Shaving Dad Pt. 01

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This story contains incest between a father and his daughter.

All characters are 18 years or older.

Special thanks to just_a_girl2015 for her valuable help editing this story.

This is my first submission, I hope you enjoy.


Michael finally got home, tired, after what felt like a really long day at work. He stepped inside the house and immediately started looking for his daughter.

“Katie? Are you home?”

“I’m at the pool dad,” Michael heard his daughter shouting from the back yard. “Come join me!”

“Sure, ok. Give me a moment.”

He was pretty sweaty and decided to have a shower before joining his daughter. He was excited to see her and catch up with her. She just got home the previous day from her first year in college to spend the summer with him. She had arrived pretty late so they didn’t get the chance to say much.

Michael and Kate’s mom got divorced three years ago, their marriage had lasted seventeen years and had ended on pretty good terms. She had had an affair but, while he did feel betrayed when she confessed, he couldn’t really blame her, they’d both been unhappy for quite a while. He had been able to forgive her but they both agreed they couldn’t keep pretending that their marriage hadn’t ended quite a while ago. Kate had been sixteen at the time and they felt she was old and mature enough to understand, so they hadn’t seen any point in staying together just for her sake.

She’d gone to live with her mom, but Michael got to see her pretty regularly, about three to four times a week. Still, he felt it wasn’t nearly enough, not having her constantly in his life was the worst part of the divorce. The past year, with her leaving for college, had been even worse. He missed her terribly. Fortunately, he was able to take advantage of the fact that his ex-wife would be out of the country for her job for most of the summer, so he would have his daughter all to himself for at least five weeks.

A few minutes later Michael got out of the shower feeling refreshed, and tying a towel around his waist he went downstairs to join his daughter. As soon as he walked out in the back yard he spotted Kate doing laps in the pool. He always admired her obsession with sports, ever since she was young she had liked to be constantly involved in some kind of athletic activity. Swimming was one of her favorites, every summer she spent hours in their pool. Throughout her teens she had tried soccer, tennis, ballet, volley ball and track running among other sports. She never stuck with anything long enough to become really good at, but she enjoyed them nevertheless. And as a very pleasant side effect she had developed an amazingly beautiful and toned body which she was really proud of.

Michael knew she got her “athletic gene” from him – pretty much the only thing she got from him, everything else appearance-wise she got from her mom. He had been very active in sports himself when he was younger, in fact, up until his mid 30’s he had been in amazing shape. Nowadays, well into his forties, he was holding up pretty good, but nowhere near as good as ten years ago. Still, you could definitely tell just by looking at him that he had an athletic background. At 6’3″, women were drawn to his towering physique, his dark tanned skin and his expressive brown eyes. He had thick dark hair with some sparse streaks of gray that had started creeping in in his late 30’s and which women, especially young ones, found really sexy. This was something he was well aware of and took advantage of, right after his divorce was finalized, by sleeping with quite a few women – usually in their late 20’s to early 30’s – that looked for a no-strings-attached sexual relationship. But, while he enjoyed that period in his life, he quickly grew wary of it and started looking for something a bit more serious. He didn’t have any intention to marry again, but he appreciated a woman he could have a meaningful conversation and hang out with without being all about sex.

As he approached the pool Kate noticed his presence, stopped, and swam towards him.

“Welcome home dad. Will you join me in the water?”

“No thanks, Katie. I’m kinda tired, I’ll just lie on the pool chair, drink some juice, and relax.”

“Ok, let me join you then.”

Michael watched her as she got out of the pool, as soon as she stood in front of him, water dripping from her totally nude body, Michael did a double take. No, it wasn’t because she was naked, they were always casual about nudity around the house. They had even visited a nudist resort a few times back when he was still married to Kate’s mom. It wasn’t because he noticed for the first time how amazing her body was, either. Although, he did notice how much she had developed. She was officially a grown up woman, no doubt about it, he noticed once again how toned her body was and he could almost see a hint of a six pack on her stomach. Obviously, even in college, she was still making time to work out. She stood at 5’4″ with beautiful pale skin which she struggled each summer to tan with mixed results, her medium sized breasts had puffy pink nipples, her dirty blond hair reached just below her shoulders, and amatör porno she had mesmerizing pale blue eyes.

What caused Michael’s reaction was his daughter’s pussy which had been shaved completely bald. He couldn’t keep himself from staring, Kate always had a naturally thick bush down there and she’d never bothered to shave it in the past. He had gotten so used to her bush that seeing it shaved seemed almost like she had lost a part of her body.

“Well, that’s new.”

Kate noticed what her dad was referring to and looked down at her own hairless pussy. “Oh. Yes. You like it?” She stared back at him smiling.

“Uh…” He managed to avert his gaze and looked back at his daughter’s face noticing her amused expression. “Sure, it’s nice.”

“Well, glad you like it!”

They didn’t say anything else on the subject, Michael removed his towel, laid on the pool chair and Kate sat in the chair beside him while they started catching up on everything that happened since they last saw each other. Kate couldn’t help noticing her father stealing glances at her crotch and she thought that he seemed distracted and maybe a little worried. Eventually she decided to deal with it straight on, she never was one to shy away from a confrontation.

“Ok dad, what the big deal? You keep looking down there. Don’t be such a prude, you’ve never seen a shaved one before?”

“Well, I have, yes, but…”

“But what?”

“But I’ve never imagined my daughter doing it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean…Well, you see, in my experience, ladies that do this are a bit…”

“What? They’re sluts? Is that what you think? That if a girl shaves her pussy that makes her a slut?”

“Well…I mean…”

“Oh, come on dad! You sound like you live in the 70’s. Get with the times! Everybody is doing it! Besides, you said you liked it.”

“That’s not the point, I – “

“Do you like it or not? Be honest.” she interrupted.

“I do. But you’re my daughter and – “

“Don’t you think it’s sexy?”

“I guess it is but-“

“You guess?”

“It is, Katie. I like that look on a woman, but you’re a girl and -“

“A girl? Dad, I’m nineteen years old in case you haven’t noticed.”

Michael was speechless for a moment. He realized that she was right, she wasn’t a girl, even though she looked like a grown woman, in his head she was still his little girl. He was being unfair to her.

“Do you think less of me because I shaved it?”

“No, of course not, sweetie.”

“Do you think I’m a slut?”

“No! Katie, I would never…”

“Well, problem solved.”

What Kate failed to mention was that she actually was a slut, or at least what some people would consider a slut. Up until she left for college she had very limited experience in sex, the furthest she’d gone was giving a hand job to her boyfriend of two years. She was all about romance and was never really tempted or felt pressured to have sex. That all changed when she got to college where she discovered a completely different part of herself with the help of a guy she started seeing. She lost her virginity to him and after that it was impossible to stop. She was addicted. Still, it wasn’t like she slept around with different guys every day, she did have some standards. During her first year in college she had sex with six guys. That was hardly a slut by college standards, but she still felt like one sometimes. It never bothered her, though. She was completely comfortable with her sexuality and enjoyed every moment of it.

“I’m sorry Kate, you’re right. It’s just…distracting.”

“Haha, well I’ll take that as a compliment. It’s really not a big deal dad. Everyone is doing it. Even guys. In fact, you could use a shave, yourself. Or at least a trim,” she said pointing at her dad’s crotch.

Admittedly, Michael had a healthy amount of body hair. He was comfortable with the amount of hair on his body and a lot of women found it sexy. But a lot of that hair seemed to be concentrated on his crotch.

“I’m fine, thank you very much.”

“Oh come on dad, look at it. You know, nowadays, ladies don’t appreciate guys with so much hair down there. Hasn’t any of your girlfriends said something?”

“Well…” Michael recalled more than one of his previous partners mentioning his hairy crotch, but it always seemed like it was in a kind of a playful way. They never made a big deal about it, and he never gave it a second thought. Now, however, he couldn’t help but think that maybe they were only being nice and were trying to subtly suggest that he should do something about it.

“See? I’m sure they have. Ladies find it really sexy. I think you should do it!”

“Yeah, there’s no way in hell I’m letting a razor near there. Maybe I could try just trimming.”

“Trimming is good, but if you shaved it would look and feel much better. For you and for your girlfriend.”

“Well, I don’t have girlfriend, so…”

“Even better, it will be free for more than one woman to enjoy it!”


“Oh relax, dad!” Kate giggled. “I know you have no trouble finding girls that are interested anal porno in you. I’ve seen them drooling over you before. I can’t say I blame them.” Kate was smiling, amused with herself for making her dad uncomfortable.

“Ok, Kate, that’s not funny,” he said half smiling.

“I beg to differ!”

“Yeah, well. Anyway, I don’t want to end up with one ball or my thing cut in two.”

“You mean your cock?”


“Ok, ok. It’s not as hard as you think, though. I’ve been doing it for months and I never had any accidents. I’ve even done it on one of my boyfriends.”

“Katie! I didn’t need to know that…wait, you have a boyfriend?”

“That’s not important. All I’m saying is that it’s not dangerous or anything…”

Kate paused, stared at the ground, and seemed to be lost in her thoughts for a few seconds. Then she suddenly perked up and turned to her dad.

“I know! I’ll help you do it!”

“Do what?”

“Shave! I’ll shave you! You’ll see, it’s not a big deal,” she said, as she got up a started walking inside.

“Katie! Kate! Stop messing around. Come back.”

“Wait here, I’ll only be a moment.”

“Kate, come on, this isn’t funny.”

Kate didn’t reply, she was already inside the house walking up the stairs to her room. A few minutes later she walked out carrying a bowl of warm water, shaving cream, a towel, a razor and scissors. She placed them down beside her dad’s chair.

“Ok, sit up so I can have better access.”

“Kate, it’s not funny. There’s no way I’m letting you do that.”


“What do you mean why? You’re my daughter, it’s totally inappropriate!”

“Oh, get over yourself, dad. I’ve been looking at your penis for years, it’s not a big deal. And I’ve seen, um, a couple of them up close and personal before anyway, I’m not a kid.”

“It’s not the same Kate. I’m telling you this isn’t right.”

“Sure it is! Now sit up.” Kate started pulling his legs and arms by force trying to make him sit up on the side of the pool chair. “Stop fighting me, you will love how it feels when you’re shaved, trust me! Please dad! It will be fine, I want to do it!”

“Dammit Katie,” Michael said as he reluctantly sat up.

“It will be over before you know it. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”

“God, you’re stubborn. I feel awkward having you do it.”

“Well, I feel fine about it, and so should you. Honestly, dad, I’m perfectly ok with this, don’t worry.”

Michael didn’t reply and stopped resisting. He sat up on the chair and leaned back a bit standing on his hands placed on his sides behind his back. Kate took the scissors, knelt between her father’s legs, and opened them with her hands to have easier access. Seeing his daughter between his legs with her hand on his thighs looking straight at his cock made Michael feel a twitch inside and he was already regretting this. Kate didn’t notice anything, she placed one hand directly on his crotch touching his pubic hair.

“Wow, that’s thick”

She continued by grabbing tufts of hair with one hand a clipping them with the other. Eventually and unavoidably, her hand brushed against his cock. And that’s when it started to happen. Michael felt that it was completely out of his control as he felt blood slowly being directed to his flaccid member, he couldn’t help it. He started thinking about baseball, his grandma, anything that could help distract him from his sexy daughter kneeling between his legs. And it worked! For a while. But then Kate actually grabbed his cock and put it aside to access underneath. It was a losing battle.


“Sit still, dad.”

“Katie, sweetie, let’s stop. I’m-“

“Sit still, it’s ok”

Torrents of blood now rushed in his cock, he stopped resisting. It was getting bigger and it was well on its way to a full erection. Kate noticed it but didn’t react at all, she just continued her clipping like nothing happened.

“Ok, that’s enough,” said Michael and moved to get up. Kate pushed him back down.

“Stop it dad! It’s ok. It’s perfectly normal and expected to have an erection, don’t be embarrassed. It will even make it easier to shave. “

“Katie, you’re my daughter!”

“And you’re my dad, so what? I’m telling you it’s ok. I’m glad I’m making you feel good. Just relax.”

During their exchange Michael was distracted and his cock was shrinking down again, but then Kate resumed her work and Michael accepted his fate. By the time Kate finished trimming his pubic hair his cock had become fully erect. He felt like it had never been that erect before, like blood kept pumping inside it and it was about to explode. Kate was acting indifferent but she had definitely noticed her dad’s cock. And it was gorgeous. She never thought she would use that word to describe a penis but there it was. It felt really hard and warm in her hand. It seemed like it was the perfect size, about 7.5 inches long and really thick. A drop of clear liquid had appeared at the tip and she was trying her best not to think about how it tasted. She had got pretty wet herself.

“Ok, almost there.” She took the shaving cream, she sprayed a good amount anal breakers porno on her hand and started applying on his crotch. She touched him gently all over while holding his erect cock with the other hand to keep it out of the way. Michael had surrendered to the overwhelming feelings of his daughter touching his balls and cock. The intensity was unlike anything he’d felt before. Even with that minimal touching he wasn’t sure he was going to last long.

With the shaving cream applied everywhere, Kate was now ready for the actual shaving. She took the razor and started from the top. After she finished that section she got ready for the last part.

“Come over to the edge of the chair so I have better access as far down as I can”. Michael complied and leaned back a bit more.

Kate then took her dad’s cock, pressed it on his belly with the tip reaching his bellybutton and kept holding it there with the palm of her hand. With the cock out of the way she continued working on his balls. Michael could feel Kate’s tiniest movements as they caused friction between his cock and her hand and between his cock and his belly. He felt really close to an orgasm. “I hope this doesn’t take much longer,” he thought.

Kate shaved him carefully all the way down almost to his anus. She was horny out of her mind, it took all of her will power not to use her tongue to lick everything in front of her. She wanted to shove his cock in her throat, to suck his balls in her mouth, to run her tongue over his taint. She tried to snap out of it.

“Ok, finished!” she said with enthusiasm.

“Thank god,” thought Michael.

“Let me just clean it up a bit.”

She took the towel, drenched it in the warm water and started wiping off any trace of shaving cream that remained. She made sure everything was clean and put the towel down.

“Ok, final check, let’s see if I missed anything.” She started again with one hand feeling the skin for any missed stubble and holding her dad’s cock with the other. Again, she kept it on his belly with her palm like before while checking below. She took this chance to feel his naked shaved skin with her hand. She was really enjoying touching him all over his crotch imagining what she could do and she took her time, stalling unnecessarily.

Michael was enjoying it just as much, probably more. The friction on his cock and the feeling of his little girl’s delicate hand caressing him all over his private parts was just too much.


“Just a second, dad.”

“Katie… I think…”

“Almost over, have to make sure.”


“What is it dad?”

She was oblivious to the effect she had on her dad. But then she felt it. His cock pulsed in her hand.

“Oh…” Katie was struck with the realization of what was happening. She looked up and the very next moment he erupted. Thick ropes of cum started shooting one after another from the tip of his cock all over his belly. She kept holding it against him with her hand. It seemed like it went forever, cum was dripping down his crotch, the chair and eventually the ground. Kate was mesmerized.



“It’s ok. Just enjoy it dad. It looks amazing.”

She’d never seen so much cum coming out from one cock. She thought with amusement how pre-college Kate would react to the sight of sperm. She would’ve freaked out and thought it was absolutely gross. After the sexual transformation she went through in college she had come to be fascinated with the strange thick white liquid men shot when they reached the peak of their sexual pleasure.

Eventually, the longest orgasm Michael had ever felt had come to an end. He was breathing heavily trying to recover. Guilt started to creep in after realizing what just happened. But then he looked down at his daughter and she was smiling with her hand still touching his cock. She removed it, reached below and wiped a glob of thick cum from the base of his leg joint, right beside his balls. She brought it close to her face to inspect it.

“That was a lot!” she said right before she stuck out her tongue and licked all his cum from her hand. “Mmm…” it sounded like she’d just tasted chocolate. Michael was speechless. Kate reached again and started playing with the cum deposited on his belly and had dripped on his crotch, enjoying the feel and warmth of it. Michael saw her looking right at him with pleading eyes.

“Can I clean it off, dad?”

Michael didn’t dare move or speak. Kate took advantage of the fact that her dad was almost in a state of shock and didn’t really give him a chance to reply. She grabbed his cock again, which was starting to deflate, moved it out of the way and begun lapping and sucking eagerly her dad’s sperm. She started from what had pooled in his bellybutton and worked her way down. She made sure to be pretty thorough refusing to let even a drop go to waste. The taste drove her wild, she felt addicted to it. She pushed his legs wider and shoved her face between them, smelling and tasting every nook and cranny of her dad’s crotch. She sucked one of his balls in her mouth enjoying the feel of the smoothly shaved skin, and then did the same to the other. She moved even lower licking and kissing his taint. She didn’t stop there, she even started sucking the cum that had dripped on the chair. She’d never showed this kind of uninhibited slutty behavior with any of the guys she’d been with.

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