One Night Date

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When I started chatting online, it was just meant to be an innocent pastime for me. I’d recently got married and was left at home by my husband who works in the merchant navy. He was out on assignment for nearly six months when I began chatting online. At first I couldn’t get the hang of how to go about it, who to chat with and the various abbreviations flummoxed me. Then as I got to understand how it worked, I started joining random chatrooms and chatting with people I didn’t know.

I soon got chatting with a man who sounded decent enough and would make me laugh with his witty remarks to various things I would say on the chat.

During the course of our conversations, we both got to know that we live in the same city—Delhi. While I live in Dwarka, my chat friend, Satish, was living in RK Puram and used to commute daily to Gurgaon, where he worked in an MNC.

While I was recently married, he’d been widowed a couple of years earlier when his wife was involved in an accident.

So, one lazy winter evening while chatting, he asked me if I would like to meet him.

Meet? Now that one word got me thinking. My husband was away, I was alone at home whiling time away and the most thinking that I had to do was “What food to cook today?”

So I agreed to meet him.

The first meeting took place at a café in Vasant Vihar. At first sight he wasn’t much to look at, but then I began noticing a few things about him. He was nicely built, had a ready smile, a dark complexion (I like men with somewhat fairer complexions), an easy gait and a comfortable way of talking.

That first meeting was spent with him doing most of the talking and me laughing at his wit mostly. But I couldn’t help notice that he was appraising me as well. He dropped me home later.

That night we chatted again and I thanked him for the wonderful evening and for dropping me home.

That was when he began flirting with me and told me that I had beautiful hands and a beautiful face. The conversation slowly moved to our bodily desires. I confessed that I was a virgin when I got married and that after the first month of my wedding till my husband left, I had enjoyed sex a lot. I also told him that the first few days after my husband left, I’d had to relieve my frustrations with either my finger or a carrot.

When I asked him, he told me that he hadn’t had sex ever since his wife died and that he hadn’t found a woman good looking enough to attract him into any kind of relationship. But he said that he had recently found one such woman.

I understood that he was hinting at me and told him that that woman was not available since she was married. Though the prospect of being with a man and having my bodily desires taken care of properly did excite me.

That night I masturbated myself to sleep. The next day I asked him if he liked me and if he would like to spend some time with me…alone. He said he would love to.

So we arranged for him to pick me up from near my home and go on a drive. I packed a small bag with some of the skimpiest lingerie that I had.

The next day, promptly at 6pm, I reached the spot where he had to pick me up. I was wearing a yellow sari that had a low-cut blouse. Under the blouse and petticoat, I was wearing a lacy thong pair of bras and panties.

He picked me up five minutes later and headed towards Gurgaon. I asked him where we were going and he told me that there’s a resort just outside Gurgaon where he had reserved a cottage for us. He told me that the cottage was a solitary one and that he often went there to get away from his work and to relax amid nature.

About an hour and 15 minutes later, we reached the place and he led me to the cottage.

As soon as we entered the cottage he locked the door and turned towards me and put his hands on my waist feeling my soft skin under his great hands. I put my hands on his shoulders and asked him what he would like to do with me.

“Anything that you would want me to do to you.”

“First of all, I want you to slowly undress me, kiss every part of my body and then fuck me long and hard.”

Grinning, he slowly began undoing my sari. As I stood there, he walked all around me unwrapping my sari as I stood there with my hands raised up to the skies. Once he was done, he stepped behind me and opened my blouse and slowly slid it off feeling my shoulders. Then he undid my bra and as the bra came off and my tits sprang free, he put his hands on them and kneaded them for a while.

I could feel his breath on the nape of my neck and that was turning me on. I turned towards him and looking him in the eyes. Still looking at me, he bent down and put my left nipple in his mouth and sucked. The sensation sent a ripple of pleasure through my body and I squirmed. He moved to the right nipple and elicited the same response.

While he was working my breasts, he undid the string to my petticoat and let it fall around my feet. There I stood with him latched on to my right nipple, wearing nothing but my green thong panties and a pair of high heels. Rubbing his big hands all over my ass, he asked me what I measured.

In pendik escort the state I was in, I told him, “38c-26-36”.

“Is your pussy shaved?”

“Yes, I shaved it last night. It’s as bald as a baby’s pussy.”

He turned me around and made me bend over. As I stood there bent, I heard a belt unbuckle and a fly come undone. Then I felt his hands on my ass again. Only this time, they were pulling the thin stretch of my thong to the side. Then I felt something hard poking at my pussy lips. I knew what he was doing and so, opened my legs a little and gave him easy access.

That first time he plunged into me took my breath away. It was almost as if I was being impaled on something. He had filled up my pussy and I could feel that there was still more to go in.

Panting as he rode me, I asked him, “How big is your organ?”

“About 14 inches long and three inches wide,” he said.

14 inches? Oh my god, he’s double my husband’s size.

I had to look at it.

“Get off me,” I told him.

“Why, what happened?”

“Nothing, just get off.”

As soon as he pulled out, I quickly turned around and squatted down in front of him.

“What are you? A horse?”

He just grinned back at me and putting his hand on my head gently pushed my lips to the tip of his dick. I licked it tentatively and found that I liked the taste of my vaginal juices on his dick. I licked his dick from tip to the base of his shaft and tried to take it into my mouth as much as I could.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking his dick, he picked me up and lifted me into his arms. As I held on to him, he used one hand to position his dick at the mouth of my pussy and entered me like that. As he bounced my body on his dick, I screamed in pleasure with my first orgasm. He walked around as he bounced me up and down in his strong arms. About 10 minutes later, I had come thrice and he was still nowhere near coming. He threw me on the bed like a rag doll and then turning me around, he made me assume the doggy position and entered me from behind. As he pounded away at my pussy, I felt something hard poking at my asshole.

“Just fuck me, why are you poking around my asshole?”

“I am putting my thumb up your asshole to hold on to you and to enhance your pleasure.”

Hearing this, I relaxed a little and felt his thumb slip into my anus. Using my anus as purchase, he pushed me to and fro on his dick as he fucked my pussy.

“Do you want me to come inside you or outside?”

“Either. I am on the pill. But I would like to taste your jizz.”

“Okay, be ready then.”

A few strokes later, I felt him stiffen up and let loose his jizz inside me. A few spurts later, he pulled out and holding on to his dick, he said, “here, you wanted a taste.”

I turned and quickly put his dick in my mouth and I couldn’t believe how much he was cumming. I had to swallow quickly lest any of it spill out of my mouth.

When he was finished, rolled his cum around in my mouth savouring the taste of his cum.

Night had fallen and the moon was shining in full splendour. I’d just been fucked and wanted more.

“How long before you can fuck me again?” I asked him.

“Give me 15 minutes or you can suck me to erection again.”

He was sitting on a chair and as I walked up to him, he looked at me and smiled.

“What?” I asked him.

“You know, I’d always wanted a sex slave. I wonder if you would like to play a little.”

This was getting exciting.

“Naughty boy. What do you want me to do?”

“Take off your panties and then get down on all fours and behave like a bitch.”

“Come on, you can do better than that,” I told him.

“Okay. Take off those panties and step outside in the cold. Walk on all fours and go and take a piss like a bitch on the ground outside. After that, I want you to turn and sniff your own piss and then, rub your ass on the ground. I want to see grass stains and mud on your ass and pussy.”

“Aren’t you coming out?”

“I am going to stand at the door and watch you.”

“If you come out with me, I’ll let you put a leash on me,” I said, getting really nasty.

“You talk as if you are a slut. But ok. I’ll come out with you. Where’s your leash?”

“The fact that I am here does sort of make me a slut. How about you put my thong panties around my neck as a collar and use your belt as a leash?”

“Now you are talking,” he said, as he got up and taking off my panties put them around my neck with the thing strip running through my mouth and picking up his belt used it to tie me up in a leash and muzzle.

I got down on all fours and began crawling. I even imagined I had a tail and tried wriggling my ass a little. Seeing this, he laughed and gave me a whack on my ass.

“Now, bitch, time for your daily walk.”

He opened the door and led me out on the leash. As soon as we were outside, a slightly cold November wind hit me and I became breathless and rigid for a second. Satish tugged at the ‘leash’ and pulled me along outside. He made me crawl around on all fours on the cold grass and then stopped.

“Now, escort pendik squat like a bitch and piss.”

With my hands on the ground, I raised my shoulders up and spreading my legs, lowered my pussy to the ground and urinated. The sound of my piss coming out of my pussy lips was the only sound I could hear. When I was done, I raised my ass and moved a step ahead.

“Now, smell it, you bitch.”

This time, raising my ass, I put my shoulders and my face down to where I had peed and smelled. I stayed like that for a couple of moments. The smell of my urine, still warm, was quite an intoxicant. As I straightened up, he pulled me a little ahead and stopped on a clear patch of grass slightly away from where I had peed.

“Lie down and roll over.”

Smiling, I lay down on the cold grass and rolled over. Every part of my body that touched the ground had goosebumps.

“Rub those big juicy tits of yours in the grass.”

I obeyed.

“Sit up and rub your ass and pussy in the grass.”

As I sat up, I brought up some grass and mud in my hands and rubbed it all over my tits. Then, squatting like a bitch about to pee, I rubbed my pussy and the insides of my thighs in the grass. Next, I sat down on my ass and rubbed my ass on the grass.

“Now, you need a good warm bath.”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Good. Come here.”

As I got closer, I could see his dick was beginning to get hard again. As I got closer, he told me to lie down again on the grass. As soon as I lay down, he began pissing all over my tits and pussy.

“Turn around.”

I turned and felt him piss on my ass.

He pissed for a long time and I could feel his urine run between my ass cheeks and down my pussy and into the ground.

“Have you ever been wheelbarrow fucked?” he asked when he was done?

“No, I haven’t.”

“Good. I’ll fuck you like that now. Come, suck my dick.”

I sucked his dick and lathered it with lots of my spit. Satisfied that it was lubricated enough, he told me to stand up, turn around and put my hands on the ground.

As I did so, he quickly rammed his rock hard pole into my pussy. Once he was inside, he said, “Now, I am going to raise your legs and you are going to use your hands to walk.”

With that he raised my legs off the ground and held on to them. With each stroke that he pushed inside me, I would move a little further towards the cottage.

I could feel him going deeper and deeper inside my pussy and at the same time, could feel my tits swing all over the place. It took us about 10 minutes to get into the cottage. Once we were inside, he continued fucking me like that and shot a huge load of cum inside my pussy.

Once he was finished cumming, he told me to suck his cock up nicely. As I squatted in front of him cleaning his cock, his cum was dribbling out of my pussy on to the wooden floor. I didn’t pay any attention to that.

However, once I was done cleaning his cock, he got up and spotted the mess on the floor under my pussy.

“Now, bitch, lick that mess up. And after you are done, go take a bath. Leave the bath door open when you go.”

This was turning out to be a fun night.

Finished licking the cum off the floor, I pulled out one of my skimpiest skirts and top and headed to the bathroom.

“Where are you taking those clothes?”

“Bathe and change?”

“Leave the clothes outside.”

I dropped the clothes on the floor and went and turned on the shower and lathered myself up. I was midway lathering myself when Satish entered and roughly turned me around and kissed me full in the lips and raising my left leg over his shoulder pushed his semi-erect cock inside me. I could feel his cock growing longer and harder inside me and the sensation was exquisite. Quickly throwing my arms around his neck, I wrapped both my legs around him and bounced myself on his cock. Both of us came within minutes and he again filled up my pussy.

A few minutes later, after having washed off all the soap from each other, we lay together in the bed. I was playing with his flaccid dick while he had his mouth on my tits.

“You are quite a woman.”

“You are quite a man. My husband would need at least an hour’s gap between fucks and then too he comes very quickly, unlike you.”

“We can continue like this till he returns,” he said.

“I would like to continue even after that.”

“You’ll get bored with me.”

“Not until your cock is there to fill me up when I want it.”

“It’ll always be there.”

“I wonder…”


“Oh nothing.”

“No tell me,” he said, leaning up.

“You know when you put your thumb up my asshole… I was just wondering how it would be like to have your dick in my asshole instead of your thumb.”

“You are an anal virgin? You think you can take my cock in that tight little hole of yours?”

“I don’t know. I would like to try. But I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“If I can take your cock tip to base in my asshole, I want you to come inside my asshole. Also, tomorrow before we leave, I want you to give me your pendik escort bayan cum in a container so that I can sip it as and when I want.”

“Done,” he said.

All this talk had made him hard again.

“Do you have any cream or lotion with you?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s in my bag.”

He went and found the cream and came back.

Turning me around, he took a huge scoop of cream and put it on my asshole. Another scoop of cream went on his dick. Then he began inserting one finger in my asshole, then another. When he was able to manage three fingers, he pulled out satisfactorily and said, “You know, you are quite an exquisite slut. Any other woman would have demanded money to let me fuck her asshole.”

“Would you have paid her?”

“Yes. I’ve paid women to fuck them in their assholes.”

“How much?”

“The highest I’ve paid is Rs 10,000. But then I fucked only her asshole the whole night.”

“What would you pay me?”

“You? I would pay you Rs 50,000. You want the money?”

“Sure, why not? If I am going to behave like a slut, might as well get paid for it too. Now, how about boning my asshole with that long hard cock of yours? My asshole is getting impatient.”

“The money is yours, you bitch.” He said, as he lined up his cock at the entrance to my nether hole.

“Thank you, master.”

Slowly he inserted his dick in my asshole. At first it hurt, but once the head was in, he stopped moving and let my anus get used to his size. About a couple of minutes later, he began moving slowly. Each time he would push in, I could feel my anus get sucked inside and when he pulled out, I could feel my sphincter muscle stretch outwards.

As he gained rhythm and I became used to his dick in my asshole, he caught hold of my hair and began riding me hard, all the while calling me all kinds of names, not just in English, but also hindi and punjabi. Each time he would push in, I would let out a tiny scream. After about 15 minutes of getting my ass ridden hard, I felt him stop and then a warm flood filled up my asshole.

He stayed like that for a couple of minutes and I could feel his dick softening inside my asshole. That’s when he began pushing in and out again. Only this time, he had lifted me up by my waist and was holding my legs up in front of a mirror.

I could see his dick go in and out of my asshole as he bounced me. My tits were also bouncing up and down. I was screaming in pain and ecstasy both at the same time. A couple of minutes of being pounded like this, he stopped and lowered me fully on to his dick and came once again. My asshole was sloshing with his cum.

As he pulled out of my ass, I could barely stand on my feet. He picked me up and lay me down on the bed.

“That was the best anal fuck I’ve ever had. I’ll give you a lakh in cash. Do whatever you want with it.”

All I could do was smile at him.

That night he fucked me again and again and again and in different positions and different holes.

The next morning, I could barely walk. “How did you like it?” he asked me.

“I loved it.”

“You are a naughty bitch.”

“What if I wanted to be fucked one more time? This time completely naked and out in the open where anyone could see us?”

“You want an audience?”

“Not really, but I want to be fucked outside in the open. I want to have grass stains on my knees and hands and my tits.”

“Come then.”

He led me outside and finding a spot where the sun was shining, he lay me face down and spreading my ass cheeks apart, entered my pussy from behind. My tits were rubbing in the grass with each stroke. The grass was tickling my stomach and my pussy was getting the pounding of its life. Then suddenly, he stopped. I could still feel his cock inside me.

Turning, I asked him, “Why did you stop?”

“Look,” he said, pointing to our right.

There a little distance away stood three men staring at us.

I grinned and turning to Satish, said, “What if I really wanted to be a naughty, dirty bitch?”

“What do you mean?”

“Call those men over, tell them they can fuck me. I want all my holes filled at once—my mouth, my pussy and my ass. But I want you in my ass.”

“Why don’t you call them?”

Turning to them, I waved them over. Satish was still embedded in my pussy.

The men came and looking at them, I said, “I am this man’s sex slave. What I want is that when he is fucking my ass, I want you to fuck my pussy and mouth at the same time. Fill me up. I want all of you to cum inside me. Use me as a cum bucket.”

The men agreed and boy, the next three hours of fucking in the sun were bliss. I was fucked at least thrice by each man. Satish came inside my ass four times. Each man came inside either my pussy or my mouth or on my tits.

By the time the men were finished with me, I was a complete mess and could barely walk. Satish decided he wanted one more go at my asshole, so plugging his dick into my asshole, he lifted up my legs. One of them decided my mouth was a nice enough place to put his dick into and raised my upper body and quicky stuffed my mouth with his dick. Hanging in the air with two dicks inside me and two men walking beside me, I was taken to the cottage where I was put on the bed and fucked. By the time the guys came inside me, I had almost passed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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