Sharing a Secret Smile

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I have always been a light sleeper. The smallest noise usually waking me up immediately. So it was on a particular evening just a short hour or so after having crawled into bed. My wife Janet on the other hand was a sound sleeper. She had once slept right through a mild earthquake that had awoken me the moment it even began.

I had heard the sound of the front door opening downstairs. I knew Trish, our daughter had arrived home from her “date” at the graduation dance they had had at school. I looked over at the clock on the nightstand, it was just then a quarter of two in the morning. No big deal really, that was expected. And with Trish basically an adult now anyway, my wife and I generally had no more “rules” for Trish other than to help out around the house until she’d made some decision about what she wanted to do with herself after graduation.

What I wasn’t expecting was the sound of someone else’s voice speaking, even though they were whispering, as was my daughter. And though I couldn’t exactly make out what was being said, I knew two things. One, the other voice was definitely female too, which was a bit of a surprise. And two, they were both giggling about something. Why she would bring another female friend home with her at this time of the night was unusual, unless of course her friend was too intoxicated to make it home by herself. Perhaps she’d end up in some kind of trouble because of it. It wouldn’t be beyond the norm for Trish to offer up a place for someone to spend the night. And certainly not anything that either my wife or I would have been opposed to either. In a way I was almost relieved, at least it wasn’t some guy she was actually trying to sneak into the house.

When I heard more giggling, and a concerned “Shhh” being given by my daughter, my curiosity got the best of me. What I didn’t need, and what I knew my wife would come unglued over, was to wake up and find Trish’s friend had gotten sick all over the carpet or something. If she was drunk, or if they both were in fact, then I at least felt like I needed to play responsible parent and ensure everything was ok downstairs. Slipping into my robe, though I wore nothing beneath it, I quietly slipped out into the hallway closing the door behind me. And though again it would take an atom bomb going off to wake Janet, I didn’t feel like running the risk and having a late night confrontation over it with our daughter either.

I quietly made my way down the stairs, though I already knew through their own attempt at being quiet, they had likewise made their way down the hallway towards Trish’s bedroom. As I reached the bottom landing, I heard the faint click of my daughter’s bedroom door as she closed it, and then locked it.

Now that was unusual. We had always, always respected Trish’s privacy while growing up. Never just barging into her room without knocking first, and without being invited to enter. And because of that, she had never once locked her bedroom door, at least not to the point that I was aware of anyway. So locking it now, at this time of night seemed a little out of character, even for her. Once again padding down the hallway quietly in my bare feet, I approached her door, intending to listen only for a moment and ensure myself that all was well inside my daughter’s bedroom. What I then heard however surprised me. Still speaking softly and in low tones, it was still enough to hear what was being said especially as quiet as it was inside the rest of the house.

“God you’ve got nice tits, I wish mine were as big and full as yours are,” the other young woman spoke. Suddenly I had this “daddy shouldn’t even be thinking this,” vision bouncing around inside my head of my daughters full bare breasts sitting there.

Yeah, my daughter and my wife both had fairly large breasts, ran in the family I suppose, which included her cousins. And though it was at times hard not to notice them, I did my level best to chase those sort of thoughts away the moment I realized I was even entertaining any. Which I actually stood there trying to do, my thoughts then that they were simply getting undressed in preparation for going to sleep. What young girl hasn’t commented on seeing a girlfriend’s body, and perhaps commenting on something like that just as she’d done? It wasn’t something guys would certainly do…not usually anyway, but girls? Sure…why not? Perfectly normal. I half turned preparing to retrace my steps and slip back quietly up to the bedroom.

“Fuck you make me horny Trish! I so love playing with your boobs!”

“And I like playing with yours too,” My daughter spoke in a lust-filled voice, unlike anything I had ever heard from her before. “Come here…so I can suck on them!”

I froze in my tracks turning back towards the door.

“I love playing with your clit too, your pussy’s so wet and juicy!”

“So’s yours,” my daughter responded, once again with that lilt to her tone of voice, telling me how aroused she was.

I hate to admit it, but it was like teen porno being at the scene of a horrible accident. You didn’t want to look, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away either. It was like that, only in this instance, I couldn’t stop listening. And worse, I now realized I had an erection! I was getting horny myself just standing there listening in on my own sweet young daughter and her girlfriend, obviously touching one another.

Once again there was another pleasured sigh by the two of them, in addition to another fit of giggles.

“So…you still haven’t lost it to a boy yet?”

“Not yet…I’m saving it for someone special, though I’m starting to wonder if that’ll ever happen really. Probably not. Maybe I should let Andy have my cherry, he’s been after it long enough, and he is fairly sweet in his own way, even though he does have a pretty small cock!”

I was learning more and more about my own daughter than I’d ever meant too. Once again almost relieved to know she was actually still a virgin, yet on the other hand, hearing that she was now seriously considering giving it up to some pimply-faced kid with a small dick. Another vision I had to chase away with fire inside my head.

“What about you?” Tracy asked moaning pleasurably. “Ever had a cock up inside here yet?”

“Not yet…though I guess I’m technically not a virgin any more either. My sister had told me a while back that it would be best to get it over with by my own hand, rather than let some dumb-assed guy attempt to do it. So she helped me.”

“No shit? Really? Sharon did?”

“Oh yeah…she had a nice slim vibrator she used to masturbate with every day, and probably still does come to think of it. But yeah…we used that to finally take my cherry with. So now I use all sorts of things whenever I play with myself, not just her vibrator, though I now have one of my own too. But no…in answer to your question, still haven’t had a guys dick inside there, and now knowing what I do…not sure I even want to!”

Having heard the name Sharon, I now had a vague idea of who the other girl was, not too surprisingly either. She’d been over to the house a number of times, though so had a few other girls. But as far as I knew, Chris was the only girl who had an older sister by that name.

Though certainly not related in any way shape or form, Chris and Trish could have passed for sisters, and very often did. They were roughly the same size and shape, though Trish indeed had slightly larger boobs from what I’d seen. Beyond that, they both wore their dark brown hair long, and in nearly the same style, even the color of their light brown eyes was almost identical. And they even looked a little bit alike, enough at least anyway to pass as sisters whenever they went out together.

“Especially the way you eat pussy,” Chris now said, as I heard rustling about on the bed, once again my mind’s eye imagining, seeing the two of them as my daughter situated herself between her girlfriend’s legs.

“You mean…like this?” she asked, giggling softly. I now heard what could only be described as down to earth pussy-licking. Something I quite enjoyed doing myself, so I was very familiar with the erotic sounds being made, and what was obviously happening. The next thing I realized, was that I had my hand on my dick, and had been unconsciously stroking it as I stood there.

In all the years as my daughter’s father, I had never not once pleasured myself while thinking about her, though even then…I tried to convince myself it wasn’t my daughter I was actually thinking about, but the succulent wet split she was currently licking, belonging to that of her girlfriend. Which for the moment at least, was the image I now had inside my head, though it changed quickly to Trish just seconds after that, and took me a while before I once again tried chasing that thought away.

It was no use. Try as I might, I kept coming back to Chris laying between my daughter’s legs…and then finally, me.

“Oh God yes…yes Trish yes! Finger my pussy! Suck my clit! Make me cum…please baby please…make me cum!”

Even though it was Chris saying the words, in my mind, I could hear Trish speaking them, writhing about there on the bed pleasurably as I lay between my own daughter’s legs, sucking her clit. When I felt the first tremor of my own impending orgasm begin, I hurriedly cupped the palm of my hand over the end of my dick, spurting into it. Even then, there was so much that it began seeping out of my hand, down my shaft as I continued to milk out what for me became a knee bending climax.

And then of course, seconds afterwards…the guilt set in.

With the two of them still carrying on, I slipped quietly down the hallway back towards the stairs. As I did, I wondered if this was something I should bring up and discuss with my wife. I put a big “whoa” to that thought however, realizing if I did, she’d no doubt wonder what the hell I thought I was doing, standing there listening travesti porno in on our daughter’s private thoughts, and intimacy. Neither Janet nor I had ever had a problem with people being gay or straight or anything in between. Though neither one of us had ever considered the possibility that Trish was anything other than a heterosexual female. Even if she was bi…that wasn’t something that her mother or I would ever make any big deal out of. But what her mother would make a big deal out of, was my having stood there listening to the two of them.

No…this was one I was going to have to deal with myself, and in a very private way. I’d always been close to Trish, we’d shared confidences and secrets with one another in the past. And I’d never once betrayed that with her. So long as it didn’t jeopardize her safety, welfare or that of anyone else. That was the promise I had made her with only the one stipulation. Thus, I felt that when the right time, the right moment presented itself, if it in fact ever did…then I would try and talk to her about it. Until then, I was determined to keep my mouth shut.

But I now found myself struggling with totally impure and improper thoughts more than I ever had!


On the weekends Janet and I took turns sleeping in. She got Saturdays, I got Sundays. And as such I found myself rolling out of bed just before eight o’clock, which even then was almost late for me. The alarm wouldn’t go off for another hour yet, though Janet no doubt would hit the snooze on it at least three times before finally getting up. Once again throwing on my bathrobe, I tiptoed quietly into the bathroom to pee. Though I now stood there looking down at a morning woody, that was far more woody, than morning. Already the thoughts and conversation I had heard the night before replaying inside my head. I stood there, guiltily I might add, jerking myself off until I watched several hard-felt streamers of cum splashing in the water of the toilet bowl. Only then was I able to piss.

After I had cleaned up and ensured I’d left no trace evidence, I emerged out into the hallway and headed downstairs to make coffee. Except that I could already smell it had been made as I reached the stairs. Not too surprisingly really, as Trish very often got up and made the coffee herself before I did if she happened to beat me up before I could do it. And though it was just then almost eight o’clock, I was frankly surprised after such a late night she’d obviously had herself, that she would be up and about already.

I entered the kitchen, and sure enough she was standing there with her back turned towards me, just then pouring herself a cup, not yet having heard me enter. And she was wearing what she usually did when she went to bed, one of my old white tee shirts that was just long enough to properly cover her ass.

As a child, it had been damn near impossible to get Trish to wear anything other than a pair of panties to bed to sleep in. But when she finally started to sprout breasts, her mother decided it was time for the two of them to sit down and have a little chat. Even then it was still difficult, until we actually convinced her to wear one of “daddy’s tee shirts” to sleep in. For some reason, that did the trick, and she’d been sleeping in one ever since.

“Morning honey, surprised you’re up already!”

“Shit!” Chris said jumping, turning as she did so. “You scared the hell out of me!” she exclaimed. Though I too was surprised. It wasn’t Trish standing there at all. A further reminder to me of just how closely the two of them resembled one another, especially from behind.

“Oh…sorry, I thought you were Trish,” I said feeling more than a bit stupid at the obvious mistake, though she had by now composed herself, and was smiling.

“Yeah, I guess we do look a little bit alike, especially with me dressed in one of your tee shirts.”

“Well, used to be I suppose…though now I think Trish has managed to confiscate every one of them, to the point I actually quit wearing them myself.”

The problem was…when Chris turned to face me, I immediately noticed the twin hard little points of her nipples pressing clearly against the front of her tee shirt. It was all I could do to force my eyes away and pretend I hadn’t really noticed anything.

“So…I take it you made the coffee then?”

“Yeah, hope it’s not too strong,” Chris said turning back around once again reaching up into the cupboard in order to grab another mug. One again, the problem with that was, as she did so, the hem of her shirt rose, not too far mind you…but just enough to alert me to the fact, she didn’t have any panties on.

When I found myself staring at the sweet firm cheeks of Chris’s ass, I immediately sat myself down at the table. Not in order to get a better view, though I suddenly found that I did, but because I suddenly found myself starting to become aroused again. And this…after I’d just barely finished jerking off tricky masseur porno only a few minutes ago!

Finally retrieving the cup, Chris sat it down on the counter and filled it for me. Once again turning, now walking over to hand it to me as she brought hers with, sitting down across from me. Now I was staring at her nipples again, which for some odd reason seemed to be even harder than they were before, pressing against the tee shirt she had on even more than they had been.

I couldn’t help but wonder. I don’t remember Trish ever having that much difficulty retrieving a cup from that shelf. And if she and Chris were roughly the same height…

She sat looking over the rim of her mug towards me, my eyes having strayed briefly, my thoughts elsewhere as she finally spoke.

“I hope…we didn’t wake you up when we came in last night.”

I seriously doubted she knew I was actually a very light sleeper, though I supposed Trish could have mentioned that fact to her at some point. But I decided to play dumb even if she did know.

“Had no clue, that’s why you startled me…seeing you standing there instead of Trish,” I told her acting genuinely surprised at that.

She laughed, not as bad you startled me…I nearly peed myself, and I’m not wearing any panties at the moment either, imagine how embarrassing that could have been.

I was imagining something else.

“Yes, well…good thing you didn’t, you know how picky Janet is about her floors,” I chuckled trying to make light of it.

“So…we weren’t too noisy coming in then?” She again pressed.

“Didn’t hear a thing,” I assured her. Once again she sat looking over the rim of her cup at me as though trying to digest that. I could feel sweat starting to form on my forehead.

“Going to be a hot one today, already starting to feel it,” I told her wiping my brow. We both looked over at the thermometer hanging on the wall there in the kitchen. It showed it was just seventy degrees. She smiled at that.

“Maybe…or maybe it’s just getting a little hot in here,” she said once again standing up. “Refill?”

I pushed my mug across the table towards her without saying a word. She took it along with her own once again turning back towards the counter. I sat looking at her from behind, still sweating. She filled the mugs, one a bit too much as she spilled it, reaching for a paper towel, which she then dropped.

“Clumsy me,” she stated, and then bent over to retrieve it. What I saw was the crease of her cute furrow, her lips swollen invitingly so, though it was only for the briefest of moments before she stood up again, and then wiped up the bit of spilled coffee. Only this time, she walked around behind me, leaning over as she placed my cup back on the table, her right breast just grazing my shoulder as she did. But it wasn’t that that now gave everything away. Just like the night before, I had unconsciously been sitting there fondling my dick. Once again hard, it had managed to poke its head out of the opening of my bathrobe. I tried leaning forward a little to hide it, using my own hand in doing so, which if anything, simply confirmed what I’d been sitting there doing to myself.

“What’s that?” Chris pointedly questioned me. I know my face had gone beet red, I could feel it. My tongue suddenly thick and swollen as I fought for something…anything to say.

“What?” I finally came up with.

“You know what,” she said once again leaning against my back, both breasts now pressing against me as she reached down. I felt her hand on my hand, as she tried to pry it away…it was almost funny. Me, holding onto my cock, trying to keep her from seeing it, and yet, there it was, stiff and hard as it’s ever been.

“Is that because of this morning? Or because of what you heard last night?” She asked.

“I swear I didn’t hear anything,” I told her.

Her eyes told me she knew better, though I didn’t know how.

“Trish told me once how light of a sleeper you are,” she said coming around the table, once again sitting down, though as she did, she lifted her tee shirt up just enough to bare the lower portions of both breasts. “I don’t know if she ever told you about me though…you see, I have really acute hearing. You might want to consider fixing that third stair, it creaks a little whenever you step on it.”

I knew that it did, but I’d certainly not considered it loud enough to have been concerned over. Though admittedly, I’m not sure I even heard it or was aware of it doing that when I went back up to bed. My thoughts elsewhere at the time when I did so.

“So…she continued. “Do you have a problem with Trish and I?” she asked curiously.

“Was she fishing here?” I asked myself.

I felt like we were both treading on dangerous ground here. Me…still with a hard on though I’d managed to keep her hands from replacing my own. And her…with half of her tits showing.

“You’re both adults now…whatever the two of you choose to do with one another is none of her mothers, or my business,” I answered.

“So you were there,” she said a broad smile coming into her face. “I thought I heard something.”

I hadn’t admitted to anything. But now, I didn’t deny it either, sipping my coffee instead.

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