Photo Assignment Ch. 03

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I’m sorry it’s taken me four years to post this chapter, but the thing is I was worried I may have inadvertently over exposed myself. I was worried that someone reading this could be able to identify my family. I obviously can’t go into detail but it recently came to my attention that the main reason for my concern has been resolved. So it’s on with the show as they say.

For the rest of the week whenever we could, my mother and I made plans for the coming weekend. We would have most of Saturday afternoon to scout for locations in London and later we planned to spend the evening relaxing, dinner in the hotel which was more of a restaurant than a regular hotel. (I wanted to visit it again recently but sadly it’s no longer there.) After the meal we would see the famous Agatha Christie play, Mousetrap, which is staged in the equally famous St Martins theatre literally just across the road from our hotel.

One other notable event of the week was also in all respects a biggie. My sister Amy asked if I fancied a drink one evening so we popped out to our local which was only a short walk away. As we made our way there we made small talk in the way people do when they are avoiding the main issue. Sure enough no sooner had we settled our selves on the couch in the corner of the deserted lounge, sis came right out and asked if I’d been taking photos of our mom again.

I looked at her for a moment before telling her I had. I know dad had asked me not to divulge the arrangement but that had never actually started. I decided to tell her about Felix but not of our father’s involvement.

‘So the London trip is primarily a photo taking exercise?’ She asked.

‘More or less though we both want to see the play and there is a photo exhibition I want to see in a small gallery in Chelsea.’

Now it was sis’s turn to look me in the eye as she had a secret too.

‘Do you want to know something odd?’ she asked. When I nodded she took a deep breath. ‘Dad told me how much he liked the photos you’d taken of me.’

‘He told you he knew it was you in the photos! Did he know the others were of mom?’

‘That’s the strange thing he didn’t ask which I guess means he already knew it was.’

That it had to be said was a whole new ball game. I thought it only fair I tell her about dad’s master plan to kick start moms sex drive by having her pose for me again. I told her to begin with I’d thought it was dad asking for the various poses and paying the exorbitant fees, that he was Felix. Now I knew it wasn’t I suddenly had quite a lot of spare cash and what looked like more to come.

‘Have you had sex with mom yet? Amy asked with no trace of accusation, anger or recrimination. She asked in the way she’d ask if I was going to go to uni the next day, so to speak.

I said as yet I hadn’t.

‘I’ll ask again when you get back from London.’ She teased then said. ‘Dad wants to have sex with me.’ Which was the second bombshell of the evening.

‘How do you know?’ I asked unable to believe what she’d told me.

‘It was after he’d told me he liked the photos you’d taken of me. Our relationship has altered quite a lot since then, we’ve been a lot closer, a little like you and mom I suppose. One day last week he took me to lunch in that new wine bar and yesterday after you and mom told us you were heading off to London he asked if he could take some photos of me while the two of you were away.’


‘He didn’t say but I guess it’s what he meant.’ Amy replied.

‘What do you feel about it?’

‘You know at first it felt a little pervy, I’ve never been into older guys but the more I thought about it and after seeing how happy you and mom are, plus I still remember the big kick I got out of posing for you. I thought what the hell.’

‘One messed up family you could say.’

‘Don’t knock it, how many of your friends are still living with both their parents? And how many of them seem as happy as we four?’ she asked.

‘Good point…. I actually can’t think of any of my friends whose parents are still together.’

‘Two of mine live with both their parents, but neither of them are what you’d call happy.’

‘So you enjoyed posing for me?’

‘You know I did and I’m glad mom is enjoying herself posing for you. Do you know who this Felix is?’

‘It could be any one, well anyone with several thousand quid to spend on photos of mom.’

‘Maybe ataşehir escort bayan he’s a secret admirer, an ex boyfriend even.’

‘I like to think it’s some one anonymous but I guess it’d makes more sense if it was some one who recognised mom in the photos, which in turn means it’s some one close to us…. who do we know with that kind of money burning a hole in their pocket?’

‘I’d have to think about that one… so you don’t think it’d bring about the end of civilisation as we know it, if I pose for dad and let him have sex with me?’

‘No more than me having sex with mom I’m sure. Do you fancy another Bacardi and coke?’

‘If you’re buying, sure.’ Which seemed to bring to an end to our heavyweight discussion, when I returned with our drinks we settled down to chat about her job and my uni course, in other words normal stuff.

On Saturday morning dad dropped us outside Birmingham New street station and told us both to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We had three quarters of an hour to spare so I asked mom if she fancied having a look at the then sparkling new bronze bull in the entrance to the Bullring shopping centre which is actually directly above the station.

‘I thought you might say that, let me pop into a loo on the way and I’ll loose my skirt and blouse.’

Mom was already wearing her Pink Panther rain coat, as no mention was made of underwear I guessed she must have forgotten to put some on… senility is a terrible thing I thought to myself.

It was a little after nine and still on the quiet side. I moved over to a shop front about sixty feet in front of the bull and focused on mom using a fairly long lens. When I was happy with the focus and exposure I gave mom the nod. As she started to open her coat, I pressed the shutter. The camera was set to shoot continuously so was taking almost three frames a second.

Because of the way an SLR camera works you can’t see through the lens as the shutter is actually open so I could only hope I’d caught the moment when the coat was completely open and all her wares were on show.

I released the shutter as her coat closed and was fully expecting someone to be shouting at us. But to my amazement no one seemed to have noticed mom flashing me. She too seemed to be a little surprised she’d not managed to raise anyone’s eyebrows.

I mouthed at her to do it again and as soon as I had her framed we repeated the exercise a second time, it seemed like she held her coat open for ages but later when I exposed the film we figured she had held it open for only a second. Still it was a really great way to start our weekend and I could tell mom had got a real buzz from it as we walked into the station.

It didn’t escape my notice, mom hadn’t put her clothes back on. As we had a coffee in a café at the station I sat facing the room while she had her back to it which allowed me to take a few photos of her boobs while people were standing right behind her. In one she stood up and exposed herself completely to me. I couldn’t wait to see how they’d come out… it was then I decided to invest in a digital camera while were we in London. Even if it wouldn’t produce pin sharp images I’d at least have the ability to see how the 35mm shots might look.

We settled into a fairly quite carriage on the train and had a relaxing ride arriving at Euston just before eleven. Shortly before getting onto the train mom had slipped her blouse and skirt back on. About the best you could say about either piece of clothing was they would stop her from being arrested for indecent exposure. At the time I had no idea a woman couldn’t be arrested for that particular… misdemeanour only for lewd behaviour.

From Euston we took a tube to Leicester square and walked the two hundred yards or so to the hotel. The suite was something else, all slate, the floor walls and all around the sunken bath. But what caught my eye and imagination was the massive super king size bed. I kicked off my shoes and jumped onto it to try it for size.

‘Jesus mom you have got to try this, it’s the coolest bed I’ve ever seen.’

‘You know this is the same room I stayed in, ooh thirty years ago.’ she said as she wandered around the suit.

‘When you were here with granddad?’

‘Yes it was a treat for my eighteenth birthday.’

‘Didn’t gran go with you?’

‘No she was busy with something else that weekend.’

I escort kadıköy couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to all this than she was letting on, there was I’m sure a twinkle in her eye as she remembered the occasion.

‘I’m going to have a quick shower.’ She announced as she slipped out of her coat blouse and short skirt. I offered up quick prayer, that I’d never get used to seeing her strip like that.

I lay back on the bed and like Bobby Goldsboro; I wondered what the coming night would bring. But I was getting ahead of myself because when mom emerged from the bathroom, still drying herself with a large white towel, she announced she was feeling incredibly sexy and wanted me to fuck her. Well she didn’t actually say that, what she said was along the lines of, while we’re in London she wanted me to think of her as Jane my model.

‘Okay Jane.’ I started, ‘You and I both know we’re going to have sex while we’re in London. I don’t know about you but the when and where aspect is starting to distract me.

‘I know what you mean. I don’t usually sleep with photographers but being naked around you really gets my juices flowing, to be honest you could fuck me now if you wanted.’

So right then and there the deed was done, I could tell you we made love with great passion for hours but the truth is, after a some kissing and groping I slipped into her and to coin a phrase we fucked like a couple of rabbits, which I’m sure you realise is seldom followed by the words ‘for hours’, well not in the real world at least.

It seemed as if the last few weeks had all been foreplay leading up to that moment. Almost as soon as my dick slipped effortlessly into my mother’s vagina she was moaning and grunting her way though an orgasm. For my part I was glad she was so well lubricated else I think I’d have blown my wad as I bottomed out.

Less than five minutes later if either of us smoked we would have been sat up in bed puffing away like a couple of chimneys. Hot fast sex, the sort which takes longer to recover from than to actually do… pure magic.

As we relaxed everything felt different. What I mean is we were lying together like lovers not a mother and son. I casually fondled her boob as I gently played with her pussy. Before long we were at it again. This time we took our time. Mom’s build up to her climax was gradual but when she finished it was with an explosion of passion which left us both a little shaken.

It was mid afternoon before we put some clothes on and had a wander around the centre of London. I had my camera with me and took several photos of mom against several famous landmarks. In some she had her boobs on show and in a few just her pubes. At two locations she’d even been nude but for her spy coat which even so was only around her hips.

Plenty of people must have seen her posing that afternoon but no one ever admonished us for what we were doing. Looking back I can’t believe how we got away with it, maybe it’s quite common for models to pose nude on the mean streets of our capital. One other thing which was odd compared to these days was not being able to view our photos. Try using an old 35mm camera and you’ll see what I mean.

Back in our room we had sex again, this time in the shower up against the wall. Later after we’d relaxed on the bed for an hour or so, we put on our best togs and had dinner in the hotel before catching the famous play. I’d love to tell you about it but the audience are asked never to talk about it, so sorry!

I picked up my camera from our room and we had a walk to Trafalgar square after the play which was almost deserted at ten. I took a few photos of mom in the square. My favourite was of her taken from the side as she rested back against a pillar. The front of her dress was open and hanging off her shoulders. It meant I could see the side of her boobs and also the suggestion of her pubes. As it was quite dark I had to use a two second exposure resting the camera on a nearby statue base. So it wasn’t exactly a candid shot.

When no one appeared to notice us, I told mom to remove her dress completely and I used up the whole roll getting photos of her nude beside the giant columns of the national gallery.

Back in our room we again went at it like a couple possessed. Posing nude, especially when she could be seen by others really got my mother hot. I’ve got to add it didn’t exactly maltepe escort leave me bummed out either. I don’t think my dick went soft until almost one, by which time I’d lost count of how many times we’d done it.

At some point in the night we were both awake and before we knew it we were having sex again but slowly, almost as if we were still asleep. In the morning of course we did it again but that time it was dirty. What I mean is, mom kept up a running commentary about what we were doing. How slutty she felt and how wrong it was for us to be fucking, that kind of thing. Boy was it a turn on.

After an early breakfast we hit the streets again which at eight were again almost deserted. I got several full nude photos of mom in the square again and a couple with Buckingham palace as a back drop. After the palace we wandered though Hyde Park and had a coffee at the McDonalds near Marble Arch.

By then the shops were starting to open and we checked out a few camera stores on Edgware Road in the second I spotted a small Fuji digital camera. I liked the feel of it, by today’s standards it doesn’t even rate as a toy but back then 4mp was cutting edge. I baulked at the price but as I was handing it back mom asked me what it could do.

The sales man took a photo of her and a few seconds later showed us the image on a monitor. We were both impressed with the quality. Although I had the money from Felix and the promise of more to come, I was still reluctant to buy the camera. Mom had no such reluctance and said if I wasn’t going to buy it, she was.

Twenty minutes later we were sat in McDonalds again playing with our new toy. Part of my reluctance was not having the means of printing off the images in the quality I was getting from enlarging negatives. When I let Felix know I had entered the digital age, he was ecstatic and let me know he was more than willing to buy digital images as well as blow ups!

On the walk back to the hotel I filled the memory card with nude or partially nude photos of mom. We pushed our luck a little too far near the famous statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus but the two coppers who’d seen us just asked us to move along!

In our room we viewed the photos on the cameras small screen. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the same excitement from any camera I’ve owned since and at the moment my ‘best’ camera is capable of taking photos which could be enlarged to twenty feet wide and still has more resolution than the little Fuji had with a ten by eight print. I still have the camera and when ever I handle it I always remember the fun we had using it.

We had love one last time before we checked out of the hotel. I used a roll of film snapping photos of my reclining on the bed afterwards, her ‘just fucked’ hairstyle and demeanour looked fantastic. I’ve a set of prints from that session which I think are the best I ever took of my mother. They always remind me of our weekend in London. Mom has a set too but we never offered them to Felix. I never got to see the exhibition in Chelsea, actually I never thought about it until we were on our way home.

Later that evening I walked to our pub with Amy. She’d known as soon as she’d seen us, we’d slept together but with her and dad I couldn’t perceive any signs of them having done anything. Which apparently wasn’t because they hadn’t!

Amy told me, as soon as they’d got home dad had asked if she wanted to pose for some photos. She’d asked what he wanted her to wear and he’s suggested her underwear.

Dad, using my old 35mm camera had taken several of her lying back on his bed. He’d stepped back to look at her before telling her to remove her bra, something she’d found a massive turn on. Several photos later she was nude and letting him take ever more explicit photos of her. In the last her legs had been open wide and he’d taken a close up of her pussy.

After he took the shot he’d told her to hold the pose as he removed his clothes. He’d then knelt between her legs and eaten her out. Amy told me she’d cum almost as soon as he’d started kissing her… she’d never had anyone do it to her before! While she’d still been out of her senses, dad had slipped into her and fucked her hard and fast.

For the rest of Saturday, though the night up until he had to leave to pick us up Sunday afternoon, they had been nude and doing it every few hours! She had no idea where he got his stamina from she told me.

I gave her my account of our trip and how much we’d enjoyed the sex of course. It occurred to us both as we were sat in the pub neither of our parents seemed to have any hang ups over having sex with their children but did either of them know what the other was doing.

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