Lydia , Laura Ch. 2: Laura Does a…

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Big Tits

Chapter 2: Laura Does a Frog in the Backseat

Just a week after Lydia shared her first fuck with me I double-dated with Caroline Mercer and Bobby Tennent. My date’s name was Alan Pond, known locally as “Frog”. We went to the movies and then drove around for awhile in Bobby’s Buick getting high, sharing a large joint the Alan had produced from somewhere. We ended up parking down by the river. I didn’t mind.

Alan Pond was fun to be with, and, though his nickname Frog suggests he might be on the ugly side, he wasn’t. He was just one of the guys at school. He was no big deal. Still, he got lucky with me that night. I was feeling good, happy and free, and friendly enough to start coming on to him before he came on to me. We had fun making out in the Buick back seat. After a while I stuck my tongue down his throat and he started feeling my tits, which made me really hot for him. Bobby and Caroline were doing the same thing in the front seat. I couldn’t see what they were doing, but they certainly weren’t paying any attention to us. (Everyone at school said that Caroline was fucking Bobby.) So that Alan could make me feel even better I pulled up the front of my top so he could feel my boobs with nothing in the way. His hands on my tits felt really nice and I could tell he liked them by the way he touched them. I surprised myself. I had never felt as horny as this before. We kissed again and again until I couldn’t stand just kissing any more.

I pulled up my skirt, took off my panties and straddled him on the seat. I put my tits in his face so he could suck on my nipples and was pleased to feel his hand go around behind my ass to feel my wet, hairy pussy. Two fingers slid easily up inside me and he finger-fucked me gently while his tongue played with my nipples. I was panting.

“Take it out. Show me your cock. I want to touch it, ” I whispered in his ear.

That was all it took. He undid his belt, unzipped his fly, pushed his pants down and there it was in front of me waving, big and hard, and waiting for me to touch it. Looking at that cock made me feel a kind of stoned, peaceful happiness I had never felt before. All the excitement and urgency I felt just went away. Alan’s cock was thick, smooth and muscular-looking with a big soft knob on top, and I loved it instantly. I loved demetevler escoırt the dark curls that surrounded it and I loved even more the beautiful balls that lay so softly and heavily below it. I wanted to play with it, suck it and put it in my cunt all at once. Then I remembered the woman in the video bending over the penis in her hands and smiling as she made that man come on the TV in Lydia’s basement. I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I had waited patiently for this moment and here it was. I decided I was not going to fuck Alan Pond, but I was going to jerk him off instead in the backseat of Bobby Tennent’s Buick.

I took Mr. Big Thing gently in my fingers and gave my Frog Prince a nice soft, soft gentle kiss to tell him how happy I was.

“Please let me make you feel good. I want to.”


I found my purse, got out a tube of hand cream and squeezed a generous amount on the head of his beautiful dick. Taking lots of time, I spread the slipperiness up and down its length and around its knob. Sitting as far back as I could on Alan’s knees and leaning back against the front seat, I wrapped my fingers around my first cock and proceeded slowly to jerk him off in just the same way as the woman I had seen in the video so many years ago. Alan sighed and closed his eyes. My fingers made a tight ring around the barrel of his cock, sliding slowly down and tightening as I came slowly back up. I kept on doing it, watching how it felt for him. My left hand touched his balls, though that was difficult to do well because of the way were sitting. His balls were loose and full at first, but after a time became tight and furrowed. I raked them with my fingernails and Alan shivered with pleasure. I came to love the power I had over him. He couldn’t reach my cunt easily anymore and I missed his fingers inside me, but he still could feel my breasts and squeeze them gently as I pulled on his penis. Sometimes I would lean forward and give him little encouraging kisses, and sometimes I would take his cock in my hand as though I were shaking hands with it and then twist as I pulled on it. Alan liked the twisting a lot. .

I wasn’t in a hurry. I took my time and enjoyed myself.

From the front seat I could hear murmurs of pleasure and I could feel rus escort the seat moving rhythmically against my back. Caroline was getting fucked. The sound of it was making me excited again. If I hadn’t been concentrating on Alan’s cock I would have liked to watch Caroline and Bobby. I thought I would like to sit in a chair beside the bed while Bobby fucked Caroline. I wanted to watch his dick go in and out and see what that did to Caroline. I didn’t really like Caroline, but I wanted to see her get fucked. I couldn’t think of that now. I concentrated on Alan. He was being sweet and allowing me to do just what I wanted without making things more complicated by asking me to suck him off or fuck him. (I don’t know how I would have sucked him off in that back seat, but I probably could have accomplished it.) There was no way that he could ever understand how much this sweaty, semi-clothed moment in the backseat of a parked car meant to me. I felt grateful to him, and I would never forget him.

He let me go on and on, enjoying the feel of his warm, stiff, slippery cock in my hands. Sometimes I varied my speed and grip. When I squeezed harder or twisted faster, I could see the excitement in his face and I loved it. He seemed to be in sweet pain. When I slowed back down, Alan’s face relaxed again, but he didn’t seem to miss what I had been doing before I slowed. We both knew without saying it that the more he had to wait, the harder he would come. I pulled, twisted, and pulled again. He forgot about my breasts and moved his hands to my hips where he held me as though he thought I might escape. As I went on pulling his big thing, he held me harder and harder. He was trying, sweet thing, to hang on as long as possible, but he was getting close and his face showed the misery of almost-but-not-quite-there. I was panting again with excitement as the moment approached, but I didn’t hurry. I watched the reddened head of his cock closely. I wanted to see it come out. I wanted to see him come and feel it. His cock got harder and bigger. At last he could hang on no longer. Alan tensed, pushed his hips forward, said “Oh!” in a rather loud voice, and shot an amazing squirt of come that hit my right breast. I was so happy I almost laughed. I pulled hard again and he groaned as he spouted a huge, white, warm, batıkent escort sticky geyser of come that ran down the side of his cock and onto my hand. I pulled a third and last time and got another eruption, smaller and more trickily, accompanied by another groan and a “Fuck yes!”

He put his hands on mine to get me to stop. He said quietly, “Oh fuck! That felt good!” and kissed me. Frog was done. Then he was quiet and I was quiet, holding his throbbing penis gently in my hands, feeling it pulse again and again as his pleasure subsided.

I was deliriously happy.

The front seat was now making a lot more noise. Caroline was saying “oh yes!” over and over again. Sometimes she said it fast, “ohyesohyesohyes!” and sometimes it was a drawn out, “oh…..yes…..oh…..yes…..oh…..yes!” After a long series of rapid ohyes’s Caroline’s string was punctuated with an “Oh FUCK!” from Bobby. He lifted Caroline on his hips as he drove into her and grunted as he came. Bobby had to work very hard at fucking her since she was sitting in his lap facing the windshield. It couldn’t have been easy.

I looked at Alan and told him quietly that I wanted to do that too with him, if he wanted to, to let him fuck me anytime he felt like it. I told him that I could arrange to have a bed to do it in, rather than the backseat of a car, if he wanted. I told him that I had jerked him off because I wanted to jerk him off, not because I was afraid to fuck him. I wanted to fuck him, or if he wanted me to suck him off I would do that. I told him that he had made me very happy tonight just by letting me jerk him off. I kissed him again and then took my come-covered hand and licked off every drop while he watched. I thought he got the point.

Caroline slowly got off Bobby’s dick and turned to kiss him. The weird thing was that she seemed surprised to see Alan and me sitting in the back seat. I honestly think that, in the heat of the moment, she had forgotten we were there, because she seemed embarrassed that she had let Bobby fuck her in front of us. Maybe she thought we would talk. (If we did talk, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to say anything that wasn’t already being said about her.) Anyway, she suddenly became modest and decided it was time to go home. Bobby, having gotten what he wanted, was happy to oblige, so the evening ended.

Frog put his arm around me and rubbed my pussy gently on the way home. Fortunately, I remembered to find my panties on the floor of the car when we got there before I ran into the house.

I was sure he would call. I couldn’t wait to tell Lydia.

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