Many Oceans Away

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I tremble quietly as I stand waiting for the International doors to open……….

Holding my green balloon, l stare aimlessly. My eyes locked, my body filled with excitement and fear.

A tall handsome older man, wearing a long black coat and a big smile, slowly walks toward me. I cannot feel my feet as I am sure they are sinking into the earth. He stops only a metre before me and stares into my eyes, studies my face and says…………”Well hello”.

I feel tears rolling down my cheeks, a sense of warmth and great relief.

We meet at last!

It is a dark cold night. We sit in front of my open fire place, watching the flames burning, candles lit around us as we sip sweet red wine. In total awe and disbelief, we cannot leave each others eyes.

Happy butterflies in my stomach, a gasp for air. As we sit comfortably in a warm embrace, the moment has come. He gently runs his smooth fingers up and down my arms. He strokes my soft curly hair. Already l feel so sensitive as his touch tickles me. A canlı bahis chill running down my spine as he begins to softly kiss the back of my neck.

He turns and faces me, looking deep into the windows of my soul, he ever so slightly leans forward to touch my lips. I feel a lump in my throat and an incredible desire to ravish him completely…….

I place my lips onto his. So thick and soft, small kisses at first. Our bodies move in closer, our genitals beginning to throb. Our lips lock and we increase our pace. The passion is burning with the flames.

I want him desperately! His kiss alone has made me wet. I feel my juices dampen my sexy satin underwear. I feel a bulge in his jeans as we rub our bodies closer and closer, teasing and kissing madly.

Then he unbuttons my blouse and adores my cleavage. His soft, thick lips kissing my breasts. I lean over and remove his t’shirt. His beautiful bare chest and broad shoulders. I feel him, gently caressing his body. He removes my bra and plays with my breasts. bahis siteleri Grasping them in his hands, softly feeling them, he fingers my nipples as they become erect and places his mouth to them. I feel him gently sucking on my erect nipples and I want to fuck him so badly.

So, l push him down. I unbutton his jeans. I kiss his belly and l make my way down south. I kiss around his genitals, l softly lick his balls. Then I place my soft horny lips over the tip of his penis. I slowly suck on his shaft. I feel him so hard as he moans quietly for more. I position myself, his leg between my crutch as I rub my pussy on his leg. I place my mouth deeper and deeper. He moans louder and louder. His cock penetrating in my mouth. I move up and down, faster and faster. With my hand I stroke him. Suck, stroke, suck, stroke while my clit rubs harder and faster on his leg. I want to suck him and fuck him and loose myself inside him. I suck until I cannot cope, he moans loudly enjoying me so.

I stop.

We glare bahis şirketleri into each others eyes. I kiss his lips, the taste of his pre cum fresh on my mouth. Then slowly, l slide his cock into my wet pussy. So full of juice he slides right in. I feel his hard cock deep inside me. I sit and ride him gently, enjoying every sensation. I push down on my pussy as I feel him penetrating inside me, his hands holding my ass tightly. I lean forward as he sucks on my nipples. I lay on top of him as l fuck him faster and faster. I push down hard on my pussy. I feel his cock and my clit rubs hard as I press downwards in a circular motion. I can feel my toes cramping and my ass quenching. My breathing heavy, my moaning becomes louder. He thrusts inside me and I feel completely out of control. We fuck so hard. We scream and moan. “Oh God”, “Oh Fuck”.

“Cum with me” l say, “Oh Babe” I hear his voice “Cum, Cum, Cum”.

We orgasm, the climax so intense, like our bodies were one and it just could not feel like enough! Our hearts pounding, sweat pouring from our forehead. We lay in silence trying to catch our breath.

“Well” l say “It’s a pleasure to meet you William”.

“William?” He asks, “My name is Allan”……………………………….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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