Managing Her Body

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Big Tits

This is my first attempt at a story on this site, which I hope to be the first of several in a series. Please leave any thoughts or suggestions after reading. Enjoy!


The junction was a less than five minute walk from his dorm room, but it always felt like much more. The familiar dread and depression settled in on Evan as he boarded the elevator, wearing the standard if somewhat wrinkled uniform shirt and hat. All in all it wasn’t a bad job, it helped pay expenses and wasn’t very demanding, but it was college. While most of his peers were out partying, or diligently hitting the books, Evan was a manager at a tiny little restaurant on campus, The Junction, and to the tiny restaurant he sacrificed more nights and weekends than he cared to recall.

Getting off of the elevator and walking down the long and silent hall towards his underground eatery, Evan felt another flash of irritation. One of his most annoying employees, Joe, was going to be with him for the entire shift. Joe wasn’t a particularly bad guy he supposed, but he was chatty past the point of obnoxiousness and a serial one-upper. Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, if you’ve done it or seen it, Joe did or saw something even better! It was wearying as hell, but not much was to be done, so Evan got out his key, opened the staff door, and began his nightly ritual of setting up shop before his underlings sauntered in and began the night.

Nothing seemed to be going his way. Not five minutes into his shift, Evan found that the grill wasn’t cleaned from last night, the cash drawer was short $9, and while looking green and fresh, the only lettuce in the fridge bore an unsettling smell, reminiscent of garlic and mildew more than anything else. Cursing fluently under his breath, Evan didn’t even notice when his employees, or peers (it was difficult to tell some days), drifted in amidst a carrying sound of apparently somber discussion. He turned to greet his normal crew on thursday: Rob, Bekah, and Joe, but much to his delighted surprise, Joe wasn’t there. In his place was one of his sophomore employees, Jennifer.

“Hey Jen, what are you doing here tonight?”

“Hey Ev, Joe asked if I could cover for him, and I had nothing better to do so…”

“Cool” Evan replied, “You alright with making shakes tonight?”

“Yea, I guess” Jennifer answered somewhat subdued.

Evan wasn’t sure what was wrong, but he knew it was something. Jennifer always had a bright bubbly energy about her, it was one of the things Evan always liked about her. To be sure there was a lot more to the equation. Jennifer was smart, funny, and was absolutely stunning. She had a tall, toned athletic body with curves tight enough make a NASCAR driver cringe, and a face that would remind you of the cute girl next door. That is assuming you were lucky enough to have a neighbor whose pouty lips and occasional wicked smirk immediately put dirty thoughts in the minds of all heterosexual males in the area code.

Today though, canlı bahis the smirk wasn’t there, nor was the bouncy energy and eagerness that made her one of Evan’s favorite employees and favorite fantasies. Curious, but not wanting to pry, Evan inquired of the other employees if they knew what was responsible for the change. “Oh, she just broke up with her boyfriend,” Bekah answered quietly “I think it’s been rough on her.”

Evan always liked to think of himself as a good person. He wasn’t perfect, but generally a good guy, his parents were proud of him, and almost everyone found him friendly and harmless. Which of course was the problem. Who wants to be friendly and harmless? Certainly the amount of girls who had pushed him into the inescapable friend zone “liked” him, but never saw him as anything more than a smart study partner or a good sounding board for their problems. He supposed he should have resented it a bit more, but he was used to it. And although he hadn’t had much action lately, it wasn’t as if he was innocent or inexperienced, it just generally took the right type of girl for him to advance with. “Is Jen that type?” he couldn’t help but ask himself. He had certainly been slyly admiring her for months, or he hoped it was slyly at any rate. She was of course always in uniform, but Evan couldn’t help admiring Jennifer’s features. She had the tight strong legs of an athlete or dancer and an incredible firm ass that looked amazing in jeans. It was all he could do some days to not reach out and grab a feel as she walked by. And even though he resisted that particular temptation, he couldn’t help but fantasize about whether her lips would feel as good wrapped around his cock as he often imagined.

All of this clashed instantaneously in Evan’s mind as he tried to shake out of his stupor and go back to work, it wasn’t easy, but he muddled his way through as usual.

The night wore on as most nights did. Serving food and drinks to fellow classmates wasn’t fun, but the time went by quickly. Evan tried to engage Jen on several occasions, getting her to open up a bit without pushing. He even offered to let her go home, or just have some of the Ice cream in the fridge if she wanted. She grabbed a pint, but stayed at work. Inwardly Evan thought that strange, but soon moved past it and within the hour closing time was nigh. Everyone went about their nightly closing routine and was eager to be off. Rob and Bekah finished their jobs first, and headed out with a cheery goodbye. “Thanks guys, have a goodnight!” Evan called after them as he worked on the nights sales report. It wasn’t until five minutes later and he finished that he noticed Jennifer was still slowly wiping down the counter in the front room. “Is everything alright Jen?” Evan said softly as he approached her.

“It is, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately.” she answered, “It’s so easy to get hung up on one person and completely miss all of the other chances life throws your way.” She looked up into his bahis siteleri eyes and gave a ghost of the wicked smirk which so often played upon her face, somehow more powerful for all its subtlety. It was a small thing really, just a look, but it made something in Evan’s mind snap. He just couldn’t play it safe and do the right thing here, not when this gorgeous young woman was looking at him like that. He wanted her, needed her with an instinct so raw and primal it may have well just crawled out of Jurrasic era. And more importantly, unless he was very very much mistaken, she wanted it too…

Before fear, or good sense, or anything else could cloud his thoughts Evan took two long strides towards Jennifer. He wrapped his right arm around her, hand holding the back of her head and drew her into a long passionate kiss. Any worry that he might have taken the wrong course of action evaporated in the heat of that kiss. He drew into her and she pulled right back into him with an unmistakable urgency, soft chest pressing against his, and her hands clinging to his broad shoulders. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as she shifted her weight slightly, parting her legs to either side of Evan’s thigh, he could feel the heat instantly build against his leg, and if he wasn’t previously as hard as he had ever been, he was now. His throbbing erection strained against his jeans, and pushed into Jen’s torso, demanding some of the intense pleasure that was coursing through most of Evan’s body.

The kiss abruptly ended as the two coworkers stared at one another, panting with lust in the now empty restaurant. They were past words, the tension that had built between them over the months came pouring out in a torrent of passion as Evan reached down with both strong hands, grabbed Jen’s ass, lifted her up and slammed her down on the customer counter. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt the same instant as she did his, and they removed the stubborn articles among a flurry of kisses on one another’s lips and neck. Evan stopped for a fraction of a second to take note of how Jennifer’s diamond hard nipples were straining against her thin black bra before he removed that as well, tracing a line of kisses between them and down her stomach.

Past the thought of prolonged foreplay, Jen’s deft hands helped Evan’s trembling ones undo the clasp on her jeans and slide them down. Evan almost could have came right there at the sight of those gorgeous, long, smooth, dark legs, the perfect blend of soft skin covering toned muscle underneath. He looked up from her delicate ankles to the tiny blue triangle of the thong that was covering Jen’s sex. As she was still seated on the counter, all Evan had to do was gently push her back with one hand on her supple breast while his head dived down between her legs. Jennifer’s arousal was evident through the thin material of the thong, and Evan wasted no time in pulling it aside to lick up the juices flowing from her now swollen pussy. He licked up and down her outer lips, alternating bahis şirketleri between frantic and torturously slow, hearing her breathing grow fast and shallow as she groaned in pleasure. Keeping one hand one her breast, playing with her nipple, Evan brought his other up to begin rubbing Jen’s clit as his tongue entered her hot tunnel. Rubbing the small nub faster and faster with his thumb, Evan’s mouth explored the rest of Jennifer’s now dripping pussy. He was enthralled by the taste and felt himself wanting to lick up every last sweet drop. Something though was holding him back.

As much as he wanted to let Jennifer grind her sweet snatch on his mouth until she screamed in ecstasy, his body wanted even more. Now painfully hard and as horny as he had ever been in his life, Evan rose from his crouch and reached underneath Jen, grabbing her tight runner’s ass again to slide her to the edge of the counter. When she was in position he ripped down his jeans, unleashing his rigid member, and knowing she was more than wet enough to handle his thick cock, he lined up the head and slid his entire length into her tight, hot sheath.

Jennifer gasped sharply as Evan let out a satisfied groan, bringing his cock out slowly then slamming it back in again. He could feel her walls spasming in repeated orgasm, just as she could feel the blood throbbing in his vein, the sensation driving them both further over the edge. After a few minutes more, neither could take the teasing games and they flew into each other with wild abandon. Jennifer’s arms and legs wrapped around Evan to draw in every possible inch of his staff while he pumped fast and hard as an overclocked piston into the almost gushing snatch, causing wave after wave of screaming pleasure to course through her body. The counter creaked and shook, and the unmistakable banging, slapping, guttural sounds of passion filled the air. Any passersby, or perhaps security personnel going past the restaurant would have gotten the show of a lifetime, but neither cared at the time. It might have been minutes, or possibly several moons later, but locked in the fires of their desire neither could have said. Finally as Jen’s voice seemed to be giving out from her yells Evan felt the undeniable moment of climax was upon him.

Sensing his need Jennifer panted, “I want to taste you!” and as Evan pulled away she deftly slid off the counter to kneel in front of his unit, glistening with her own juices under the Junction’s dim lighting. She wrapped her luscious lips around his shaft flicking both tongue and hand as she guided him down her throat. With an almost bestial sound, Evan came. Jennifer’s superb efforts continued as Evan shot wave after wave of hot cum into her waiting mouth. She gently tugged on his balls, still sucking hard with her mouth to be sure she got every last drop until Evan’s whole body twitched and he jerked back from over sensitivity and leaned gasping in the counter.

For a moment or two, the couple stared at each other in post orgasmic euphoria until reality asserted itself. Somewhat awkwardly Evan blurted out, “So… where do we go from here?” Wicked smirk back in full force Jennifer replied calmly, “I was thinking a floor to ceiling window.”

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