Sara, Diane…and Tony

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Note: My thanks to dianaprince_73 for hanging in an editing my errors..*s*

I felt my excitement grow as I got closer to San Luis Obispo. I was so happy to be going to visit my closest friend Diane and her husband Tony, who happens to be my brother.

This was the first time I’d been able to get away from my class and my job in Los Angeles since they moved north. I was looking forward to spending a week with two of the people I loved most.

Diane and I have been friends since the 8th grade on and we learned a lot about life and sex together as we grew older.. We learned how alluring our bodies became as we matured. We learned the joys of masturbation. We learned the wonders of girl on girl sex and we put all that we learned into practice when we started dating.

Diane started dating my older brother Tony when we were seniors in high school and he was a freshman at the local junior college. They married as soon as Diane graduated high school and soon moved to San Luis Obispo so Tony could continue his education. Diane chose to take some time off before returning to school.

Tony knew that Diane and I had “experimented” before they started dating, but I don’t think he was fully aware of the extent of our experimenting.

As I drove into their driveway Diane came running out of the house to greet me. I couldn’t help but sigh as I watched her tall, slender body glide gracefully to my car. I jumped out as soon as I could turn off the motor and we hugged like long lost lovers, which of course we were.

As we kissed hello, I realized how much I had missed Diane and how long it had been since I’d been close to anyone.

Finally, breaking the kiss, I grinned and said, “Your neighbors are gonna think we’re a couple of dykes.”

Diane laughed and said, “Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.” Laughing we walked hand in hand into her house.

Their home was small but lovely. Momma and Daddy had given them the down payment as a wedding gift because they felt that paying rent was wasted money. The backyard was nicely landscaped with a covered patio and a small lap pool which looked inviting in the warm California sun.

As we talked, I felt myself flushing as I looked at my perfect Diane. It had been over a year since we had last made love and 6 months since anyone had made me cum. As much as I enjoyed masturbating, I knew that it was time I had the joy of another body instead of just my own fingers.

“When will Tony be home?” I asked. “He has to work after class so he’ll be home about 7,” she replied.

As I grinned, she asked, “What are you up to?”

“Well Diane, I think we have time to cum a few times before Tony gets home.” Standing, Diane replied, “I was hoping you’d want me.” Taking my hand she led me to her and Tony’s bedroom.

We stood facing each other as we quickly got out of our clothes. Diane was even more lovely and even sexier than the last time we were naked together. I thought of my horny brother and just knew that he must have her naked as often as possible.

We crawled onto the bed and Diane kissed my forehead and said, “That’s foreplay Sara, its been too long and I need to taste you.”

We both laughed as she moved down to place her face between my thighs.

Not to be outdone, I scooted around so that her thighs were at altyazılı porno my face as well.

With no further talk, Diane and I each covered the others pussy with our mouths. It had been so long and her taste was just as I remembered. Diane has slightly protruding inner lips and I so love sucking them.

She lapped at my pussy and took my clit between her lips and sucked it from its hood. My concentration was disturbed as she sucked and chewed at me and I came immediately; my hips bucked against her face and I came and came and came.

Exhausted, with tears of joy running down my cheeks and cum soaking my thighs and butt, I crawled up beside Diane and kissed her face and told her how much I missed and loved her. We held each other for a few minutes, and I knew that this girl needed what she had just given me.

I kissed my way down to her lovely breasts and kissed and chewed gently on one and then the other nipple. As always, her nipples were ‘diamond cutters’ when she was hot and boy was she hot now. I scooted and kissed my way down her tummy until I reached my goal.

This time I had nothing to distract me and I went after her pussy with all the pent up desire and energy I possessed. My tongue was everywhere in her slit. Pressing into her opening, then circling her clit, even lapping the length of her pussy.

Just as I knew she would, Diane began to lose control of her lower body and her hips started to jerk as her orgasm hit. I had not experienced anyone who came like she did. She came each time as though she would never be allowed to again. Diane just loved to cum, whether by mouth, fingers, toys or cock. She amazed me everytime we made love.

When her body finally relaxed we just held each other and fell asleep for a while.

When I opened my eyes to see her staring at me, I was surprised to learn that we had slept 2 hours. It’s amazing what good sex will take from a body. “Tony will be home soon Sara, lets get cleaned up.” I couldn’t wait to see my brother again. I smiled as I wondered what his reaction would be if he could have seen us eating each other with such passion. Maybe I will find that out one day, I thought to myself as I got up and went to shower and find a change of clothes. I dressed in a new bikini, thinking of that cool lap pool in the backyard.

********************* After getting cleaned up, Diane and I sat on the patio, sipping cold Corona beer, waiting for Tony to come home. We talked of how wonderful it was to enjoy each other again. Of how silly we are to allow so much time to pass without personal contact.

Diane said that it would be fun to see Tony’s reaction to what took place this afternoon. I laughed and said that he might slap me for eating his wife. “Or ask you to do it again,” she said grinning. “That would be a hard request to turn down,” I replied grinning along with her.

We heard the front door close and I jumped up to greet my brother. He came through the French doors and out onto the patio smiling widely. I ran to him and jumped into his arms and he swung me around the patio, hugging me closely.

“My God I’ve missed you Tony,” I said, kissing his face all over. “Missed you too sis,” he replied, holding me close.

He set me down and Diane came and gave him a kiss and asked if he amatör porno would like a cold Corona. “Let me take a quick shower,” he replied. “I’m a sweaty mess.”

Off he went into the house with Diane close behind him. I settled into my chair and waited for them to come back. They soon returned carrying fresh Corona’s for the three of us.

Diane wore a big grin, to which I inquired, “What are you grinning about?”

I felt a familiar tingle as I looked at my big brother. His jet black hair was wet and slicked back. He had changed into a pressed, white shirt, which he wore unbuttoned, and white shorts. My God, he is handsome, I thought to myself.

Tony sat across the table from me, winked, and asked, “What has my wife and baby sister been up to today?”

I smiled coyly and replied, “Umm nothing Tony, just ‘girly’ stuff.”

He laughed and looked at Diane. She looked at me and said, “Well Sara, you know I can’t keep anything from our Tony.”

Tony said that he had a really good mental image of what Diane had told him.

I knew I was blushing as I said, “Tonyyyyyyyyy, you are talking about seeing your sister naked?” He laughed and said, “I’ve seen you naked before sis.” “I had panties on the day you popped into my room!” “Yes you did Sara but I saw your boobs and got an instant hard-on.”

Diane chimed in with, “You should see them now Tony, they are twice as lovely.”

I was both embarrassed and turned on by what was being said.

“Show me Sara,” Tony said with a smile.

Diane stood up and pulled her halter top over her head. “If I can, you can Sara.”

Oh my god, I thought to myself. I want to do this. I stood and looked Tony straight in the eyes, reached back and untied my bikini top. I kept my eyes on his as I dropped it to the floor and stood tall, and proud, in front of him.

Tony just stared at my breasts.

“Look at what you have done to him Sara.” I followed her gaze and saw a very pronounced bulge in Tony’s shorts. I felt my bikini bottom dampen and my nipples harden.

Diane walked to Tony, knelt before him, unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. My eyes were glued to his crotch. Tony lifted his hips slightly and she pulled his shorts down to his bent knees and then down to the floor.

Looking at Tony’s fully hard and beautiful cock my mind was a mixture of knowing this was wrong and not caring that it was. Diane pulled Tony’s cock to her face and kissed its large head. She turned her head to me and said, “Come here Sara.”

As if in a dream, I walked to her and knelt beside her.

“You want his cock Sara, take it,” she gently prodded.. My salivary glands flooded my mouth I wanted his cock so badly. I looked into Tony’s eyes and grasped his shaft. Without breaking eye contact I pulled it to my face. I ran the tip of my tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock, where its thick shaft met the crown of its lovely head. Tony’s body shuddered with pleasure and a droplet of pre-cum formed at the slit of his cock head. I smiled at him and reached out, with my tongue, and captured that sweet droplet. I savored the manly taste of it as my lips parted and I took his cock into my mouth.

The feel of it, the taste of it, the thrill of sucking my brother’s magnificent cock was almost overwhelming. arap porno Tony threw his head back, closed his eyes and moaned softly as I sucked him. My hand stroked his shaft as my head bobbed up and down on his cock.

I knew then, that I had wanted this to happen for a long time. I had always adored my hot brother and now I was sucking his wonderful cock.

Diane put her hand on my shoulder. “Stand up and take off your bikini bottoms Sara,” she commanded.

Still dreamlike, I did as she said while she took over stroking Tony’s cock. He looked down at her and then at me as I was now totally nude.

My pubic hair and thighs were covered with tiny droplets of moisture. I wanted to fuck and be fucked. There was no turning back.

“Climb onto his lap,” Diane said, releasing his cock from her grasp.

I did so and placed a knee on each side of his thighs. My pubic bone pressed his hard-on against his tummy. My breasts were level with his face and Tony took one nipple between his lips, sucking and gently chewing on it. He then did the same with the other nipple. I knew that, as wrong as this was, it was right for me.

I felt Diane’s hand move between my thighs. She grasped Tony’s shaft and moved it in line with my swollen lips. I shivered as she rubbed its smooth head the length of my slit and over my swollen clitoris. She found my opening and I felt it ready to slide into me, felt myself wanting it in me. I felt my juices flow from deep within, covering the head of Tony’s cock and Diane’s hand.

Diane moved her hands to my hips and applied gentle, downward pressure. I moved with her hands and felt his cock slide past my opening into my slippery channel. I pushed down hard and took all of him into my pussy. I sat very still, getting used to his thickness.

My eyes watered from the pleasure of him and I leaned into him and kissed him deeply as I raised my hips and then lowered them again.

As we kissed I found a rhythm and we were fucking. I was fucking my brother and his wife, my lover, was watching. My head was spinning and my pussy was totally on fire.

“Fuck her back Tony,” Diane said. Tony tuned into the rhythm I had started and we fucked and fucked. I have no idea how long, but we fucked.

Suddenly I felt my body start to convulse. “I’m cumming Tony,” I cried out.

“Fuck her Tony, fuck your sweet sister,” Diane insisted. Tony’s strong hands were on my hips now, lifting me up his shaft and pressing me back down on it. My orgasm came over me in huge waves. I had no control over anything. All I wanted was for this wonderful brother of mine to fuck me with his wonderful cock.

Tony’s hands gripped my hips harder and he said, “Your pussy is going to make me cum Sara.” I felt the first spurt of his cum splash against my walls, deep inside me.

Spasm after spasm, spurt after spurt of cum splashed into me. It was unreal. Never in my limited experience had I fucked and been fucked like this.

My body collapsed onto Tony. His head rolled back and I kissed his neck as his body finally relaxed.

“Wow, Wow, Wow,” I heard Diane exclaim. Her voice sounded like it was a mile away.

Tony took my face in his palms and kissed me softly. He looked at Diane and said, “Add a dozen more wow’s baby, my sister can fuck.”

Diane leaned over and kissed the back of my neck, then kissed Tony and said, “I have this feeling that all three of us are going to be fucking a lot this visit and that Sara’s visits will be much more frequent.”

All I could say was, “Oh yes Diane, this can’t be the end of this.”

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