Making Music

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David had taken music as a joke. It wasn’t particularly hard and he was instrumentally gifted – that is, he picked up most instruments easily. It had been a fill in subject. A subject to go where there was no subject. He didn’t pay attention in class and crammed before the exams. He didn’t practise his nominated instrument (the saxophone) and he learned his pieces the night before. And he still managed an A. David had been doing music for two years. He had had two music teachers and he wouldn’t have been able to tell you their names, their hair colours or even if they were white or black. He just didn’t care.

But in his senior year of high school, something changed. David began to pay attention. Every day he’d go to class and he’d listen and watch. He wouldn’t take notes. He wouldn’t look in his textbook, or focus when he was asked to play an instrument. He sat there, watching and listening to the teacher. There was a reason too.

First day of class, David had started off as he usually would. He was five minutes late to class, and was greatly surprised to see he wasn’t the last one to arrive. The teacher had yet to show. He made his way to his seat up the back and sat down. He grabbed his Ipod, laid back and began listening to music. He closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep.

Moments later he was woken up, his earphones removed painfully from his ears. He looked up to see a young woman looking down at him. She didn’t seem angry, but she looked mildly annoyed. ‘Not in this class. It may be music but we won’t be listening to rap or pop. Put it away so we can begin.’ She said, turning around and walking back to the front of the class.

David responded as he usually did to this sort of statement. He lay back, putting his headphones back in, and turned the volume up louder. He shut his eyes again, but not five seconds later, the music in his headphones ceased. David looked up again to see the teacher standing over him, but this time she was holding his Ipod. ‘No one passes my class without attending and paying attention.’ She walked back to the front of the class and placed the Ipod on the desk. ‘For those of you that weren’t listening, my name is Ms. Fletcher. I’m replacing Mr.Rudland for the year. Are there any questions before we begin?’ She asked, avoiding David’s murderous stare.

‘Yeah. I have one.’ David said, placing his hand nonchalantly in the air.

‘Yes, Mr.Roberts?’ she replied, looking directly at him.

‘Who’s Mr.Rudland?’ he asked, as the class burst into laughter.

‘Mr. Rudland was last year’s music teacher David. Just so we are clear and you don’t have to ask, I am this year’s music teacher and my name is Ms.Fletcher.’ she said with confidence. ‘Any other questions David?’

‘Just one, Ms.Fletcher.’ He replied, impressed by her calm response but not making it visibly known. ‘Can I have my Ipod back?’ The class laughed again.

‘No, Mr Roberts, you may not and you will get it back once you have demonstrated to me a will to learn in this class. Now, I believe last year you completed your work on Beethov – ‘

It was strange to David. A teacher, especially a new one, never ever impressed him. But the confidence she had was undeniably impressive, especially considering her age. She was young, about 25, but she had an aura around her that seemed to emanate confidence. Impressed or not, David was still pissed about losing his Ipod on the first day of class and decided the best way to let her know was to do what he usual did. Fuck around.

And so he did. For the first few weeks, David did everything in his power to ignore her. He didn’t copy notes, he brought in footballs, tennis balls and he played Pokemon on Game Boy. He even went the extra yard to almost deliberately annoy her. Every time he’d step too far out of line she’d pull him back in. She didn’t do it angrily. Never once lost her temper. And soon David began to behave himself. Not because she was winning, but because he was impressed. And not just with her calm and collected style.

David began to notice her. Not like before though. David began to really notice her. He noticed the clothes she was wearing. He noticed the curves of her body. He noticed the colour of her eyes and the way her hair fell across her face. He noticed the small button nose, her soft, supple skin and the shape of her moist lips. Yes, Ms.Fletcher had David’s attention, but he wasn’t learning music.

She was short, around 5’4, with blondish hair that feel just below her shoulders. She was relatively thin, with small breasts and slightly larger hips. Every day she would wear tight jeans and a tank top to perfectly compliment her small figure. She was graceful too. When she played the violin or the piano, a look would come over her beautiful green eyes that would envelop you, draw you into her music and ignite a passion you had no idea existed.

David definitely noticed her now. As the weeks passed, he began to actually listen to her as well. He moved closer to the front of the canlı bahis class and he began to answer questions and volunteer to play instruments. Ms.Fletcher began to favour David whenever he’d raise his hand, and she’d talk more often to him than any of the class while giving lectures.

David was not the only one to have noticed her however. Every other guy in the class had been discussing what they’d like to do to her. For some reason David didn’t join in on this one. They’d all drop their pencils on the floor to see if she’d bend over and pick it up for them. David would almost get angry every single time someone would try it, but every time he’d be relieved to see she had the sense to ignore them. The woman was beautiful, smart and confidant.

David decided to try to get a little closer. He stayed back after class. ‘What’s on your mind, David?’ She said, as she collected her things together.

David took a deep breath. ‘It’s about this cello piece you gave us to play. I can’t seem to get it right.’ It was a blatant lie, but he figured God would forgive him.

‘Well what particular part is giving you the trouble?’ She asked, walking across to him and sitting on the desk, looking at the notes on his page.

‘Well… um…’ he said, unsure. ‘The cello?’

‘Ha. An instrument you couldn’t master? I never thought I’d see the day.’ She said, punching him playfully on the arm. ‘Well how about this? I have Tuesday afternoons off. We can work on it then if you would like. Say, three-fifteen?’

‘Tomorrow? That would be great. Thanks Miss.’ He said, quickly packing up his things and heading to his next class.

For the next 24 hours, David couldn’t think of anything but Ms Fletcher. Lots of different fantasies were running round and round his head. He had no idea how he made it to classes, and he had no memory of ever leaving the last one. Finally the bell signalled the end of his last class and he headed for the music centre. It was three o’clock, but he figured being early would not matter. He arrived at the door to see and hear Ms Fletcher playing the cello.

She was seated on the piano seat facing the door, the cello leaned up against her. Her head was down and her eyes were closed, her hair falling over her face as she played. Her left deftly played the right notes as her right made loving motions with the bow. The music wafted over to David as he watched her play, seeing her beauty and passion at once. He wished to be able to see that passion in her face for him.

David knocked on the door and she looked up, smiling a welcome as she finished the piece she was playing. David sat behind the desk closest to her and continued to watch her admiringly. She no longer put her head down, but looked at David the whole time, giving him the impression she was playing for him. As she ended the piece with a long, final note, David applauded quietly and smiled.

‘Thank you David. Now how about we get started on your piece. You’re having difficulty playing the cello are you?’ she asked, standing up and placing the cello carefully against her seat.

‘Yes Miss Fletcher. I just can’t seem to get it right.’ He said.

‘Firstly, outside of school hours, my name is Julie. Ok?’ David nodded his head, ‘Sit down a show me what you can do.’

Moving the cello slightly so he could sit, he leaned it back up against himself. He began to play it perfectly before realising he was supposed to be playing badly.

‘No, go back to how you started. That was good.’ Dave pretended to try but he deliberately kept his technique terrible. ‘Ok, stop. First of all, you have to keep a straight back in order to play the cello.’ Dave straightened a little. ‘Straighter…’ she said. He straightened a little more, but short of what he knew was necessary. Before he knew what had happened, Miss Fletcher was seated behind him on the piano seat, legs either side of his ass. ‘Like this.’ She said, grabbing his waist and pulling his body against hers until it was completely straight.

David felt the heat of her body on his back. He felt her breasts against his shoulder blades and the feel of her crotch against his ass. He felt her breath on his neck, and the last thing he was thinking about was music. All sorts of different scenarios rushed through his mind as body caressed body.

‘Now play David.’ She said, moving back slightly so they weren’t touching, but ensuring he continued his straight posture. The moment David began to play he deliberately slackened his back, and he felt Miss Fletcher’s body against his again. He also felt his cock begin to grow inside his pants as her crotch moved against his ass. He wondered if she was aware of their proximity and hoped she was thinking similar thoughts. ‘Keep playing David.’ He started again, and this time she continued to help him hold his posture.

‘Keep your bow elbow up David.’ She said, removing her right hand to pressure his elbow up. The feel of her soft hand on his arm was all David could think about as his erection continued bahis siteleri to grow. Time and time again he’d drop his elbow or bend his back as she retreated from him, and time and again she’d return, placing her body against him. ‘Here, I’ll show you.’ She said, reaching for the cello and the bow.

‘I can’t reach it from here. Do you mind if we switch positions.’ David had absolutely no problem with that at all, but worried that his now fully erect penis might be discovered. David stood and moved behind her, legs either side of her ass. It was now that he took in her figure again. She was small, and relatively thin. She was wearing a tank top, which revealed her bronzed shoulders. Her collarbone was clearly visible from this close position and it was all David to could do not to lean down and suck on it.

‘Closer David.’ She said, putting a hand behind his back and urging him forward. He moved forward slightly, stopping just before his crotch touched her ass. ‘I’m not gonna bite David. Right up against me. That’s the only way you’ll learn.’ David took a deep breath and moved forward the rest of the way. He felt his cock press up against her tight ass, and he heard her take a sharp breath.

‘Now,’ she said, a little hesitancy in her voice, ‘Pick up the bow.’ He could feel the nervousness in her voice, in the way her body quivered. It was the first time she’d showed any sort of weakness, and while her confidence was an incredible turn on, the fact that he could now break that was a bigger one. David reached for the bow that was on her leg, and ran his fingers over her thigh slightly before picking it up. Goose bumps appeared on her neck and David smiled slightly. ‘Play when you’re comfortable, David.’ He decided to take it literally and rearranged himself on the seat, making sure to rub his cock firmly between his teacher’s ass cheeks.

She said nothing as she felt his shaft against her, his body against his, his hot breath against her collarbone. This boy was turned on by her. She knew it. And truth be told he turned her on. The heat of his body was pulsating through her. The feel of his cock in her ass cheeks felt so right. She could feel the fire from his cock against her ass, and in turn she knew her pussy would be dripping from excitement. It was so wrong, but she knew she wanted it.

David began to play, not wanting to risk fidgeting too long in case she became weary. This time he kept his posture straight, enjoying the feel of her body against his. ‘You’re still doing it wrong David. Your notes are fine but your bow hand is atrocious. Here.’ She said, placing her hand on top of his. David was aware of every bit of skin that touched his own, and felt his cock harden further. He was sure that she had felt it too, because she paused slightly and breathed.

‘Now, keep your elbow as high as mine, and you’ll have it in no time.’ David raised his elbow to hers, so that his entire arm made contact with her skin. And then they began to play. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed until they were playing it at the right pace. Her soft hands seem to caress his in the right direction, her grip never releasing his arm and goose bumps ran up their skin. The music surrounded them and they both began to relax and enjoy it as they played.

David closed his eyes and listened carefully to the music, dropping his head slightly until his face was in her head. Her smell hit his nostrils and immediately combined with the music. He felt her tilt her head back as the music overcame them. David felt every bit of skin she touched, and was aware that his left cheek was caressing her right cheek. Slowly the music began to drift away as the only thing he became aware of was her. Her sweat, her smell, her touch, her skin. It was there, waiting to be touched. It needed to be touched.

And just like that, it was over. She had stood, gathering her things. ‘I… umm… think you have it David…’ she said. Her face was flushed and she was avoiding his gaze. Resigning to the fact it would go no further here, he thanked her as she left the room. She turned around in the doorway. ‘David, how often do you go clubbing?’

For the next week and a half David wondered about her quick departure. What was the relevance of her question? Did she leave because she was uncomfortable and didn’t want anything to do with him? Or did she leave because she was about to lose control? Either way, she had not offered another lesson that Tuesday, nor had they been in private contact since. It was last period on Friday and he was waiting for it to end so he could go out and get drunk. The bell finally ran and he raced down the halls to his locker. He grabbed his bag and slammed the door shut, just as Miss Fletcher walked by.

‘Hey Miss.’ He said, hoping she wouldn’t ignore him.

‘Hi David.’ She said, a little bit quieter than usual. ‘Happy birthday.’

‘Thanks Miss. I really appreciate that.’ How had she known it was his birthday?

‘Nineteen now, huh? Are you going out tonight?’ bahis şirketleri She asked him.

‘Yeh. I’m going to the Regatta. Should be a good night’ He said.

‘Well I hope it is David. Have a happy birthday.’ She said, smiling warmly and touching him lightly on the arm. A tingle went down David’s back as she walked off, his memories of the previous Tuesday refreshed and an erection quickly developing in his pants.

He stood there, stunned. It was all he could think about. Until Jake came up to him. ‘Come on man. The boys and me have a surprise for you. Let’s go.’

‘But I gotta get changed dude…’

‘No time for that, lets go!’ He said, dragging David until he followed him out to his truck. He was blindfolded as the truck started off, and it was 15 minutes before the truck came to a stop. He was led away from the truck and it wasn’t long before he heard lots of talking and loud music playing in the back ground. He was led through the place, gaining a few bumps and bruises from misdirection, until he was forced to sit down.

‘Now dude. I want you to close your eyes as a take off your blindfold, and I only want you to open them when I say to.’ Jake said. David complied and the blindfold was removed. ‘Open em.’ Jake said, and David’s saw a massive pair of tits in his face before someone was shoving his face against them and moving his head back and forth. When his captor finally released him, he looked up to see a reasonable looking woman with huge tits and a fit body. Looking around he could see what he had originally thought. He was in a strip club.

‘Now, Candice. I think this should be enough to pay for his first lap dance, don’t you think?’ Jake said, putting a hundred dollars in her g-string. ‘Enjoy Dave.’ He said, before walking out the door and shutting it behind him.

Candice wasted no time getting started, immediately sitting on his lap and slowly grinding her pelvis against his crotch. She was wearing nothing but a g-string with a single see-through triangle front. She rubbed her tits over David’s body as she worked, and it took David all of ten seconds to get hard. ‘Hi Candice.’ He said, breathing heavily already as her mound ground against his fully erect cock through his pants.

‘Hey baby.’ She said, moving her tits so they brushed against his face as she moved. ‘Anything in particular you really like?’ She asked, speeding up a little as she felt his breathing quicken.

‘Your doing fantastic Candice. I couldn’t ask for anything better.’ By now David was ready to explode. Candice knew what she was doing and it was an effort not to cum.

‘Are you sure, baby?’ she said seductively, running a finger down his body, pausing her grind to rub his cock through his pants. ‘It’s not every day I feel the urge to do extra with a client.’ And she continued her grind.

‘Thank you…’ David replied, struggling to maintain his breath, and his composure. ‘For the offer, but maybe another time Candice.’ He replied, and it took all his will to decline.

‘You sure baby?’ She asked, lifting herself off of him, and turning around, sitting on his backwards. She proceeded to grind her ass against his cock, leaning back against him so he could smell her heavenly scent, and see her tits rise and fall with each grind. ‘No extra charge and I’d let you do anything to me.’ She said, leaning her head back and discretely licking his neck. David began to thrust back as the pleasure took him over. His hips began to thrust at Candice, increasing the friction between her crotch and his penis.

‘Anything?’ He said, his will breaking down.

‘Anything…’ She said, turning her neck to kiss him fiercely on the lips. David reached around her front and began rubbing her mound through her g-string with his right hand. With his left he played with her breast as she moaned her approval. Candice started sucking and licking his neck, continuing to grind against his crotch. It was now that Candice stood and turned around, grabbing David’s belt buckle and undoing his pants. She showed David to the couch in the corner where David sat back, pants around his ankles.

Candice stepped up onto the couch, legs either side of David and her crotch in his face. David sat up quickly, grabbing her g-string with his teeth and then pulling them down. Then he began to play with her pussy as she moaned, tweaking her nipples. David’s tongue quickly found her pussy lips and Candice placed one leg on the top of the couch to allow him better access. She was moaning uncontrollably as he licked and sucked on her cunt, and she reached down to play with his balls. Turning around, Candice lowered herself onto his cock and immediately began bouncing up and down.

She was fairly loose, but David was close enough to his orgasm to realise he wouldn’t last long. He ran his finger down her body and began playing with her clit as she continued to bounce on his pelvis. She seemed to moan louder as he did this, increasing her tempo and slamming her pussy down on his cock. ‘You’re fucking a stripper David. Fuck me. Fuck me Dave. Use me. I wanna feel your cock deep inside me. Fuck me David.’ She said between breaths as he thrust up at her, his cock easily sliding in and out of her loose wet cunt.

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