Luv Letters 03 , 04

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Big Tits


We both groan into each others mouths as I slip into your hot wet pussy. Since I have already cum in your mouth tonight, we settle into a slow, satisfying rhythm. I enjoy pushing all the way in so that you are filled with every inch of my throbbing cock, kissing you deeply, and gently rocking inside of you. I can feel your wet clit pressing against the patch of hair below my naval as I reach around and grab your buttocks with both hands holding you against me tightly and let out a low growl.

Now I settle into a rhythm of several short shallow teasing strokes, following by a long deep stroke causing you to let out a gasp. Sometimes its three short strokes, sometimes its five, I like to keep you guessing so that the deep stroke is a nice satisfying surprise. I have raised up on my arms and we are both hungrily watching my cock sink into your pussy over and over.

Now I press into up to the hilt, press my hand against the small of your back holding you to me, and we roll over with you on top with me still inside of you. I raise up my knees, my thighs pressing against the backs of your legs, take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of our skin to skin contact as you begin to rock on me. I wrap both arms around your torso feeling your breasts press against my chest as we kiss.

Our energy is radiating around our bodies, we can feel it begin at our union and move up our spines to the crown of our heads, down through our eyes, sinuses, we exchange some of the energy from one body to the other through our tongues that are happily mingling together. The energy moves down the fronts of our bodies to the canlı bahis point just below our navels, then exchanges again from one body to the other where our bodies are joined. We exchange our energy freely each taking as much as we are giving relishing the abundance of the warm intimate feeling that is building between us. In giving we find that there is more for both of us as each cycle of the energy circling our bodies builds and builds.

We both lose track of the time, but after awhile, you stop rocking, hug me tightly and tell me to get back on top. You tell me that you want to feel my cum spurting inside of your pussy. I steadily and deliberately pump into you, using your pussy to pleasure my cock. Its getting harder, bigger, hotter. You can feel it pulsing.

As it reaches what seems to be as big, and hard, and hot as it can get I can feel I have reached the point of no return. I enjoy the plateau of pleasure of several delicious strokes prior to going over the edge. My strokes become frantic pounding into you over and over, then my bulbous cockhead expands one final unbelievable time. I bury the pulsating peach deeply pressing against your womb and KAPOW! Time seems to stand still for this milisecond as a bright light flashes within my mind I feel the explosion begin in my balls, rush up my shaft with incredible force as the first thick jet of hot cum spurts into your clinching pussy. Another powerfull spurt sends another river of the magical, potent, hot sperm into you. My balls begin to ache as they empty into your body. I can feel my head swimming in the hot pool of jism inside of you. We hug, kiss, catch bahis siteleri our breaths, sigh, and cuddle as my cock slowly deflates.


First, I slide my hard oiled cock under your freshly shaved armpit. Imagine the feeling of my throbbing cock sliding there. See the bright head popping out next to your erect nipple. I wonder if your mouth can reach the head? You try and and succeed popping the head into your mouth sucking hungrily. I chastise you “No, no you naughty little girl. No sucking allowed tonight. You may lick or kiss only.”

Next I place my erection in the crook of your elbow. I use this crevice to slowly jack off over your beautiful face. I place the head over your lips and you obediently, gently kiss and lick it. I rub it over the rest of your face, your cheeks, your nose, your eyelids. A drop of precum oozes across your cheek, so I move it back your your lips and you lick hungrily as I continue to use your elbow.

Now I move down your body and place my aching cock in the crook of your knee. I slide hungrily as we both enjoy the sight of the head emerging from the other side. I tell you to remove your panties. As you do I can see the arousal of your inflamed pussy lips. I continue to use your knee as the head points tantalizingly at your aching pussy.

I move further down and rub my cock over your feet, between your toes, across your soles. I place the soles of your feet together around my cock and pump between them. I wonder if I could shoot my cum onto your hot wet pussy from here? Maybe I’ll find out another night.

I move up and place my shaft between your hot glistening bahis şirketleri pussy lips. The head is nestled in your soft fur. Your delicious juice coats my shaft as I begin to slide it across your throbbing hole the head teases your clit. You move your hips trying to engulf my cock but I won’t let you. I continue to tease you mercilessly. You can feel me slide from tip to balls across your vulva.

Now I move back up your body and begin to slide my cock between your tits. I tease your erect nipples with my thumbs as I plunge between your cleavage, the head emerging on the other side pointed at your beautiful face. You lean forward and begin to lick and kiss the head each time it appears. My thrusting becomes more urgent, “Open your mouth, I’m gonna cum! Do you think you can catch it all?” “Oh yes baby come on, shoot it!”

You watch the tip for the first shot of creamy white cum. You can see the head begin to swell as you extend your tongue to tease the underside. A small drop drips into your mouth just before the first shot explodes into your open mouth. You close your eyes and feel wonderfully naughty as shot after shot of hot cum fills your mouth. You relish the masculine taste and smell of my seed. You can hear my satisfied growl. You feel a deep sense of satisfaction as you know that I am watching my precious little cum lover continue to lick and kiss my cock.

Alas, I can see that only one small shot of cum has missed your mouth squirting across your left cheek. In order to reach my long-term goal of touching every tiny feature of your face with my sperm I may have to cum on your face one thousand more times. And I’m looking forward to every second of it. I watch amazed as the magical tadpoles on your cheek transform into tiny Princes and march eagerly into your enticing mouth as I wipe them there with my softening cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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