Screen Shots

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Pauletta stopped in the doorway to look and listen. He’d kicked the sheet off at some point, leaving himself all but totally exposed, wearing only a pair of cotton sleep-shorts draped over what appeared to be a solid erection. His breathing was deep and regular, a hypnotizing rhythm that captivated her. Hopefully, that breathing meant he was dead to the world. She checked her cell-phone and made sure the camera was on and the sounds were off. No sense in screwing this adventure up by the click of an artificial shutter, she thought.

Slowly, she moved into the room, watching him for any sign of movement. She paused for a moment to take a pic of him sprawled out. The weight-lifting workouts had made a difference and now even she had to admit her stepdad looked halfway decent. She moved closer until she could reach out and touch him. Raising her phone, she took another pic, this one centered on the swell in his crotch. Almost as good as the workout pics that started this whole thing.

Leaning forward, she ever-so-slowly reached out to lightly touch his hip. If he wakes up, remember — he sounded like he was having trouble breathing and you are checking on him. She took another picture. And the phone is for calling 911. Thank you Misha for coming up with that one. When he didn’t move, she picked her hand up and moved it to let it rest lightly on his chest, thumb alongside his nipple. She took a picture then ran her thumb over the nipple. Grinning, she leaned forward and kissed it, sucking it into her mouth lightly. She took another picture. She considered using her teeth, but decided that might cut through his sleep.

Instead, she moved her hand to his shorts, situating it so that his bulge ran along her palm and out through the vee formed by her thumb and index finger. She took another picture. Still, no change in breathing and no movement. She was a light sleeper and tended to wake up whenever anything made a noise or brushed against her, so what she was doing to him would have surely awakened her by now, as it had in the past.

She moved the phone closer to fill the little screen with a view of crotch and fingers and took another picture. This is crazy. I know Momma always teases him about trying to wake him up for sex with no effect, but God… What can I get away with? Hopefully enough to fulfill Misha’s crazy dare. She grinned and knelt beside the bed. Holding the camera off to the side, she leaned forward, all but touching his crotch with her face, and inhaled. Another picture. He smelled spicy-clean. She’d woke up when he started working out and snuck in to watch him for a bit. She’d expected him to shower afterward — he always did. The Old Spice body wash he used turned her on and since he’d moved in with her, she’d occasionally pour some on her chest and masturbate while sniffing it.

She puckered her lips up into a kiss and lightly rested them on his covered erection, taking another picture. She had to take another one, since she was only guessing at how to line up the lens on the subject. No good taking pics to prove I did it if they can’t tell what I did. I just hope no one gets ahold of these, or we’re both in trouble. She inhaled deeply, savoring the hot aroma of his clean body. She replaced her lips with her hand again, this time wrapping her fingers around him, exploring him with the cotton clothing still between them. Another picture.

Carefully, she teased the leg of the shorts up and away from him, leaving him exposed. Another picture. God, that’s gorgeous. I wonder how he tastes. And I wonder why it seems like such a good idea to find out. Well, other than the cash Misha will put out for the pics. Thinking about the money her friend had offered did a lot to settle the odd queasy feeling that had started in her stomach. She put her hand directly on his shaft and took another picture. She ran her thumb lightly along the swollen edge of his head, holding the camera-phone close to take another picture. Gently, she wrapped her fingers around him, taking another picture.

Dare me to do what, exactly?

Touch and show as much of him as possible. With pics. Definitely sexual positions. That’s the test-drive dare. Do it and I’ll cough up a hundred bucks.

The sight of his cock, freed from its captivity, mesmerized her. She realized she wanted it. Slowly, almost in a daze, she leaned forward to kiss the tip, barely remembering to take another picture. A tiny catch in his breathing almost made her panic, but it evened back out immediately. She took several pics as she lightly ran her tongue up the length of his shaft and around his head. Finally, she couldn’t stand it and opened her mouth wide. She guided his length in as far as she could take him before letting her lips close around him. She took several pictures as she just held him deep, enjoying the way he filled her mouth and how he smelled and tasted. Very slowly, she pulled off him, dvd full porno taking pictures as she went.

Sitting back on her heels, she felt a shiver run through her. She slid a finger between her legs, pulling some of the wetness from inside her to rub on her clit. If the opening move of a blow-job didn’t phase him, then a little pressure or stroking shouldn’t, either. She slid her shorts down and off, leaving them to lay beside his bed. Very slowly and carefully, she leaned forward and shifted the weight of her body onto the bed, first with a hand on either side of him, then her left knee, finally followed by swinging her right knee over him. She straightened until she could lower her clit to rest lightly against his cock, her eyes locked on his face for any changes. She took several more pictures.

At this point, it was all she could do to not shove that enticing hardness up inside her and screw herself silly on him. She made herself dismount as slowly and carefully as she had mounted and resettled his shorts over his cock. Then she slipped her own back on, biting her lips to keep from making any noise. She started to completely abandon the room, but stopped to take several more pics. Then the need hit her. She shoved her hand down inside her shorts and let her finger find and press on her clit. More pics, this time of her standing in front of him, some from head-high, some from hip-high where she could see her hand in her shorts with him behind her, and a couple straight down her shorts. The release hit like a thunderclap and shook her all over. Grinning, she left his room, taking pics of herself shoving cum-soaked fingers into her mouth, imagining it was his lips sucking on her.

** ** **

Ben sat down at his computer in a move that could only be described as a “plop.” Working nights at the plant during the remodel was taking its toll. He turned on the monitor and swatted the mouse to wake his computer up and stretched as he waited, pondering his breakfast choices before working out.

Once his screen came to life, he started checking for updates on his “base tabs” that he always kept open — email, Facebook, Sparkpeople, and several forums. One of the latest stories on his Facebook wall was a status update by his stepdaughter.

OMG — I rly did it n he never noticed!

Ben raised an eyebrow at the girl’s atrocious mangling of the English language. She’d updated it only twenty minutes ago from her phone — probably on break or maybe just a slow day at the salon. He clicked on the feed to see the other comments.

Orly? Pics? Or else the dare’s no good.

Helz YA!


Ok — mos def NSFW, tho.

Even better. Hurry!

He laughed and shook his head. Whatever she’d done to whoever certainly had her and her friend “FanTaViv” worked up. She was a party animal, never missing a chance to go out drinking, shooting pool, and just generally acting a fool, so there was no telling what she was up to. Not that it bothered him on a practical level. He’d moved into the spare room of her two-bedroom trailer so that he didn’t have far to go for crash-space during the remodel. He was typically at work before she got off and came in late enough in the morning that she’d already collapsed. So as it stood, their days rarely overlapped and he was always up early enough in the afternoons that her evening activities didn’t interfere with his sleep.

He scrolled back through her wall feeds, wondering what could get a twenty-two year old girl so worked up. Most of the entries, though, meant nothing — either they were game-app posts or were so non-specific as to mean nothing to him. Things like:

gotta wonder what it would be like…

FanTaViv posted: Test-drive it and see, hon.

KittyPerry posted: and take pics, right? 😉

FanTaViv posted: XD of course!

Shalicious posted: I dare ya. Solo test-drive and send pics to FanTaViv.

KBRMom posted: Double-dared. FTV has to let us know you really did it by seeing pics

KittyPerry posted: w/ my face clearly visible and enuf shots to prove?

Shalicious posted: Well, yeah. Otherwise, why bother?

watched him wrk out agin and felt dirty

FanTaViv posted: A little dirty or a LOT dirty? 🙂

KittyPerry posted: ok more than a little but not enuf 2 do anything

FanTaViv posted: Any pics this time? 😀

KittyPerry posted: actually… on the way.

FanTaViv posted: Oh. Oh my. I could get used to looking at that.

took sum pics on a whim and discovered later they make me horney

FanTaViv posted: Can you share?

KittyPerry posted: yah, i guess. dunno y u wanna see

FanTaViv posted: Girl, if it makes your jaded azz horny, I gotta see.

KittyPerry posted: LOL ya ok. pretty boring overall tho

FanTaViv posted: God, girl! Nothing boring about that at all!

KittyPerry posted: he’s ensest porno pretty taken, u kno

FanTaViv posted: I can have my fantasies, babe. 🙂

He stopped when he got to the entry a couple of weeks ago when he’d first moved in.

It’s normal to move in w mom/dad, but when one moves in w/ u?

She’d gotten a ton of sympathy posts over that one, including one from her biological father. That one pissed him off a little, even though all the man said was, “You do what ya gotta for family, girl.”

So — she was all a-gaga for some boy, it seemed. Lucky him — more or less – if she ever came out and actively pursued him. His step-daughter wasn’t bad-looking, just a bit on the pudgy side because she was lazy, and had a manner she could turn on that all but screamed “SEX!” And God knew she sounded good in bed. When her boyfriend in high school had needed a place to stay because his mother kicked him out, he’d moved in with them. Ben had never managed to see them in action, but he’d heard them. Night after night for almost a year, she’d be groaning and moaning — usually for at least an hour at a time — all but screaming at the end.

Jacking off outside her door during those interludes had been quite entertaining.

He felt his cock stir at the memories. Grinning, he slipped his headphones on and pulled up The Video. She’d shot it a couple of years ago for a boyfriend who’d been deployed to Afghanistan. Ben had accidentally found it one day, flipping through the pictures on her camera when no one else was home. She’d been shooting them all week, saying she was trying to fill up the chip so she could send it to him. The first few were innocuous — kids playing, her mom working on the car, and so on. But when he’d flipped one more pic and was staring “down” at her smiling face over a pair of bare 36D tits she’d mashed together with her arms, he’d had a moment. The next shot was of her shaved pussy and the next was of her middle finger, glistening wet, shoved halfway up that same opening. He’d turned the camera off, popped the chip out, and copied all the pics to his laptop immediately. Later, he realized what he’d thought was an accidental shot of the bed where she’d taken the other three was actually the opening frame of a video. The audio wasn’t great and she wasn’t as vocal as she’d been years ago behind her bedroom door, but the four minutes of video she’d shot as she masturbated was definitely a keeper.

As he was about to push play on the media-player, he noticed his security camera app was indicating a new video. Frowning slightly, he clicked on it to see what the webcam had caught. As it loaded, he checked the angle on the camera. Might have been a shadow on the wall from outside that moved and triggered it, he thought.

The Facebook page updated to show a series of new posts by FanTaViv.




OMGOMGOMG!!!!! I canNOT believe what I am seeing! God, I’m going to overheat, here. And no response? Sooooooooooo jealous!! Dare fulfilled!

Ben snorted and rolled his eyes. Kids. The video from his security camera app started playing. Onscreen, he saw

Pauletta slowly enter the camera’s field of vision, moving — obviously trying to be very quiet – towards where his bed would be. She paused for a moment, holding her cell-phone up to take a picture. The phone’s screen was visible, but it was far too small to make out exactly what she’d taken a picture of. The angle of the phone suggested the bed. She reached out, off-screen, bending over slowly to touch … something. She held up the phone, taking another picture. She moved her arms, holding the phone down to take another picture. She knelt and leaned forward, all but disappearing from view and her arm popped back into the center of the screen, holding the cell-phone up for another shot. She took several from this position, varying the angle of the camera-phone. She rocked back on her heels, her face coming into view again. She was grinning and biting her lower lip. Still kneeling, she moved in a way that suggested she was pulling off her shorts. The angle of the webcam never showed her hips or legs as she leaned forward and moved … somewhere off-screen. Again, the arm holding the camera-phone appeared in the screen repeatedly, taking several shots. Slowly, she eased back into the screen, still watching the area of his bed, still grinning. She did something that looked like she pulled a pair of shorts on, and then she slowly stood, still looking at the area of the bed, and backed up until she was completely in the screen again. She slid a hand down inside the waistband of her shorts and began obviously jacking off, staring down at the bed and biting her lip. Again, more pictures, and judging from the angle, she took at least one that would show both her masturbating and him in the background.

His cock throbbed in rigid excitement. When she finished, fake agents porno she disappeared from the screen and the security camera footage stopped. The time-stamp on the footage indicated she’d come in and had her fun just after eleven that morning — definitely with him lying there asleep. He’d laid down at eight-thirty after a thirteen-hour shift at the plant, so he’d been asleep almost three hours when she’d come into the room — definitely enough time for him to be dead to the world.

He set the security app to live-feed and adjusted the camera so that it showed his bed on-screen. Who knows — she might come back for more. Satisfied, he pushed play on The Video, watching and listening to her begin to stroke herself off for the camera and wondered how he was going to go about getting ahold of her phone to look at those pictures.

** ** **

Where u, wmn?

Fountn by Shu-Rak, b. hurry up.

Pauletta rolled her eyes at Viv’s message. That girl can get so fixated, she thought. She carried her tray of bourbon chicken and fried rice through the food concourse towards the fountain. Viv was sitting there, her back to a hedge of plants. Her phone was in her hand and she was staring intently at the screen as she lifted a fork-full of salad to her mouth to chew absentmindedly. Pauletta grinned and shook her head.

“You’re gonna wear those pics out from all that staring.” She giggled when Viv jumped and hid her phone.

“Wench, you scared me.” She looked back down at her phone. “These are unbelievable,chick! I’m glad Misha dared you to do it and take pics to send to me. And you got him in your mouth without him making any kind of response?”

Pauletta shook her head as she stirred her food around. “He made one little funny catch in his breathing early on, but that was all.” She grinned at Viv. “Mom teases him about not being able to wake him up when she’s in the mood, no matter what she tries.” She stuffed a bite in her mouth and thought while chewing. “Although, I’m not sure she’s tried full-on intercourse to wake him up.”

“Hm, I bet that would change things.” Viv slowly paged through the pics. “Mm-hm. Woman, if you ever need that gorgeous little puss eaten and for whatever reason can’t find a guy to do it for you, you call me.”

Pauletta choked on her bite, spluttering in disbelief.

“What? It’s gorgeous and deserves to be worshiped properly. God, if that were my stepdad, I’d sign up for stepslut duty in a heartbeat.”

Pauletta giggled self-consciously. “He’s been after me for ages. Used to watch me under the bathroom door when I was still at home. I’d make a big deal out of washing my boobs or arching my back so they’d stick out.” She wrapped her arms around herself to stop a shiver. “And he likes to play chase, tickling me to get whatever thing it is that I run off with. I think those boob gropes are on purpose.”

“And you say that, even though you keep doing it, knowing he’s gonna come after you. Yeah, I imagine they are on purpose.” Viv looked across the table at the girls in question. “And rightfully so.”

“Oh, please — they’re over-big and floppy. You’ve got me beat easily.”

“And you could beat him, I think. Beat him off, at the least. You should get him in your hand again and pump him this time. Ohohoh! You could titty-fuck him. Yum. Or do that whole cowgirl bit and stroke a little.”

Pauletta felt herself getting a little queasy — and more than a little wet — at the thought of rubbing her pussy along her sleeping stepdad’s cock, so close to spearing herself on it. “Dunno if I could do it. I’m afraid I’d wake him up.”

“Well, yeah, if you move too much or give in and shove yourself down onto him. And wouldn’t that be just yummy,” she murmured, still looking at the pictures. “And your mom says he doesn’t wake up, no matter what she does to him?”

“Their running joke is that they once woke up in the middle of sex with no idea who started it. Hey, that’s my stepdad you are fondling yourself over.”

Viv looked up and raised an eyebrow. “And you rubbed your naked pussy on him and then stroked yourself into an orgasm right next to the same guy.”

Pauletta blushed, remembering all too well what all she had done. “But that wasn’t in public.”

Viv threw her head back and laughed. “And the only one who knew I was playing with myself just now was you.” She looked down at her phone and licked her lips. “He gonna be there in the morning?”

Pauletta shrugged. “Far as I know, yeah. They’ve got another week or so left of working nights, he said, then they’ll be running some long hours for at least another week.”

Viv caught her bottom lip between her teeth and grinned. “Good. I’m spending the night at your place tonight.”

“Oh, God.”

** ** **

“Hey, Daddy! Sleep good?” Pauletta breezed through the back door as Ben was getting his lunch fixed for work and dumped all her stuff on the kitchen table before heading for the living room. Including, Ben noted, her cell-phone.

“Hey, little girl. Whatever wild party you hosted this morning or this afternoon didn’t disturb me in the least. I don’t remember anything resembling waking up at all.”

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