Sexiplicity Ch. 09

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Mom moved forward, letting my cock slide from her body. She grabbed the towel that was between us and wrapped it around her bottom half as Tiffany stared on.

“Why are you home and why was Becca with you?” Mom asked, sitting down on the sofa with the towel.

She left me fully exposed with my wet cock, slowly shrinking. Tiffany was staring at it, not answering Mom’s question.

“Tiffany?” Mom asked again.

“My client canceled so I just came home to help you with Peter. I ran into Becca walking up to the house. She said she skipped out early because it was a Friday and she wanted to see Peter and make sure he was doing okay at home. Poor girl got the shock of her life. Seeing her boyfriend fucking his mother!”

“Would have been just as bad if he was fucking you!” Mom yelled.

“True, but he wasn’t! I still can’t believe… anal? How? Why?” Tiffany asked.

“You wouldn’t understand,” Mom replied. “Besides, we got bigger problems. Becca could tell someone. In case you both didn’t know, incest is illegal. Do you think she will tell anyone?”

“Probably not. I mean how embarrassing. Finding your boyfriend doing his mom?” Tiffany said.

“What do you think, Peter?” Mom asked.

“I think Tiff is right. She’s horrified, disgusted and doesn’t want to relive it again by telling someone. She doesn’t have a best friend to tell something like this to ether and I know she won’t tell her mother. Poor Becca. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She wasn’t supposed to find out about either of you. I’ll never see her again.”

“Probably not, and it’s probably better. You’re not going back to school, not after this and the beating. You’ll finish up and graduate from home. Sorry, honey, but Becca is gone for good,” Mom said.

“I know,” I replied.

“I’ll pack up her things later and take them over to her mom, or leave them on the porch,” Mom said.

My worst fears were realized. Everything was ruined and evil Peter wasn’t around to try and fix it. Though I doubt even he could fix it with Becca. There was a pause in the conversation, each of us looking at one another. Me still naked and Mom, mostly.

“Okay, we know what we have to do. We can’t continue on like this, like we were,” Tiffany began.

I was sure she was going to put an end to me having sex with her and Mom. Maybe even move out or make me, but I was dead wrong.

“I tried to get over him once before and I know now, I can’t. I’m pretty sure it’s the same with you,” she was talking to Mom.

“Yes,” Mom replied.

“Then it’s settled. We share him.”

“Excuse me? What?” I asked.

“It’s the only way, Peter… and I’m sure you’re up for it… Looky there… see,” Tiffany said, motioning to my cock. “Fucking amazing.”

It was stirring even after what had happened with Mom.

“I agree… no more secrets, everything known. With Becca gone, it’s what is best,” Mom said. “Peter has already proven he can handle us both.”

I was blown away. They were going to keep screwing me and were okay with knowing the other was as well. No more secrets, no more sneaking around. Just a lot of sex. My cock was steadily growing as my mind wrapped around the reality.

“Might as well start now,” Tiffany said, dropping to her knees next to the sofa. “What the?” she said when she was on the floor.

Picking up the large buttplug she held it up. “What is this?” she asked.

“It’s mine,” Mom said, taking it from her.

“You put that in your butt?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes, and someday you may want to try it as well.”

“Holy shit, do I have questions, but later,” Tiffany said, reaching for my cock.

She leaned over, pulled my dick upward and started sucking on it, like she’d been deprived for weeks again. Hot, wet bliss radiated from my cock as my sister took half of my length in her mouth. Mom watched, still sitting down at my feet. Tiffany didn’t hold anything back, knowing I had just cum. She curled my toes with pleasure she sucked so good and hard on my head, stroking the bottom half of my cock.

“Gawd, I love this cock… I can never get enough,” she said, taking a quick break before sucking me in again.

Mom was moving a little, still watching and it was difficult to see with Tiffany’s head bobbing up and down on my penis, but it became obvious soon. Mom was playing with herself; I could see her hand down between her body and the towel. She was enjoying watching her daughter suck her son’s dick. Tiffany had her free hand down her gym shorts, playing as well and I could see her nipples were rock hard in her sports bra.

Reaching forward with my right hand, I started rubbing her left breast and nipple. She moaned a little on my cock and just kept sucking it. Just lying there, basking in the delights of her mouth, was incredibly enjoyable. Everything she was doing felt good, felt terrific from her hand stroking to her mouth and tongue, worshiping my penis and making me hum all over.

No one was in a hurry, we had no place to be, so I just laid there, playing with female fake taxi porno her breasts and she just sucked and sucked, enjoying my cock. I knew, sooner rather than later, she would stop and have to have my cock inside of her. It’s what she always does after sucking me. I wasn’t wrong, but it did take a bit of time, which was fine with me. My cock and body were presently purring with bliss by the time Tiffany let me out of her mouth and stood up. She stripped off her tight gym clothes and without a word climbed onto the couch.

“I can help,” Mom suddenly said as Tiffany was getting situated.

From under Tiffany, Mom grabbed my cock and lifted it up, holding it steady for Tiffany to drop down on, which she did with very pleasurable results. She eased down my shaft about half way, Mom let go and Tiffany continued until she rested on my body with all of my length in her. She was wet and the heat was intense since my cock had been cooling off from the saliva.

“Oh… my… I just can’t get over how good that feels!” she voiced, basking in the fullness.

I reached up, palming both of her breasts. She looked down at me, smiled a little grin and started to lift back off of me.

“Sorry about Becca… I know you liked her,” Tiffany said, falling back down after only rising off halfway. “I liked her too, she was sweet.”

“She was my first… I think I was falling in love,” I said.

“Well, you kinda have no one but yourself to blame.”

I just nodded, knowing it was really evil Peter I had to blame for all of this, but at the moment, as Tiffany rose and fell on my cock, I didn’t care all that much. I was playing with my sisters, small, perky, round breasts as she drove my cock deep inside her toned body over and over. It felt fucking amazing.

Suddenly Tiffany screamed, “What the fuck… Mom? What are you doing?”

“Just showing you how nice anal can feel,” Mom replied from behind Tiffany.

“No… just stop, I don’t want anything in my ass!” Tiffany shouted.

Apparently Mom was trying to put a finger or something in Tiffany as she rode me. I couldn’t tell what it was but Tiffany wasn’t having any of it.

“You don’t know unless you try,” Mom said.

“I don’t want to try… I just want to ride Peter and cum,” Tiffany said.

“Fine, but you’re missing out… believe me,” Mom said.

Tiffany started fucking me again and I rose an eyebrow at her and she shook her head back at me.

“Anal sex? You two are crazy,” Tiffany said, driving my cock deep and speeding up her motions. “Whose idea was it anyway?” she asked.

“Well, kind of both… I hinted about it in a way and Peter figured it out and surprised me one night. You see, you’re father and I used to practice anal and Peter gleaned that and I’m so glad he did.”

“Peter gets his cock from Dad then?” Tiffany asked.

“He sure does, and I think he may even be bigger.”

“With him so big, why do anal? How can you even take him like that?” Tiffany asked, still riding me hard and fast.

“After two kids and years of sex, even a penis as big as your dad’s and Peter’s can feel not as full as you would like. That’s why we dabbled in anal and it was and is a god send, Tiffany. You just have to believe me… it’s amazing.”

“Mmmm, fuck… I’m cumming,” Tiffany said, trembling above me.

I felt her pussy spasm and flush with hot juices as she buried my cock deep and climaxed on me. I guess the talk of anal actually stimulated something in her, possibly. She was cumming hard on my cock and this time I was able to stay inside of her so she could enjoy it. She was just rocking back and forth now as the waves and spasms coursed through her. I could feel her pussy clenching as the thing she loved flowed through her.

“I’ve… never… cum like… I can… cum with… your perfect… cock,” she breathed out, falling onto my chest.

Her own chest was rising and falling rapidly as I held her trembling body in my arms as her climax ran its course.

She slowly recovered and got off of me, kneeling next to the couch. My cock was covered in her juices, pulsing to my heartbeat, hovering over my body.

“I want to see,” Tiffany said, looking at Mom.

“See what, dear?” Mom asked.

“I want to see you take his penis in your ass… see how you do it,” Tiffany said.

“Well, okay… but you can’t compare me to yourself. I’ve done it many times. Know how to do it and, well, just got done doing it not an hour ago so it will seem simple but the first time is not,” Mom explained.

“I see, well… show me anyway,” Tiffany said.

Mom hesitated for a second, instead of just climbing over me and taking my cock in her ass easily like I knew she could. I could see her thinking, wanting to do this right.

“You know… why don’t I show you what it would be like for your first time, not what it would be like for me right now,” Mom said.

“Okay… whatever you want to do.”

“Anal usually takes a lot of prep time… lots genel porno of lube, lots of relaxing, but the benefits, if done right, are well worth it,” Mom said, moving down to sit on the edge of the sofa with the buttplug in her hand.

“Peter, help me show her,” she said, holding out the plug.

I sat up, taking the toy from my mother and getting off the couch to kneel next to my sister and in front of my mother.

“Well, first of all this is way too big for a newbie,” I said, looking at the toy.

“Yes, of course but it will show her what to expect,” Mom said.

Mom raised her legs, bent at the knees and held them. I could see some of my load from my orgasm, still around my mom’s sex and anus. It was going to be good lube.

“Normally you would need lube, like KY or something, but, as you can see Mom’s lubed up from before,” I said.

“Exactly, now just start slow, Peter… pretend I’m Tiffany and you just got done eating my pussy for half an hour and finished squirting lube on my anus,” Mom said.

Good hell, my cock was hard… I couldn’t believe I was doing this with both of them here together. My heart was racing, hands almost shaking with excitement. Tiffany was eager to see, and I knew what that could lead to if I did this right. Moving my free hand, not holding the toy, I started with my pinky and slid it around my mother’s anus, adding a little pressure and then entered her slowly and met surprising resistance. She actually cut me off and pushed me out.

“See that, that initial reaction?” Mom asked.

“Yes, it’s happened to me, actually… it’s kind of involuntary,” Tiffany said.

“Yes, exactly. You have to relax and let his finger in… later, with bigger things you’ll actually have to push out to accept them until your body adapts. Try it again, Peter,” Mom said.

I pushed my pinky slowly back into my mother and this time it slid in easily all the way to the end. Mom moaned and I started moving my finger in and out effortlessly, before pulling it out and adding a bigger finger until I had my middle finger in and moving freely.

“See, he just works the width up and you’re body adapts,” Mom said. “Try two now.”

I stuck my index and middle into my mother with ease and finger banged her ass for a few seconds.

“Okay, but even two fingers are nowhere near this size of Peter’s cock,” Tiffany said.

“Yes, but the buttplug is… go to that now,” Mom said.

I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with the tip of the plug. This plug got fat really quick, so the tip wasn’t much of a tip. Tiffany moved forward, closer to me and I spun the plug around a little and started pushing it in.

“Now watch, see how I’m pushing out, as he pushes it in… slowly… slowly…” Mom was saying

I pressed more and more in, watching her ass widen around the wide plug as more entered her. Her skin going white as the plug maxed out.

“Holy shit… oh my… fuck me!” Tiffany was saying.

I was coming to the widest part of the toy, stretching Mom to the max until it broke through and popped into her fully, resting against the end cap.

“And that’s how it’s done,” Mom said. “No pain, just a good, full, perfect fit. Now, Peter, take it out and replace it with you.”

Trembling again, excited beyond words, I worked my fingers under the end cap and twisted and pulled the plug back out of Mom. It stretched her again and my eyes widened from the sheer width of the toy and the visual treat as it popped free.

“Now, see how I’m not closing up… I’m holding myself open for him… ready for him,” Mom said.

Tiffany actually took the toy from me and I moved my cock into position, after rubbing my plentiful pre-cum around my head. Moving forward, I slowly inserted my cock into my mother’s open ass, while my sister watched. The head went in, two inches of the shaft and I paused.

“He stopped to let me adjust to him and then I’ll tell him I’m ready for more. Go ahead, Peter,” Mom explained.

I turned to look at Tiffany, her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly opened as she watched my massive cock move even further into our mother. I paused again at six inches before the last few entered her and I was fully engulfed.

“Fullness like you’ve never felt before… it’s glorious, Tiffany and when you play with your clit, or he does it’s unfathomably pleasurable,” Mom said, moving her hand onto her clit to start to play.

“That’s fucking amazing… I can’t believe you can take all of him like that… I’m very impressed,” Tiffany said.

I was basking in the heat and pressure of my mother’s ass. Anal was so much tighter and hotter than her pussy. When Mom started to play with her clit, I felt her ass milking my shaft as she circled her nub. I decided to pull out and Tiffany watched me very closely. Mom’s insides were still very slippery from my massive climax. When I pulled my cock free, it was glistening and wet from my load and went back in easily, after pulling three quarters of my length out.

“Once glory hole secrets porno I’ve adjusted to him, like now, he’s free to move as fast or slow as he wants, filling me up and leaving me empty. The two sensations so contrary but so stimulating, mixed with my clitoris play and I’ll be cumming very soon.”

Tiffany was spellbound, watching me fuck my mother’s ass. I drove it deep over and over, pulling much of my cock out of her each time, giving me a visual treat as I held it still, with just my head in her, before driving it home again.

“I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen… to watch his cock leave and enter your tight hole like this… it’s so hot, so sexy,” Tiffany said.

“It feels even better,” Mom said, nearing her climax.

I was nearing mine as well. How could I not be? This was beyond anything evil Peter and I ever did… teaching my sister how to do anal with my mom as the recipient. Her tight ass was incredible around my cock and I had free rein to drive it home each time. She loved every inch and was soon cumming under her clit play and my cock’s pressure. This really tightened her up as her ass spasmed with her orgasm and her legs shook and body climaxed. I was able to fuck her almost to the end of her climax before I held myself deep and dropped my second load into my mother’s ass that day.

Tiffany rooted us both on, describing how awesome it was to watch my mom cum, and my cock convulse over and over as the shots of semen left my cock. She was pretty much blown away. For me, it was another glorious orgasm. Having my mother’s tight ass around my cock as I came inside her, was unparalleled in pleasure. By far some of the best orgasms of my life.


We cleaned up, dressed and Mom and Tiffany started preparing lunch which really was probably going to be dinner now. I relaxed on the sofa, dressed in my pj’s again. After all I was supposed to be still recovering from my ordeal. My ribs were still tender as was my jaw. My eye was getting better every day. Still not perfect but getting there.

My mind went to Becca and what she must be thinking. What she thinks of me and how awful the whole thing was. I assumed she’d go back home. Just tell her mother we broke up. I guess there was a chance she could tell someone… we might get a knock on the door from the cops or some government department with incest charges.

I wondered what I’d say to her, to Becca if I ever saw her again. Chances of bumping into her on accident were pretty high, living so close to each other. Graduation was next week. I wouldn’t attend and Becca would. Then she’ll start college, probably far away from here now for sure to get away from me. She had been accepted in several different states. Mom was probably right. I would never see her again.

I could hear Mom and Tiffany talking in the kitchen as they got the food ready. It was too low and far away to make out anything coherent. I heard my name a couple of times. It was crazy how things work out or how they ended. I wouldn’t say things actually worked, but as it stood right then, I liked the no secrets, I liked still being able to do both of them, and I like that evil Peter wasn’t in my head anymore or taking over my body. The dude almost got me killed.

“Peter? Are you able to come eat in here or should we bring the food to you?” Tiffany called out.

“I’ll come in there,” I said, getting up gingerly.

It’s strange, but when you’re having sex, you really don’t feel the pain, all I could feel was the pleasure, but now, I felt sore again walking to the kitchen.

“You okay,” Mom asked.

“Sore… but I’ll be fine,” I said.

“We kind of rushed into things… maybe a bad idea,” Mom responded.

“No… it was great… wouldn’t change a thing,” I said.

This comment got strange looks from both the women.

“Okay, maybe a few things,” I smiled.

We sat and ate, talked about where to go from here, which ended up just playing it by ear. After lunch, Tiffany and Mom went up to my attic room and started packing all of Becca’s things. An hour later they came down with two boxes. Mom said she’d drive them over this evening after dark and leave them on the porch. Tiffany and Mom then left the house. Said they had some shopping to do and I took a nap.


I woke up when I heard the two return home. I sat up, seeing them just enter the house. Mom had two bags in each hand and Tiffany had a small bag that looked like it was from a different store than the one’s Mom was carrying. Tiffany seemed animated, maybe excited about something with a happy smile on her face. Mom headed to the kitchen and Tiffany walked over to me with her small bag.

“Wanna see what I got?” she asked.

“Sure, I guess,” I said.

“Oh you’re going to want to see it,” Mom called from the kitchen.

“Yep, you are,” Tiffany said holding the bag on her lap.

“Okay, then show me,” I said.

“Mom and I stopped at a little boutique after discussing a few things together. And, well, we got this!” she said, pulling out a hard plastic packaging container, the ones that are impossible to open.

When she turned it around, my eyes widened as I saw what she held. The packaging said, Anal Training Kit and inside were three different sized buttplugs, lube and instructions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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