Our Little Secret

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[The following story is completely false, none of the events took place. It is my first erotica story, so feedback would be appreciated]


My 39-year-old uncle and I had started getting closer over the past few years. I grew up living in the same town as him, but never really visited him much. After him and my aunt got divorced, him and I started to talk more, and tease each other. I used to crack jokes to him, and flip him off while I drove by. He’d laugh it off, and flip me off too. I craved his attention, I was jealous if he talked to one of my other siblings. I wanted him to show me attention, and only me. We used to wrestle around all the time. I’d threaten to kick his ass, and he would tell me to bring it on, so I’d put up my fists and pretend to fight with him. I must admit, I always did enjoy his strong arms wrapped around me, pinning me to the ground. I was the one who decided to take the relationship to the next level, I fantasized about him often.

I started by going to his house to go swimming, usually wearing a skimpy bikini. Eventually moving up to daily visits to his house. We’d go for a ride, and go back to his house and have a beer and watch some TV. I always made sure to wear low-cut shirts, and a short skirt so he could see my long, firm legs. I’d tease him by bending over in front of him, after I had “accidentally” dropped something on the floor. I could feel his eyes burning a second hole in my ass. I knew he wanted me just as badly as I wanted him, but I didn’t know if he would act on it. He’d always sit away from me, I’d invitingly sit on the couch, but he always chose the chair over sitting next to me. I’d look up into his eyes, begging him to come near me.

I had finally made the decision one day, that I was going to get him to make a move on me, no matter what. I wasn’t confident it would happen, but I knew he wanted me. I was irresistible, I was a succubus. I woke up early and got in the shower, and shaved every part of my body. I took care to smell nice, sprayed some expensive perfume on myself, fixed my hair to look full and put on a dab of make-up. bostancı escort bayan Nothing too extreme, just some mascara to bring out my eyelashes and some lip gloss. I got online to see if he was there. I messaged him and talked about how bored I was. He offered to take me for a ride, so I agreed. I immediately drove over to his house, and met him outside. We got in his car and started driving. We usually went the most scenic routes, didn’t talk much. We admired the view, the beautiful mountains and autumn trees. I looked at him with lust, I knew he could feel my eyes on him, because I saw a nervous twitch in his leg.

When we got back to his house, I got out of the car and he invited me inside for a beer. I gladly agreed, obviously. We went inside and I stripped off my jacket and sat on the couch. He brought me a beer and we started talking. We started the conversation as usual, talking about family matters and things like this. I talked about my ex-boyfriends, and he talked about the many women he had been with. I started to get more adventurous and sparked a conversation about sex. I told him I am a very sexual person, and talked about how my ex-boyfriend had loved the things I had done for him. I told him about my famous hand-job, and how he would roll over with pleasure when I made him cum. He seemed a bit uneasy, but I didn’t give up. He knew I was a young vixen, he just didn’t want to admit it. Things started heating up as I was making every excuse possible to touch him. I would hold my hand up to his, to see the difference in size. He was a big man, strong arms and a belly from drinking too much beer. His hands were so masculine, so every time I touched them I felt like such a woman. I would make fun of him and tell him he had fat fingers.

He started to get nervous and was standing up, and pacing around the room. I’d kick at his feet and he’d start to tickle me. He sat on my lap and tickled my rib cage, I felt his hand brush against my breast. My nipples rose, but he pretended to not notice. He was trying to make it innocent, I knew it wasn’t. He held my ümraniye escort head and gave me a long kiss on the forehead and went to the kitchen. He was asking if I wanted anything to drink. I politely declined at everything he had to offer, until he suggested giving me some whiskey. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen to get some. I took a big sip from the bottle, and it burned as it went down. We stayed in the kitchen as he straightened up. I kept moving towards him, trying my best to act nonchalant. I could see him getting nervous, but I was persistent. I pushed towards him, until finally he stood in front of me, and hugged me like he never had before. He put his hands on my waist and caressed them, looked me deep in the eyes and smiled, then kissed me forehead.

“Fuck.” I thought. I wanted him to kiss my lips, not my forehead. I didn’t want to be his niece anymore, I wanted to become his lover. He walked away from me and I followed him. He turned around and looked at me, he grabbed my waist and pulled my into him, looked me in the eyes, and finally gave me a long kiss on the lips. He let go immediately, and went to the bathroom with a slight laugh. I walked into the living room, and sat down on the couch. He came into the room moments later, and sat down in another chair.

“Kissing my 18-year-old niece on the lips, God, I am bad.” He said.

We talked about it, and he asked what I wanted. I made my intention clear, and told him nobody can ever find out. He came and sat next to me on the couch and wrapped his arms around my small waist and started kissing me. I was caressing the back of his head as he pressed his body into mine. I moved his hand from my waist to my breast and he let out a long breath and he felt my full breast with passion. He pulled my shirt down to expose my hard nipple, and he leaned down to suck it. We stood up, and went to the kitchen, where we couldn’t be easily seen from the window. I pushed my back against the wall and pulled him into me, kissing him and feeling his hard cock pressed into me through my jeans. I moved to his neck and bit it slightly, kartal escort he let out another long breath and I went back to his lips and sucked his bottom lip into my mouth. He unbuttoned my pants and put his hand inside my panties to feel my dripping pussy. He played around my clit with his strong, manly hands. I took my hand and began to feel his massive cock through his jeans.

He I took down his pants and got to my knees and took his hard dick into my mouth, using my tongue on the tip to tease him. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock hard down my throat and thrusted into my mouth. I massaged his balls with one hand and held the shaft of his cock in my other. I sucked and teased his cock with my tongue, and pushed it to the deepest part of my throat. He pulled me up and looked me in the eyes, with his hands on my head. My uncle gave me a long, sweet kiss, and then ripped off my jeans and put his hands on my bare ass cheeks. He picked me up by my ass and pushed my back tight against the wall. I wrapped my hands around his neck and threw my head back in pleasure as his hard cock thrusted inside me. He fucked me hard, pushing me into the wall and then ripping his cock out, it made my clit ache with pleasure. I begged him to fuck me harder and his lips moved across my chest and neck. He put me down and pushed me into the bar, with my ass facing towards him, and bent me over. He pulled my hair as he lunged his cock deep inside my pussy. I let out a whimper as he groaned in pleasure.

He continued to fuck me as I was begging him to fuck harder. I felt a build-up coming inside my stomach, and my clit was tingling. This was exactly what I had wanted. I moaned out loudly, and shouted “Ohhhh I’m cumming…. Don’t stop… Fuck me harder, fuck me, FUCK ME!” He cooperated and pushed himself deep inside me, and I could feel his pulsating cock hit my G-spot as I moaned out in a high pitched voice. He started to moan loudly and he clenched tight around my hips, I felt his fingers dig in as he pushed himself inside hard. I felt an explosion of warm magma fill me up and he softly pushed himself in, moaning in an exhausted tone. He laid his head on my back, the tip of his dick still inside me. I felt it twitch as semen ran out of me and flowed down my leg.

“Uncle,” I said. “Don’t ever tell anyone.” “Don’t worry,” He replied. “It’s our little secret.”

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