Sensual Ferocity

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Her head lifted very slightly, her smile never flickering -even as her mind wandered. Gritting her teeth, she decided this had to be the most excruciatingly boring party she had ever attended. She forced herself to redirect her focus on her date, but it only made her wince with disinterest. He chatted amiably with a group of people that all preened and cooed as if there were a contest for congeniality. They competed with the very company they sought so desperately to keep. Her eyes rested anew on Patrick. There was nothing wrong with him, she chided herself. But he lacked… what, she wasn’t sure. He was tall enough, moderately handsome… if not overly intelligent. Patrick, she decided, was pleasant. Just pleasant and that was enough to make her snarl in frustration.

But only internally. Outwardly, she was the very picture of decorum. She smoothed one hand over the snug velvet of her black skirt. She felt the tops of her stockings through the lush fabric and wanted to toy with the sensation. But she reined herself in, this was hardly the place to entertain carnal thoughts.

Her upswept crimson hair made her ice-milk skin seem to gleam. Her dark eyes were kohled very precisely, and the vulpine tilt of her full bordeaux lips was slightly predatory. She couldn’t help it, she decided. This place, this party… made her crave. She nodded when her date asked her something and he rewarded her by placing his hand at the small of her back. What a perfunctory and correct gesture, she mused within.

She felt a flash of chagrin and made herself murmur some soft idle praise to him. He flashed a smile to her and she let her mind drift again. She suddenly felt her heartbeat thud a little faster. She shifted slightly on her high heels. It was strange but she felt her nipples harden and push against the lace of her bustier. She turned her gaze almost instinctually.

Not far from her stood a stranger. His gaze was assessing, openly so. Tall, broad shouldered, oh so masculine. She hissed an indrawn breath. He watched her as if he could do so all night. She tore her eyes from him. Yet, she watched him from the corner of her gaze. She marveled that her body had responded to him before she had even realized what was going on. She swallowed hard, trying to put him from her mind. But his hand had looked so beckoning curved around his champagne flute. A blatant image flashed through her mind of that hand encircling his rampant sex.

She flushed and was glad her date was so oblivious. She darted another look to the enigmatic man and saw that his dark countenance had not turned from her. She felt a low ache deep in her stomach. She heard her name and glanced bewilderedly to Patrick.

“Nicole, I asked if you needed more champagne?” His boyish smile made her feel guilty. She nodded, handing him her glass, “Yes, please. Thank you, Patrick. ” He grinned a smile that she assumed was no doubt his All-American smile.

Guaranteed to succeed.

He took her glass and she noticed he held the glass tightly. Almost as if not trusting himself. It was analytical of her, she decided, as well as fanciful. But the stranger had confidence in his strength, she dreamily retorted to herself. He knew full well how to use his hands. She stole another peek and realized with a sinking heart that the star of her fantasies had disappeared. She bit her lower lip to kill a sigh. Feeling resigned to the fate of her evening, she murmured, “Excuse me a moment, Patrick. I need to refresh my makeup. “

He chuckled, “You are as beautiful without it, hon, But go ahead. “

As if she had been asking permission. She bit kartal escort her tongue, not speaking her caustic thoughts. She shook her head and walked off, perfectly polite smile in place. She found the lavatory as quickly as possible and was relieved it was empty. The less small talk the better. A large mirror dominated one wall, hung neatly over a black leather couch. She stood in front of the ornate mirror and reapplied her slick scarlet lipstick. She leaned forward, knees brushing the sofa as she tried to brace herself to go back out into the tedium.

She gasped aloud when the lights suddenly went off. She steadied herself, trying to recall the lay of the room. She made her way back to where she thought the door was. stumbling over a low table she swore softly. Groping blindly, she reached for the light switch. With a jolt she felt a hand cover hers. Warm and knowing, the hand captured hers easily. She was too shocked to even protest as she felt a hard cock fill her grasp.

“Do you like that?” a male voice inquired silkily.

Her eyes widened as she heard the door lock. She felt him from root to tip as he lazily used her hand to stroke himself. His lips brushed the column of her throat. He asked again, “Do you?”

She shivered, feeling her arousal reach a feverish pitch. It was almost impossible to think past the sensations he roused so quickly. She managed a husky whisper, “Yes… but-“

His mouth covered hers and he bit into her lips. The bite was soft but quelling. He licked her lips until she was breathing in shallow gasps. “Enjoy me, “he ordered, “I want you. “

She felt the scrap of black silk covering her sex grow wetter still. He spoke as if this were a commonplace occurrence. Strangers growing very intimate so quickly. His voice made her tighten and flow.

“I saw you watching me, “he said, “I could tell what you wanted. I could smell it, I read you. “

She quivered in his light embrace. She found her voice with some effort, her hand never stilling on his heated prick. “I am not sure what I want… “

He laughed, very softly. A purely masculine sound of amusement. He reached down to where she held his heavy throbbing member, “You want to fuck. “

She melted against his chest, rubbing her abdomen over his cock. “Yes, “she responded, “I want to fuck. “

If he was surprised by her honesty he did not show it. “What is your name, “he inquired, “I want to know who to thank. “

Despite herself, she chuckled. “Nicola. “

He nodded, “David, “he returned almost distractedly. His hands swept up her hips and sides, stopping to cup her breasts. “Nice, “he remarked, “Very full and high. “

He unbuttoned her almost sheer blouse with a soft grunt of approval. He felt her sensual lingerie and smiled in the darkness. She was made for him. He lifted her free of her bustier, using the shelf of the garment to support her breasts. Her flesh seemed to be an offering presented thusly. He thumbed her large nipples into rosy peaks. “Sensitive, “he said as he suckled one taut point and then the other.

She moaned, her free hand going to the back of his head. Holding his mouth to her, she let her head fall back in pleasure. He lifted one heavy breast and tongued the sensitive underside until she squirmed against him. Her hand accelerated in its movement as she luxuriated in the silk covered steel feel of his shaft.

Wordlessly she went to her knees. She released his cock for a moment to pull his trousers down farther, affording her more of him. He encouraged her by lacing his fingers into her hair. She felt the pins in her chignon maltepe escort bayan come loose as she swept her full lips over the head of his cock. His slick precum smeared over her lips like gloss. She smiled rapaciously as she licked it away. He reached over and light filled the room.

“I want to watch you work, “he muttered with a hungry smile, “Suck me. “

Her tongue snaked out and lapped at the plum-like head, skimming the slit and underside. She savored his taste leisurely. She licked the large head until it gleamed before she sampled the length of his erection. He reached down and lifted his shaft. Greedily she suckled and licked his full, milky warm testicles until he groaned softly. His hand in her hair tilted her head back as his other hand gripped his cock.

“Open your mouth, Nicola”he rasped softly, “I want to fuck your throat. “

He slid past her lips, the warm wet cave of her mouth filled with him. He playfully butted into the back of her throat until she adjusted to his width and length. His eyes did not miss the sight of her scarlet lipstick smeared all over his prick. When the thick thatch at his groin rubbed her chin he began to roll his hips. Rocking into her throat as she sucked and drew on his cock with sounds of pleasure. Her hands went to his buttocks, holding him closer. She wondered if he would cum from fucking her face. She felt her cunt drip like hot wax at the thought. As if sensing her thoughts he drew out of her mouth.

“Get on the couch, “he said softly, “Strip… but leave on the stockings. “

Her blouse drifted to the carpeted floor. She unhooked the bustier and unzipped the velvet skirt with shaking hands. She kicked off her heels, feeling his gaze sweep over her. She peeled away her sodden panties baring her smooth sex. She wondered if he could tell how wet she was.

He smiled and gestured to her, “Lay on the couch, on your stomach. I want to see your wet peach, baby. Spread your legs far for me. “

She did as he requested, drawing her knees up high to her breasts. She arched her back slightly, her thighs widening. She felt her scalding box weep hot tears as he drew closer. His fingers skimmed over her slit teasingly before pinching the swollen lips. She yelped softly, her dark eyes closing in pleasure. He dipped his thumb into her cunt, swirling within her slowly as a low purr came from her throat. His other hand moved to rest on her bottom. He pulled her ass cheeks apart, toying with her. His cock rested on the tight opening of her anus teasingly. He made a soft sound as he sawed his engorged member over the sensitive bud.

“Hold your ass open for me, “he whispered.

She did so, feeling so wicked and hot. He reached around her and using both hands, he began a intoxicating assault on her cunt. He held her sex open as his fingers worked her clit mercilessly. She made an urgent sound of need, bucking back into him. His hands held her even as his thick prick humped her ass lazily.

“Not yet, “he cajoled in a rich, gentle tone, “I want you to be ready. “

His hands pried and toyed with her sex until she pushed into his lightest touch. She felt as if her whole being centered in the burning between her thighs. His voice was smooth, like being doused from head to toe in melted chocolate. His fingers brushed her lips, wet from her pouting cunt.

“Lick my fingers, sweet, get them wet. Taste yourself. “

Her tongue was out and winding over his fingertips before he had finished speaking. She sucked long, imagining each finger was his cock. She felt his balls smack rhythmically against her bottom escort pendik as he ground lazily into her. He stroked her tongue until she felt drunk with him.

He filled her senses so effortlessly, simply by knowing her body and being adept with his own.

“Please, “she whispered, “God, I want you inside of me. “

He groaned and she felt a slight twinge of pain as the head of his cock pushed against her anus. “Not quite yet, “he replied, “But I’ll be deep inside of you soon baby… you’ll be so full of me. “

She wanted to beg or just shove herself onto his shaft, the pain be damned. Her nails dug softly into her ass as she controlled her urges. His fingers, wet with her saliva, traced over her anus, pinching the rosy opening even as his cockhead throbbed there. Working over the spot until he felt her relax, he slid one finger deep between her soft cheeks. He moved his finger in and out of the aperture, slowly fucking her.

With a strangled groan she felt her pussy leak wet and hot down the ultra-soft flesh of her inner thigh. His free hand lightly slapped her cunt, the wet sound making him smile. The light smacks made her tremble, her heat palpable.

When her soft mewls made his cock jerk in response, he took a moment to steady himself.

His sodden hand left her cunt and he worked his cock for a moment. He bent his head to look as his cock teased her tight bottom. He took a breath and then slammed home into her cunt. She jumped in surprise. Impaled and crammed full of his root, she gasped. He held her hips in his hands. “Rub your clit, “he whispered to her, “I want you to cum all over my cock. “

She shuddered at his words and the sensation of him buried so far inside of her. he withdrew as her shaking fingers touched the swollen button of her clit. As she began rolling the nub he thrust back into her.

She drew light breaths as he moved in and out of her. Her inner muscles clung to his prick. Every time he drew back the wet sound of her greedy cunt filled her ears. His hands found her breasts again. He held the snowy mounds in his palms, grinding her nipples with calloused fingers until she arched and came. He groaned in satisfaction as her cries echoed through the room.

She looked back at him, her lambent eyes almost black. “I want you to fuck me hard, David. I want you to use my body however you like until you cum. “

He smiled wolfishly, already picturing his seed dripping pearly and hot from her swollen sex and ass. He pulled out of her pussy and placed his red, slick cock at her anus. She looked into his eyes as her hands reached back, pulling her lush cheeks apart. He quivered as he slid his cockhead past the ring of her anus. She winced for a moment but encouraged him, her hips rocking back. “Do it, David, fuck my ass. ” With a dark look passing between them he fully imbedded himself.

His pistoning cock made her scream softly, but he did not slow. As he penetrated and violated the small tight passage -she felt her cunt heat unbearably. She reached down with one hand to stroke her clit and alternately finger-bang herself. His balls hitting her sex made her pussy reverberate with ecstasy. She came again with a tremulous sigh as he grabbed her ass tightly, almost bruisingly, jerking her back into him. When his cum erupted he jerked as if struck by lightning.

He felt every sensation as his cock swelled, his balls tightened, and then he was jetting deeply into her. She rode his spurting cock until he steadied her with his hands, languidly rubbing her. She lowered her head to the slick cushions of the couch as he pulled out of her. His arms reached down and he drew her back into his body as he sat down beside her. She was stunned at how easily it had all happened. She looked into his eyes and saw her thoughts mirrored. Their lips met and melded. He kissed as he did all else, with exquisite care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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