My Lovers Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this is a story that deals with consensual sex between two consenting adults who are 18 years old and above. This is based on a true encounter in 2003, and the first names haven’t been changed. Thanks for reading.

Ever since starting my studies at Wichita State University on 1999, I have been home – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – every Winter break. It gets so cold in Wichita that I dream of the tropical South East Asian weather; and so I visit my parents and younger sister from the end of November after Finals Week to the end of December. Usually we would head over to Genting Highlands, Langkawi, or make the trip via plane to Singapore to relax as a family. Another reason for returning to Malaysia every Winter is that even though my sister and I are five years apart in age – I’m the older one – she was born at the tail end of October and me in the middle of November. So, the trips to Genting, Langkawi and Singapore take on added significance as a sort of birthday getaway. This wasn’t anything new, even as children we would celebrate our birthdays together in October… and n November we’d have a small private celebration with just my parents and closest friends.

But I couldn’t make it back to Malaysia in 2002 due to some unforeseen circumstances and so I remained in Wichita; so we had to cancel the regular trip and had to celebrate our birthdays separately in different countries. While not being there for my sister’s 17th birthday sucked, I couldn’t be there for her 18th birthday in October 2003 either. I had a very bad case of the flu, and I was unable to even walk properly since I had a really high fever and was nearly always dizzy.

By the time the high fever broke and I recovered from the flu, and was cleared to fly by a doctor, it was mid-January and school was about to start for me and for my sister, Aliya.

Before I continue, perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Tanvir and right now I am 38 years old and a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia and I am still unmarried. I am 165cm, I have a lighter tanned skin. I also have black hair, and brown eyes. I am stocky in build with wide shoulders and chest, along with a slightly toned thanks to an almost obsessive desire to keep myself from going back to my more overweight Secondary school body. And finally, the few girls who I have bedded over the years since leaving for my University education at WSU didn’t seem to have a problem with my nearly six inch cock.

Now, we go on to my sister. She has a lighter skin tone than me, she’s about my height and five years younger. Back in November 2003, when this story begins, she had dark wavy hair that reached down to her mid back. She was (and still is) pretty fit and toned; in addition to participating in her school’s debate team.

Anyway, back to the story; so, it seemed as if the only way to see my parents and sister again was going to be Winter break next year in 2004. I remember scowling before staring at the calendar on my desk. I did some mental calculations before deciding to take a risk and head down to Kuala Lumpur to surprise my parents and Aliya. Working part time during my Bachelor’s degree helped with saving enough money for this trip, and since I still had a valid visa to Malaysia surprising my folks would not be a problem.

So, I bought a plane ticket for the end of the week with me arriving in Kuala Lumpur on a Monday morning. It would be the day that my sister’s final semester would begin before she graduates and moves on to the University of Toronto for her Bachelor’s degree in September of 2004. My plan was to surprise my sister at her school – one of the few prestigious international schools in KL – before we went home together to surprise our parents. This plan meant that I would have to find a cheap hotel for at least a night near my family’s apartment and my sister’s school. And so I booked a room at a nearby two-star hotel.

The day finally came to leave for Malaysia. I told my parents on the phone that I would be unavailable for a few days since I was going on a road trip to Seattle with a few friends. I did the calculations in my head; the flight from Wichita to Kuala Lumpur, including layovers at Houston and Narita, would take about a day plus change… so I explained that there would be spots on the long drive to Seattle where there may not be any cellphone signal for many hours; and so I would be calling them when possible. They were surprised at the sudden plans, especially with the , but they told me to be careful and at least call them whenever possible during the trip.

And then I was off. I reached KL on a Monday at around nine in the morning. By the time I had gone through immigration and then collected my bags, it was ten in the morning. I then called my parents and told them we were about five hours away from Seattle – I pretended we had to make several stops to rest – and that I would send them pictures on my digital camera once we get to our motel. After putting the phone away, I then headed towards the airport limousine pendik escort kiosk and asked them for a taxi that would take me to the hotel.

By the time I reached the hotel and then checked in, it was a little after twelve noon thanks to a few traffic jams. I was hungry, so I picked up my phone and wallet before heading out for some lunch. I knew that Aliya would be done with her classes by 3pm and that she and her friends rarely left the school campus for lunch. So, I knew that there was very little chance of seeing her around where I was planning to get some lunch. It was an eatery serving mostly local dishes a few minutes walk away.

Upon arriving at the eatery, I got my food, paid for it and then found a place to sit down. I then started to eat, but not before noticing a group of five girls in light blue uniforms and skirts that ended just below the knee walk up to the line. The initials of the school my sister was attending knitted on the shirts just above their right breast. I glanced at them, three were blondes with cream colored skin – from their accents I could tell that one of them was from Germany and the other was American, but I couldn’t guess the accent of the third girl. The remaining two had black hair and had tanned skin – I would later find out one was from Malaysia and the other from India. All of them were good looking before I looked away and continued to eat.

It would be when I was halfway finished with my food that I noticed someone standing on the other side of the table. I looked up to find the blonde American standing behind the chair across from me. There was a look of familiarity on her face before she said, “are you Aliya’s brother?”

That was something I did not expect.

“Katie!” the Brit called out at the American girl as she and the other three sat down near the counter. The girl across from me – Katie – turned back and signaled that she would be with them soon before turning back towards me.

“Who are you and how do you know Aliya?” These were the first two questions out of my mouth.

“I’m Katie and I’m in Aliya’s debate team,” she replied, “I saw your picture on Facebook… the one you posted two months ago when you were at that beach with friends?”

I remembered that day. To escape the cool Kansas weather, a few friends and I – one of them a Malaysian Chinese girl I had been close with for years and fucking on and off for the past few months – went to Malibu for a week of hot weather. The picture I uploaded to my Facebook was of me and the Malaysian Chinese girl – she was in a black bikini with my arms around her shoulders and her arm around my lower back. We had just finished playing some beach soccer before taking that picture so the muscle tone around my body could be clearly seen.

“I remember that picture,” I nodded as I recalled having sex with that Malaysian-Chinese girl n our hotel room. I reluctantly pushed that memory to the side since it was making my cock twitch and returned my attention to Katie, “and my sister showed you that picture?”

“She was checking her account on her laptop during debate prep and I was sitting next to her,” Katie said as her eyes shifted downwards towards my chest before looking back up. She then shrugged before continuing, “and I asked who you were.” She then chuckled while I scratched the back of my head when she said, “I think the exact words I asked was ‘who’s that hottie?'”

I was laughing while wondering about the look on my sister’s face. After a few seconds, I then said that my sister must not have liked that. She chuckled while sweeping a bit of her hair behind her right ear.

“She gave me this really mean look before closing the window she was staring at.” I chuckled as did Katie. As one of the other girls called for her again, this time with bags of wrapped and packed food, Katie turned towards them and yelled out over the din of the lunch hour crowd to give her a second. When she was turned away with her side to me, I took a good look at her figure from her profile… she had set of nice tits being held by a bra, a proportional butt, a flat abdomen, and a gentle curve to her lower back. She turned back towards me with those green eyes and smiled before saying that she wished we could talk more.

I then remembered that this girl knew my sister. I hurriedly told her, “Oh, don’t tell Aliya you saw me. I’m supposed to be surprising her.”

“As long as you take me out for a drink.” Her face immediately turned red upon saying that before saying she sometimes would blurt out words without thinking, “like how I told Aliya that you’re hot”. She waved her arms before saying that she was just kidding and that she should get going, “we have class again in thirty minutes and…”

“So, you don’t think I’m hot?” I asked with what I hoped was a questioning expression.

“You are,” she replied nodding her head, “and… I mean you are.” She then grabbed a strand of her hair and rolled it around her finger while staring at me, the sudden shyness from earlier was gone, “you really are.” She then shook maltepe escort her head before saying that it was probably time to head back to her friends before she made even more of a fool of herself, “it can’t get any worse than telling my friend’s brother that he’s hot.”

“Well,” I said while leaning in, “you’re hot.”

She chuckled lightly before nodding her head and saying, “thanks.”

I chuckled before asking her, “How old are you?”

“Eighteen. Why?”

I stared at her surprised face before continuing, “well, if I’m going to take you out on a date, then there is the very real likelihood that…” I remember leaning forward even more while she leaned in closer to me, “that we’ll be fucking at the end of the date. So I wanted to know how old you are.”

“Katie, we gotta go!”

She looked back at her friends who were scowling at her while one of them pointed at her wristwatch. Katie then turned back towards me with a surprised expression… an expression that deepened when I blurted out, “how about you come with me now to my hotel room?”

My heart was racing now. I wondered what her answer would be. She gave me a small smile before licking her lips. She then turned back and rushed over to her friends and told them something I couldn’t hear. I went back to eating my meal while glancing up at the other four girls, with Katie’s back facing me, as they whispered to each other. Katie then rushed back while the other four watched her rush towards me; one of them then glanced at me before turning about. She led the others out of the eatery just as Katie reached my table.

“I have twenty five minutes,” Katie whispered leaning towards me.

“Let’s get going then,” I replied before pushing the plate away, getting up off my chair, and then grabbing her hand. The both of us rushed towards my nearby hotel room; I imagined Katie taking my cock in her mouth and then into her cunt. I knew I couldn’t wait, “quick, let’s go.” And we ran down the sidewalk.

It would be about five minutes later that the Chinese woman at the counter stared at me and Katie as the two of us strode rapidly through the small lobby and then up the stairs. Katie was in front of me, my eyes watching the outline of her ass as her hips and skirt swayed from side to side. I wanted to reach up and grab her two ass cheeks, but the glare of the security cameras was ever present. Eventually, we reached the third floor and then the two of us reached for and grasped each others hands before rushing over to my room; the sixth door on the right.

Standing in front of the door, I reached into my pocket for the key card while Katie turned towards me and then, while still holding my right hand, she reached down my trousers and placed her left hand on the zipper which she promptly pulled downwards. I turned my head towards her with a silly grin on my face just as my hand gripped the access card in my pocket. She bit her lower lip before reaching into my trousers through the open zip and then under my underwear.

“Damn,” she whispered as her fingers brushed my skin just as I inserted the card into the door lock and then pulled it out. Her fingers brushed the base of my cock just as she rushed into the room with me close behind. The door slammed shut since I leaned against it while Katie was panting and getting down on both of her knees in front of my crotch; she still had a grip on my hardening cock while I quickly undid the buckle of my belt and then the buttons holding my trousers around my waist. The trousers dropped onto the carpeted floor before I took off my underwear which then led to the full view of Katie’s fingers around my hardening cock. “How fat is your cock?” she asked as the organ started to length and widen while she slowly stroked it to its full potential. Her lips were parted, her eyes were widened in surprise, as she took in the six inches of thick meat staring back at her. She examined my member; stroking the shaft with one hand while slowly moving the appendage up as she tilted her head to take a look underneath.

“Ahhhhh,” I breathed out as she slightly pushed my cock towards my body and then leaned forward and licked the underside from the base to the glans at the top with the tip of her tongue, “fuuuuuuck…”

“Ummmm,” she whispered before I looked back down at the eyes staring back up at me. Katie was still stroking my cock, and seeing her like this in her school uniform was such a bloody turn on that I thought I was going to cum then and there. I glanced up at the clock on the wall and then back to Katie who was leaning forward with her lips parted. She was about to take my cock into her mouth.

And the feeling was just so grand when she wrapped her lips around the head, “ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Just as I released a breath, she started humming while her tongue was licking the head. Katie then took in more and more of my shaft – she was part way through my length when I could feel the back of her throat. Fuck, here was an eighteen year old hottie was who was licking away at my shaft as she pulled kartal escort her head back, the suction was just enough to keep me on the edge of insanity. I wanted to grab her head and pushed it forward while I thrust my cock down her throat; but I didn’t want her to gag, not yet. As she pulled back, I could see trails of saliva and my pre-cum mixed together around my shaft. I could see clear liquid falling down the sides of her mouth as she took my shaft back into her warm and wet mouth, her saliva coating every part of me that was in her mouth.

She pulled her head back again, releasing my cock from her mouth with a ‘plop’ and then looked up at me as she started to stroke my cock once again.

“Fuck,” she whispered looking up at me, “fuck, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

She grabbed the sides of my legs with her hands and squeezed while taking in my length half of the way. I was leaned back against the door, my face was starting to sweat despite the air-conditioning having cooled the room by now. Katie hummed as she tilted her head left and right continuously while her tongue was lashing around my shaft. I looked down through eyes that were stinging because of beads of sweat getting into them, and saw Katie looking up at me with my cock stuffed into her mouth. She moved her hands from the sides of my legs; her fingers trailing along my skin before resting on my ass.

She closed her eyes and hummed out, “hmmmmmmmmm” while squeezing both cheeks. I closed my eyes at the sensation of pleasure going through my body at her humming and her head moving back and forth as she sucked me off. I could feel my balls tightening, I could feel my cum getting ready to be shot into her mouth and down her throat. Fuck, this was something I didn’t expect when I came here; but I wasn’t going to complain.

But I didn’t want to cum in her mouth.

I glanced up to see the time on the wall-clock, ‘fifteen more minutes.’ Time flew when we were having fun.

I reached down and grabbed the ponytail hanging on the back of Katie’s head and pulled back. There was a questioning look on her face as she moved her head backwards before the cock head slipped out of her mouth. I could see trails of spit and cum from the head to her lips before I looked into her eyes.

I was still primed to shoot my cum out, but I was going to hold it in as much as I could before I could shoot it where I wanted.

“Get up,” I hissed while pulling her up to her feet by her hair before picking her up into my arms before striding over to the bed. I lay her down before I stood up straight while she was panting as she bit her lower lip. “Spread your legs.”

And she did. She bent her knees up, her feet on the linen covered mattress, and then she parted her legs while I walked around to the foot of the bed directly in front of her. Her skirt moved down her smooth legs to her pubic area leaving the blue shorts she wore exposed to me. As I stared at a darker shade of blue around the middle of her blue shorts, I could tell she was wet. She was still in her full uniform, and I was still clothed from the waist up. And while I would have loved to take my time with Katie, she would be missed from her next class. And I didn’t want her to be grounded by her parents… which meant that I could not see her again.

Oh no, I couldn’t get her grounded and in trouble with the school and her parents. I was going to make sure I fucked her good enough for another round later. It would be then that I would take my time with her; but it would be at another place.

She got up onto her elbows while I got up onto the bed; the mattress springs were creaking as one knee after the other took my body weight before I was kneeling between her legs. I stared at the shorts covering her cunt before reaching down and then grabbing the legs of her shorts and pulling them off. She raised her ass off the bed, making it easier for me as I took off the shorts before tossing them aside.

Then I placed my hands on her parted knees while positioning myself between her legs. My cock was aimed at her wet cunt… the overhead lights helped me see how wet she really was… her shaved lips were glistening. My eyes travelled up her body to the look of lust on her face before I leaned forward until I was just over her body; I rested one hand next to her sweat covered pretty face while the other hand gripped my hard cock.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked while positioning the cock head at her entryway. She gasped and closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath as the lips of her pussy parted when I slowly entered her. The lips seemed to close around my cock while she ran both hands through her hair.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH,” she moaned out as I continued until my cock hit a barrier.

“You’re a virgin?”

“Yesssssssss…” She hissed with her eyes closed, a lustful expression on her face before she put her hands on both sides of my head. Fuck was she tight; before I could even push through the hymen and into the rest of her love canal, her walls were already gripping my cock as tight as a vice. Her left hand then gripped my arm- the one next to her head, while her other hand reached up to and grabbed the back of my neck. Her eyes were now slowly opening and looking into mine as she whispered with a sultry voice, “fuck me, baby.”

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