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I was at the beach and for some reason I was in a foul mood. Don’t ask me why. I just was. I was strolling along the water’s edge, kicking at the sand and daring the seagulls to crap on me.

Now up ahead of me there’s some excitement going on and people are piling out of the water and pointing and yelling. I finally spot what they’re all pointing at. There’s this whacking great fin sticking out of the water, following the shore line.

As soon as I saw the fin I was like everyone else; shark! A closer look tended to say that it was rather a ratty looking fin. And the fin was cruising only a few feet from the water’s edge. I mean, the water would only be a few feet deep there, not deep enough for a large shark.

Putting two and two together, it dawned on me that it was some ratty kid with a fake fin swimming along, probably using a snorkel to breath. He was having a whale of a time scaring everyone.

What can’t people have fun without trying to scare other people? That sort of thing really gives me the irrits at times, and in my current mood, this was one of those times. I resolved to teach the idiot a lesson.

Now I’m a big chap, and strong with it. I moved into the water, close to where the idiot would pass. Just as the fin was drawing level I stepped forward and trod down hard just in front of the fin, where I figured his shoulders would be. This should have sent him ploughing into the bottom as well as flooding his snorkel.

Instead I got knocked flat on my arse as a fucking monster exploded up out of the water. It just seemed to erupt in a huge spray, water splashing everywhere and in the middle of it this enormous shark was bucking and twisting. The shark took off for deep water at a great rate of knots. The speed he was going, he was going to be across the bay and hitchhiking his way inland in nothing flat.

He was slow compared to the way I left the water. I just levitated out and landed on the shore. People were laughing and yelling and congratulating me on chasing the shark off. I just waved off their comments and got out of there. I didn’t need the cheers. I needed a quiet place where I could go and throw up. Quite frankly, I was surprised I hadn’t crapped myself. It all happened too fast, I guess.

After I shook of my well-wishers and the fewer, but wiser, people who thought I was an idiot, I faded into the dunes and scrub between the main beach and the road. I found myself a nice little spot and just collapsed on the sand, feeling like shit. A touch of shock I suppose. Well done me, jumping up and down on a great white. Tomorrow I’d wrestle some tigers.

I tilted my hat over my face and just relaxed, letting all the tensions slowly drain away. I even slept for a short while. When I woke up the first thing I did was laugh at myself. What a colossal idiot I’d been. At least, my foul mood had gone. I was just happy to be breathing.

Not having anything better to do I relaxed in the sun, just letting the whole world get along without me for a while. I figured it would survive and still be there when I felt like facing it again.

As per normal with the world, it didn’t wait for me to be ready to face it. It came intruding upon me. I heard the swish of feet scuffling through sand and then this pretty young thing came around one of the dunes and spotted me.

She looked quite put out for a moment. I suspect because the ataşehir escort little area I had settled on had a nice grassy covering, ideal for a young lady who might want to do a little bit of discreet sunbathing. However, I was there first and she’d have to look elsewhere for her privacy.

While she was giving me an irritated look, I was giving her the once over. Late teens or early twenties, I thought, with my money being on the early twenties. Dark haired with brown eyes and an olive complexion. The sort of figure the designers had in mind when they design bikinis and hers fitted beautifully.

Then she recognised me.

“Oh, you’re the guy that chased away the shark. That was such a heroic thing to do. I’ve never known someone so brave.”

She was practically gushing in her earnestness. Hero worship strikes again. I was amused, but didn’t really want to listen to her carrying on, so decided to give her an excuse to leave.

“That wasn’t really brave,” I said in an offhand manner. “It’s just a case of knowing how animals react to a fright. Brave is when you take a chance, not knowing what will happen. Like a man meeting a pretty young lady such as yourself and doing this.”

She was standing within easy reach and I just reached over and tugged her bikini bottom down, letting them go once they’d cleared her hips, hoping that gravity would finish the job. It turned out that gravity was feeling lazy and her bikini bottom just settled around her knees.

“You can’t do that,” she squeaked, sounding scandalised rather than upset.

She grabbed for her bikini bottom and pulled them back up, but it seemed to me that she took her time doing so. And she didn’t turn away while she did so, and I had a clear view of her goodies, noting the fact that she shaved.

“That was embarrassing,” she protested. “We’ve only just met. How could you possibly do something like that?”

“It was easy. Like you said, I’m incredibly brave, and I like a challenge. I’ll show you.”

This time I pulled her bikini down more slowly, continuing until they were around her ankles.

She just made feeble protesting noises as I lowered them and didn’t even start to try to recover them until I’d released them. I was surprised that she hadn’t held onto them and bolted after the first time. But she hadn’t, so I pushed a little harder.

“Don’t pull them back up,” I told her. “I like looking at you. Do me a favour and take off your top as well.”

She was actually silly enough to leave them down, just covering herself with her clasped hands.

“But, I can’t leave them down,” she protested. “What if someone should come? And I can’t take my top off. I mean, how would it look? I’d be naked.”

I rose to my feet. I must have been at least twice her size. I just grinned at her comment.

“Sounds good to me,” I said and pulled at the tie at the back of her neck. It came loose and the front of her bra fell away, showing a pair of lovely breasts.

She was blushing, one hand trying to cover a pair of lush breasts, but she help her fingers spread wide and her nipples were on display.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she said. “Really you shouldn’t. What would people think if they knew?”

“They’d probably think that I want to make love to you,” I said casually, “and they’d be right. Has it ever occurred to you that after the hero kadıköy escort bayan saves the princess he always gets to sleep with her? They don’t go hunting down those dragons for fun. They’re horny.

Chasing sharks away had got me all aroused, and you’re the only princess here. It’s practically your duty to yield to me.”

“You’re kidding. You expect me to have sex with you just because you chased a shark away?”

“Not really,” I said. “More because I’m feeling incredibly horny, you’re very attractive and you’ve already taken of your bikini. It just seems inevitable to me.”

I rose onto my knees and pushed my shorts down, demonstrating just how horny I was. Her eyes went wide and she looked away.

“No, really, you can’t expect me to have sex with you. I don’t even know you. And we’re in public.”

“Excellent reasons for not doing it, I’ll admit,” I confessed, “but I don’t really care. Lie down here.”

I patted the grass next to me. She just looked at me, a slightly stunned expression on her face. Minutes after meeting me and she was effectively naked and being told to lie down so I could fuck her. I suppose she had a right to feel stunned.

I’ll tell you this. I couldn’t believe it when she settled onto the grass next to me. She moved her hands away from her body, leaving herself fully exposed, and she was casting me these nervous little looks. It seemed to me that I didn’t have much choice. She was expecting me to fuck her and it would have been a shame to let her down. Duty is a hard master.

She gasped when I cupped her breasts and started stoking them, but then relaxed and just watched as I teased them. It seemed to me that if she was going to panic and think better of what she was going to do it would be when I touched her pussy.

Decisions, decisions. Build up her excitement at breast level or go for broke? Perhaps a bit of both.

One hand playing with her breasts, I sent the other tracing down her body. The nearer I got to her vulva the more tense she became and I could almost feel her irritation when my hand bypassed her mound to stroke her inner thigh. I rubbed her there lightly, just an inch or two lower than she had feared and wanted. Now the fear was draining away, being replaced by wanting. She expected to be touched intimately. I wasn’t being fair.

“Touch me,” she demanded.

“I am touching you,” I said softly.

“Touch me here,” she wailed, and dragged my hand up to where she wanted it.

She groaned as my hand cupped her mound, satisfied that yes, I was going to take her.

I turned slightly so she could feel my erection pressing against her side. She didn’t hesitate, accepting the hint for what it was and her hand closed over me. For a while we lay there, hands exploring each other’s bodies. For all that, I could still feel the nervous tension in her. A stranger was touching her and she was feeling a little confused. Why was she letting me do this, she was wondering?

I dragged my hands away from her.

“Sit up for a moment.”

She did. I could see that she was both aroused and nervous.

“Before I actually take you, you might like to make sure my cock is nice and damp,” I told her.

She quite eagerly bent down to take me in her mouth. It was putting off the final decision a bit longer. I still had no idea if she’d actually let me fuck her or if she’d escort maltepe chicken out. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, warm and wet. She was very attentive and it was plain she’d done this sort of thing before. Not wanting to blow my load in her mouth I managed to withdraw.

Now she was really nervous. Crunch time was approaching.

“If you’re scared, you might like to just let it go,” I said. “I’ll survive and I wouldn’t want to make you do something you don’t want to.”

She promptly got upset.

“Don’t you want to take me,” she demanded.

I just laughed and indicated my erection, standing tall and twitching slightly.

“Just look at it,” I said. “It knows you’re here and it’s seeking you. I’ll tell you what. Instead of my laying you back and ravishing you, why don’t you lay me back and ravish me.”

The thought of having some control plainly appealed to her. She straddled me across my thighs, looking at my erection stretched out, hovering over my stomach. She lay forward, my erection pressed between us, then eased her way higher up my body, feeling my erection dragging against her as she moved.

She was breathing hard when she’d finally moved high enough to let my cock slip up between her legs, the tip of it flirting with her pussy. She eased a hand between her legs to help position me and then started easing back down my body, accepting me into her. I lay quiet, letting her do as she wanted.

Finally she had me exactly where I wanted her. My cock was deep in her and we were ready to ride. She was looking pleased and proud. She was taking me, not surrendering to some stranger. She pushed upright until she was sitting there, me in her.

“Now you can bounce,” I suggested, and she tried it out.

She balanced herself by pressing her hands against my shoulders, then lifted her bottom up, sliding up my pole and down again. She gave a giggle and did it again, excitement shining in her eyes. I wondered if she’d ever been in the dominant position before, with the man letting her do all the work. I was quite prepared to just lie back and be ravished.

She did a good job of it, too. She slid up and down my shaft, a most accomplished pole dancer. She bounced and she swayed, every little movement contributing. I’d reached for and found her breasts and was playing with them, but where my cock was concerned, that was still her domain.

She managed to prolong things for quite a while, giving me a thorough going over. Her pussy dominated my cock, squeezing and massaging it, using it to slowly drive me wild.

It couldn’t last, of course. Nothing that good could. I finally groaned, took hold of her hips and just drove violently up into her. I’d mistimed it slightly. She was a lot closer to a climax than I’d figured. That first hard thrust and she lost it, leaving me to play catch up, which didn’t take long, I’ll admit.

I wound up collapsed on the grass with her lying on top of me. I was drained and she was replete. Oddly enough I was still erect when she finally got herself together. She disengaged and sat on the grass looking stunned again.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “I can’t believe I did that. Um, listen, I have to be going.”

She dragged on her bikini and snatched up this little bag she’d been carrying. She was about to bolt when she looked down at where my erection was still waving at the sky. (It was only for show at this stage. I don’t think it would perform again for a while.) Would you believe it? She giggled, whipped her phone out of her bag, and snapped a shot of my erection.

“Something to remember,” she said and bolted, leaving me to enjoy my peace and quiet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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