Sex with Shinora

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I was to visit my famed and sexy Aunt Shinora Risan at her palace in Fantasia Prime, a world in which she created using her arcane magick. I have to admit. I didn’t know much about Shinora. I only saw her one time and I was quite young at that. I couldn’t even remember what she looked like.

I arrived at her place around noon on Saturday. She was a hot and voluptuous woman wearing pink and purple linens and decorated with pearls and golden bracelets. She also carried around a long metal staff with a giant white pearl-shaped object attached to it. She greeted me with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Shinora was a magickal woman. Her entire palace was one big fantasy world with creatures such as fairies and pixies. She had gardens with fruit that grows instantly upon planting and just as juicy and tasty as can be. I decided to eat one, as I was a bit hungry after the long trip; and dinner would not be ready for a few hours. The fruit, resembling a golden apple, tasted so sweet, so succulent, so juicy. If fruit could be sexy, this was it. The delicious fruit made me a bit woozy after a while. I lied on the couch in the living room to try to sleep it off.

When I awoke, Shinora was standing over me. She still wore her same clothing and was still decorated with pearls, but she looked different to me somehow. She looked more erotic, more sensuous, more sexy, fake taxi porno more desirable. I knew my thoughts about her were wrong. She’s my aunt. The sister of one of my parents. I cannot do it to her. I cannot. But I couldn’t resist. Those thick thighs, large tits, that seductive smile and that flowing ebony-purple hair got me into a sexual frenzy that only the hardest core sex with this hottie before me could quench.

As I laid on the couch, drooling over Shinora, she reached right through my pants and pulled out my stiff, robust cock and began to stroke it gently. Without even thinking of the consequences, I said, “How about an ass rub and a blowjob?”

“Of course, my dear,” Shinora said in a very seductive, enticing voice. She immediately began to place her hot, luscious lips around my cock and began to wet it down with her unbelievably hot saliva. I watched in erotic fervor as her head went back and forth, stroking my rock-hard cock with her lips while she rubbed my ass. I moaned in total, unbridled ecstasy as Shinora stroked my cock with those hot, luscious big lips of hers.

Shinora was a freaky woman. While rubbing my ass, she periodically inserted her long index finger in my ass and pumped me softly. That felt so good. Getting both penile and anal pleasure from Shinora was nothing short of sexual, sensual paradise. Shinora family stroke porno continued to suck my dick while fingering my asshole. Shinora began to suck harder and faster. I felt my body reaching climax. I began to orgasm.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I shouted.

Soon, I shot a huge load of jizz right into Shinora’s mouth. She continued to rub my ass while licking the head of my cock. She soon stopped and swallowed my jizz.

“Delicious.” She said.

She passionately kissed me on the lips. Her tongue moving around in my mouth, touching and caressing my own tongue finished me off. I fell back and blacked out on the sofa. The last thing I remembered was Shinora falling on top of me, our clothing melting away as her body came into contact with mine. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if this was reality. Shinora’s own magickal nature and the magickal nature of her home made it impossible to tell, but she and I were caressing each other in passionate heat, rubbing each other’s asses, fingering each other’s asses, kissing each other passionately with our tongues in a kind of erotic dancing duet between them. Soon, I found myself on top of Shinora, her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me. My dick was now squeezed, caressed so deliciously, perfectly in her pussy. Hot, wet, juicy, tight. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say female agent porno her pussy was designed perfectly for my dick. I didn’t even have to pump her. I came almost instantly, but I couldn’t stop. I began ramming her harder and harder. I could feel her cumming as I rammed her hot pussy. I could feel myself cumming in Shinora’s pussy. I could feel my body orgasming as I released load after load into her hot, tight, wet, succulent pussy.

Shinora began to push back. She was pumping my dick just as hard as I was pumping her pussy. I could feel her hot pussy juices caress my cock as she rammed my dick in a very voracious, almost violent manner. We couldn’t stop, even if we wanted to. Of course, we didn’t. We continued this routine for quite some time until suddenly I pulled out my dick and shot a massive load all over Shinora and much of the room as well. Shinora released her load all over me and also all over the walls, floor, even the ceiling. It dripped down on us like rain as we laid there, me on top of her, exhausted, but still able to at least gyrate softly with each other.

As quickly as it began, it was over. It seemed to last a long time. I can remember every hot detail with Shinora, but when I looked at the wall clock, only 5 minutes had passed. It was clearly more than 5 minutes from the time Shinora began sucking me off until we finished with soft sexual gyrations with each other on the living room couch. Perhaps the clock was wrong or broken. Or perhaps, Shinora can control the flow of time itself. Whatever the case, if time does stop when Shinora and I have sex, then I can look forward to a very, very good time with my favorite aunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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