Seduction of the Babysitter Ch. 03: Jess

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Big Dick

I climbed up from his lap and headed for his bedroom. When Jack closed the door I untied the drawstrings of my yoga pants and let them slide to the floor. His eyes roamed hungrily over me from head to toe.

“Turn around,” he said, a little hoarsely.

I did a slow-motion pirouette so he could enjoy my ass. When I came full circle Jack was standing about two inches away. His arms went around me, and his hands slid down my back to grip my ass and pull me hard against him. His tongue was insistent now as he pushed through my lips, and I could feel his erection pressing against my bellybutton like a steel bar through his slacks.

I put my hands on his face to pull him closer and I kissed him back, hard. The satiny fabric of his shirt rubbed against my nipples, sending electric shocks through me to set off a pulsing ache inside of my pussy. I wanted him inside of me so badly it hurt. When he finally came up for air I put a hand on his chest,

“You’re way overdressed for this occasion, mister.”

“I guess I am, huh? I’m really kind of tired, though. Maybe you could help me with the buttons.”

The feel of the tight muscles under his shirt was driving me crazy, and I wanted to unwrap him like a kid going after presents on Christmas morning. I made myself take it slowly, though, carefully undoing each button, my face close to his chest so I could breathe in the smell of him and so my breath warmed his bare skin. When the last button came free I peeled the shirt off of him and glided my hands over his body, up his arms, down his chest and tight stomach and then back up his sides. Oh, damn but he felt good.

I wanted to press myself into him and just enjoy his hard warmth against me, but I wasn’t escort bostancı finished with the job yet. I grinned wickedly up at him and sank down to my knees at his feet.

Unfastening his slacks, I worked the zipper and teasingly slid my fingers along the length of his straining cock through the thin cotton of his underwear. His breath caught at my touch, and I felt his cock jump. He was big, too, nice and thick and just what Jess needed stuffed in her poor, pulsating pussy.

One tug sent his slacks pooling around his ankles, and I moved in close so Jack could feel my hot breath on his cock and stomach. I pulled his underwear down slowly, exposing just the head of his cock first. My pink tongue darted out to taste him, soft and warm against his taut skin, and I licked him clean of the precum oozing from his tip.

Jack shifted his hips and I knew that he ached to grab my head and shove his cock down my throat and fuck my face until he exploded.

“Easy there, tiger,” I whispered. “We’ve got all night.”

A little more and his cock swung free, pointing at my face like a compass points north. I snatched it before it had time to bob more than once and sucked his head into my mouth. Jack was just too big around for me to deep throat; I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. I felt a pang about that, because I knew how much guys liked that and I really wanted to do it for him. Maybe with some practice.

I settled for sucking hard on his head and slowly stroking my hand up and down his shaft, slick with saliva that I let dribble past my lips. Jack’s breathing was ragged now, and I pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could rub his silky hardness all over my face. It always amazed ümraniye escort me how guys could be so hard and so soft at the same time. When I vacuumed the head back into my mouth, his hands went into my hair, clenching and uncleanching as I swirled my tongue over him.

I reached down with the other hand and started massaging his balls. Jack moaned and his hip motions grew stronger. I needed to slow him down, and my clit was demanding its fair share of attention.

I reluctantly let go of his cock and crawled onto the bed. Turning over on my back, I tucked my legs far apart so every quivering inch of me lay exposed. Jack’s eyes were riveted on my tight little hole. I smiled and slid two fingers in to spread myself open for him.

“Hot, tight, twenty-year-old pussy. And it’s all yours. Now, why don’t you come over here and show me if you can give as good as you get?”

Jack took just long enough to kick off his shoes and socks before he buried his tongue in my dripping snatch. I had thought my earlier orgasm took the edge off, but it turned out that it had only whetted my appetite; at the first touch of Jack’s tongue on my swollen clit I felt my insides melt. The soft tip of his tongue whipped against me so that I writhed under him in delicious agony.

Then he put his tongue around it and holding it lightly in his teeth so he could lash me with his tongue. After a couple of minutes of that I thought I was going to float right off the bed. Either he was a natural at eating pussy, or Anna had been an outstanding teacher.

His tongue left a molten trail down my slit as he glided down to my pussy. He licked teasingly over my lips, hovering around the edges, then his mouth covered me and kartal escort bayan he forced his tongue as deeply inside of me as it would reach while he sucked in the juices gushing from me. I did come off the bed, then, arching my back and clawing at the twisted sheets. I felt his tongue flicker down, into that forbidden area below my pussy to lick and tickle at my puckered little asshole.

“Oh, sweet god, Jack, yes.” I sucked in air. “Oh, fuck, that feels good.”

He moved back up to my pounding clit, whipping his tongue over it, and snaked two fingers into my slick, hot pussy. He worked them in and out in time with the flickering of his tongue, forming a burning rhythm that throbbed inside of me. His thumb found my ass and rubbed gently, tickling the sensitive skin there.

Another orgasm started building, hot pressure spreading throughout my lower body into my clit and pussy. I was dripping with pleasure, and Jack was lapping up every drop, but I didn’t want to come that way. I wanted to come when I was all stretched out over that magnificent, thick cock. I put down a hand and gently pushed his head away from me. Blue eyes smouldering up at me.

“I’d let you do that all day,” I said, “but don’t you want to fuck me? I want your cock in me, Jack.”

He slid back, grabbed my ankles, and dragged me to the edge of the bed. When he started forward, cock in hand, I stopped him and rolled over so my ass pointed towards him.

“I want it this way, tiger, from behind. I want you to shove it in and pound me.”

A second later I felt that fat head of his cock push into the crack of my ass and slid down, sending tingles through me as it slipped tantalizingly over my back door, and then it pushed at the opening of my wet little tunnel. Even as wet and slick as I was it was a tight fit. Jack thrust his hips forward, jamming another couple of inches into me, then again, and again until his balls pressed up against my slit and I knew he was all the way in…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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