Marie’s Senior Year Pt. 04

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Big Ass

After the homecoming dance, Marie gained an underground reputation among the boys at school. The following Monday she had been approached by two different guys. She sucked the first one off in the bathroom fucked the other guy in his car during lunch. Guys were suddenly paying even more attention to her than they did before.

The bell rang and sixth period was over. As she packed her notebooks, her teacher, Mr. Hall said out loud “Marie, can you stay and talk for a second please?”

“Ummm, sure.” The rest of the students filed out of the room and Marie approached his desk. “What’s up Mr.Hall?” she asked.

“Sit down.” he said before getting up to shut the door. “I just wanted to talk for a bit. How have your classes been so far?”

“Oh, um, they have been going well.”

“Yeah? You did a great job in Pre-calc last year. Gonna happen again?”

“Yeah I think so. This doesn’t seem too hard or much different than last years stuff.”

“I’m glad.” he responded. “Did you go the the homecoming game?”

“No actually, I went to my Grandmother’s house that night.” she responded.

“Oh, I see. You were at the dance, right? I think I saw you there.”

“Yeah I was. It was pretty fun. I love dancing.”

“Funny. I saw you but I didn’t see you dancing at all.”

She shifted in her seat a bit. “Oh. Really? That’s weird.”

“Yeah. I did, however, see you and your boyfriend talking to a lot of people. Friends I suppose. So why did you keep walking off with them?”

“To be honest Mr. Hall I don’t really remember. Why am I in trouble?”

“No not at all.” He answered. “It just seems odd that, while everyone was dancing, your boyfriend was talking to other guys, you kept walking off. And then…” he opened the drawer to his desk, “I found this backstage.” He pulled out a plastic pouch with a used condom inside.

“Jesus, Mr. Hall why are you showing me this?” she asked trying to sound as oblivious as possible.

“Oh come on, Marie. I’m not stupid. You do realize this school has cameras right? Todd, from security? He’s my cousin.”

“Oh…. oh. Right.” she said, looking down. “So I’m fucked now, right?”

“No, not yet.” He said, chuckling a bit. “Look, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t really give a fuck what you do, right? Teenagers have sex all the time. At least you are smart enough to get paid for it. I talked to Todd. He said it’s interesting to watch so he isn’t gonna rat you out.”

“Really?! Thank you so much!” she responded ecstatically.

“No problem. There’s something else I want to bring up too.”

“Sure, what is it?” she asked curiously.

“I’m having a little get together tonight. Nothing too big. Maybe fifteen other teachers from the district. How would you feel being one of our guests of honor?”

“Guest of honor?” she asked.

“Oh come on, don’t make me say it. You wanna get fucked? For money? It’s what you do right? The other teachers aren’t like old nasty guys. They’re around my age. Twenty-eight? Thirty?”

“Jesus Christ. A thousand? Plus tips?

“Oh I don’t know.” she responded. She thought it was fine hooking up with students. But teachers?

“You won’t be the only girls. There are four other girls already in. One is from your school even. It pays $1,000. And the guys usually tip too.”

“Well, I mean I can really use the money. Sure. What do I wear?”

He hands her a large, folded brown canlı bahis bag. “Just show up in that. See you tonight.”

Marie stood in front of the mirror and examined her outfit. It was a revealing school uniform. She wore sleeveless, white blouse that she buttoned up only midway, revealing a black and lacy bra, a black and blue plaid mini skirt that hung three inches above her knees, black thigh high socks, and a pair of black flats.

Her parents weren’t home so she didn’t have to sneak out of the house in that uniform. She was extremely anxious because she hadn’t fucked anyone over the age of 25 and this was the first time she was going to be used this way at a party.

She parked her car across the street and entered the house. The party had already started. Mr. Hall, who had opened the door for her, guided her to the couch where the other sluts were sitting. “My guests are almost done with their dinner. In about five minutes the party will really start and they can start lining up for you all. Get to know each other, you might have to hang out more later.” With that, Mr. Hall left the room.

After a moment of silence, one girl introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Sadie” She was about five foot six inches, pale, with mid length blonde hair and a few tattoos on her arms and thighs. “Im twenty one and I work as Mrs. Hall’s desk assistant at her office.”

“Wait, Mr. Hall is married?” Marie turned her eyes and examined this other girl. She was clearly asian with soft facial features and had long black hair riding down past her perky breasts. “I’m surprised she is okay with this, let alone encouraging it!”

“Actually they both love doing this.” They all turned around, a bit puzzled as to how she knew this. She was clearly the oldest one. “Yeah I’ve known Mr.Hall for twelve years and I’m really close to his family. Oh, I’m Janet by the way.” She was White, but pretty well tanned. At about five foot eight, she was also the tallest of the group. “I’m 26 and I have done about fifteen of these parties since I met Mr. Hall. Well, at the time his name to me was just Max. He was a senior in high school when I was a freshman. We got really close and he actually took my virginity after a few years. Sorry to interrupt though, what is your name?”

The Asian girl looked up. “Me? Oh, I’m Maddie. I’m nineteen. I babysat for Mr. Hall once and he asked if I wanted to make more money. I’m in college right now so I’m kind of desperate. But honestly I haven’t had sex in months and I’m really excited. I love giving head and it’s been way too long. ” All the girls laughed in response. “How about you?” asked Maddie, turning her attention to the petite redheaded girl.

“Oh. Hi, I’m Alice. I just turned eighteen last week. Mr. Hall is my dad’s friend and on my birthday he asked me if I wanted to make extra money. I’m actually in a class with you, Marie. We have English together, remember?”

“Oh right! I knew you looked familiar! Well, this is a little awkward right?”

“Oh, no no no it’s fine! We are just trying to get paid right?”

“Yeah, of course! Anyway, I’m Marie, I’m eighteen, and Mr. Hall caught me fucking guys for money during homecoming so he asked if I wanted to do this.”

Finally the time came and guys started filing into the room. Janet, being the pro, immediately stood up and began mingling and flirting with the guys. The rest of the girls looked at each other and followed her lead. bahis siteleri Within a minute, Janet and Maddie had already left the room with separate guys. Sadie had been talking to someone when he handed her a twenty and she immediately got down on her knees and began to blow him in the middle of the living room. Not all the guys were trying to have sex yet. Some were just hanging out, but they didn’t seem to mind watching Sadie give head.

Marie flagged approached one of the best dressed men in the room (assuming he would have more money.) “Hey sweetie” she said, running her hand down his chest, “What are you waiting around for?”

“Just taking it easy. No need to rush.”

“Oh come on, don’t you wanna be the first one to fuck my pussy tonight?”

“Well when you put it it that way…”

Two minutes later, Marie found herself by a thirty five year old man. He unbuttoned her shirt and sucked on her nipples for a while before plunging his cock in her pussy. Marie twirled her own white hair and pressed his fingers between her tight lips. She moaned and squealed as his thick cock parted her tight pussy until he finally came inside her. Her slid her $150, realizing that noticing his Rollex was the best thing she could have done.

Marie went back out into the living room where Maddie was taking it from behind while sucking off someone else. “Marie?” She turned around and noticed her old math teacher.

“Oh, hi Mr. Sterling! I never would have expected to find you here.”

“Same goes for you! You look fantastic.”

“Ooo, thank you. Maybe take me for a spin?”

“You tell me? How does a blowjob sound for your old teacher?”

“It would be my pleasure.” She said, batting her eyes.

She sucked him off for about eight minutes before he came in her mouth and she swallowed his whole load. She wiped her chin and stood up. “Thanks sweetie.” He mumbled quickly before handing her a $10 and walking off.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” She whispered to herself and rolled her eyes. She made her way over to Alice, who was sitting by herself at the bar. “Heyyy Al, Getting a lot of business?”

“Umm, not really. Just one guy paid me $15 for a handjob.”

“Really? Well at least you didn’t get paid $10 for a blowjob. But why aren’t you out there getting some more buyers?”

“I don’t really know how to flirt with guys, let alone seduce them for cash. I feel awkward. It doesn’t matter though I’m getting the $1,000 anyway.”

“You could make twice that much if you just try. Besides, you’re really hot. Here, come with me. We will find a guy together.”

“You mean, both of us? I don’t know. I’ve never hooked up with a girl. Not even in a threeway.”

“Come on, itll’ be fun.”

The two girls made their way to the living room and mingled a bit.

“How much for both of you?” asked one man. “I’ll give you a hundred each.”

“I’ll give you $200 each.” They turned around and noticed Mr. Hall.

“Really?” asked Marie “Each?”

“But you are our teacher…” Alice said quietly.

“Really Alice? You’re literally at my brothel. What else can go wrong?”

“We’ll take it.” Responded Marie. “Come on Alice.”

The three of them made their way to Mr. Hall’s bedroom. “Don’t be nervous, Alice.” whispered Marie. “Just follow my lead.” Mr. Hall sat on his bed and both girls sat on either side of him. Marie turned his head toward bahis şirketleri her and the two made out passionately while he groped her breasts. She grabbed Alice’s hand and moved it over to Mr. Hall’s cock. She began to stroke it through his pants. Mr. Hall then turned and began to make out with Alice. Marie unzipped his pants and pulled out his lengthy cock. She stroked out for a bit before leaning to put it in her mouth. She sucked for a minute before getting on her knees in front of him and then continuing She then pulled Alice down with her and got her to share the cock. Alice sucked on the tip while Marie licked his balls and shaft. Marie then turned Alice’s head and began to make out with her. Mr. Hall moaned and began stroking his cock to the sight of it.

Marie nudged Mr. Hall to get him to lie back on the bed. She helped Alice position herself properly so she could sit and ride Mr. Halls cock on the edge of the bed. She then moved over and sat on his face and had him eat her pussy. Marie moaned and shut her eyes in pleasure before opening then and seeing Alice’s pale back move flawlessly as her ass grinded against his cock. Her soft moans and subtle whimpers, combined with the grunting coming out of Mr. Hall made her take control of the situation. She got off his face and demanded. “Come fuck me right now Mr. Hall.” He immediately turned over kneeled before her, slipping his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her. “Y-you, Alice. Come s-sit on my f-f-face.”

She slowly made her way over and straddled Marie’s face. “Like this?” she asked nervously. Marie said nothing. Instead, she ran her tongue against Alice’s pussy. “Ohh, oh my god.” she whimpered and began to grind against Marie’s lips and tongue.

Mr. Hall watched as his student took his student took his cock deep in her pussy while she pleasured her other classmates pussy. Alice came, and came, and came again. After Alice finally came for an astounding fourth time, Mr. Hall could no longer hold back. He kneeled up high on the bed and grabbed both girls by their hair, turning them around to face his cock. They both slobbered over it and suddenly Mr. Hall pulled out and began to cum all over both their faces. The two girls gratefully took his cum and made out with it. Mr. Hall left the room and Alice decided to return the favor. She ate Marie out until she brought her to an intense orgasm. Marie couldn’t believe how great it felt. The two remained in the room together for a while, lying naked next to each other, before deciding to once again to earn more money.

The pair went back out into the living room to finish off the night. Alice took anal for the first time that night (with Marie of course leading by example) and by the end of the night, all the girls had hooked up with each other in way or another. Maddie and Marie shared a cock together, Sadie ate Alice’s pussy while she took it from behind, and Janet made all the other girls cum after she had been paid to do so in the living room.

At the end of the night, Marie learned that Alice had no ride home and intended to walk. Marie offered to driver her and Alice accepted. Upon arriving at her house, however, Alice leaned in for a hug, and eventually started making out with her. Marie reached under Alice’s skirt and began to finger her. The two girls moved toward the back seat and began to sixty nine for nearly a half hour before both girls came. Finally, Alice said goodnight and went home. Marie checked her phone and read her text messages from her boyfriend. “You home yet?” She had realized that he was only okay with her fucking others for money.

“Fuck, does that count as cheating on him?”

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