take over, my pussy contracting violently around him, pulling him in further. He didn’t stop rubbing my clit as he threw his head back and shut his eyes, letting his cum shoot inside me as I screamed out. Our bodies trembled, jerking toward each other, then we both collapsed on the bed beside one another. We lay there with my legs wrapped around him and his softening dick still in my clenching pussy. I looked at him and he smiled.

“Wow,” he said.

“That was amazing,” I laughed.

We lay there for awhile, enjoying the release.

“I wish we didn’t have Film Theory,” M said finally. “I’d be partial to staying right here for the rest of the day.”

I thought about that, watching the raindrops hit the window pane.

“Well, at least we have half a semester of lunch breaks to fill,” I joked.

“Precisely,” he said, kissing me on the cheek. “Hopefully more after that.”

I smiled, finally looking forward to the empty space between 16mm and Film Theory.

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