My Incestuous Story Ch. 03

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This is the third installment of my story having a sexual relationship with my mother and sister. This chapter, however, takes me away from them and my girlfriend Carla for a year as I went to Germany as part of my college studies. I am keeping this in the Incest / Taboo category because there is scenes of me having sex with my mother and sister although most of the story revolves around my sexual adventures in Germany.


It was the Christmas holidays in my sophomore year in college. The year was 1973, about to be 1974. Lisa, Carla and I tried to spend weekends at home with mom whenever we could, which wasn’t often enough considering our workload. Mom was alone in the house now having divorced my father after finding him in their bed with one of his assistants. She already knew about his affairs and didn’t really care but when she caught him, the perfect opportunity to get him out of her life presented itself.

We were all staying at the cabin in upstate New York that summer as we had done for most of my childhood and into my adulthood. One day mom got a frantic call from my cousin Beth telling her that my Aunt Betty was in a bad car accident and Uncle Harry was in Los Angeles on business and she was having trouble getting ahold of him. Mom left abruptly to go tend to her sister who was then in the emergency room at Mercy hospital.

Mom stayed with Beth as Aunt Bettie went through surgery. They had finally reached Uncle Harry at his hotel that evening and he took the next flight back to New York arriving at the hospital at two o’clock in the morning. The surgery went well and Aunt Bettie was going to be alright. Mom said she left the hospital about three a.m. and went to our house which was only a few minutes’ drive away.

Mom was exhausted and went directly to her bedroom to get some sleep. When she opened the bedroom door she saw my father and a young woman sprawled naked on her bed. Mom said she thought a moment how to play out this scene and finally decided to wake the both them by pouring ice water on their exposed genitals. She said she simply told my father to take his whore and get the fuck out of her house. Mom went a lawyer and three months later the divorce was final.

Mom had dinner waiting for Lisa and myself when Carla dropped us off. Carla went on to her parent’s house for the holidays with a plan to visit us for New Years.

“Did you get through your finals alright?” mom asked my sister and me.

“I had a really tough one with chemistry,” Lisa replied. “I really needed to ace it to improve my chances of getting the internship with the EPA next summer,” my sister explained.

“How about you Billy?” mom asked me.

“I did well. It was mostly writing papers and essays,” I told her. “Philosophy is more about ideas rather than facts,” I explained.

“So, how are you doing, mom?” Lisa asked. “Have you considered dating now that you’re free from that asshole father of ours?”

“No,” mom responded with a hint of sadness. “I’m not sure how to go about it,” she confessed. “I work with all women at the school for the disabled children. I don’t know where I would find an eligible man.”

“Who says it has to be a man,” Lisa blurted out.

“Wow, you are certainly getting progressive with your feminism,” I commented.

“Why not? You know how much I enjoy sex with Carla and mom enjoys sex with me too. Don’t you mom?” my sister said looking directly at mom.

“Well, yes,” mom replied. “But you know society isn’t going to accept it. Besides, I like the feeling of a nice hot cock inside me,” mom said winking at me.

After dinner we had a glass of wine and we all felt the sexual tension in the air. Lisa I and guessed from the way mom responded to our earlier questioning that she hasn’t had sex since Lisa and I were home at Thanksgiving. I looked at mom and smiled, the thought jumping in bed with my beautiful mother again was starting to give me an erection. I glanced down at my crotch to give mom a hint.

“Okay, now,” mom spoke out. “We should make our way to the bedroom before the wine makes us lazy,” she suggested.

“Yea,” Lisa shouted wasting no time, already pulling her sweater off over her head.

The three of us made our way to mom’s bedroom, Lisa shedding her clothes along the way. Mom started to undress me while my sister, naked by the time we approached the king sized bed, was trying to undress mom. Lisa had mom’s skirt and panties off when mom fell to her knees to pull my trousers down.

“You have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen,” mom said to me. I loved the way she touched me, fondled my balls.

Lisa insisted on removing mom’s blouse while mom intermittently licked my throbbing erection. Finally, my sister had mom completely undressed.

“Come on,” Lisa urged anxious to get mom and I into bed. I didn’t feel the urgency, enjoying my mother’s oral worshipping my cock and balls.

“Billy, please,” my sister pleaded. “Fuck mom so I can suck your cum beşiktaş türbanlı escort out of her hot wet pussy,” Lisa said.

Mom got in bed and spread her legs. Lisa pulled mom’s ankles up, holding her legs to expose mom’s inviting vagina, her silky soft bush glistening with her arousal. I gently rubbed the head of my cock along my mother’s labia, lubricating it with her womanly juices, eliciting moans.

“Oh baby,” mom cried. “I need you in me,” she begged. Slowly I entered my mother giving her the enjoyment of the gradual sensation of me stretching her open.

“Oh yes,” mom moaned while I picked up the pace and thrust harder into her. Mom was breathing hard. Lisa let go of mom’s ankles when mom pulled her legs away and tightened them around me. Mom’s vaginal muscles seized my cock.

“Oh god, Billy,” mom cried out as she orgasmed. My cock was still inside her, bathed in her hot cum.

When mom calmed down from her climax I resumed pounding in and out of her until I could feel my own climax coming on. Mom could feel me building also and it threw her into another frenzied orgasm. I pumped my semen into my mother’s vagina, both of us clenching each other in a sweaty embrace.

I sat on the edge of the bed, catching my breath, watching my sister dive into my mom’s pussy. Mom had barely recovered from her second orgasm, when I shot my load into her, as Lisa brought her to her third with her oral ministrations. Mom’s cum, mixed with mine, and gushed all over my sister’s face.

Mom’s body went limp after coming down from three powerful, successive orgasms. Lisa moved herself to the bottom of the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees, her pussy and ass displayed in the air.

“Get over here and do me,” Lisa said to me. I was already hard again from watching my sister and mother, an erotic scene of two women, one pleasuring and the other being pleasured.

I stood up and moved to the edge of the bottom of the bed. I lined my cock up with my sister’s slit and pushed in.

“Fuck me, Billy,” Lisa shouted out as I pummeled her pussy with my stiff rod, thrusting in deep while looking at my mother’s hot body lying there, exhausted and content.

It didn’t take long for Lisa to orgasm, she must have been worked up with the anticipation of tonight, as if she was in a constant state of arousal all day. She had watched Clara and I fuck early that morning back at the apartment before we packed and left to go home for the holidays. I had already shot off two loads that day, early in the morning into Clara and in the evening into mom.

“God, I’m going to fucking cum again,” my sister cried out as I relentlessly ponded my cock into her. When she did I slowed down to rest, my legs were getting tired.

“Lisa, my legs are giving out,” I said to my sister. “Let me on the bed and you get on top,” I suggested. We switched positions. I laid down and Lisa straddled me, guiding my cock into her wet cunt. My sister rode me up and down and back and forth as I laid there next to my mother.

“Lisa has nice tits,” mom said to me. She did. Mom and I watched them bounce while Lisa worked her way on my stiff rod to yet another orgasm. Then she turned herself around and rocked herself around, my cock feeling every inch of the inside of her vagina.

Lisa’s orgasms were now coming in waves, her cum pouring out drowning my balls. Mom helped her along by lubricating two of her fingers with her own juice and poking them into Lisa’s butthole. It was like my mother was massaging my cock through the thin membrane separating my sister’s pussy from her rectum. Still I always found it difficult to get off in that position.

“Jesus Christ, Billy. Aren’t you going to cum again?” my sister blurted out.

“You know I usually don’t when you are on top like that,” I told her.

“Well, I’m fucking getting dizzy,” my sister said as she dismounted me.

“I’ll take care of you the rest of the way, Billy,” mom said positioning herself with her face by my cock. Mom massaged my balls while she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. This time it wasn’t cock worship. My mom was working her lips and mouth with the intent of getting me off.

It didn’t take long before I was emptying my balls into my mother’s mouth. Mom was sucking it all in and swallowing it. She looked at me with her loving eyes, smiling as she swallowed the last of my cum.

“I think we’re ready for another glass of wine,” mom said standing up out of the bed. She threw a light silky robe around her magnificent mature body. I put on my boxers and Lisa chose to remain naked as we went back to the living room for a glass of wine.

“Do you want something stronger, Billy?” mom asked. “I have a nice bottle of brandy. It’s very smooth,” she said.

“Sure,” I replied.

I sipped on the brandy sitting on the sofa between my mother and sister.

“Don’t you think swallowing cum is one of the most intimate things you can beşiktaş ucuz escort do for a man?” mom said to Lisa.

“I never really thought of it that way,” my sister responded. “I just like the way it tastes and feels in my mouth. I actually let it linger before swallowing,” Lisa explained.

“I enjoy your cum when I’m eating you out and you orgasm,” I said to Lisa adding, “Both of you taste really good. Carla too.”

“Speaking of Carla. Is she alright with the four of us spending the night together on New Year’s?” mom asked Lisa and me.

“Remember how she was with you, mom, and me that time at the hotel,” I reminded my mother. “Besides, Carla and Lisa get it on regularly.”

“She is really into sex, mom,” Lisa added. “I know she is going to get really into it.”

“What is she going to tell her parents?” mom inquired.

“She’s going to say that we are having a New Year’s party and we insist she stay over in our guest bedroom so she can enjoy herself and not worry about drinking too much,” I told my mother.


It had been over a week since I had seen Carla and despite having wonderful sex with my mother and sister, I yearned for her. We were tied together emotionally in a different way than I was with mom and Lisa. It was a different, unfamiliar love that drove my desires for her. While I connected with my mother and sister on a level of familiarity, Carla and I were reaching new sexual and spiritual heights together.

“Hey sexy,” Carla smiled at me arriving at our house for New Year’s.

“You’re looking particularly hot yourself,” I responded when she took off her coat revealing herself in a low cut, tight fitting short red dress. “Wow,” I commented further. “How did you get your father to let you out of the house with that sexy dress?” I asked.

“He and my mom were getting themselves ready for a party when I slipped out unnoticed,” Carla explained.

“As much as it turns me on to see you dressed like that,” I started to say, “I can’t wait to get you out of it.”

“Oh, look at you the horny one,” Carla kidded. “Haven’t you been enjoying yourself with those two beautiful women all week?” she said gesturing to my mother and sister.

“Yes,” I whispered to Carla. “But I desire you the most. I’m horny for you.”

“You are so sweet,” Carla said kissing me on the cheek.

“If you two love birds need to ravish each other, it will be about an hour before dinner is ready,” mom said. “Go on,” she ordered.

I never sleep in my bed at home anymore when I am there since mom’s divorce. Mom, Lisa and I sleep together. So I led Carla to my room for an intimate round of carnal pleasure, not to disturb mom’s bedroom which she prepared for our later activities.

“It’s going to take me a minute to get out of this,” Carla laughed squirming her body out of the tight fitting dress.

“Leave the stockings on,” I told my lover. “You look hot in them.”

Carla and I kissed frantically as if we hadn’t seen each other in years, not just a week or so. I couldn’t get enough of her fantastic body, her perky tits, her smooth belly, hot thighs and of course, her extraordinarily exquisite pussy that tasted divine and intoxicating.

We fucked with intensity and collapsed in a heap of satisfaction. Carla put her fingers down to her cunt to capture my cum she squeezed out. She smiled licking her fingers.

“I think we have the perfect recipe,” Carla said as she continued to capture more cum on her fingers. “Here have a taste,” she offered her cum coated fingers to me. I licked them clean.

“Yes,” I said, “the perfect recipe.

There was a knock on my bedroom door. “Come on you two sex demons. Mom has dinner on the table,” Lisa informed us.

“Has it been an hour already?” I questioned.

“An hour and fifteen minutes,” my sister retorted. I just looked at Carla and thought about how time suspends itself when you are in sexual bliss.

I put on a robe and grabbed one for Carla out of my mother’s room on the way to the dining room figuring it didn’t make sense to get dressed again since the night would be spent mostly naked in my mother’s bed.

We sat down and ate my mother’s wonderful lasagna, drinking a glass of red wine. When we finished Carla and I helped my mother and sister clean up the table and the dishes. Afterwards we sat down in the living room. Mom and Lisa had made themselves comfortable in the meantime as well, wearing nothing but a light robe.

“You know that Junior Year Abroad program you considered,” Carla said to me. “Studying in Germany for a year,” she went on. “I think you should do it.”

“I thought we didn’t want to be apart that long,” I responded.

“I know,” Carla said. “But an unbelievable opportunity has come up for me and I won’t be going to grad school. At least not right away after I graduate in the spring.”

“What’s the opportunity?” mom asked.

“Sarah Rothstein, one beşiktaş üniversiteli escort of the leaders in the Women’s Movement I’ve been in contact with set me up to work for Bella Abzug, be part of her staff. One of Bella’s assistants in Washington is leaving next summer. It’s perfect. I can go work for the Congresswoman right after I graduate,” Carla explained.

“My god, that’s wonderful,” Lisa said with excitement. “Bella is a hero of the Woman’s Movement. You are so lucky.”

“Carla, this is great,” I added to the congratulations. “I am so happy for you. You will really get invaluable experience.”

“Well, we only have six more months before the hottest sex goddess moves away so we better start right away having our fill of her,” Lisa joked. “On to the bedroom.”

Mom and Lisa attacked Carla with hands, mouths and tongues. I just watched these three beautiful women engage in an orgy of pleasuring each other. When Carla finally got a chance to come up for air she motioned me over to her.

“I want to watch you fuck your mom again,” she whispered in my ear. “That was so hot when you two fucked at the hotel.”

Mom had her head buried between Carla’s thighs. I scooted their bodies up a little to the head of the bed so I had room to fuck my mother from behind. I picked my mom’s butt up to expose her pussy. She let out a moan when I pushed my cock into her sopping wet cunt.

Carla and I locked our gaze on each other as I pumped my cock in and out of my mother. Carla held my mom’s head down in her snatch. It looked like Carla reached an orgasm first. Then I could feel my mom cum. Lisa was also watching intently rubbing and pinching Carla’s nipples.

Carla kept on holding my mother’s head down. I thrust harder and harder until I was about to cum again. Mom’s screams were muffled by Carla’s thighs and pussy. Suddenly Carla’s body jerked up, her pelvis pushing mom away. Carla let out a long deep moan as she came into a simultaneous climax with my mom and me.

Later on when the four of us took a break to recover and watch on TV the ball drop in Times Square, I had to ask what was going on between my mom and Carla that got them off while I was pounding my mom’s pussy.

“So, how was my mom able to get you off while I was fucking her incessantly?” I asked. “She couldn’t have had any control licking you,” I surmised.

Carla laughed. “Your mom was panting so hard, her warm breath rhythmically on my clit got me off,” she explained. “Then you were pushing so hard you pushed her face into my clit and she bit down on me when you made her cum. That made me cum again.”

“Wow,” exclaimed my sister. “That’s something we are going to have to try on me,” Lisa stated emphatically.

“Sex is a never ending journey of discovery,” mom said with a smile.

“It’s time,” Carla shouted.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three two, one. Happy New Year,” we called in unison.

We had another drink. Made toasts for each other’s success and happiness. It was a beautiful new year full of hope, promises, love and adventure. We played in bed until we all collapsed from exhaustion.


I had an internship for the summer of 1973 with a publishing firm reviewing manuscripts for spy novels, a genre I was very well read in. I had bought a car so I could make my weekly treks to Washington to see Carla. On Fridays I would drive to Brooklyn and park my car where it was cheaper than in Manhattan and take the subway into work. After work I would make the four and a half hour drive to Washington.

Carla worked incessantly for the Congresswoman, sometimes even consuming most of our weekends together. I didn’t mind. Every moment with Carla was transcendental bliss. Most of all, we promised each other we were going to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

My internship was over the last week of August and I didn’t have to leave for Germany until the second week in September, their semesters ran differently than ours. For those couple of weeks I stayed with Carla. We consumed as much of each other as we could handle.

My group was scheduled to fly out of JFK on a Sunday afternoon. Carla took a couple of days off work and came back to New York to spend with me and my mom before I left.

“Isn’t morning sex the best,” Carla said lying in bed with my mom and me that Sunday morning of my departure after a hot round of sex.

“I need to have a little talk with both of you,” mom seemed to get serious. “You are young and full of life with an expansive future ahead of you. Please don’t hold each other back with promises and jealous ideas of what your commitment is to each other.”

I looked at Carla wondering where my mother was going with this.

“If on your adventures,” mom went on, “other people come into your lives don’t be afraid to let them in. Don’t be afraid to love them because of your love for each other. If there’s anything that has made your relationship, our relationship, grow over the past couple of years, it’s our acknowledgement with each other that love is expansive, not restrictive.”

Carla kissed and hugged mom, then we hugged together.

“One last thing,” mom said. “Also, don’t be afraid to share with each other, tell each other your adventures and feelings knowing that we are bound by love, a truthful, honest love.”

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