Schoolgirl Crushes

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I hope everyone out there is enjoying my work! I think this one is one of my naughtiest yet and I hope you readers agree! ~~ Lix, Jen


It was nearing the end of a long day and only 2 weeks before the end of the term. English professor Michelle Levesque couldn’t wait to get home, get out of her clothes, put on her skimpiest Lycra bikini and grab a swim, a Margarita and some sun. If none of her Condo neighbors were around, she might even be daring and sunbathe topless. Tan lines were a pain in the ass, Michelle knew hoe sexy her body looked without them. The previous summer she had spent all over Europe, including San Tropez, where she went without her top constantly. Her funds, depleted severely from buying the new Condo, didn’t allow for such a luxury vacation this year.

Being stressed out so close to the end of the school year, Michelle wasn’t thrilled when 19-year old Delilah Martin began getting into it with one of the young men in her class. Delilah was a little strawberry-blonde spitfire who took shit from no one, including Steven Dallas. Had the fight just been verbal, Michelle might have let it go, but Delilah had slugged Steve hard and actually broken his nose. Delilah was sent to the Principal’s Office and a note was sent back that Delilah’s mother had been contacted and could Michelle please go to their home and meet with the girl’s mother? Michelle sighed. It would cut into her relaxation time, but it couldn’t be helped if she valued her job and she did.

Michelle looked over at Delilah, who smiled back sweetly. The young woman continued to get away with murder, because she was smart, strawberry-blonde and stunning. Michelle had even heard rumors that she’d fucked Dean Scott. Knowing the old letch, he’d have tried it if he thought he could get away with it. Michelle could see why he’d want to, because at age 19, at 5’10” with perfect 36C – Michelle guessed – tits, Delilah was a dollop of eye candy in the university’s sea of mediocrity. There was nothing Delilah did that she didn’t do well; most of the other girls in Michelle’s class were either stunning but bright as a black crayon or smart but as attractive as a Garbage Dump.

“I’ll be escorting you home tonight Delilah, I’m supposed to have a meeting with your mother,” Michelle told the girl, who nodded thoughtfully.

“Dean Scott told me, that’s fine with me, Miss Levesque,” Delilah smiled. You couldn’t dislike her, even if she did get herself in trouble at times, because she also looked out for the underdog and was rarely wrong. She just went about things in entirely the wrong way. “My Mom told me that she used to teach her, as a matter of fact, she was your English teacher.”

“Your mother is Natasha Richards?” Michelle said in abject shock.

“Well, she was Natasha Martin for a long time, but seeing as how she’s divorced Daddy, I guess you’re right,” Delilah smiled.

Michelle wasn’t sure that she wasn’t going to faint. Of all the people to show up from her past, Natasha Richards was the one that could turn her life upside-down. She remembered Natasha, long-legged and blonde, perpetually smiling, with perfect diction, perfect hair, perfect makeup and perfect clothes. Natasha, she had to be in her late 30’s now. Would she still be …? Michelle caught herself at the memory of her favorite teacher, she had taught Michelle some 13 years earlier when she was just a young girl of 18 discovering her own sexuality.

From the very first day she walked into Miss Richards’ classroom, Michelle was overwhelmed by her. She spoke so beautifully and she had such a passion for English, it inspired Michelle. She developed a huge crush on Miss Richards and hoped her favorite teacher might notice her or single her out, but nothing had ever happened, of course. It would have been far too dangerous. Still, the fantasy had remained locked in Michelle’s mind for several years after graduation. She was surprised she hadn’t seen the similarities between Delilah and her mother. Both were women who czech super models porno/ demanded attention wherever they went.

As the school day ended and they walked towards Michelle’s Miata, she watched Delilah walk. She even had the same graceful walk as her mother and the same style of dress. She wore her strawberry-blonde hair long and you never saw Delilah in jeans or pants, always skirts, some hedging on the scandalous. The pretty teenager obviously liked the attention she got from being a girl and the tall blonde had model-perfect legs. As she got into the car, her short skirt rode up and Michelle could see that she was wearing stockings with garters. She would have bet all of the lingerie Delilah wore was dainty and feminine and she shivered a bit at the lewd thought. She thought of seeing Natasha Richards again and trembled even more. She hoped she’d be able to conduct herself in a professional manner when face-to-face with the teacher she had been so smitten with.

She needn’t have worried about a thing, from the moment she and Natasha saw each other, it was like a meeting of long-lost friends. Natasha made coffee for both of them and sent Delilah off to do her homework. She shook her head, her long blonde hair moving slightly. Her green eyes still dazzled and at 36, she was still perfect. None of the magic had been lost; it was as if time had stood still.

“I don’t know what to do with that one,” Natasha sighed. “She’s a pistol; she’s always getting into trouble. I know she means well and she gets good grades, but there’s more to life than that. Why she couldn’t be more like you were? You were a perfect student.”

“I was?”

“You were a joy to teach Michelle, bright and inquisitive and always prepared. You did your homework and you got along well with everyone, it was always a pleasure to teach you,” Natasha complimented her.

“Wow. Thank You. If we’re being honest, part of my motivation was to get the teacher to notice me,” Michelle confessed.

“Oh, the teacher noticed,” Natasha said demurely as she sipped her coffee. “In fact, if I might make a small confession, I had a little girl-crush on you.”

“Really?! Wow again, because I had a major girl-crush on you. I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I wanted to be just like you,” Michelle said, looking into those perfect sea-green eyes again.

“I’m enormously flattered,” Natasha said, leaning forward. Even to this day, her clothes were perfect, a short skirt that was only a bit longer than her daughter’s and an immaculate silk blouse that hugged gorgeous breasts. Michelle’s mouth was watering. “Go ahead darling,” Natasha said to her in a breathy tone, placing her hand on Michelle’s knee. “We shouldn’t be afraid to go after something we truly want.”

With those words, Michelle leaned forward and pulled her fantasy-woman close for a kiss. Their tongues met and dueled and sucked, Michelle’s breath was almost leaving her. She could feel her eyes misting, years of repressed desires were emerging. They were now side-by-side and kissing passionately, hands caressing each other’s cheeks and stunning emerald eyes catching the gleaming desire in powder-blue orbs.

“Do you have to be anywhere tonight?” Natasha asked in a soft, breathy voice, still impeccable and well-spoken. Michelle’s plans for a swim and tanning session were quickly forgotten.

“No, not anywhere,” Michelle sighed, her brain lost to a cascade of desire surging through her.

“Aren’t you forgetting about me?” A voice said from behind them. There stood Delilah, from the seductive smile on her face, she’d seen it all.

“No darling, not at all. Delilah, don’t you have something you’d like to tell Miss Levesque?” Natasha said, icy cool in the face of their discovery together.

“Yes, I do,” Delilah smiled. “The way you felt – feel about my mother is the same way I feel about you Miss Levesque,” Delilah sighed with a breathy tone much like czech tax porno her mother’s. “I think some of my acting out was to get your attention.”

Michelle was stunned yet again; this had been an afternoon of self-discovery for everyone involved. “So, the rumors about you and Dean Scott …?”

“Are just that, rumors. I don’t fuck men,” Delilah said, sitting on the other side of Michelle and running her fingers through her teacher’s near-platinum blonde hair. “Although I did make it with that cute pixie of a secretary of his. She’s got the sexiest fiery red bush!”

Michelle’s brain was spinning. She turned to Natasha and said “None of this surprises you?”

Natasha shook her head. “My daughter and I are very close and honest with each other. Would you like to see just how close we truly are?”

Michelle nodded, she knew what was going to come next and she was right. Delilah leaned over her and Daughter kissed Mother in the same way Michelle and Natasha had just kissed, sensually. Although the incestuous act should have been repugnant, Michelle thought it erotic and quite possibly the sexiest sight she had ever seen. For a moment, the two women seemed to be lost in each other until they moved apart and looked at Michelle. Michelle noticed one difference, Natasha’s eyes were green and sparkled, while her daughter’s were brown and seemed to draw you in.

“So, if I may be included in your little tryst, should we take this to the bedroom?” Delilah asked with a maturity far beyond her 19 years. Michelle merely nodded, afraid that speech might break the spell of lust that had been woven. They led her to the bedroom and Michelle noticed two closets, two dressers, two sets of clothes. She turned around and discovered the truth in its entirety.

“Yes, we share a room … and a bed. It started a while ago, after I finally got rid of Delilah’s deadbeat father, although it had been brewing for a while. I like men every so often, I’m bi-sexual, but Jack wasn’t much of a man. My daughter is as dedicated to sex as she is to everything else; it’s just her – our – way. Come here Michelle and we’ll both show you.” Natasha said with an alluring voice.

“Oh yes, please show me, I want to see it all,” Michelle begged with urgent want.

Inside their shared bedroom, Natasha and Delilah undressed each other. Their lingerie was exquisite, like everything else about them. They drew each other into a sensual embrace and began nuzzling each other, kissing sweetly. It was erotic, slightly kinky and very sensual.

“Oh my,” Michelle sighed. “If you two could only see how hot you look.”

“We can,” Delilah smiled. “Look.” She pointed and on one side of the room was a long, full-length mirror that faced the bed. Indeed, every caress, kiss, movement on the bed could be viewed with ease.

“We’re both terribly naughty little voyeurs,” Natasha purred. Michelle doubted there could be anything terrible about either of them, save being terribly sexy. The two blondes broke apart to make room for the third. Michelle began undressing and she felt proud of her body as they watched her strip. She maintained a strict regimen of diet and exercise and her stomach was flat and toned, her legs sleek. Once naked, she placed herself between Natasha and Delilah and relaxed as they caressed her.

“Yes, please, touch me, do anything you want, you gorgeous sensual creatures,” Michelle sighed, lost in a sexual nirvana.

“We’re also nasty, perverted incestuous lesbian sluts,” Delilah snarled as she nipped one of her teacher’s nipples. “We’re going to do sensual things to you and horrible, vile things to you and you’ll love it all, you’ll beg for more, you’ll keep coming back, and you know why? It’s because you’re just like us!”

“Yes, yes, I am, touch me, use my body however you want!” Michelle sighed as she saw her beloved Natasha move between her legs and lap at her shaven cunt. Her younger self would have been thrilled to see such an act, but her defloration porno older self was getting off on it just fine! “Eat my pussy, you sexy blonde bitch,” Michelle moaned as Natasha’s daughter tongued and fondled her tits.

“Looks like you have a juicy little cunt, teach,” Delilah teased as she lifted her mouth from Michelle’s full boobs. “Does she, Mom?”

“God, yes,” Natasha said, licking her lips. “She tastes just like a ripe, sweet peach! D’you want to switch places with me?”

“Yes, please,” Delilah replied, kissing her mother as they traded places. “Oh my, if it’s that fucking sweet second-hand, I can’t wait to get it from the source!”

Michelle thrilled to the sounds of the younger woman’s naughty words and to the sensation of sexy young Delilah tonguing her cunt while her mother kissed and played with her body. Michelle’s wildest erotic fantasies had never been this wild, a hedonistic mother-lover-daughter romp that seemed endless. She had no sense of time, Michelle only knew as long as the other two could play, she’d be right in there with them.

Her first orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, one of the fiercest of her life. She wasn’t really sure if it was 19-year old Delilah’s expert tonguing or Natasha’s fervent, soft kisses or a combination of both. Once she had regained her senses, she moved away from Delilah’s seeking lips and went to work on her young playmate’s teenage, shaven cunt. Lapping avidly, she felt a tongue reaming her cunt and asshole and looked back to see Natasha’s face grinning lewdly at her. Her body shook and she wiggled a bit to encourage her lover while she ate the sex-crazed teen beneath her. Delilah was thrashing about the bed, strawberry-blonde hair matted to her skin as her teacher showed her she was taking second place to anyone!

“FUCK, I’m cumming, Jesus God, this horny slut is making me cum!” Delilah shrieked, as much for effect as in pleasure. She held Michelle’s hand as she came and gripped it tightly. Once Delilah had cum, it was time for Michelle to live out the fantasy she’d had all those years earlier. She moved between Natasha’s legs and went to work on her, intent on making her cum with all the skill she had learned over the years. She sucked Natasha’s wine-red pussy lips into her mouth, patted it with her palm and as Natasha was so charged from all their activity, it didn’t take Michelle long at all.

They played until they were exhausted and finally Delilah asked “Is anyone else hungry? I know I am!” Her playmates agreed with her, so a Pizza was ordered. Natasha and Michelle showered a bit while Delilah readied things in the kitchen. When they came out wearing robes, Delilah was wearing only a bra and panties. The pizza was on the table, ready to be served.

“You’re not going to tell me you met the Delivery Boy looking like that?” Michelle gasped.

“I used the peephole, but it was a Delivery Girl, and boy, was she hot! Pretty black girl about 18 or so, her name-tag said Renee. I told her to stop by sometime,” Delilah giggled. “She said she would.”

“Incorrigible,” Natasha sighed. “But then, you know that already,” She said, kissing her daughter and then Michelle.

“Yes, I do,” Michelle laughed, taking a steaming hot slice.

“Any plans for the summer?” Natasha wanted to know.

“No, I just bought my Condominium, so I’m low on funds this year. Why?” Michelle asked.

“Well, we were thinking it’d be nice to have you around as our regular girlfriend, sharing you and continuing what we started today, if you’re up for it,” Delilah grinned. “Right, Mom?”

“Exactly,” Natasha smiled, then took a bite of pizza.

A summer spent in bed with two of the hottest women on the planet? San Tropez might be nice, but this topped even that. She was IN! Michelle nodded and all three shared a smile over adventures they knew were in the offing.

Monday afternoon, Michelle was teaching class when she saw Delilah crossing her long legs and flashing a bare, sexy pussy under her dangerously-short skirt. She boldly licked her lips, making sure Michelle saw it. Remembering how those soft lips had felt on her pussy the night before, Michelle nearly had an orgasm on the spot. She was glad they only had two weeks until the start of summer vacation. Michelle wasn’t sure if she’d make it that long!

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