My Life as a Wittol Ch. 05

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I was thrilled when I found out that CJ, along with her roommates Rick and Stephanie, would be moving into the apartment complex. My friend Mick and I shared an apartment there, and CJ would be sharing an apartment with her roommates Rick and Stephanie. Mick’s younger brother Jesse had come out from the mid-west a few months earlier and was temporarily sleeping on our couch, although temporarily looked more like permanent. Several of the apartments were rented by friends of ours, most we knew from Snoop’s and most weekends there were small impromptu parties around the pool.

At that time CJ and her roommates had been living in a rented apartment in a residential house that had been converted into two separate apartments. They lived in the smaller front part in what was considered as two bedrooms and one bath. However CJ’s bedroom was very small and there was barely any room left for any other furniture once she got her double bed setup. There was only one bathroom which all three shared and caused almost daily conflicts, and was crowded in the mornings as they readied themselves for their work day.

Their new apartment, although not big, had two fair sized bedrooms with a master bathroom and common bathroom that was located next to CJ’s bedroom door. The apartment complex was a smaller one story complex with twelve apartments which surrounded a small pool on all four sides.

CJ had come to me mid-week when we were at Snoop’s and was very friendly as well as openly flirting. We danced several times and I was excited to finally be spending time with her. Eventually she told me she had a joint of some of Rogers’s good pot and asked if I would like to go outside and share it with her.

At that time I owned a ’64 Ford van that had no windows on the sides. I had paneled the walls and ceiling and installed a good cassette sound system. Some good friends had upgraded some furniture in their home and had offered me their old mattress that fit nicely on the floor of the van. I had thrown in a few cushions and bean bag chairs. It was a party van and was well used when groups of us would go on adventures like tubing at the river or overnight camping at one of the nearby lakes. I had even lived in it briefly after separating from my ex-wife.

CJ and I had gotten comfortable in my van that was parked in the back parking lot when she fired up the joint and took a big hit before she passed it to me. We smoked the pot and talked about how she was excited about their move to our apartment complex. I handed the joint back to her after I had taken a big toke and she seductively smiled, and then put the joint backwards into her mouth and leaned over me and blew the intoxicating smoke into my face as I inhaled.

She took the joint from her mouth and smiled as she leaned over and our lips met. I was surprised at first, but quickly relaxed as she moved over me and pushed me back into the cushions I had been leaning on. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as her kiss became more passionate.

I softly moaned as her hand gradually slid down my chest. Many times I had pleasured myself thinking of this moment and my legs willingly opened as her hand slid over my hard dick and she started to caress it.

CJ sensually whispered in my ear as her hand moved over my hard shaft, “I am looking forward to moving into your complex.” She smiled mischievously, “Maybe you might get another chance to watch me suck off another guy. Did you like watching me suck Alex’s cock?”

I could hardly talk as I moaned and nodded as I looked into her blue eyes, “OH yes…very much.” My hip involuntarily rose as she squeezed my confined hard on.

She smiled sexily as she started to unfasten my belt and opened my jeans. Her hand slid down inside my boxer shorts and I groaned as I felt her fingers wrap around my hard dick. She slowly stroked me as I willed myself not to cum. She took another big hit from the powerful pot and handed it to me. I took another big draw from it as I watched as her head as it moved lower. I gasped when I felt her soft lips slide over the swollen head as it vanished into her soft warm mouth.

I lay back into the soft cushions as her hand slowly stroked my dick. She gently sucked as she caressed the swollen crown with her tongue. She was good and I knew I would not last much longer as her hand slid down over my balls. Her lips slowly glided all the way down as she took the hard shaft into her mouth and I felt her lips tighten at the base of my dick before slowly sliding upward. Her lips started to slide faster up and down and I felt my cock swelling even harder as cum started to rise through the hard shaft as pre cum leaked into her mouth.

She squeezed my dick as she let it slip from her mouth. She looked up at me and asked, “I hope you going to help us move on Saturday?”

It was then that I realized that she was giving me a blow job because I had a van and she needed me to help her and her roommates move, but at that moment it did not matter. I just wanted to come and pendik escort would have agreed to most anything. I moaned as she squeezed my hard dick. She smiled as she recognized the look of desperation in my eyes as I nodded.

Her lips slipped back over the head and they started to slide faster up and down the hard shaft. I warned her that I was about to cum and she softly moaned and a few moments later I erupted into her mouth. She continued to suck as her lips moved slowly up and down until I started to soften and she finally let it slip from her mouth as she gently kissed the sensitive head. She moved back up to me and with her hand on the back of my head, leaned in and kissed me.

My lips parted as I felt her tongue pressing against them, and as her tongue slipped inside I tasted the thick gooey cum as it slid off her tongue into my mouth. I was stunned as she pushed more cum into my mouth and I tried to pull away but she forced me back and pressed her lips harder against mine as her kiss became more passionate. She whimpered as I felt her tremble and I wondered if she had just experienced a mild orgasm.

As our lips parted I laid there speechless and she smiled as she sensuously whispered, “I think we are going to have fun at my new apartment.” I admired her tiny ass as she crawled towards the side door and opened it. She chuckled as she stepped out, “I think we better get back inside before somebody thinks we are getting nasty out here.” As we walked back into the club I noticed Stephanie as she looked at CJ and raised her eye brows questionably and when CJ smiled and nodded I knew I had just been sexually manipulated.

The move took the better part of Saturday and Sunday as we made several trips moving all the furniture they had acquired. CJ had been sleeping on a double mattress and box springs that lay on the wooden floor at their old apartment. She had found a coworker willing to sell her a used bed frame with a head board along with a small dresser. I drove her over to look at it, but the older middle aged man would not come down on the price and she was still forty dollars short.

We sat outside the man’s home in my van and discussed how we could come up with the additional money. I had twenty dollars and she took it and told me to wait in the van and she went back to try to talk the guy down on the price again. She had been in his home for some time when I finally saw her open the front door and motion for me to come in and she asked me to help the man carry and load the newly purchased bedroom furniture including a small round bedside table he had thrown into the agreement.

I had often wondered how she worked the deal. Some years later as CJ told me one of her fuck stories during sex. She told me about how the older guy’s wife had never sucked his cock in their twenty years together and when she offered to make up the difference with a blow job he had eagerly accepted. He had even thrown in the bedside table, one of his wife’s favorites, because CJ let him cum in her mouth, a first for him and as I would find out many years later not the last time.

We still have the bedside table but the rest of the furniture is long gone. Now I feel my dick start to harden every time I look at the table and wonder if the memory is why CJ has kept it around all these years.

CJ, Rick, and Stephanie had lived in their new apartment for just about a month and in that time CJ and I had become closer but were not quite yet an exclusive couple. We had gone on several dates and I was fortunate to get a few more blow jobs from her but she continued to reject my attempts to fuck her. Several times as I left for work in the early morning I would notice Roger’s car parked in the complex parking lot and knew he had spent the night with CJ.

CJ and her roommates had finally settled into their new home and decided it was time to have a small home warming party after the club closed. Even though I lived in the small apartment complex, CJ made sure to let me know that I was welcomed to help them celebrate.

The night of the party about ten to fifteen close friends showed up to help celebrate as we also celebrated Stephanie’s birthday that was coming up in the next week. After a few hours the party had thinned out to only a handful of people mostly just those that lived in the complex. I was sitting in a lounge chair watching the few people that were still playing around in the pool.

CJ and Roger were wrestling around and as she swam up to him he grabbed her and pulled her into him and they whispered to each other and CJ giggled as she frantically shook her head. Then I watched as his hand raised high in the air holding CJ’s top and she was laughing, her small bare breasts clearly visible as she leaped to grab it back from him before he tossed it onto the pool deck. He held her by her hair and kissed her. Her arms went around his neck as she kissed him back as they held each other in a sensuous embrace. A short time later I watched as Roger tossed his swim maltepe escort trunks on the pool deck near CJ’s top.

They were kissing and it was not hard to tell who CJ would be taking to her bed later. Roger would whisper in her ear and she would shake her head as she pleadingly looked into his eyes, eventually I watch as her head tilted to the side and as their eyes met again I saw her look of surrender as her hands disappeared under the water only to shortly resurface with her swim suite bottom in her hand. Roger took it from her and howled as he held it up and swung it around on his finger for everyone to see before he tossed it alongside her top just out of her reach. They again embraced and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Roger turned and walked a feet to the side of the pool and pressed CJ against it as they kissed. I watched as her eyes closed and I faintly heard a soft whimper and watched as her body lifted up, exposing her small breasts as they rose above the water. CJ laid her head on his shoulder as her body would rise and fall back in to the water in a slow rhythm. To anyone watching it was obvious that Roger was fucking CJ in the pool so we could all watch. CJ turned her head and as our eyes met we held each other’s gaze as I watched Roger slowly thrust his cock in and out of her.

She whispered something into Roger’s ear as he fucked her and as she looked at him I could barely make out her quiet words, “Please.” Roger whispered something back to her with an arrogant smile as he waited for an answer. CJ gave him a pleading look as she slightly shook her head. I could read her lips as she finally said ok to him and with a look of submission they parted and walked towards the pool stairs.

I anxiously watched as CJ climbed the stairs. I quietly moaned to myself as her tiny ass finally appeared as it rose from the water. She walked several feet to where she had laid her towel. My dick grew harder as she turned and for the first time I got to see her completely nude. The light shone off her small wet breasts, illuminated by the few dim lights that surrounded the pool. A nice patch of light hair partially concealed her pussy. Our eyes met again and she lowered her eyes with an embarrassed look. Roger had made her get out of the pool naked, and now it was obvious as to what had happened in the pool. Except for a few whispers it was quiet as everyone’s eyes were gripped on the nude twosome .

She wrapped the towel around her covering her tiny breasts. Our eyes met again as she walked past me. I watched her as she strode back to her apartment with Roger, the towel barely long enough to cover her little ass as it peeked out from under it as she walked.

After a while only few of us remained around the pool area. Most were residents at the complex. The discussion was mostly about Roger fucking CJ in the pool and her getting out completely nude. I had to wait until my aroused dick relaxed before I could stand.

I had gone into CJ’s apartment to get the few remaining partiers another round of beer and I decided to walk down the short dark hall to their bathroom. I could hear CJ and Roger fucking in her room and after I came out of the bathroom I decided to move closer to her door when I noticed it was not completely closed. I gently pushed the door open a few more inches and watched as they fucked, Roger on top of CJ, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he thrust hard into her. I froze when I saw her look towards the door and our eyes again locked as she watched me stand in the doorway. She smiled and I knew she was aware that I watched them from the darkened hallway through the partially opened doorway.

As Roger’s pace quickened she turned back to him and I faintly heard her plead, “That’s it baby… cum for me… show me how much you love my pussy… give me your cum…” I watched as her legs tightened around his waist and she started to rock her hips faster as she accepted his cock as it plunged into her over and over. Her body shook and she cried out as a powerful orgasm surged through her, “YES… YES… FUCK ME…”

Roger groaned loud and thrust hard into CJ and I knew he had started to cum inside her. Her arms and legs tightened around him as he pulled back and thrust hard once again. She turned to look towards the door once again and our eyes met again as her hips slowly rocked as they came together.

As they both calmed I knew it was time for me to leave so I quietly walked back down the hallway. My dick was hard from looking into CJ’s eyes as she and Roger came together, her arms and legs held tight around his big frame. I imagined her messy cunt as his potent seed surged deep in her.

I was relieved to see that everyone had finally left. As I walked past the pool, my dick painfully hard and tenting the front of my swim trunks, I noticed CJ’s bikini as it lay beside the pool. I stopped to pick it up on my way home, and then turned and casually kicked Roger’s swimsuit into the pool and watched as it slowly kartal escort sank as I continued on to my apartment.

I lay in bed and slowly stroked my hard dick as I remembered the intense look on CJ’s face as Roger fucked her in the pool when our eyes had locked together, and later the intense look of passion in her face as she and Roger had come together in her bed. My orgasm grew closer, and I bit my lip as I tried to quiet my groan as my thick cum flowed into the crotch of CJ’s bikini bottom wrapped around my dick.

After CJ and Roger had cum together they had lain quietly next to each other, neither speaking as they gradually caught their breath. CJ felt embarrassed and hurt by the way Roger had treated her earlier in the pool. They heard someone in the kitchen and Roger got up and walked naked to the bathroom.

CJ had dozed while Roger was gone, but woke when she heard her bedroom door squeak as it opened. The faint light from the living room only faintly illuminated the bedroom. She felt the bed move as he climbed into bed with her and snuggled up behind her. He cupped her small breast and she quickly realized it was not Roger. Startled, she quickly turned and recognized Rick. She hurriedly sat up and pulled the sheet up over her breasts and angrily asked, “Rick! What are you doing? Where is Roger?”

Rick explained how he and Roger had run into each other in the kitchen. As they talked he had mentioned to Roger how he and Stephanie had worked out their feeling when Stephanie had been unfaithful, and how both of them wanted Roger to fuck Stephanie again and how Rick was eager to fuck CJ again. The guys decided to give Stephanie an early birthday present.

CJ could clearly hear Stephanie’s loud groan as Roger started to push his cock into her. CJ wondered why it was so clear sounding and realized both guys had intentionally left the doors open enough so they could each hear the other.

The fact that Roger had agreed with Rick to share her angered her even more. Rick jerked away the sheet she held covering her nude body, and as he moved up between CJ’s thighs she tried to push him back but he grabbed her wrist and pushed her back down. He held her hands above her head as he slowly rubbed his long cock along her wet pussy. She felt the pressure as he pressed the crown against her and she reluctantly moaned as her pussy willingly opened to accept him, she laid her head back and her legs parted in surrender as she felt his long hard shaft quickly sliding into her wet cum fill pussy. His rhythm quickened as he started to plunge the long shaft deep in her.

CJ felt embarrassed as her body started to respond to his unwelcomed cock as it pushed deeper. Her hips rose up to accept him as he pushed deeper in her, she unwillingly moaned in surrender as her legs wrapped around his waist and her hips started to thrust upward to accepted his cock as it plunged into her over and over. From her past experience with Rick she knew he would not cum quickly.

Finally she felt Rick’s thrusts intensify and she felt his cock swell and she knew he was close. She heard whispering and as she glanced towards the door she saw Roger and Stephanie standing naked with their arms around each other.

She glared at Roger as Rick’s cock exploded inside her and she held him tight as she moaned and whimpered as she pushed her hips up and accepted his cum as he thrust again and held his cock deep as more cum oozed into her. She was pleased at her performance as she faked her orgasm.

Stephanie and Roger clapped as Rick rolled off of her and then made their way back to the other bedroom. Soon CJ heard Rick’s light snoring as he had fallen into a deep sleep, exhausted from all the party and sex. CJ carefully slipped out of the bed hoping to not wake Rick. She slipped on a pair of panties, some shorts, and a t-shirt. As she quietly snuck slowly down the hall way she once again heard Stephanie moaning as CJ quietly left their apartment.

I lazily awoke from an erogenous dream and as my eyes opened I recognized CJ’s long hair as she lay with her back to me, the cover pulled up around her neck. She felt me moving and she rolled onto her back and stuck her arms above her head and stretched as she turned her head to me and smiled. I saw her tiny nipples pressed against the thin sheet and realized she was topless.

She got a solemn look as she told me she hoped I was not hurt or offended by her actions with Roger in the pool. She was embarrassed and concerned as to what all her new neighbors would think of her.

She apologized for coming into my bed unasked, but she didn’t know where else she could go. She told me how she liked Roger’s big cock but she had grown weary about how he could so easily coerce her into doing those things she was reluctant to do for him.

I could feel her hurt and anger as she told me how Roger and Rick had traded off last night. She was angry at Rick, and with herself, as she reluctantly let Rick take her again. I could feel my dick hardening as I imagined Rick and Roger sharing her, but I knew she would feel the same anger towards me if I were to try and take advantage of her at that moment so I just stretched my arm out and let her rest her head on my shoulder as she told me the story.

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