Maybe Next Time

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I had been sentenced to community service for a stupid bar fight I had allowed myself to get drug into. My options had been extremely limited: pick up trash from the side of the road or help with a community construction project. Despite a total lack of any skills that would be considered useful on a construction site, I had opted for that rather than litter clean up.

I showed up at the site and checked in with the foreman. Shaking his head at my total lack of helpful skills, he assigned me to errand running, basic heavy lifting and general area clean up. Despite my best efforts to avoid police call detail, I was stuck on it anyway.

So, there I was, hauling heavy sheets of drywall, covered in dirt and dust, when I first saw you. With your short, hot pink hair and eyebrow piercing, you were so different from the other conservative, up tight assholes in this community. And you were beautiful.

Your eyes caught mine as you turned. You gave me the once over, quickly sizing me up in a single glance. I guess you liked what you saw because you gave me a sultry smile and a wink. Then you turned and walked away. I shifted uncomfortably at the sudden tightness of my jeans and returned to work.

An hour later, I was lounging under an old tree, enjoying the meager shade it provided. I wiped a trickle of sweat from my face and looked up as a new shadow fell over me. Once again, our eyes met and you smiled. You tossed me a cold bottle of water as you sat beside me.

We didn’t talk much. Actually, nothing at all was said. We sat there, in comfortable silence, for a while before you stood, placing your hand on my thigh as you did so. A gentle squeeze and then you were gone.

The day drew to a close and I saw you again, this time hugging and kissing a man. He must have been your husband by the rings on your hands. But as you hugged him, your eyes met ataşehir escort bayan mine again. Another smile and wink from you left me laughing to myself.

The next dat was much the same as the first, except that I arrived a couple hours late. The foreman threatened not to sign off on my sheet for the day which would have meant more time at the site. I offered, instead, to stay late to make up the time. He was not happy with this but agreed.

I went about my day, hoping to catch your eye again. But other than fleeting glimpses, I had no luck. The end of the day slowly arrived and I went to the foreman who was getting ready to leave. I was informed that someone else would keep an eye on me as he slammed his car door in my face.

Shrugging, I went to work. Hauling crap out to the dumpster, I was surprised to see you leaning against a wall and smiling that enigmatic smile of yours. Without saying a word, you helped me with my work. It wasn’t long before the entire site was deserted, empty of everyone but you and me.

You smiled at me again and beckoned me to follow you. With another shrug as I brushed my long hair back out of my eyes, I followed. You led me well into the half completed building. Five minutes of wandering left us in a secluded spot well away from public view.

Looking around, I saw you had come prepared. A thick blanket had been laid out, covering the dirty floor. I looked over at you and you pulled me into your arms, kissing me deeply, your tongue dancing in my mouth. Your hands began to rip my ragged shirt off of my body. As my chest became exposed and my now useless shirt hit the ground, you lowered your head and bit my chest before taking a nipple into your mouth.

Then you dropped to your knees, making quick work of my belt buckle and button up fly. My stiff cock fell out and you were very pleased to see bostancı escort that I was going commando. You wasted no time taking me into your mouth, your tongue sliding down my length and your teeth softly grazing my sensitive skin.

I wrapped my fingers into your brightly colored hair as tightly as its short length would allow. I gently guided you in, allowing you to set the pace as you expertly massaged me with your mouth. Your tongue and lips slid along my shaft, licking and sucking my sack into your mouth.

You felt my body begin to tense. Felt the twitching in my muscles that heralded my imminent climax. Biting back a groan, I pulled you in tighter as I erupted unto your mouth. You moaned happily as you swallowed my load, stroking and squeezing to get every last drop.

I pulled you to your feet, removing your clothing as I went, albeit with a lot more care than you had shown towards mine. I pulled one of your legs up as I knelt down, resting it on my shoulder. You were forced to brace yourself against a support beam as my tongue hit your clit and a shock ran through you, feeling as if a live wire were touching your skin.

As my tongue lashed your clit and pussy, my fingers slid in and you moaned loudly. One of your hands grabbed my hair, urging me in deeper and deeper, and your other hand grasped the beam just above your head. You threw back your head and moaned even louder as your orgasm burned its way through your body.

You practically melted into me, laying down on the floor, limply. Expecting me to finally slide myself in, you were surprised when I slid my tongue back into you. You tried to pull me up but you were interrupted when yet another orgasm tore through you. You kept trying to pull me up and I kept resisting until, finally, you begged me to fuck you.

I moved up, kissing your body, licking and sucking your bostancı escort nipples until I reached your lips. You tasted yourself on my lips and loved it. And then I slammed my way into you. Having taken control, I chose to retain it. I didn’t let you catch your breath, hammering away until you came once again.

Your nails dug into my back and you bit into my shoulder, shuddering as orgasm after orgasm ripped through you. And then I pulled out, allowing you a moment to try and catch your breath. Then I surprised you once more. I turned you over with a smile.

Resting on your knees, you reached out and grabbed the support beam that you had so recently depended on for balance. Refusing to rest on your hands and knees, you leaned into the beam as I slid in behind you. But instead of sliding back into your pussy, I plunged deeply into your ass.

You gasped in surprise which quickly became a moan of pleasure. I thrust into you, again and again. One of my hands reached around to massage your perfect breasts while the other dipped down to fondle your dripping pussy and clit. Your moans turned into grunts which became one protracted scream of pleasure as an orgasm tore its way free from you.

Your thrashing and clenching proved too much for me. I began to pull out but you begged me not to, begged me to cum inside you. Unable to deny you, I let myself erupt. The explosion within set you off once again.

We struggled to our feet, gasping for breath. You pulled me into you and kissed me again. A voice was calling and we quickly began to get dressed. Expecting to be discovered by your husband, I was relieved when a woman stumbled upon us getting dressed.

She took one look at us, shock quickly replaced by a blush. You laughed and beckoned her over. Never once taking her eyes off of me, she approached you. She blushed again when you pulled her into a deep kiss as passionate as the one we had just shared. She resisted only for a moment before she returned the ardor.

I watched, stunned and aroused. Then you turned and smiled at me. With another wink, you began to walk away as you told me, “Maybe next time…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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