Sex in My Office

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I work in an office building with about 200 people. I’m the boss of my company, but there are a few other companies which share the same office services – kitchens, bathrooms, meeting rooms, and so on. It was a good arrangement for me – I’d had sex with several of the women in the building. One of them had become a fairly regular fuck buddy, and none of them were from my own company.

So everything was sweet.

One morning I was in the kitchen getting a coffee when Anna walked in. Anna worked for a larger company down the other end of a long corridor from my offices. I guess they had about eighty employees, so they were bigger than my company. They sold telephone services or something so there were a lot of female employees. I knew that Anna was one of the senior sales team leaders.

But enough about her job. What was great about Anna was her looks and her body. She was Polish, with dusty blue eyes and dirty blonde shoulder length hair. Anna was tall and slender, with good tits and long legs. From the several times I’d followed her down the corridor, I knew she had a nice ass and what’s more, she had an elegant way of carrying herself so that she always seemed graceful. Maybe she’d done some modelling back in the day, who knows, it wouldn’t have surprised me.

I knew she was in her early thirties and married, and on a good day with make-up she was a hard eight. Also, and maybe because of her age, Anna regularly wore high heels and tight skirts and dresses above the knee.

Basically, Anna was great to have around the office; always brightened up my day.

One thing about Anna though, she had absolutely no idea about dress sense, colors in particular. And seeing as how I’m a world authority on the subject, I liked to tease her about her clothes and her colors as much as I could. Whenever I saw her, let’s say once or twice a week, I’d make sure to look her up and down, nice and sleazy style, and then critique her on something.

“I love those shoes,” I’d say. “It’s like they’re from the 1950’s or something”.

Or “Holy shit Anna, that is one daring color clash today babe. You’re a real trend setter.”

And I’d regularly tell her to take her clothes off, in the most charming way possible of course.

“Anna, I’m sorry but you just can’t wear that color skirt with that color blouse. It doesn’t work – you’ll have to take them off. Or leave the blouse on, and just take your skirt off, that’ll work.”

She always played along, and she’d say something like “yeah right” or “in your dreams” whenever I told her to take her clothes off.

All the while I’d be leering at her, smirking, and checking out her body. Occasionally I’d take her by the arm and make her move around to show me the back of her dress or whatever. One time I got up nice and close to inspect an earring; our mouths were only inches apart.

She knew what I was up to – it wasn’t like I was being subtle – and I got the distinct feeling that she enjoyed every minute of having a man tease her, pay her no respect, and make her do as she was told.

And it made sense, when I thought about it. Her (male) supervisor was a total dickhead, into model trains or something. Her sales team was all female except for one thin dweeb with glasses. And her husband was a flabby goof: I’d seen him at an all-office ballgame and wondered what the fuck was going on.

So Anna probably didn’t have a lot of male authority in her life. I decided I was right – she secretly loved me bossing her around, telling her she looked like shit, and invading her personal space.

Furthermore, I would have loved to fuck her, of course, and I never made any effort at all to hide it.

Anyway, this one particular morning she came into the kitchen wearing a dress and high heels. Sounds fine, right? Nice, tight, figure hugging dress, hemline two or three inches above the knee, sleeveless, high neck line, zip up the back. Her bare arms were golden brown and so were her long, long bare legs. Her heels were high-ish, but nothing outrageous.

But it was the color of that dress. It was the most loud, electric, neon, crimson purple pink I had ever seen. It was so loud I needed earplugs. The color was indescribable – crimson purple pink is the best I can do, but I seriously had not seen that color ever before in my life. And the shoes were cream. That’s right, cream heels with this revolting color.

Millions of women would kill for her body, and then hang the best looks on it, but Anna simply had no idea about clothes.

“Jesus, Anna! That dress is so loud! What are you trying to do to me?” I leaned back on the kitchen bench and faked shading my eyes. Anna was already shaking her head and smiling at me.

“Either I’m going to have to put my sunglasses on,” I said, “or you’re going to have to take that dress off – and I left my sunglasses at home this morning so please, take it off this minute would ya?”

“What do you mean, this is a great color, I love it,” she said in her sexy Polish accent, smiling as usual. She put her hands on her hips and did a little twisty move right in front of me. I stripped her with my eyes, leaning back on the kartal escort bayan kitchen bench, letting my cock push forward in my pants. She looked hot, I’ll give her that, and she knew it. The dress was very tight and it made the curves around her breasts and her hips look incredible.

“Turn around, let’s see it from the back,” I told her.

Anna turned slowly on her heels, and lifted her hands above her head in a kind of slow motion dance move. The dress was almost splitting across her sweet tight ass, it was stretched so tight. I looked directly at her ass until I knew she was looking at me, and then slowly ran my gaze up her back to meet her eyes. She had turned her head over her shoulder and gave me a smouldering wink.

Little known fact: I regularly wear two rubber cock-rings to work, just for fun. They help my mindset when some stupid bitch from HR is making a presentation or something. Also, they increase the pressure on my shaft when I get aroused. And the sexy show Anna was putting on in front of me was getting me nice and hard.

Now, since we were alone in the kitchen, this little routine was obviously just for my benefit. And of course, Anna and I had been flirting with each other for months, so I could be forgiven for thinking that she badly wanted me to force her down on her knees right then and there, shove my hard cock into her mouth, and make her suck it.

But it was also obvious that nothing serious was going on, right? Just a bit of innocent, harmless fun in the morning between two innocent, harmless people in the office, one of whom happened to be a hot blonde in a tight dress, and the other a fit healthy man who needed a fuck.

Anna broke the pose and turned back to face me.

“Don’t you like it?” she asked. There was a challenge in her voice, in her demeanor, the way she cocked her hip. But…did I also detect just a hint of uncertainty in her eyes? Her cheeks had flushed a little and her smile was slightly too engaging. I suddenly got the impression she was trying to impress me, or at least get my approval. Maybe she was feeling sexy, or maybe she needed to feel sexy? She sure looked sexy, as she flashed another smile at me.

I decided to let her have it.

“Nah, it’s hideous, you should take it off. I think you’d look much better in your underwear than in that dress.”

“Excuse me? Are you joking?” Anna said. She’d stopped moving and was looking straight at me. It seemed her mood had completely changed. “I can’t believe what you just said to me.”

She sounded angry – hell, she looked pretty angry too. But something in her eyes told me to keep going.

“Seriously, this time I’m not joking,” I said calmly, man to woman. I put my coffee down on the bench and looked her in the eye. “I want you to strip for me, right now, either here in the kitchen, or down the hall in my office.” There was a heavy silence. My cock twitched again.

“I can help you with the zip if you like,” I said with a smirk to take some of the heat out.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” she said hotly. “Do you think that’s actually going to work, just telling me to take my clothes off?”

I liked the sound of that.

“That’s up to you Anna,” I said, looking her up and down again. I started fucking her with my eyes.

“Well for your information I’m really not planning to take my dress off for you.”

“Ok, fine. But if your plans change, drop by my office at one o’clock any day of the week. Everyone’s always at lunch at that time, so it’ll just be you and me.”

I picked up my coffee and sauntered off out the kitchen and down the hall. When Anna went past I made sure I was leaning over the reception desk sharing a laugh with the receptionist with the big tits. Anna didn’t say anything, but did I catch her glancing at me?

So guess what. A couple of days later, just after one o’clock, there was a light knock on my half-open door. I looked up to see Anna standing there. Similar dress – tight, sleeveless, above the knee, high neck line, zip up the back – but a different color, this time an incredibly electric, day-glo lime green.

It was awful. Nice black high heels though, and black tights. If you want my opinion there was no need for the black tights. They didn’t suit the rest of the look, if you know what I mean. Maybe she was wearing stockings and a garter belt, which would be great, but I thought bare arms and bare legs would be a better combination with that sort of dress. Her legs had been bare the other day in the kitchen.

“Are you busy?” she asked, with a tight smile.

I slowly looked her up and down again, making sure to linger over her tits and her legs.

“Yeah actually I am pretty busy, so if you’re here to take your clothes off then come in, close the door, and let’s get started.”

Anna paused and looked at me with, I dunno, was it defiance? There was something in her eyes – whatever. I didn’t think too long about it because the next thing you know she’s stepping in to my office and quietly closing the door behind her, just like I told her to.

“So let me get this straight,” she said. She walked the short escort maltepe distance over to the other side of my double desk, sat down, and crossed her legs. As she did so, her dress rode up her black nylon thighs just a touch. My balls swelled, and my cock twitched, even though I wasn’t wearing the cock rings that day.

“I’m supposed to take my clothes off in front of you just because you want me to”.

“That’s right,” I said after a pause, smiling and looking straight in her eyes. “I want you to stand up right now, take off your dress, and show me your underwear.”

Anna sat back in the chair with some confidence, resting her arms on each of the chair’s arms, hands hanging loosely, legs crossed, head held high, and looked at me.

“Do you seriously think I’m going to strip off just because some guy in the office tells me to?” she said, still looking me in the eye. “I’m married, and this is a work environment. Besides, you just want me to be another one of your conquests. Everyone knows you’ve already had sex with half the women in the building.”

“Only six of them, actually”, I replied. “And two of them I didn’t fuck – they just sucked my cock. In fact, that little Marianne in your team sucked me off at the Christmas party.”

That got her. Anna’s cheeks flushed pink, her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped open with surprise. I could tell it was news to her, and also that she had not suspected her Marianne was that kind of girl.

Marianne had indeed given me an awesome blow-job at the office Christmas party. She was about twenty-five and had been working in Anna’s team for eighteen months or so – quiet, prim, but hot. About five four with light brown hair and a firm, slender body – I heard she did a lot of swimming. You’d fuck her in a heartbeat.

So at the Christmas party she’d had two or three strong drinks and I managed to get her outside round the back of the restaurant “for a chat”. Before you know it she’s on her knees sucking my hard cock, holding it with both hands while she bobbed back and forth, slurping and sucking all around the head of my thick shaft.

Then she took her hands off and undid three or four buttons of her white blouse, opening it up to show the top of her full creamy white breasts above her white lace bra. I got that message loud and clear – she wants me to cum on her tits. So while she squeezed her tits together, I held the back of her head with one hand, and the underside of her jaw with my other hand, and started fucking her face, pumping my cock into her mouth, getting harder and fatter as I got closer to cumming.

“You want me to cum on your tits Marianne?” I hissed. “You want my cum all over your tits?”

Since I was fucking her mouth all she could do was go “uh-huh, mmm, ugggh”. Her eyes were half-closed, her cheeks were hollowed out from the sucking, and she was moving her head back and forth with my thrusts, sucking on my hard cock. Her hands were cupping her breasts, holding them up, squeezing them together. She looked fantastic.

And then just after the point of no return, when I was about to blow, she pulled her mouth off my cock, gulped some air and said “Cum on my tits”. I held my cock, pumping it fast with my right hand a couple of times until I exploded, shooting three or four good loads of hot semen on to her chest, with one stream of cum going right into her cleavage as she squeezed her tits together.

“Oh yeah,” she breathed, “oh yeah, that’s so good, oh god.”

I forced my cock back into her mouth, pulling her head back by the hair, and fucked her face with a few more pumps while my cock was still hard and sensitive.

After a minute I pulled her head off my cock and zipped up. Marianne stood up and started smearing my cum all over her tits, rubbing it in. She even took each breast out of her bra and carefully wiped my cum across and under her nipples, spreading my sticky jizz across her chest and all over her tits.

Then she wiped her hands on the ass of her tight jeans, and buttoned up her blouse – higher than before, I noticed – and gave me a sexy wink. We both went back inside the restaurant and Marianne went straight to the bathroom. I guess she straightened herself up and washed her hands.

For the rest of the night, every now and then I glanced over at her table. There she was, happily sitting there with Anna and the rest of their team as they all had a good time. There were some good-looking women at that table, Anna being the best of them, but no-one would have any reason to think that the slender brown-haired one on the right was a recent cocksucker sitting there with cum all over her tits.

“Bullshit”, said Anna. “Marianne? She did not.”

Anna uncrossed her legs, shifted in the chair, and crossed her legs the other way.

I shrugged my shoulders. “She sucked my cock and she loved it” I said, smiling wolfishly right in her eyes. “You can too if you want.”

“You know,” she said, “I could totally sue you and your company for everything you’ve got.”

“Sue me? Sue me for what,” I said.

“Sexual harassment,” she shot back. “Sexual harassment, improper behaviour, pendik escort emotional blackmail, and mental anguish.”

Some of that defiant look was back in her eyes, but she hadn’t recovered all her cool and was looking a bit flustered. Her right hand had started playing with a thin gold necklace at her throat.

I got up from my chair and slowly walked around the desk and sat on the edge of it facing directly at her. My cock was semi-hard and I made sure my crotch was right in front of her face.

“Well then you go ahead and sue me Anna,” I smirked. “You can sue me and my company as much as you want, I don’t care. But whatever happens, you and I will always know the real reason you came in here today.”

“Oh really?” she said. “And what’s that, in your opinion?”

Right then, at that very moment, she looked straight at my cock. It was a total giveaway. She hadn’t meant to, or had tried not to, and she immediately glanced away, but there was no question what was on her mind and we both knew it.

“You came in here,” I said slowly, my eyes locked on hers, “hoping that I’d make you take your dress off, so I could see you in your underwear. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Anna dropped her gaze from mine and again her cheeks turned pink.

“Stand up Anna”, I said, with more authority.

Anna stood up in front of me, her arms at her sides. She was tall, and had poise. I went to the door and locked it. She didn’t move.

“Now unzip your dress,” I told her, as I sat on the edge of my dress in front of her again.

Anna waited a second – I could tell she was making her mind up about whether or not she was actually going to do this. I mentally crossed my fingers but didn’t move a muscle.

Then she slowly reached up around behind her neck, shaking her blonde hair out of the way. Her tits pressed firm against the bright green fabric. I heard the zip start to move, and now Anna was looking directly at me, her mouth slightly open. Her elbows moved higher in front of me as the zip moved down. She dropped her arms to reach around behind her back, and I heard the sound of the zipper. Her dress began to open and fall away, held up now only by her tits. I was pleased to see Anna give a little shimmy of her hips to help it slide off her arms and down her body.

The dress fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it as it lay crumpled in a green heap at her feet.

She was magnificent. Her lingerie was black – a sheer semi-transparent strapless black corset which cupped her natural breasts and tightened around her slender waist, and a tiny black bikini brief with thin black straps. No garter belt, just black stockings up to the top of her long thighs and all the way down her lovely long legs to her high heels. The effect of the black lace and nylon against her pale golden-brown skin was stunning – her bare shoulders, her long arms, her throat,her creamy tits, and the tops of her thighs were in stark contrast to the varying tones of black on her legs, stomach, and at her crotch.

She stood in her high heels with one leg in front of the other like swimwear models do, put her hands on her hips, and looked at me.

“Well,” she said. “What do you think?”

“Turn around,” I said. Anna turned slowly to the right, hands still on her hips, glancing at me over her shoulder with smoky eyes. She arched her back a bit, which pushed her ass out towards me. The black bikini briefs were a semi-thong. I could see her breasts from the side now and they looked great. Her ass was golden and firm, the globes of each cheek curving perfectly. Her legs looked like you see on nylon stockings packaging.

As she moved back the other way I took a good long look at her vagina underneath her bikini. She was 100% shaved by the look of it.

Anna turned back towards me.

“So do you like my underwear? You still haven’t said anything.”

“It’s acceptable.”

That’s when I stood up, took her in my arms and kissed her.

The kiss was hot and dirty. Her arms went around my neck and her tongue attacked mine as I reached around to caress her half-naked ass. She pressed herself into me, and I could feel those firm tits on my chest and her belly against my hardening cock. I gripped and squeezed her ass lightly and fingered her ass crack before moving my hands up to feel her body, her arms, and back to her ass.

Then I took her hand, turned her around, and lifted her gently onto my desk. I reached under her legs and swivelled her so her high heels were on the desk, and laid her down on her back, her long legs bent at the knee and her arms thrown back behind her head.

As I undid my belt and pants, I took another look at what I had on my desk in front of me.

I had to admit it was pretty fucking good – Anna’s corsetted tits were pushed up now her hands were back behind her head, and her back curved so that only her ass and her shoulders were touching the desk. She obviously knew how to pose and she looked totally hot and wanton. Her face was turned towards me – towards my crotch actually, as I pulled my trousers down and released my hard cock from my boxers. I pulled her head slightly across the desk towards my cock and she closed her eyes, opened her lips, and took my cock into her mouth. I moved my hips lightly, just enough so that the head of my cock moved in and out. She started moaning, “mmm-mmmm, uhhh,” as I fucked her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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