On the Beach Ch. 16

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Everyone gets in on the action – MM, MFM, FF.

All characters are over 18.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing.



Owen lifts his head. He’s laughing so hard his cheeks glisten with tears. He gulps, swallowing another guffaw, struggling for control. The faces that surround him range from concern to amusement. He wipes his eyes with one hand. His other is still wrapped around Mark’s cock.

“Owen? Are you okay, sweetheart?” Bill’s mother asks him. Her concern is evident in the tone of her voice. He doesn’t need to see her face to know he’ll see, not scorn or disapproval, but simple concern. Laughter dies in his throat. Now, he struggles not to cry. He tries to remember the last time his mother expressed any real concern about his well-being. He comes up with – never.

He nods, not trusting his voice.

Mark squeezes his shoulder. “What was so funny, dude?”

That one Owen can answer. He waves his free hand at the group. “This. Jesus Pete, look at us. With all this, what worries you is whether I’m okay with your brother, YOUR BROTHER, fucking you instead of me. I mean for fuck sake, really? That’s the question?” He shakes his head.

Bill moves to sit beside his brother. He cups the back of Owen’s neck with one hand and leans forward, touching their foreheads together. “Dude, I told you, if it’s too much, say so. Let’s go inside. Let’s get dressed and go chill some place. Fuck, the ocean’s right over there, let’s go swimming.”

“Your mom says we can’t go swimming until an hour after the sharks have eaten,” Owen whispers. He doesn’t laugh this time. He giggles. He collapses between Mark’s legs, clutches his sides and giggles.

“Mom, what is he talking about?” Jill asks. Hearing the fear in her voice, Jim pulls her closer to his side.

“Nothing, sweetie. Inside joke.” She looks at Owen. “Very funny, young man. Very funny. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Mark or Bill put you up to that.”

“Nope,” Mark assures her. “Owen is a genuine, all-on-his-own smartass. I knew it from the start.”

Owen struggles to sit up. He gasps, wipes his eyes.

“Y’all, I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you and I’m no crazier than most, I don’t think I am anyway. It’s just most days I spend most of my time making sure I don’t do anything ‘queer’. Most days I get lectured about the fiery lake and sin. Most days I imagine what it’d be like to have someone I could ask, say, or do, whatever I wanted without worrying about getting my ass kicked or looked at like I was something the dog yacked up on the carpet. That’s my most days. Then, poof, I’m in the middle of a naked family and a naked neighbor and everyone seems perfectly fine with doing whatever to whoever. That’s a fucking quantum leap beyond ‘cognitive dissonance’. That’s all.” He takes a deep breath. “As far as the original question, do I mind if Bill fucks his brother, only in the sense I was hoping Bill would fuck me.” He shakes his head. “I cannot believe I said that out loud. That’s as weird as the fact I was expecting to be fucked in front of all y’all. Jesus.”

“Well, I could fuck you. I think fucking you would be baller.”

They all stare at Jill. Before anyone can speak, she snaps at them. “With a dildo, assholes. With a dildo. Pegging. I’m well aware of, and remain grateful of, the fact, I don’t have a dick.”

Owen smiles at her. “Okay, now, finally, it’s getting weird. You want to fuck me with a dildo?”

“Well, yeah. Duh. Muriel has called dibs on my lover’s beautiful black cock. So, except for daddy.” She swivels her head, eyes widening. “Daddy?”

Her father shakes his head. “Not tonight, Jill. Not tonight. Tonight I’m your mom’s, and only your mom’s. Happy to lend moral support, or maybe I should say immoral support, but tonight my body is the exclusive property of your mother’s.”

“Do you want to, dear?” Meg asks as she squeezes his arm.

“Want to? Sure, I want to but not tonight. I’m bi,” he adds for Owen, who is back to looking utterly befuddled.

“Of course you are,” Owen whispers. “So, how is this supposed to work? I get to suck Mark, while being pegged by Jill, as Mark gets fucked by Bill. That right? Meanwhile, Muriel is getting DP’ed by Ben and Jim. Did I miss anybody? Oh, fuck, I did. Meg.”

“Meg’ll be fine, sugar. I’ve not had near enough pussy for the one night,” Muriel growls. “Now that everyone has their stage instructions, why don’t we roll the cameras. I’m about to bust with frustration here.”

“You must be,” Meg interjects with a snicker. “Ben’s on his back, you’re on top of him, face down with Jim’s cock in your ass. How exactly am I supposed to get my snatch in your mouth? I’m not in one of your yoga classes. I can’t do some reversed flying tiger shit.”

“Maybe you could squeeze in and sit on my face?”

Meg looks at her husband. “That’s sweet, honey, but I don’t think that will work either.” She shakes her head. “Besides, what’s ankara escort the big deal. Watchin’ the bunch of you fucking away is gonna be plenty of fun.”

“Meg, honey be a dear and run up to my room,” Muriel says. “You know where I keep all my toys. Grab a strapon for Jill and something for yourself. While you’re doing that I’ll think on this a minute.”

Owen notices all the other dudes are stroking their cocks, keeping them at attention. He has a better idea. “Until your mom gets back why don’t we pick up where we left off?” He doesn’t wait for an answer. He turns and takes Mark’s cock back in his mouth. He plays with the head, holding the foreskin forward and running his tongue under it. He feels Bill’s whiskers on his ass and then Bill’s tongue in his hole. He was hoping for a cock but at this point getting fucked by a chick wielding a strapon dildo is fine.

Muriel isn’t gone long but he can feel Mark getting close. Owen raises his head. Bill pulls his mouth away.

Meg hands the leather harness to Jill, who looks at it confused. Her mother bends and deposits the other toy on one of the cushions. “Here, honey, like this.”

Owen watches, fascinated, never in his wildest fantasies did he ponder the possibility of watching a mother help her daughter into a leather harness, with a reasonably large latex dong hanging off it, a dong that would soon be up his ass. He has truly fallen through the looking glass somewhere between Jim’s pizzeria and here.


Ben has been watching, lying on his back, turned slightly and resting on one elbow. Muriel is kneeling beside him. He’s casually stroking the lower part of her back. With his free hand he gives his cock the occasional I-haven’t-forgotten-you-big-guy tug. Jim stands behind him. He resists the urge to turn and stare at the man’s cock.

Muriel twists at the waist. One breast comes into view. Ben sees that the nipple is hard. Also, her lips seem redder, fuller. He recalls reading somewhere that the lips of the mouth engorge during sex just like the lips of the pussy. Looking at her, he believes that now.

“I’m so damn horny, fellas,” Her words encompass them both. “I’m nearly busting at the seams, imaging both those lovely cocks in me.” She frowns. “But I want to watch; I want to watch Mark especially but I want to watch Bill and Owen. Jill, too. I’m old enough to know better but I can’t help it. I’m selfish; I want it all.”

Ben shrugs. “What’s the big deal? Watch. I’m sure we,” he gestures with his head toward Jim, “can keep you occupied.”

“Goody,” Jill squeals in excitement. “I want Jim to help me, show me how I should use this cock.”

Jim smiles at her and walks slowly to her side. He exaggerates the sway of his hips. His cock sways from side to side. A drop of precum, lengthens then falls. His swaying cock hypnotizes his companions. They’re silent as he takes his place by Jill’s side.

“You ever repeat this to any of my peeps and I’ll deny it,” he whispers into her ear. “But you look sexy as fuck with that thing hanging between your legs. We get home. I’m buying you one.” He pauses. “One with a black cock, a cock you’ll look at and think of me.”

Jill shivers, whether from his words or the hot breath on the side of her neck is unclear.

“Should I lie on my back?” Mark asks.

“Yeah,” Bill answers. “I think that would work best. Owen can get to your cock from one side. I’ll be able to watch Jill fucking him, I think.” He looks at Owen. “She’s only warming you up for me. You know that, right?” Owen nods.

Mark lays down beside his father. Muriel kneels down. She lifts his head and rests it on the top of her legs. Mark realizes they are in the same position that Jim and his Jill were in earlier.

Bill moves between his brother’s legs.

“Wait a sec, honey,” his mother tells him. She moves closer. She pulls one of her oldest son’s legs up. Jill, anticipating, is ready with the lube. She squeezes the tube. Mark feels his mother rubbing the lube over his asshole. Her finger pushes into him without much resistance. He’s had a finger in his ass before. She watches his face as she pushes two fingers into her son’s asshole. When she adds a third, he grimaces. “You sure about this, Mark?”

“Yeah, mom.”

She nods at him. She turns. Jill is sucking Bill’s cock. Owen is watching them, looking stunned. “I think he had better use some lube, not just spit,” Meg tells her daughter. Jill pulls away. Meg squirts a palmful of lube into one hand and passes the bottle back to Jill. She wraps her hand around her youngest son’s cock and strokes it, coating his throbbing dick with lube. “Be gentle.” The warning is unneeded, possibly even offensive, but she’s a mom; she can’t stop herself.

Bill nods. He holds one of his brother’s legs up with one hand. His other hand steers his cock towards Mark’s asshole. He rubs the head of his cock over it, feeling the catch of the circular muscles that give his brother’s pucker escort ankara it’s pucker. In the end, it’s easier than either had thought it would be.

It hurts but not as much as Mark has anticipated and the pain soon gives way to a different sensation, as his brother’s cock begins to stretch and fill him, begins to press and massage his prostate. Bill leans into Mark’s upturned leg. Mark’s other leg stretches out alongside his brother’s. Mark looks at Owen and nods.

Owen moves closer. Bill stops him with his free hand, pulls his mouth to his, shoves his tongue into his mouth and then bites his lip before releasing him. Owen leans over his own thighs and takes Mark’s cock into his mouth without using his hands. His head is turned, one cheek resting on Mark’s belly. He can watch Bill’s face.

Meg hands the bottle of lube to Jim. He looks uncertain. Meg nods toward Owen. Jim understands and moves to stand beside the newest addition to their group. Jill follows. Owen watches as Jim squirts lube into his hand. Jim’s strong, callused hand begins to rub the lube over the fake cock hanging between Jill’s legs.

“Oh my,” Muriel whispers. Mark feels one of her hands leave his chest. It brushes through his hair. The legs beneath his head shift slightly. He feels the back of her hand against the top of his head as she begins to rub her clit.

Jim kneels. Jill follows. Jill spreads Owen’s ass with her soft hands. Owen feels a shiver run up his back as the cold lube kisses his ass. It’s followed by fingers, fingers too large to be a girl’s, massaging the lube over his asshole. A finger penetrates his ass. He arches his back in pleasure. The finger leaves him. He feels the head of the dildo against his ass.

“Like this?”

Owen nods.

“Steady it with one head, babe,” Jim tells her.

“Okay?” she asks.

“Yeah,” Owen answers, letting her brother’s cock fall from his mouth. “I fuck myself with a dong bigger than that. Don’t worry.” Jill pushes a little harder. Owen drops his head to Mark’s belly. The dildo enters him.

Owen doesn’t need to suck Mark’s cock. As Bill begins to seriously fuck his brother, Mark’s cock is bounced in and out of Owens waiting mouth. Behind him, Jill’s hands rest on top of his hips. She’s buried the dildo in his ass. She stops. She doesn’t seem to know what to do next.

“Harder, he tells her. Fucking bust my ass, girl. Fuck me like a man. Fuck me!” he growls as Mark’s cock smacks against his cheek.

“You heard him, girl. Fuck his ass,” Jim whispers into her ear. He’s standing beside her, chin resting on her shoulder, cock pressed against the side of her ass.

Their words light a fire in Jill’s eyes and her hips begin to move. The pounding of Bill’s cock forces precum out of Mark’s cock. It smears across Owen’s cheek. He takes the cock in his mouth, lets it go long enough to again tell Jill to fuck him, then takes it back.

“I think you’re going to make me cum with your cock, bro. Is that possible?” Mark pants.

“Who the fuck cares? If you can cum from my cock reaming your ass, then fucking cum. I want to watch Owen eat your fucking load, big brother. After he does, I’m gonna suck it out of his mouth while I empty my load in your guts.” Bill begins to slam into his brother, long slow strokes. His cock leaves Mark’s ass, only to slam back in to the hilt.

“Oh, Jesus. Oh, fuck,” Mark pants, drawing everyone’s attention, everyone capable of rational thought that is. His cock rests near Owen’s mouth. Owen isn’t sucking it, as much as letting it slide over his face, over his lips, into his mouth on occasion. When Mark cums, it is his brother’s cock, not Owen’s mouth that does the trick. Mark’s cock rises, stands nearly vertical from his belly, the head swells. Time seems to halt for a moment. Later, Mark will swear the gulls stopped screaming. He explodes. Semen flies as high as Bill’s head before raining back down on Owen’s face and Mark’s belly and chest. Bill pulls his cock from his brother’s ass and reaches for it.

“No! Cum in my ass. I want to feel you cum in my ass. Please!”

Mark need not beg. Bill pushes forward, buries his cock, and lets himself go. Mark feels his brother’s cock swell in his ass. He desperately wishes he could feel Bill’s cum fill him but he doesn’t. All he feels is his brother’s cock twitching.

His fingers find Owen’s hair, the topknot. “Come here, please.” Owen turns his head toward Mark. “Let me suck you. Please.” Owen considers it. He came earlier. Jill is giving his ass a workout with the dildo. That feels great. But so does cumming in a dude’s mouth, as he discovered not long ago.

“Okay,” he whispers. He falls forward over Mark’s body, pulling himself off the dildo. He rises to his knees. He surprises himself by turning to Jill, kissing her quickly, and whispering, “Thank you.” Mark raises up on one elbow and reaches for Owen’s cock. The PA feels weird against his tongue. He sucks his cock the way he likes his own ankara escort bayan sucked, mostly stroking with the hand while the tongue and lips concentrate on the crown and piss slit.

Owen’s hands find his head and Mark understands. He makes a tunnel of his hand and purses his lips. Owen fucks his mouth. Mark gags once or twice as Owen’s cock hits the back of his throat but he hangs in there. Owen shoves his cock deep into Mark’s throat. He stills. His ass clenches and unclenches and Mark’s mouth is filled with cum.

Bill licks his way up his brother’s body, stopping to suck and lick up every drop of his brother’s seed he can find. He feels something wet and warm on his knee, where it’s pressed against his brother’s freshly fucked ass. He scoots back. He looks. All he sees is cum, white cum, no blood, no nothing else that he can see. Does he want to do this? Why not? he asks himself. He’s had his tongue in men’s asses before. Is this that much different? He pushes one of Mark’s legs up. As Mark’s mouth fills with Owen’s cum, Bill’s mouth falls over his brother’s asshole. Mark feels Bill’s tongue press into his ass and his still half hard cock twitches a few more drops of jizz onto his belly.

Owen frees his cock from Mark’s mouth. He sees what Bill is doing. He lowers his head and finds Mark’s mouth, forcing his tongue into it, tasting his own jizz on Mark’s tongue. Bill crawls up his brother’s body and stretches out on top of him. Their softening cocks are trapped between their bodies. Owen stretches out alongside them. Their lips move from one to the other.

Off to the side, the others have been watching. Muriel catches Jim’s eye. She beckons. He kisses Jill. “You sure you’re okay with this, baby?” Jim asks her. She smiles, kisses his cheek, nods.

As Jim and Jill move toward her, Muriel positions herself astride Ben. She grabs his cock, rubs it over her slit and then lowers herself in one fluid motion. “God, that feels so damn good,” she purrs to the night. She sits flat on Ben’s hips and begins to rotate her pelvis, moaning. Without stopping the motion, she looks at Meg. “Good, come over here, Meg my love, and lube my ass for me, will you?”

Meg steps closer to where her lover sits atop her husband’s cock. She bends, kisses her husband, kisses Muriel, she puts a hand on Muriel’s shoulder, urging her to lean forward. She walks on her knees, kneeling now beside Muriel’s upturned ass.

“Jim, spread her ass cheeks,” she whispers.

Jim’s strong hands, somehow looking less dark against Muriel’s tanned skin, opens the woman’s cheeks. Meg upends the bottle. A trail of clear fluid catches the dimming sunlight and falls, coating Muriel’s rosebud. Meg closes the bottle, tosses it toward Jill and begins to rub the lube over her friend’s pucker. She pushes a finger inside, another, then a third. She turns her hand over. Her fingers move.

“Holy fuck,” Ben calls as his wife massages his cock from inside Muriel’s ass. Muriel has never stopped swiveling her pelvis, grinding against Ben. “Jim better hurry or you ladies had better stop that, cause I’m about to cum,” he warns the two women.

“Oh no, we can’t have that.” Muriel stops her motion and begins to kiss Ben, letting his cock rest inside her cunt.

Meg pulls her fingers out of Muriel’s ass. Without speaking, she twists, leans and takes her daughter’s lover’s cock in her mouth. If Jim is surprised, he hides it. He runs his fingers through Meg’s hair as she sucks the top half of his cock, savoring the taste of the precum her hand is milking from his shaft.

She takes her mouth away but leaves her hand. She urges him forward as she pulls softly on one of Muriel’s ass cheeks. Jim does the same to the other. He doesn’t touch his cock. One hand is on Muriel’s ass, the other is still in Meg’s hair. She guides his cock with her hand, pressing the head against the twitching brown asshole.

“Let her push back against you, Jim,” she tells the young man beside her. He nods.

Muriel pushes, hesitates, pushes, pulls away, and then pushes again. She is not a backdoor virgin but it’s been a while, more than a while, since she’s taken on a cock the size of Jim’s. She pushes, taking slow breaths, relaxing. There’s a flash of pain and the head of Jim’s cock is in her ass. A slow steady push and soon she feels the brush of his crisp pubes on the bare ass, the hard muscles of his thighs against her own.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, that feels amazing,” she pants. All three of them hold still. Ben flexes his cock and Jim jumps.

“Fuck, Ben! I can feel your cock moving in her pussy. I can feel that, from inside her ass.”

“Jim, pull out. Slow,” Muriel instructs. He does. “Back in, sweetie.” Once more he does as she requests. “Um, that feels nice.”

Jim and Ben’s cocks slide past each other, one entering Muriel’s body as the other leaves it.

Jim’s thighs slap up against Muriel’s ass, replicating the sounds Bill and Mark made earlier. She’s sandwiched between two cocks, barely able to move. She keeps her eyes locked on Mark as her entire pelvis is filled with hard dick. She grunts with each thrust of Jim’s cock. Ben’s fingers find her nipples. He pinches, pulls, twists. She’s undone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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