My Game

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He told me exactly what to do. What to say. How to dress. How to undress. He sent me messages with requests. Demands. Scripts, sometimes. If I had never had the chance to act them out, I would have still been satisfied with fantasy material for a lifetime. As I became the object of his desire, he became the object of mine. When we met for the first time, I followed his instructions exactly.

“You will wear a skimpy bra that shows your nipples. A tiny little G string. Walk through the room, stopping every few steps to show me how your body looks in the lingerie. Arch your back. Show off the platform heels. Don’t look at me, just sit down in the chair in front of me. Stretch out your long legs. Tease me with a peek of what is in between them. Then stand up, circle the chair and stand behind it. Grab the seat and spread your legs, so that I may see the jeweled butt plug you are wearing. I will think to myself, ‘my cock will soon be in that beautiful ass where the jewel is.'”

I went over and over my instructions. escort ataşehir I wanted to please him. More than that, when I read his words I felt warm and desired and hungry for him. The next day, he added to the instructions.

“When you feel me stand behind you, and cup your breasts, that will be your cue to trace your ass along my hard – on, through my clothes. When I let go of you, sit in the chair. Wait for me to unzip my pants. Take my cock out and I will feed it to your waiting mouth. When I push you away, pull me closer. Show me that you’re willing to go against my desire if it means fulfilling yours. And yours is taking my cock in your mouth.”

He knew that much was true. I could easily imagine having difficulty letting go of his enormous, smooth, salty cock.

“When you release me, I will sit down on the bed. I want you to get up and stand between my legs, your soft breasts in my face. When I spread my hand across your ass cheek, put one knee up, next to me on the bed. I will pull kadıköy escort your g-string to the side. I will check your slit for wetness. I know your pussy will be aching by now. I will pet and finger you for as long as you would like. When you are ready, put your other knee up on the bed, straddling me. I will stand up, lift you off the bed with your legs wrapped around my waist. I’ll lay you down and push your legs apart with my face, to taste your ripe, sweet fruit. ‘Give it to me,’ you will whisper, and you will reach for my rock-hard dick.”

“I’ll stand up and take my pants down. Plead with me to enter you. Thrust your hips up as I tease your most sensitive areas, spread wide for me to see how ready you are to take me.”

I did exactly as he said and he was pleased. By the time he pushed himself inside me, I was quivering. My orgasm broke against him in a splashing wave, and as he played with my body, the wave crashed again and again. Several times he stopped, mid-stroke and said, “don’t move. maltepe escort bayan Don’t make me cum.” I did my best not to move but my hips would not stop gently rocking. Finally he told me yes, I could let him cum.

“This is your game now,” he growled in a dry voice, “take control of your man and make him do what you want.” I straddled him and I took him so deep, it was slightly painful. I pressed my most sensitive inner tissues against him and I tried to squeeze my muscles around him. His shaft was so hard and swollen, I couldn’t feel any give inside my voluntary contraction. He must have felt it though, because he started to spasm. Our orgasms, alternating currents, melted us together. I lost track of where I ended and he started. I heard no sound but I felt the vibration of our voices, increasing frequencies until they stopped. My hearing returned to identify the shallow, quick breaths passing from my lips to his and back.

We were left limp, damp, sticky, dripping into and onto each other. He didn’t need to tell me what to do. I got a warm washcloth and bathed his long, lean, strong body. I didn’t stop until every taught muscle melted under my fingertips. His deep and regular breathing told me that I had won my game. I had taken control and made my man do what I wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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