Lust, Love and the Professor

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Thank you to everyone who reads my stories. I put quite a bit of creative effort into each one and I really enjoy knowing that there are people like you guys who enjoy my words! All my stories are self edited for the meantime so please try to just gloss over any typos you may see (I know they probably exist so no need to tell me and point it out). I do try my best to catch all I can, but, you know… human error and all that.

That said, I hope you enjoy this one and it can provide you with some… inspiration during your alone time 😉


Lust, Love and The Professor


A soft knock sounds from my heavy oak door. I lift my head to check the time and sigh.

8:49 pm.

My office hours are over in ten minutes and I was hoping to get out of here a bit early but it looks like that’s looking like wishful thinking at the moment.

“Come in,” I say, turning back to the papers I’m grading.

The door clicks open. “Professor Tate?” A feminine voice calls out from the door way. I close my eyes and grind my teeth at the sound of her sweetly seductive voice.

Mel Sanders, a student from my 8AM Music Theory and Composition course. She pops her head in the partially opened doorway. “I’m so sorry professor, I know your office hours are almost over. I promise I just have a quick question.” Mel slides her sinful little body through the open door, her brows are pinched in the center of her forehead, full lips pursed as if nervous I’ll tell her to leave. I wouldn’t really blame her either. I’m a grumpy son of a bitch a majority of the time. I guess that’s what happens when you hate your job. Though, there’s nothing I can do about it until my dead father’s house renovation is completed and ready to go on the market.

“It’s fine. My office hours say 5pm to 8pm so I guess I can’t refuse.” I say followed with a huff.

She bites her lip, her hazel eyes turning troubled as she plants her feet right at the entrance to my office.

Out of all the things I can’t stand in the god forsaken town, Mel is the one bright spot. She’s smart as a whip, always the first one to raise her hand and provide an answer, gets top scores on every assignment, her papers are brilliant, written about everything from Bach to Ella Fitzgerald. She’s insanely talented, plays the piano as natural as normal people breathe and has the voice of an angel. Not to mention she’s also the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, with her creamy, white skin, silky chestnut colored waist length hair, and a supple curvy body that most girls her age would dread having but one she wears with the utmost confidence. She knows she’s sexy, but doesn’t flaunt it, doesn’t shove it in your face with skimpy clothes and over the top make up. Too bad she’s my fucking student, otherwise I would have taken her to dinner my first night here before bringing her home and fucking her till she came so many times she wouldn’t be able to move the next day.

So what is my solution to the overwhelming desire I have for my delicious visitor? I’m an asshole. More so to her than anyone else, though, I’m an asshole to most other people as well so it’s not entirely personal.

“Come in Ms. Sanders. I don’t have all night.” I wave her in with an exasperated hand motion before looking at the clock. “In fact, I have about 8 more minutes.”

“Sorry…” She shuffles inside the office, shutting the door behind her, which I’m not sure is the best idea. Mel perches on the office chair in front of my desk, holding her books in front of her like a shield.

“What can I help you with?” I ask, looking back down at the papers in front of me. It’s the only way I’ll make it through this without doing something drastic, like ripping off those unbearably tight jeans and tasting the undoubtedly delicious cunt beneath.

She takes a deep breath. “OK, so, you handed back our last paper this morning and I obviously saw I got a B.” I quickly look up to see her digging in her folder for said paper, her tits jiggling with her movements in her low-cut v-neck sweater.

I bite the inside of my cheek before turning away again. Focus! We’re grading shit, Daniel.

“And…?” I say, impatience leaking into my tone. I need her out of here. Both of us in this small space, with her flowery sweet smell and her fucking body heat, is frying my brain cells. When those are all gone I’ll only have my animal instincts and there will be nothing stopping me from bending her over my fucking desk.

I hear her sigh again, more of a frustrated sound than the one before. “And I just don’t understand how I could have gotten that grade.”

I shrug, feigning indifference. “It’s what you earned.”

She pauses for a moment, mulling over her next words. “I’m not sure that’s accurate, Professor Tate.”

I look up from the papers, meeting her eyes for the first time since she came in. There’s anger and uncertainty swirling in those hazel depths and something about her frustration lights me up from the inside pendik escort out. “Are you saying I’ve made a mistake?”

She closes her eyes, cringing. “No. No, I just…” she takes another steadying breath and finishes in a calmer tone. “I would just like to know why I received this grade.”

I lean back in my chair and fold my arms over my chest. “Well, your sources weren’t properly cited, some of your information was inaccurate, some of your opinions were based in ignorance instead of fact. Do I need to go on?”

Her mouth is slightly agape at my comments. “I…wh… That’s ridiculous! I worked on this paper for weeks! I researched my ass off! There is nothing ignorant about it,” she shouts, the fire returning and heating me up by proximity. My dick has started straining against my slacks, lust and anger and frustration all bleeding together to fuel and strengthen my undeniable hunger.

“Maybe you need to pay closer attention when researching.” I say calmly, even though my blood tells me I’m anything but.

She stiffens in her chair, her back going straight as a board, fists clenching at her sides and I have to hold back my feral smile.

Apparently some of it shows through my mask, though. “Are you… Smiling?!” she asks with a healthy dose of outrage. “You are! I can’t believe this! Do you get off on this? Being a dick?!”

Her last words wipe the smile off my face, both from anger and a spike of lust that fires through me. I straighten in my chair, leaning forward with my elbows on the desk. “Ms. Sanders. I’ll kindly ask that you keep your foul mouth out of my office and my classroom. If you have issues you’d like to discuss, I’m more than happy to do–”

“Issues! You’re the one with the issues.” She stands, leaning forward and slapping her palms on the desk. “What exactly is your problem with me?”

“Other than you shouting obscenities in my office I’ve never had a problem with you.”

“Oh Bullshit!” she shouts, lips curled in disbelief. I stand from my chair, leaning into the space that she’s claimed over my desk. “I’ve done everything you’ve asked in class, I put more thought into my assignments then any other student, I work harder than any other student and you refuse to recognize it. You’re always looking at me like I’ve wronged you somehow.”

My body vibrates in response to the fury boiling through her, flushing her skin and lighting up her eyes. She looks sexier than ever, like some kind of avenging angel out for my blood. And every fiery word and spit out syllable she drives me closer and closer to giving it to her.

“I suggest you leave this office now, Ms. Sanders.” I practically growl. Otherwise, I can’t be held responsible for my actions. I say the last part in my head, but it’s the honest truth.

“I will not leave until I get some answers.” She’s digging her heels in and it makes my dick as hard as a steel rod in my pants. “What the hell is your problem!?”

I come around the desk, keeping my eyes on hers the entire time “You want to know my problem?”

“Yes!” She says as I crowd her against the desk edge.

“You really want to know what my problem is, Ms. Summers?” I ask, towering over her tiny frame. The heat from her body seeping into mine as her tits heave with her minty fresh breaths, brushing against my chest with each inhale.

She leans away from me. I watch as her pulse pounds in her throat and my eyes follow as she swallows hard. “Y-yes.”

“My problem.” One step closer, our bodies now in direct contact. “Ms. Sanders, is you.”

Her pupils are as big as saucers in her wide hazel eyes. “Wh..what do you mean?” she stutters on a whisper.

I let my eyes travel over her tight little body. Her heavy breasts, her trim waist, her wide hips…I want to devour her whole, taste every inch of her perfect fucking flesh and gorge myself until I can’t stand anymore. “Anytime I see you, think of you, read your words, or hear you play… all I can think of is bending your sweet little body over any flat surface I can find and driving my cock into your hot little cunt so hard you beg for mercy.”

Her full lips part on a gasp, her chest rising and falling faster, pulse throbbing quicker. “Oh…”

My hands land on the desk on each side of her hips, caging her in. I lean closer, brushing my lips along her cheek to her ear, whispering my next words. “Are you glad you asked?” I rumble in her ear, feeling her shiver against my body. “Does it turn you on knowing I want to push you down on this desk right now and suck on you sweet little pussy until you fill my mouth with your come?”

An unsuppressed moan works its way out of her throat and her head falls backward slightly, eyes closed tight. I run my finger up her arm and goosebumps break out over her skin in response to the featherlight touch. “Tell me, Mel. Does it make your cunt drip to think of my thick cock stretching that tight little hole?”

“Oh god…” she moans.

“Nope, it’s Dan or Professor Tate. Make sure you maltepe escort call one of those when I’m buried inside you.”

With that, I reach around and grip her ass, hoisting her up onto the desk top before crashing my lips down on hers, claiming her mouth for my own, twisting my tongue with hers and finally tasting her sweetness after months of wondering.

Jesus christ…It is so much fucking better than I ever imagined. She moans and it vibrates over my tongue and into my body, into my fucking soul. Her thighs tighten around my hips, hands coming up around my shoulders, her hands twist in my hair. “So fucking sweet.”

She grinds her hot center against my hard cock and breaks our kiss. “I’ve been dreaming about this since the first day in class,” she says breathlessly as I kiss over her jaw and down her throat, pulling her hips closer, grinding my dick into her jean covered pussy even harder. “Fuck,” she mumbles.

“Me too, baby,” I say between kisses and licks and bites. My hands come up, pulling the hem of her sweater with them and ripping it over her head. Her beautiful tits are bulging over the cups of her yellow satin bra, as if fighting their containment. I palm the soft mounds in my hands, testing their weight in my hands. Fuck me… she’s so fucking amazing. I reach back and flick the clasp on her bra, watching as it comes undone, hanging loosely over her breasts, still hiding her from my view until she shrugs the straps off her shoulders.

I groan at the sight, her tits are prefect heavy tear drops topped with a quarter sized rosy bud on each like the fucking cherry on a Sundae. I lean down and suck one into my mouth, she tastes sweet here too, just like everywhere else. She whimpers as I lick and suck at her nipple, feeling it tighten on my tongue, her hands tangling in my hair and nails scratching my scalp.

“Fuck yes… Professor Tate. That feels so good…” Her head is thrown back as she squirms against me.

I switch to the other nipple and suck it into my mouth, giving it the same treatment. “Just wait till I get to your sweet little cunt.”

“Oh fuck…”



Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit…

When I came to his office today I had no fucking clue it would turn into this… I just thought I would ask him about my scores and he would give me a reasonable answer and I would try harder next time, do better. I thought maybe I let my work slide a bit because I was too busy staring at the professors rock hard ass instead of paying attention to the material. Turns out he’s been looking at mine, too.

I don’t know how it’s possible that a man as beautiful and mature and accomplished as Professor Daniel Tate is interested in a normal girl like me, but I’m not one to question the gifts life provides us, especially not when that gift is doing his very best to give me an orgasm through tit play alone.

His tongue laves over the hard point of my nipple and gives it a small nip, sending a jolt of pleasure straight to my pussy. He pulls his mouth off with a pop and starts kissing his way down my stomach. “Is this little cunt drenched? I can’t wait to taste the juice you have for me. I want you dripping like a leaking faucet. So much it soaks my desk and all the papers on it,” he says between kisses and licks. “I’m gonna leave it there, too. So that after we’re done, the smell of your delicious cunt never leaves my office.”

Ohmygod…. He’s so goddamned dirty. It’s such a fucking turn on. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I might actually make his wish come true. The thought that my pussy juice could get on someones exam paper before he hands it back… holy shit… my pussy clenches at the thought. Filthy. “Professor please eat my pussy… I need your tongue.” My words are so heavy with lust I almost don’t recognize my own voice.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he says before planting a kiss on my hip bone. “Lay back and get comfy. I haven’t had dinner yet, so I might be down here a while.”

Oh Jesus Christ… I do as he says. He trails his tongue and lips over the inside of both my thighs and my muscles convulse with each brush. Then, with very little warning he dives in. His silky tongue circling over my engorged clit, slurping at my lower lips like he’s trying to suck up all my nectar.

“Fuck, baby. Your pussy is the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. I want you to give me all that fucking cum.” I moan and grunt and whimper as he slides his tongue expertly over my folds, before sliding down and pushing it into my tight hole. Before long, my legs are convulsing, my body getting tighter and tighter in preparation for the coming explosion.

“Fuck yes… oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck… I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” I shout, my fingers digging into his scalp and he grunts in pleasure, like he’s eating the most delicious food imaginable and enjoying the fuck out of it. He slides a finger inside my tight opening and fucks my pussy, pressing forward with the tip and finding the spot that makes kartal escort me go off.

I feel it coming, a strong wave crashes over me, a flood of sexual pressure being released like the pop of a cork on a champagne bottle. I scream as my orgasm crests, releasing a stream of clear fluid right into the Professor Tate sucking mouth. He moans, sucking harder, licking with more vigor and determination. I want to be embarrassed, but I just don’t have any emotional room for it at the moment, I’m too drained from the climax of the century.

“Jesus christ, Mel. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.” He says climbing back up my body. He pulls back and starts unbuttoning his shirt and I’m beyond embarrassed to see that I’ve soaked the front.

“Oh my god… Look what I did to your shirt.” I cover my face with my hands before I feel him grab my wrists and pull them away.

“I know, that’s why I’m never washing it again.” His lips are tilted to the side in a wicked smirk before he takes possession of my mouth. I can taste myself on his lips and tongue and it gets my pussy throbbing all over again, aching for his thick cock to fill the void. My hands find the button on his slacks, fumbling to undo them and get my first look at what I’m sure will be a dick as beautiful as the man it’s attached to. He chuckles. “Someone’s eager.”

“You bet your tight ass I am. I’ve been dealing with your grumpy shit all semester. This is my reward.” I smile at him, still working the button and zipper.

He returns my smile and says, “Well, by all means, don’t let me stand in your way.” He drops his hands to his sides as I finally get his pants undone, revealing the black boxer briefs underneath. Excitement flutters in my stomach as I reach to his hips and slide his underwear down, revealing his very impressive cock. The shaft is thick and veiny in the best ways with a purple angry head that’s begging for some attention. He groans loudly as I stroke it a few times, collecting a bead of precum with my thumb and using it as lube. I lean down to get my first taste of the 8 inch monster when he pulls me back up.

“Not this time, sweet thing.” He laughs when I pout. “If you do that I’m gonna cum in that perfect mouth of yours and I would much rather shoot my first load deep into your cunt instead,” he murmurs into my mouth before capturing my lips for a soul wrenching kiss.

He grips me by my hips and pulls me to the edge of the desk, pressing my soft body against his hard one. My hands find his shoulders, loving the broad expanse of them. He’s so large, he makes me feel so small and breakable in his hands.

He reaches down, taking a hold of his beautiful cock and lining it up with my entrance. He swipes it over my folds a few times. “I’ve been waiting for this tight cunt for a long time. You on birth control?” I nod and a giant smile erupts over his handsome face. “Good. You ready for me, baby?”

“Yes. Yes, Professor. Give me that fat cock, stretch my pussy. I wanna feel you tomorrow.”

“Mmmm, I promise you will, baby.” At the last word, he shoves forward, thrusting the entire length of his long hard shaft inside me, making me yell out in pleasure. “Goddamn, baby, you are so fucking tight. Squeezing my dick so hard,” he grates out, pulling out then slowly sliding back in. I cling to him, moaning and muttering incomprehensible things as he slides in and out of my tight channel. The delightful stretch of my pussy is scattering my thoughts, all I can think about is the slide of his cock into me and the feel of his mouth sucking at my neck and the grip of his hands on my ass and hips as he ruts inside me, grunting and groaning like and wild animal. My pussy starts clenching around his cock as it hits the exact spot I need him to hit, my muscles tensing and tightening all over again.

“You gonna cum for me, baby?”

All I can do is whimper and moan in answer to his question. None of my bodily functions work while he’s inside me other then cumming and moaning.

“I want you to cum. Fucking squirt all over me. Get it everywhere, baby. Come on.” His thumb finds my clit and that’s when my battle is over. My orgasm comes barrelling through me, granting his wish again as I squirt my cum all over his thrusting dick. “Fuck yes. God-fucking-dammit, that is so fucking hot.” The slap of flesh on flesh and the squelch of my sucking cunt is the loudest sound in his office, accompanied by out respective moans and grunts. He pounds into me so hard the desk shakes and I start to feel another orgasm building in my core.

“I’m gonna cum soon, baby. I’m gonna cum deep inside your fucking cunt. You want that? You want me to paint your womb with my spunk?” He’s growling now, like a fucking animal and it pushes me closer and closer to that cliff edge again.

“Yes,yes, yes yes yes…” All I can do is chant the word over and over while taking his pounding cock.

“Fuck, baby. I’m gonna give it to you. I’m cumming, fuck.” He grunts pounding extra hard a few more times before burying himself to the hilt. I feel his dick pulse inside me releasing 6 or 7 thick ropes of cum inside me. He leans forward and I lay back on the desk, taking him with me. We’re both breathing hard, coming down from our peaks when I break the silence.

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