Paris TX Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities or it is illegal in your country of residence, please stop reading now. All characters are over 18 and are of legal age. Any resemblance between the characters and any actual persons (living or dead) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author’s permission.

This is the fourth story of a series that starts with Paris TX ch1, Cat’s Brother. It can be read as a stand-alone but it is better to be read as a whole. I stopped the writing for a while so you should go back and search the older sotries before reading this one.

Paris TX ch5, Andy’s Sister

The evening after my 18 year old step brother Andy had licked my 18 year old pussy to two incredible orgasms I met with my chat-friend Kara for the first time since she had sent me a video of herself fucking a guy and then licking a pussy.

That video had really been a turning point in my life as my brother had caught me masturbating to it and had shown me his beautiful cock as his towel had dropped to the floor. After that we had spied on each other and finally had sucked each other in the best afternoon of my life.

I had to tell it all to Kara.

She was speechless. I think it took her at least ten minutes before she typed the first word again, but once she did she flooded me with a river of question on everything I had seen and done. The questions were so many that we decided to video-chat so we could talk instead of type.

As soon as I turned the webcam program on I saw Kara’s face with the biggest grin on. We started talking details of what my brother’s dick looked like, how had he eaten my pussy, what I was thinking as I was orgasming etc. I was getting horny as hell relieving all these scenes while videochatting with Kara.

Then she asked me what I had thought of the second part of her video in which she ate a blonde girl shaved pussy. Of course I told her how horny seeing that had made me. It had been so incredible to find out that Kara was bisex and that I enjoyed watching her.

I was getting kartal escort so horny that I started to rub my breasts through my t-shirt. As I raised my eyes to the monitor I saw that Kara had taken her top off and was playing with her titties. I felt so hot and naughty and I took my own top and bra off. We looked at each other and within minutes we were both masturbating like crazy. Kara particularly enjoyed directing the camera straight at her pussy so I could see every detail of it as she rubbed her own clit. I came first biting my lip not to scream and wake my parents. After two orgasms with my brother that was my third orgasm of the day. I was spent.

Kara came just after me. Luckily I ad come first because she screamed so loud as she orgasmed that I had to put the speakers on minimum or everybody would have heard her. After recovering from our orgasms we started talking about how much fun we were going to have when I would have moved to Florida to go to her same university. Thinking about being n the same campus as Kara, and maybe even share an apartment, started to make me feel horny again, But after three orgasms I was just too tired. I closed the computer and fell asleep in a second.

That night I slept a dreamless sleep. I was that tired. In the morning I jumped on the bed thinking that was the day my brother would buy condoms and I would loose my virginity fucking his brains out. Imagine my disappointment when at breakfast my mother told us she had a cold and was not going to work! Meaning we could not be alone in the house.

The good news was that she sent Andy to the drugstore to get her cold medicines, and you know what else they sell in drugstores?! If Andy and I would not dare to fuck today with my mum at home, at least we would be absolutely ready as soon as she left the house.

Andy came back from the drugstore and took me apart to talk. I saw a worried look in his eyes and got a little worried myself. He told me that he had met his bitchy ex girlfriend in the store and he was worried she saw him buying condoms and would somehow use that against him. I didn’t think she could do anything with the info but it did maltepe escort bayan get me thinking about her. I know that a lot of guys in school think she is really hot and I must say that I would have really liked to compare my titties to hers. Hers looked so much bigger and I wondered if they sagged when she was naked.

Wow, Kara really got me thinking about other girls!!

Anyway, my mother was sick in bed for the rest of the week and that left Andy and I with no chance to follow our plan.

Finally my mother got better and went back to work! That day as we were driving back from school I could see where Andy’s mind was going. He kept on looking at my chest and my legs with a nervous and lustful look. Of course it helped that I had ridden my school uniform plaid skirt as up as it could possibly go and that I had left three buttons of my blouse open to give him a perfect view of a white lace bra I had bought for the occasion. Men are so easy!

I had Andy in the palm of my hand. I could clearly see his mind running and wondering whether we were still on for sex after so many days after our first experience.

We walked in the house, I went straight to the kitchen and giving my best innocent look I said: “Mum left us meatloaf for lunch,” “do you want to eat before…. or after we have sex?”

He jumped on me like a man with a mission. The mission of fucking his sister’s brains out and take her virginity in the process. What a mission.

That’s when the bell rang.

At first we didn’t know what to do, but when Andy saw that it was Ann, his bitchy, and hot, ex girlfriend, he freaked out and said that we had to see what she wanted lest she was getting dirt on him to spread some other nasty rumor.

Andy opened the door and wow, Ann did have some great boobs. They were definitively bigger than mine, even if they probably looked much bigger because she is smaller than I am. Still they were probably D cups. I started thinking about the fake melons of the blond college girl that Kara fucked on video. Those were high and stiff. Ann’s moved more freely and looked real. That’s when my mind started really to escort pendik wonder about boobs, pussies sex and all. I barely heard a word of what Ann said and as soon as John closed the door after her I just wanted to kiss him and bring him to my room to feel his cock inside of me.

As we ran upstairs we shed our clothes. We were basically naked by the time we reached my bed. I had to touch him, feel him, lick him, suck him. That when, almost by accident, or thinking of Ann’s boobs and how I would have liked to suck on them, I started to suck on his nipples. He went nuts, hey, I had no idea guys liked their nipples sucked on. I got his dick out and started to explore it with my hands. He started to play with my tits and got two or three fingers inside my pussy. We were both so oversexed and excited that it didn’t take long for both of us to come to each other’s hands.

That was not enough for me. Today was they day I was going to loose my virginity. Today was the day my stepbrother was going to fuck my brains out. I asked him for if he bought the condoms, like there was any doubt, and as soon as he gave it to me I froze. I started looking at the condom and I think that’s when it hit me. This was really the moment that at the age of 18 I was going to lose my virginity. This was the moment I was going to experience a male organ penetrate me. This was the time and there was going to be no coming back. I was going to fuck my stepbrother Andy.

I put the condom on him. I had imagined this scene so many times before. I had even practiced putting condoms on bananas and cucumbers with my friend Betty a few years back. This time it was different. This was a real live cock and it was about to enter me.

Andy got on top of me. He said something about being gentle and stopping him if the pain was too much, and once he broke through, it really felt like it was too painful. It lasted only a moment and as he started to move in and out pleasure took over. It was the greatest pleasure I had ever felt. Now I was a woman. I had a cock in me. I felt full and fulfilled. When I finally came, just before him, I really came and I screamed to the top of my lungs the great pleasure I was getting from feeling a cock in my pussy. There was only one thing missing, feeling his cum hitting my insides and filling me with his seed, and that’s when I told him: “Tomorrow…. I have…. an appointment…. with the gyno…. to start on the pill.”

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