One more Famiiy Vacation reimagined

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My daughter Hannah was coming home from college, having just graduated at the top of her class with a degree in microbiology. Hannah finished her Bachelor’s program in just 2 years, having taken all of her general college classes while still in high school. A few months ago, my wife Jennifer (Jen to me, and Jenny to our friends) and I had convinced her to go on one more family vacation with us, before heading back to begin her Master’s program. Going all in, we planned a few days in Athens, Greece, followed by a 2-week cruise of the Mediterranean. The plan was to meet her at the airport and head right out on our vacation. Unfortunately, as with the best laid plans…



Out of the blue, just 2 days before we’re set to leave, Jen tells me that she needs to make some last-minute changes to our plans.

“Sorry, Dave. I need to fly down to Miami with Charles, to have a sit-down with the CEO of a company we’re acquiring. He’s balking at including 100% of his IP as part of the final deal, so I won’t be here on Wednesday to leave with you and Hannah.”

Charles is her CFO, a huge ex-football player. He busted up his right knee so badly in his first season as a pro, that he went right back to his alma mater for his Masters in Finance, and later to Columbia for a PhD in Economics.

“I’ll pack for the vacation before I leave this afternoon, so you can bring my luggage with you to Athens. I’ll be fine with an overnight bag for just my business clothes on this trip. I can head to Athens out of Miami late Friday night, and catch up with you Saturday evening. I know you want us all together, but this’ll give you a few days with Hannah to catch up. You two got pretty distant when she became a teenager, and it hasn’t really improved since. This could be a great opportunity to reconnect, find some common interests to share, spend some quality time together. I hope you understand!”

“Of course I understand. I knew when I decided to marry a powerful, corporate executive that there would be sacrifices…”

Jen had her usual dead-pan expression in response to my unique sense of humor. “Hmm, when YOU decided, huh? Seems to me that I was the one who decided you’d make great arm candy for me.”

Jen’s the REAL arm candy. She’s 5’ 11”(she gets her height from her Dad) and in perfect shape, her hips curvy without being in any way flabby. Her abs are lean and defined, her hair raven black, her skin tone like that of her mother, from southern Italy. Her tits are just freakin’ amazing! 34D with fat, ½” nipples and almost no sag, even at 43. Actually, the little bit of sag she’s acquired as she’s aged has actually enhanced the seductiveness of her chest. They were almost TOO perky when we were in college, as if they were fake, which they most definitely aren’t.

“That’s what I meant, of course,” I reply, smirking. I love my role as the “kept man”, holding down the fort at home while my wife is off conquering the corporate world. Leaving behind my own profession, as an architect 3 years ago, had been easier than I’d thought it would be. I really don’t miss it much at all. Of course, as a “kept man”, I feel it’s my duty to be respectable “arm candy” for my CEO wife, so I spend A LOT of time at the gym, keeping my 6’ 2” frame lean and tight. My wife rolls her eyes, pretending that my humor is lost on her; but the truth is that she is one of the few people who actually gets me.

“And I’m not at all nervous at the thought of spending almost three days alone with my teenage daughter, so don’t you worry about me! Does she still like Chuck-E-Cheese’s?”

“She’s almost 20, Pops! Just pretend you’re with me and I’m sure you’ll be fine!”

“Woah, there. I can’t pretend she’s you, she’s our daughter,” I smirk. “Every time I see you, I undress you with my eyes, lewd thoughts coursing through my mind!”

“Oh, yeah?” Jen responds, her voice turning sultry and flirty. “Exactly what lewd thoughts are coursing through that horny little brain of yours that would not be appropriate for our daughter?”

“Right now, I’m thinking about pushing you down over this couch, ripping off your panties, and fucking you from behind,” I respond calmly, as if discussing the weather. I can’t keep a straight face and break into a grin.

“You are, are you? Well I see one flaw in your plan,” Jen tells me as she kicks off of her high-heels and steps up to me. Leaning in and grabbing my crotch, she whispers in my ear: “It’s not that time of the month.”

Other than during her monthly cycle, Jen has never worn underwear of any kind as long as I’ve known her. She hates the snug feel of it, I guess. No bras, ever. At work, she always wears a blazer over her blouse or a sweater, to keep her girls from saying “Hi” to everyone in the office.

It’s her mom Elaine’s fault, really. That woman has no use for underwear, or modesty. I’d have to be so careful every time we were over there to announce ourselves and be careful walking by the bathroom door, which would invariably ataşehir escort bayan be open. Elaine didn’t believe in anyone in her home hogging the bathroom to themselves. Plus she was, and is, a total exhibitionist. If someone was using the shower, which had a clear glass door btw, why shouldn’t the toilet be available to someone else, or vice versa, she rationalized. Even with being careful to make sure she knew we were here, if she was in the shower when we arrived, she had no problem walking out of the bathroom and out to the living to greet us buck-naked, only then going to put something on afterwards. She feels it’s inconsiderate to not greet family as soon as you are aware of their arrival in your home. I call BS. What it is, is AWKWARD. It was particularly awkward when we first started dating, because Elaine is smokin’ hot for an older woman, still is. I’d get a chubby every time we were over there for the first year, and I’m a shower, not a grower, so a chubby is already most of the way to a full-on erection.

Here’s my best story about Elaine and us….no shit…really:

Once, and this TOTALLY blew my mind, she walked into the bathroom while I was in the shower, and proceeded to shave her pussy at the sink, giving me an absolutely complete view. She didn’t even shut the door, nor say a word, just went to work on the short fuzz around her snatch. I just stood there, staring in shock. After a few minutes, Jen walked by, also naked with a towel wrapped around her head, noticed her mother, and heard the shower running. She walked in, saw me in the shower with an absolutely moronic look on my face, and berated her mom.

“What the hell, Mom? Really? Shaving your twat in front of Dave? Seriously? His dick’s so hard it looks like it might break!”

I looked down and, sure enough, I was at full mast. I’d been so fascinated by this hot older woman shaving her dangly-lipped snatch that I hadn’t even noticed my physical arousal.

“Well, maybe he should put it to use before it does,” Elaine replied smoothly, a wicked grin playing on her lips.

“Do not even THINK about fucking my fiancé, Mom. God! Doesn’t Dad fuck you like…at least every other day? That should be enough, even for you.”

“Mmmm, sure. Your father’s great, an animal in the sack. But VARIETY is the spice of life…or so I hear. Elaine grinned as she focused on my cock.

“Again, Not fucking Dave, Mom.”

“Fine, then you fuck him. He clearly needs it.”

“Jesus, Mom! Just finish up, and I’ll take care of Dave.”

“Why wait? I’m not stopping you; and I’ve got a ways to go. Need to be careful shaving around my inner labia.”

“God, Mom! You would suggest such a thing! And with you, I can’t really tell if you’re serious or just fucking with me.”

Elaine just grinned and went back to shaving.

“Fine!” Jen barked. “We’ll see just how voyeuristic you really are, MOTHER…Dave, get out here NOW.

I stepped out of the shower as Jen moved over to the toilet, leaned over at her waist and placed her hands flat on the seat cover, her ass jutting up towards me.

“Mother, would you mind moving over a bit?”

Elaine actually looked a bit surprised, but moved over a few inches.

I took a half-step out of the shower and just stared.

Jen looked back at me over her shoulder.

“What are waiting for, Stud? Fuck your fiancé good and hard for Elaine’s entertainment.” Turning to her mom, she quipped, venom in her voice, “Enjoy the show, MOTHER.”

“Seriously?” I squeaked, my throat suddenly dry.

“Right this fucking second” Jen hissed. “Stick that fuck-tool in a hole, NOW.”

I stepped in behind her, grabbed my cock, and rubbed the head back and forth between her slit. Angry or not, Jen was extremely turned on. Her pussy was practically dripping with girl juice. After a few quick swipes to lube up my head, I slid it in, watching Elaine out of the corner of my eye as I tried to focus on beginning a slow fuck of Jen. Elaine had stopped shaving, her eyes glued to my cock plowing her daughter’s pussy. I started getting a rhythm going and picked up my pace. Jen began to moan and rock back into me.

After several minutes, Jen tuned to look at her mother, glassy eyed.

“Is this what you wanted to see, ummph, Mom?” she asked her as she moaned involuntarily.

I was really fucking her hard at this point, pulling almost all of the way out and then slamming my cock home, filling her sloppy-wet cunt.

“I didn’t WANT to see anything,” Elaine replied, trying to look calm, like she really didn’t care, but failing.

Her chest was flushed crimson, her nipples hard as little pebbles, he own pussy inflamed and obviously moist.

“Yes, I can see that this clearly isn’t affecting you,” Jen retorted sarcastically.

“Come on, Honey,” Jen gasped as she began to frig her clit. “I really need to come also, now. Let’s give mother dear a real show. Put it in my ass,” she panted.

“Uh, really?” I replied, not escort kadıköy as shocked as I should have been. I think I was pretty much beyond shock at that point.

“Really. I need to cum and I want to cum…mmmm…hard. Me working my clit while you fill my ass always sends me over the fucking moon. Forget about my mom. Just focus on me. Get me off, Baby.”

I grabbed my pussy juice slicked cock as I pulled it free of Jen’s cunt, aimed it an inch higher, and plunged it into Jen’s sweaty ass, bottoming out on the first thrust.

Jen squealed in surprise and delight, her fingers flying over her engorged clit.

“Oh, yea. God! Shiit! That’s it, Baby. Fuck that ass. Own that ass!”

I slammed into Jen’s ass over and over, pulling back on her hips to keep her from wacking her head into the toilet. It was a lot of work; but Jen was going insane with her building orgasm, and my balls were about to flood her bowels. I turned my gaze to Elaine, who had put down the razor at some point and now had one hand plowing her own fuck-hole and the other frigging her clit, her eyes never straying from the sight of my meatstick plowing her daughter’s ass. Soon, Jen’s dam broke and her orgasm crashed over her, clamping her asshole down on my dick, pulling me over the edge as I was pulling back at that moment. I quickly reversed direct and buried my cock up her ass, blowing my seed deep within her.

After another minute to calm down, I collapsed my upper body on top of her, both of her hands back on the toilet cover taking most of our upper body weight. I reached around and fondled her breasts, playing with her nipples, which I knew she liked after cumming. Jen took a deep breath and stood up, turning to face her mother, my dick still firmly up her ass. She held my hands in place on her tits.

“So what do you think…MOM? Enjoy the show?”

Elaine just looked at her daughter, her mouth agape and her hands still working her pussy to orgasm.

“One…second….Dear,” she stuttered out, then moaned.

“Ohhhhahhhhhh!!!” she cried as her own orgasm found release. “Oh, FUCK, that was…wow!”

After a several more minutes during which Elaine calmed down and Jen calmly ground her ass into my cock, Elaine regained the ability to speak.

“Jesus, daughter, you really showed me something there.” She gushed, her hands now caressing her own nipples in her post-orgasmic flush. (Like mother, like daughter, I guess.)

“Yes, well, it will NEVER happen again,” Jen retorted, taking my hands from her chest and stepping away from me, my cock popping out of her ass. Looking at me, she noted, “I think you need another shower.”

I stepped back into the shower, the water still running. I got under the stream and began to rinse the sweat off my body and clean my dick, stroking it at the same time.

Jen turned towards the door, stopped at the threshold, grabbed both ass-cheeks and spread them as she squatted a bit. A huge glob of my spunk fell out of her ass onto the tile floor. She then stood up straight and looked over her should her at her mom with a challenging look. Then she just left, heading towards our room, probably for another shower of her own.

I looked at the puddle of spunk on the floor, and then turned to Elaine, not knowing what to say.

Elaine looked torn, and conflicted, one hand still playing with one of her nipples, the other back in her snatch, plunging two fingers in and out, running them over her clit each time they were out. My cock got hard again with the sight and my stroking it. Elaine noticed, and made a decision. She stooped over and scooped up my jizz with both hands, dividing it rather equally between both hands, rubbing her fingers through it and smiling, looking at me.

Never taking her eyes off of me, she brought one hand up to her chest and began rubbing my spunk all over her tits, while the other hand went to her cunt and rubbed it over her mound and then shoved some up her cunt. She finger-banged her cooch ferociously with her cum-slicked hand, pulling on her nipples roughly with the other.

I started jacking off in the shower, watching, mesmerized. I couldn’t help myself. I’d just unloaded in Jen’s ass literally minutes before; but I could feel my balls boiling with another load. After just a few more minutes, Elaine cried out as her second orgasm crashed over her. The sight and sounds sent me over the edge, my cock spurting yet another copious amount of spunk directly at Elaine. It splashed onto her tits, belly, and pussy.

She grinned and cried out in ecstasy, spreading it all over her upper body, and then licking her fingers clean.

“Now I need a shower,” Elaine said, walking into the shower with me still in it.

She nudged me aside and stepped under the showerhead, letting it cascade down her body, rinsing her clean. I just stood there, my cock still in my hand, dripping cum, shocked once again.

“Once finished, she stepped out, grabbed a towel, and began to dry off, making sure to bostancı escort face me the entire time, making sure a got a good view of her drying all of her ladybits.

“Maybe I can’t fuck you; but that was almost as good…maybe better, actually,” she grinned evilly. “I haven’t cum that hard in quite awhile. Thanks, Dave. TTFN,” she finished as she replaced the towel on the bar, turned and walked out.

“Guess I’ll have to finish my shave later,” she called back over her shoulder. “Right now, this old gal needs a nap!” she chuckled.

So that’s my story. I know it’s detailed and seems too incredible to be true; but it is. It WAS so incredible; and it’s burned into my memory, every second of it. Jen and I had quite the bizarre conversation about it afterwards; but that’s another whole story…almost.

Anyway, after that, I got used to her antics. Nothing else that ever happened with us in that house even remotely compared to that…event. And she’s still fucking smokin’ hot, that woman. It’s like she doesn’t age, or at least not much. Her body looks like she’s MAYBE 40, not around 60 that she must be. Not exactly sure how old Jen’s parents are, actually.

But back to family history. Her parents, her dad’s name is George, had Jen while they were still in high school, got married right after they graduated. They were both pretty blasé about nudity and sex around the house; but George changed his tune once Jen came along. Didn’t want to scar her, or risk a run-in with Family Services. Elaine, on the other hand, had no problem parading around their home nude, getting dressed when she was good and ready for the day. With Jen being a girl and their only child, she saw no reason to change her ways.

A broad grin spreading on my face, I tip her face to mine and kiss her, long and deep.

“I know that; but sometimes I wish you would just so I could rip them off you!”

She giggles.

Then, grabbing her by her hips, I spin her around and reach under her arms, grabbing her firm breasts and fondling them roughly, tweaking her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. She backs into me, her left hand reaching back and cradling the back of my head. Her right hand snakes down to my waist and into my pants, grasping my semi-rigid cock. She begins to stroke it as I unbutton her blouse. She reaches lower and gives my balls a squeeze, beginning to moan. I pinch her nipples roughly and whisper hoarsely into her ear.

“What does my little vixen want me to do to her first?” I ask, rolling a nipple in my left hand while sliding my right down to her pussy. Hiking up her skirt, I find her hairless pussy is already moist.

“I don’t know, Daddy, what would you like to do to your little girl?”

Jill twists around enough to look in my eyes, a devilish look on her own.


The stress she puts on “Daddy” makes me wonder if she’s role playing, which we haven’t done in quite a while. If so, wow! What’s got her so cranked up and kinky? If not, I’m wrong and I go with it, I’m going to be in a world of hurt. All of this goes through my mind in an instant. But in the moment, I can’t resist going with my gut. I’m too turned on (by my wife, not my daughter); and my fuckmeat is sooo ready for action.

“Now Hannah, you know what I’ve told you about not teasing your father,” I scold my wife. “You will have to be punished.”

“I’m so sorry, Daddy,” she replies plaintively, bending over. “Do I deserve a spanking?”

Bent over, she flips her skirt up over her lower back, exposing her gorgeous ass to my hungry eyes.

“Yes, you do!” I bark at her, playing the indignant father. “But it’s not your beautiful ass that I’m going to spank. Take off your skirt.”

“My skirt?” Jen asks shyly, looking back at me. “Why Daddy, that seems VERY inappropriate.”

“Do what you’re told,” I reply sternly.

Straightening back up and turning towards me, she slowly pushes her skirt down over her hips. As I watch her, I push my shorts and underwear off and begin stroking my cock, now at full attention.

“Wow, Daddy, you have a really big cock! But I don’t think I should be seeing you do that. I am your little girl, after all.”

“Don’t talk back!” I bark. “Daddy is very disappointed with you, and must teach you a lesson; so do what you’re told without complaint or comment.”

Jen’s skirt drops to the floor and she looks up from my cock to my eyes. “Yes, Daddy.”

Continuing to stroke my cock, I point at the couch behind Jill.

“Sit up on the back of the couch.”

As I approach her, a lascivious grin on my face, I let my eyes roam over her body.

“Take off your blouse. It isn’t covering anything anymore anyway.”

Jen complies, tweaking her nipples as she shrugs off her remaining item of clothing.

Reaching around her waist, I place one hand on her lower back to support her weight. With the other, I gently push her back onto the couch, head and shoulders resting on the center seat cushion, and her ass and legs up on top of the back cushions. She looks up at me, past the length of her body, smiling.

“I am not offended by your bare ass. It is your tight, pouty pussy that you should have kept covered up; and it is your pussy that will receive the spanking.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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