Sandra’s Coming of Age

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Sandra Hill woke up with a huge smile on her face. It was the wee, small hours of the morning, not even close to daylight yet, but it was her 18th birthday, and she knew what that meant. Sandra had gone to bed well before sundown the previous evening, because she knew she would need to rest up for the big day. Her close-knit and horny family had their own way of celebrating eighteenth birthdays, and she expected her brothers and all her other male relatives and some female relatives, even family friends to join her in bed to get the festival started. The first to fuck her might even be her father, with his big cock with the purple head, or an uncle or even Stephanie, her older sister, who would eat her pussy first, then use the big strapon she loved sharing.

Expecting a day of hot sex with a multitude of partners, she had shaved her pussy the night before. After taking care of her personal hygiene, Sandra took off her pajamas and turned on the light in her bedroom and left the door open to let the rest of her family know she was awake and ready for her birthday celebration to begin. Completely naked, she returned to bed and covered herself with a sheet so she would be ready for the parade of sex partners she was anticipating.

They were eager too, and didn’t make her wait very long. A tall man entered, and Sandra saw it was Zack, her oldest brother, and he was naked. Avidly, she gazed at the big, hard cock that protruded from his lean form.

“Good morning, Sandy,” he greeted her. “Happy birthday.”

“Good morning, Zack. Do you have something nice for me there?”

He didn’t answer; he knew she could see what he had. Zack approached the bed and pulled the sheet from his sister’s body, so she was as exposed as he. Hungrily, he gazed at her sexy, plump form, before gently reaching down to hold a large breast in either of his hands. The first place he kissed her was her mouth, followed by the luscious orbs he was fondling. Their cute, pink nipples were already erect, because she had been awaiting this day for some time, and was already in a state of sexual excitement.

Kissing and licking his sister’s pretty face and succulent breasts was fun, but not as much as doing the same thing at another place on her body. After less than a minute, his mouth kissed and nuzzled its way down her plump belly to that place, where he could already smell her pussy juices. When he took a taste, they were delicious and he greedily devoured all the nectar. After that tasty snack, Zack’s tongue started caressing Sandra’s swollen clit. Her body was already thrashing back and forth on the bed, and he knew she was ready to fuck.

Sandra knew it too, and when he knelt between her legs holding his shaft in one hand, she reached down to spread her pussy lips. He supported his weight with one hand beside his sister’s head, while the other guided his cock toward the wet and slippery channel she was holding open for him. When he felt the contact, Zack rubbed the tip in the wetness to spread the lubrication and, after centering it between her index fingers, he thrust forward.

When the head of her brother’s hard cock wedged between the soft edges into her tight pussy, Sandra breathed in sharply through her teeth. It already felt fabulous, and she knew the long day of great fucking had barely started. “Give it to me good, Zacky,” she whispered to the man looming above her, using the pet name only his favorite girl friends were allowed to use.

He had no objections, and he wanted to give it to his beloved sister as well as he could. With another hard thrust, two inches of his hard shaft burrowed into the wet hole that was so inviting, and Sandra murmured happily again. He had enough of his cock inside her that he no longer needed to guide it, so Zack leaned closer to her and placed his other hand on the other side of her head. One more thrust buried most of his shaft in her very hospitable pussy.

He was about to lower his body and slide forward so his entire frame would be pressed against hers, full length skin on skin contact, as they both preferred, when somebody tapped him on his shoulder. There was no need to ask who it was, because he recognized the voice of Jason, his younger brother.

“Good morning, you guys. Happy birthday, Sandy. Do you guys mind if I join you?”

Sandra spoke for both of them. “C’mon in,” she offered. My mouth feels the need of a nice, big cock too.”

She twisted her body slightly, and Zack turned in the opposite direction, just enough so that, when Jason knelt on the edge of the bed, his stiff cock was pointing toward the mouth that had expressed the need of companionship. Sandra leaned toward it; he moved in more closely, and she snaked out her tongue to start licking the end. As on other occasions when she had sucked her older brother’s cock, she enjoyed the velvety texture of the head, and she licked in concentric circles until her tongue was curling around the ridge. Jason moved in ankara escort a little closer, and Sandra thrust her face forward to let the rest of his cock glide between her lips until the head was pressed against the back of her throat.

Zack’s tall form was canted so one forearm was under his sister’s shoulder, and her hand clutched his upper arm. She would use that grip to slide back and forth under him to meet the thrusts of his cock. Once her mouth had started slowly moving back and forth as she sucked off her other brother, Zack withdrew most of his cock, leaving no more than the head inside Sandra’s pussy. He paused briefly, before driving its entire length back inside. Her feet were already hooked around his ankles and, when she felt his cock plunging into her, she fucked back to meet it. He groaned in bliss at what her pussy was doing for him. Her mouth was too full to make much of a sound, but she did sigh happily at the joy she was being given by her brothers and that she was giving to them.

The pleasure mounted for all three siblings as Zack slowly plowed his big, hard shaft in and out of his sister’s pussy and her mouth stroked Jason’s cock at the same pace. The two men didn’t feel any need to speak, after their initial greeting, and Sandra’s mouth was too full to say anything intelligible, although a listener might have heard her murmuring from her joy in what she was doing. She loved the feel of the thick shaft spreading her lips apart as she enveloped it until the head brushed against the back of her mouth. It felt even better when she opened her throat and let the head slide in even deeper, until her lips and nose were tickled by her brother’s pubic hair.

She loved what her older brother was doing too, because his cock was long and thick enough to reach all her major hot spots, even lightly massaging the base of her clit as he drove it into her and again as he drew it back out. By pulling herself against him, using her legs and the hand she used to grip his arm, she multiplied the pleasure they were giving each other. Because of the pace, which Zack was keeping slow and steady, they would enjoy their coupling for a long time before climaxing.

That was Zack’s idea too, and he fucked his sister slowly, while her movements evolved from squirming blissfully under his body while she thrust back to meet his strokes to rocking from side to side to wild thrashing with her legs waving in the air and her arms flopping . He knew she was almost ready to cum, so he shifted his position slightly, moving up on her body so his cock massaged her clit more strongly, twice with every stroke Sandra felt the change in the way his cock drove into her and knew she was on the verge of her first climax of the day, so she took Jason’s cock out of her mouth to smile at him around it.

“I’m ready to cum, Jay, and I don’t want to chomp down on your dick when it happens. I’ll finish sucking you off after I cum, unless you want us to do something else instead.”

He recognized the need, so Jason said nothing, but moved back and watched the movements of his brother and sister as they grew wilder in front of him. Zack had increased the pace of his cock driving into Sandra’s pussy, and she was matching every thrust, so their bodies came together with wet sounds of her juices spattering. They were both grunting and murmuring happily, and he knew they would both climax within minutes.

Sandra started cumming first, which is what their family preferred having happen anyhow. “Oh! Oh, god!” She cried out joyfully, and her arms and legs wrapped themselves snugly around her brother.

He started fucking her even faster, and Sandra matched every stroke. Her hands roved over his muscular body and her ankles locked together to cling to him, while her pussy rammed back to meet him. Less than a minute after starting to cum, she climaxed, all her muscles clenching and her fingernails digging into his back. After her orgasm, the first of many she expected to enjoy that day, she sagged back onto the bed, her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face.

As a considerate man should, Zack had let his sister finish cumming first, but he knew his time was immediately after hers. He plunged his cock in and out of her a dozen more times before his climax welled up in his body; he grimaced and sighed happily and shot a burst of cum into her. Knowing he wasn’t through yet, he kept driving his cock into his sister’s pussy until he had ejaculated twice more, and sprawled on top of her, taking a few minutes to rest and catch his breath.

Jason didn’t want to wait any longer so, with his older brother sprawled on top of their sister, he moved close again and pressed the head of his cock against her smiling mouth. Sandra’s eyes opened; her lips parted and she moved her head forward for her mouth to engulf the eager cock of her other brother. While Zack lay on top of her, she stroked it slowly between her lips, taking it in only as far as the escort ankara back of her throat.

When he was ready to move aside for another celebrant, Zack carefully drew his cock from his sister’s pussy and wiped off his cum on the insides of her thighs. This was done to provide an extra treat for the person who would be next to get between Sandra’s legs because Stephanie, the third of the siblings, loved to lick up cream pies, especially when they had been provided by her brother and sister. Seconds after Zack left, heading for the kitchen for coffee, she climbed onto the bed, prepared to start pleasuring herself and Sandra.

Stephanie also wished her younger sister a good morning and happy birthday, but the object of her felicitations had her mouth too full to respond orally. All Sandra could do was to give a little wave to the young woman who had joined her and Jason, because she was having too much fun with the hard cock she was engulfing with her mouth to want to interrupt herself. Steffi did not take offense at what might have seemed to be a snub, because she knew how good Jay’s cock felt gliding between her lips, and would not have interrupted herself if she had been the one greeted.

Before doing anything else, she gazed at the beauty of the pussy she was about to start licking. Sandra’s hairless skin was ivory in color, contrasting perfectly with the pink of her inner lips and the mixed juices that were running out of the pink love hole. Stephanie began with on the two streaks of semen that Zack had left, licking them off her sister’s thighs and relishing their flavor, before moving in more closely. Sandra raised her legs, and the other woman leaned forward to resume feasting on the results of her brother’s and sister’s fucking.

She started on the mixture of their juices that had spattered on the insides of Sandra’s thighs and, after her tongue had cleaned off every drop of the tasty combination, she began licking upward on her younger sister’s crotch. As beautiful as her pussy was, and as delectable as the taste and aroma of her juices, the best part of eating Sandra’s pussy was the delightful texture of the surrounding skin. On her legs, it had been soft and smooth, but when Steffi started licking an outer lip, it felt like a living satin pillow against her tongue.

Slowly, reveling in every second and every stroke of her tongue, she licked until she reached her sister’s mons. When Stephanie raised her head to observe the results of her ministrations, she saw how Sandra’s pussy was squirming under her. She also saw how her sister’s face was stroking faster, moving back and forth as it enveloped and released Jason’s cock. From the way their brother’s body was writhing and he was moaning from the intense pleasure he was receiving, Steffi surmised he was about to cum and fill his sister’s mouth with his semen. She decided to wait until that happened, so she and Sandra could concentrate on and fully enjoy what they were doing.

Stephanie was quite correct in her assumption. After twenty minutes of slowly sucking, accompanied by sighs and moans of bliss from both siblings, Sandra had felt her brother’s cock throbbing in her mouth. Wanting to fully relish the taste and texture of his semen, rather than have it squirt directly down her throat, she tightened her lips and stopped taking his cock all the way into her mouth. A minute later, it jerked, and he groaned in joy and deposited a big gob of cum directly on her tongue, which had been perfectly positioned. She didn’t stop stroking with her lips, and was rewarded when her brother ejaculated into her mouth again. When she was sure no more semen would be forthcoming, she took his cock out of her mouth and licked the outside, like a girl applying her tongue to a birthday lollipop.

Before doing anything else, Sandra swirled the semen in her mouth to savor its taste and texture, before letting it slip down her throat. She continued not letting Jay’s cum get wasted, and placed her thumb directly in front of his scrotum and her fingers on the opposite side of his shaft. Slowly, she pulled her hand toward her mouth, letting her tongue catch everything that oozed out the end. Sandra relished the second mouthful as she had the first, before her hand released Jay’s cock.

“That was great, Sis,” he enthused. “I’ll be back for more in a little while.”

Sandra advised him not to make her wait too long, and turned her full attention to what Stephanie was doing. She smiled at her older sister, who grinned back, before burying her face in the pussy that was making her so welcome. Seconds later, the younger woman felt Steffi’s agile, wet giver of pleasure mopping up the wealth of fresh juices resulting from having Jason cum into her mouth, followed by caressing her other outer pussy lip. Once more, the face between her legs gradually appeared above her mons and it kissed her there.

Stephanie decided to bring her sister to one orgasm by eating her pussy, and ankara escort bayan another with the strapon she was already wearing. She had donned it before entering the bedroom, and the dildo attached to the strap that went under her crotch was moving inside her pussy, sending ripples of joy through her body. The spur clit hadn’t been adjusted so it could do its job, because the wearer didn’t want to climax until she had brought her sister to at least one orgasm, and she decided on two. After all, Sandra was the birthday girl, and it was her special day.

Burying her face in more closely, Stephanie spread her sister’s pussy lips with her fingers and gazed, enraptured, at the lovely pink slit, glistening with juices, that was open for her. Her tongue started sluicing the nectar into her mouth, beginning at the lowest end and probing into the sides. From the exquisite pleasure she was receiving, the young woman pitched and rolled on the bed, and her pussy fucked up against the mouth that was doing such incredible things. Steffi’s tongue slowly traveled the length of the slit until she reached Sandra’s engorged clit, which had pushed completely out from the protection of its hood.

Sandra wanted to cum, about as much as she had ever wanted anything and, when she felt a tongue at the base of her clit, she begged her sister to suck her there. Stephanie looked up, grinned and started to do what was wanted. With her tongue, she stroked all around the swollen morsel, wanting to be sure the hood was completely clear before enveloping her sister’s clit in her mouth. She sucked gently, while her tongue caressed the engorged top and sides.

“Yes! Yes! Like that. Keep sucking me!” Sandra cried out joyfully. Seconds later, it was: “Oh! Oh” as she started cumming.

Her legs clamped onto Stephanie’s head, and her hands buried themselves in the short, brown hair and pressed her pussy against the mouth that had just brought about the marvelous event. Sandra rammed against her sister’s face and her legs swung from side to side. Steffi clung to the thighs that held her prisoner and kept sucking and licking and enjoying the wild ride.

When she climaxed, all Sandra’s muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against Steffi’s mouth for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she relaxed on the bed and felt the same tongue that had stroked her clit licking up all the juices she knew had just been produced. Seconds later, the licking ended, but her legs remained draped over Stephanie’s shoulders, until they were gently pushed aside and her sister’s body moved up between her legs. Sandra knew she was about to get fucked with a strapon dildo, and she reached between her legs to spread her pussy lips.

Knowing the juices inside Sandra’s pink hole would be needed for lubrication, Stephanie had left them, but she had feasted on the rest of the nectar, savoring the mix with Zack’s semen. Guiding her dildo with one hand, she leaned over the waiting woman while supporting herself with the other hand. Once contact was made with Sandra’s wetness, Steffi rubbed the tip of the toy in it to spread the lubricating juices and thrust forward.

She knew the penetration had been made when Sandy drew in her breath through her lips and murmured happily. With another push, most of the toy plunged into the wet place where it was wanted, and the wielder of it slid her arms under the other woman’s shoulders and, with one more thrust, finished embedding it.

“Mmmmm, that feels good, Steffi,” Sandra murmured while looking up into the blue eyes and hooking her legs around those of her older sister.

“Just wait. It gets a lot better.”

Both of them knew that to be true. As great as it felt to Sandra to have the big dildo embedded in her pussy and massaging her hot spots with its pleasure bumps, it would feel far better once Stephanie started fucking her with it. It would feel better to the older sister too, because the matching toy was buried just as deeply in her own pussy and would give the same delights to her as the protruding one did for Sandra. Especially, it would feel better once she made the small adjustments that would make the spurs at the bases of the dildos rake the clits of the two young women.

Stephanie drew back, paused and thrust forward. Sandy flexed the muscles in her thighs and pulled herself forward to meet the stroke. The two bodies came together with sighs of joy and juices spattering from both pussies. She drew back and thrust forward again and again and the women reacted much the same, both of them starting to rock from side to side on top of the bed while building slowly to their mutual climaxes.

“Good morning, girls. Happy birthday, Sandra,” came a familiar soft voice from beside the bed.

“Good morning, Grandpa,” the sisters responded, as they looked at the naked old man.

Sandra was especially gratified her grandfather had come from his retirement home to help her celebrate her birthday, and she smiled indulgently at his old cock, which was not even semi-erect. That didn’t bother her; she was very glad to see him, and one of her favorite sexual things was feeling a soft cock turn hard inside her mouth from what she did to it.

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