Lust At First Sight

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She looked so sad, so vulnerable. And yet so beautiful, so sexy. And I wanted her – badly. My hands felt clammy, my chest ached, and my cock was rigid in my shorts.

One look had been enough.

I had first spotted as she walked towards me, before sitting down sit at a table on the opposite side of an aisle to me on a cross channel ferry. We had just left Calais, and were heading back to Dover. She was with two others, and – like me – seemed to be on her way home to England after a holiday in France. As soon as she had sat down, she had opened a book on the table in front of her, but was I watched her I could see that she was clearly not reading it.

I had watched her for those few moments as she had walked towards me, taking in the swing of her hips, the soft curves of her body, her easy confidence. And now I couldn’t take my eyes off her. As I watched her, I ached for her. Here I was, a grown man, feeling like a kid with a crush. Except that I had never felt such an overwhelming need before.

Her hair was blonde, and was tied back in a pony tail, a few strands hanging loose each side of her face, partially hiding her delicate ears and her gold stud ear rings. Her skin looked soft and tanned. Her nose was small, her lips moist and full – and oh so kissable.

She was wearing a sleeveless v-neck tee shirt. Each time she moved and leant forward, I caught a tantalising glimpse of her divine looking cleavage, and of the hidden delights beyond. Her arms were slender, her hands perfect, her fingers long and mobile as she tapped softly on the table top.

Until a few minutes ago, I’d never set eyes on her before. But from the moment I’d first seen her, I knew that I’d wanted her. My body told me I did, my heart told me, my mind told me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I tried. I kept looking down at my own book, but seconds later found myself looking up at her again, sometimes catching her looking up, looking around, looking at me.

And then it happened. As I gazed at her, she looked up, and looked straight at me. Her face opened up into a delicious smile, her small white teeth glistening at me, her pale blue eyes bright. I smiled back, holding her gaze despite my sense of having been caught out. My cock lurched in my shorts, throbbing painfully.

For a few long seconds we looked at each other. I looked down, and then back up. She was still looking at me, smiling. Slowly, she licked her lips, the pink tip of her tongue sliding along her lips. I groaned to myself. Abruptly, she stood up, closed her book, said something to her colleagues, and walked away.

I watched as she walked down the aisle away from me. I watched the movement of her firm ass, of her tight cheeks moving against each other in her black cut off trousers. Without thinking, I stood up and followed her, grateful that my cock probably wasn’t to obvious in my loose fitting shorts.

But, by the time I got to the wide stairwell at the end of the aisle, she had gone. There was no sign of her anywhere. I stopped, my shoulders sagging with disappointment, with frustration, as I looked around, hoping to catch sight of her. Nothing, she was nowhere to be seen. There was a bar on the opposite side of the stair well. I walked across and ordered a drink, feeling totally deflated.

As I stood waiting for my drink, my hands resting on the edge of the bar, I sensed someone behind me. I stood still. It had to be her. She stepped closer to me, her breasts pressing against my arm. Her voice was soft, but slightly husky.

“I feel it as well,” she told me, “The need, the desire.”

And then she was gone. I turned quickly, my drink forgotten. I threw some coins on the bar and searched for her in the crowds ahead of me. I spotted her as she glanced over her shoulder, smiling that delicious smile at me again. I quickly caught up with her, and walked beside her down a flight of stairs, neither of us talking. She seemed to know exactly where she was going.

She led me down the stairs canlı bahis and through a door marked “Staff Only”, and then along a short corridor. She stopped outside another door with the same markings and began to press a code into the electronic lock. In a whisper she told me that she had worked on the ferry for a few months during her break from University, and that the codes never got changed – and that the room never got used during the hour long ferry crossings. The door opened, and she quickly stepped inside.

I followed her, still trying to catch up in my mind with what was happening. I pushed the door closed behind me. The room was full of bags and coats. There were a few easy chairs dotted around, and a large table in the middle of the room.

She stood with her back to the table, looking at me. She stepped closer, a look of sheer lust in her eyes – the same look as I’m sure she could see in mine.

We stepped forward at the same time, our mouths locking together as we held each other tight, as our hands pulled at each other’s clothes, as my cock pressed against her, as our lips started to feel bruised as they crushed together, as our tongues found each other.

We stepped apart, gasping for breath. I could see the surprised look in her eyes, the surprise at the strength of her feelings, of our feelings. We kissed again, more softly but no less passionately. Her lips kissed along mine, her tongue licking at me before she thrust it into my mouth, her body hard to mine. I sucked on her tongue, matching her thrusts, matching the grind of her body against me. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to me, her breasts firm and full against my chest.

She tugged at my tee shirt, dragging it over my head as we breathlessly broke our kiss again. I pulled her top off her – and then gazed down at her large breasts, barely hidden by her lacy black bra, her hard little nipples threatening to rip through the flimsy material.

She stepped back from me, turning around. She looked back over her shoulder, and with a delicious wiggle pushed her trousers over her hips, her bum pushed out towards me. She slid them down slowly over her bum, and down her slender legs. She wore the skimpiest of black, lacy knickers. She turned back towards me, turning slowly to show off her sexy body to me. She looked fantastic – and she knew it.

She showed me her sexy, softly curving body, her long legs, her firm bum, her perfectly rounded breasts. All tanned a soft coffee brown, and covered by nothing more than her tiny black lingerie.

I groaned out loud as I looked at her, my cock throbbing painfully.

She dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached her hands up to my sides and grabbed the waist band of my shorts, of my underwear. Slowly, smoothly, she pulled them down, her eyes never leaving mine. She knelt up higher and kissed my nipples, sucking them, biting them. She sat back on her heels and watched as my cock bounced free of my shorts. She looked down and gasped as she finished undressing me.

She gasped at my cock, standing out proudly from my body, my balls hanging heavily. I looked down. I don’t think I’d ever been harder, or longer, or thicker.

Her hands looked so small as she reached up to cup my balls in one hand, and to slowly peel back my foreskin with the other. Then it was my turn to gasp as she pulled my skin right back, and held it back as she exposed my red shiny cock head, as she leant forward and flicked her tongue across me, as she looked up at me and licked away the pre-cum that was pouring from me.

She pushed my cock up against my belly, and ran her warm, wet tongue up and down my length. She licked me quickly a few times, leaving my cock shiny and wet. I reached down and held her head as she licked my cock head and beyond – up to my belly, to my chest, to my nipples.

And then down again, her tongue swirling around my cock, poking at my hole, before sliding wetly down to my balls. She sucked one, and then the bahis siteleri other, into her hot mouth, her tongue licking me, her teeth nipping, exquisite pain and pleasure flooding my body. As I leant back against the table, her tongue delved deeper, lapping at my balls and beyond. She ran her lips along my cock, smearing me with her red lipstick.

I sighed and moaned as he let my cock fall away from my body again. She looked at me, my balls back in her hand, my cock rigid in front of her. She leant forward and sucked me deeply into her mouth. I thrust my hips forward, pushing deeper between her lips as she sucked me harder. She wanked me with long slow strokes with one hand, the other one massaging my balls. I groaned out loud as she wanked me faster and harder, matching her sucking.

I rocked my hips forward, fucking her mouth in time to her hands, to her lips, to her tongue. I fucked her mouth harder, her lips stretched around me. She pushed her fingers between my legs to probe my bum. I told her I was going to cum. She sucked me harder, wanked me faster, and then pushed the tip of her finger inside me.

My moans filled the room as I came, as I held her head to me, as I drove my cock into her mouth, as jet after jet of my thick cum poured from me. She clamped her lips around my cock, still sucking me, squeezing me, taking all my cum into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed, as she looked up at me, before standing up to kiss me, still holding my cock.

We kissed, our lips hard together, our tongues sharing the feel, the taste, of my cum. As we kissed, I turned her so that she was leaning back against the table.

Now it was my turn to kneel. I kissed her tummy softly, my tongue exploring her tiny belly button. I eased her knickers off, over her hips and down her legs, watching as I exposed her to me. She sat back on the edge of the table, pulling her legs up, opening them to me. Her pussy was smooth and naked, her lips pouting and wet, her clit pink and erect.

I leant forward and kissed her belly again, running my tongue over her warm flesh, downwards. I stopped just above her slit, teasing her, kissing her softly, moving down to kiss the insides of her thighs. With a cry, she grabbed my head and dragged me back to her pussy, pushing her hips forward, pulling me onto her.

I sucked on her as she held me, savouring her taste, her wetness. She sighed as I probed her with my tongue before slipping a finger inside her pussy while I sucked on her clit.

She held my head, rocking her hips forward to force her pussy down harder onto my mouth. I finger fucked her, rubbing that little rough patch just inside her pussy as I sucked on her lips and clit. I clamped my mouth over her, my tongue inside her. Her hands tightened on my head as her pleasure built, her moans getting louder, her pussy wetter, as I moved with her, fingering her, licking her, sucking her.

She ground down harder on me, her juices smeared around my face, as she cried out, as she came. Her wetness poured from her as she rubbed herself frantically against me. I sucked harder, sucking her juices from her succulent pussy as her cries echoed around us, as her orgasm washed over her, as she held me tighter than ever to her.

Gradually, she relaxed, sighing with pleasure. I stood up, pulling her to me as we kissed, as we shared the taste of her. She licked her juices from my face, her tongue darting around. We kissed again – a long lingering kiss, our tongues slipping and sliding sensually over each other, our hands roaming all over each other.

She reached for my cock. I was hard again, my cock hanging down heavily in front of me. She stroked me slowly as I held her hips, her bum still perched on the table. She stood up, and turned around. She leant forward, her perfect heart shaped bum pointing upwards at me. I bent forward and kissed each flawless cheek. As I stood up, she looked over her shoulder at me. I stood watching her, stroking my cock.

“Now fuck me,” she bahis şirketleri whispered, “Fuck me hard.”

I reached for her hips again, my cock resting between her cheeks. She wiggled her bum deliciously from side to side as I stepped back a little, my cock head slipping easily downwards towards her pussy. She pushed back, my cock between her damp thighs, and then against her hot, wet pussy. I pressed forward, my cock entering her easily, slowly.

We both moaned as I slid into her more deeply. I moaned as her pussy wrapped itself around me, drawing me into her. And she moaned at my size, at my hardness inside her. I eased out of her, leaving just my cock head inside her, and then drove back inside her – hard. Her hips pushed back to meet me, her cries filling the room again as I fucked her.

I reached around her, cupping her firm breasts through her flimsy bra. I squeezed her gently, rolling her hard nipples through the thin material. Her hips matched my thrusts as I pumped into her, as I pinched her nipples – softly at first and then harder as her cries reached a peak and she came again. She reached down and rubbed her own clit, her body slumped forward on the table. I fucked her more slowly, not wanting to cum just yet, wanting her to enjoy her moment.

I pulled out of her as she stood up and turned around. She lay back on the table, her arms above her head, her gorgeous body laid out before me. I slid into her again. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me onto her, into her.

I reached forward, cupping her breasts again. My fingers found the tiny clasp nestling in her deep cleavage. I undid it, pushing the lacy material away from her body. Her breasts were hot under my hands, her nipples hard like two little pebbles against the palms of my hands.

I drove my cock into her harder, meeting her hips as she pushed up to meet me. She held my hands to her, pressing them hard to her breasts. I pushed down, her nipples hard against me. I rubbed her breasts before pulling my hands away to hold her hips again as I pumped into her harder and harder.

She caressed her own breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples, her breathing laboured, her mouth open, her eyes closed. Her moans got louder as I fucked her harder, deeper. She threw her hands above her head, holding the end of the table, her back arched, her breasts bouncing as I drove into her, as I fucked her, as we both cried out.

She screamed as she came again, as her pussy throbbed and pulsed around my cock, as her pleasure ran through her, as she triggered my eruption. I cried out as my cum gushed into her. I slumped forward holding her, gasping for breath, my cock buried inside her, our hot, damp bodies pressed together.

We kissed softly as our breathing returned to normal. With a start we heard a muffled announcement that the ferry would soon be docking. We jumped up, looking for our clothes strewn around the room.

By the time I had found my clothes and pulled my tee shirt on, she was dressed. I stopped, half naked, and looked at her. She stepped towards me, and kissed me. Before I could pull her to me she was gone, stepping away from me and out of the door. I called out, frantically trying to get dressed. I rushed after her, but she was gone. I went back to the stairwell, which was now crowded with people heading towards the car decks. She was nowhere to be seen.

I walked slowly towards the stairs, joining the mass of other people. As I walked, something was pressed into my hand by someone behind me. I automatically looked down at my hand. I recognised them straightaway – it was her lacy, black knickers. I turned, looking for her. She was a few yards away, walking away from me. She turned and blew me a kiss as she flashed that wonderful smile at me. She pointed at my hand. I looked down. There was a note wrapped in her damp panties. Looking up, she was gone.

The note was short. All it said was a name – “Frankee”, and then a phone number, and then a short message – “Call Me”.

I grinned broadly, making the people around me jump as I pumped my arm in the air and shouted ”Yes” rather more loudly than I intended.

What a way to end a holiday – and start the rest of my life!!

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